Paper puppets AR effect theme launched

by XB on 30th May 2015

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Paper puppets AR effect_1_resultThis is one for those with young families. Sony Mobile has launched a new AR effect theme called “Paper puppets”. The AR effect allows you to choose a 2D puppet and then watch it move across a path that you have traced on the screen. Tapping the puppet also allows you to customise it. You can even use the “Sticker creator” app to create stickers as puppets. As with most other AR effects, this theme can be enjoyed in both photos and videos. The Paper puppets theme is live in the Google Play Store right now.

DOWNLOAD APK: Paper puppets

Paper puppets AR effect_2_result

Paper puppets AR effect_3_result

Thanks Ben!

  • Faisal Armand

    Really Sony

  • Timel

    You’re right but I think this AR effect is pretty cute actually.

  • Timel

    Wtf LOL

    Ridiculous as shit!

    People want great camera quality, your auto mode need seriously improvement

    Stop this bullshit please Sony.

  • ???????????????? ? ?h ? ? ?

    People want good battery life from the S6.

  • Timel


    S6 has shitty battery life, stop trolling here, you’re fucking bullshit as always Svnjay.

  • ???????????????? ? ?h ? ? ?

    Okay okay, I trolled your earlier.

    I kinda agree with you here, I would prefer less gimmicks and better camera performance.

  • thew01

    another useless comment :)))

  • Timel

    Is it so hard for you to admit the truth?

    Whatever! Don’t cry brainless fanboy, at least the Z3+ still has a good front facing camera Hehe.

  • Faisal Armand

    Are you a mature adult?

  • Niels d. G.

    He’s bipolar, it seems.

  • Timel

    Is it so hard for you to admit the truth? lol

    Whatever! Don’t cry brainless fanboy, at least the shitperia Z3+ still has a very good selfie camera Hehe.

  • Timel

    Timel could be anything sir

    Samsung fanboy
    Paid reviewer

    Anything else?

  • Faisal Armand

    Your statement is 100% factual.

    He said “Galaxy S6 RULEZ!” and then “what the hell, I am not a samsung fanboy” or “I don’t want Galaxy S6 even if you bought it for me”

    Sometimes he has very valid arguments then he is a complete idiot next time.

    What the hell?

  • Niels d. G.

    Or actually, I think “schizofrenia” is more fitting to him.

  • ramuk

    He is a Samsung paid troll, there is not doubt about it . But he doesn’t want all the people here to start hating his beloved company so he brings Apple. And he post valid comment sometimes just to stay relevant here.

    He is just a sad little paid troll and a whore. He will do anything for money. I Pity him.

  • Raj Singh

    Look at the iPhone for all the people who talk shit about Sony viewing angles…

  • ???????????????? ? ?h ? ? ?

    It shows that the Z3+ is best for faces.

  • Timel

    Sony = great hardwares.
    Apple = great hardwares, great softwares and great services.

    That’s why Sony will never win Apple. Hehe

  • Raj Singh

    I don’t think Apple makes great software. Its users rely on Google services. They design killer hardware though. And their marketing/branding is genius. Customer service is hit and miss.

  • Bradley Davis

    I like ar mode also

  • Alex Norris

    Golden words !!! ) Many Thanks, BRO !!!

  • Gadget Lover

    LOL, paid bitch you are desperate. Now more than ever you are bringing Apple to distract people. He He He. Useless effort I must say.

    Samsung phones are shit and you are their shit paid bitch, papashit.

  • Hamlet Stark

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  • Gadget Lover

    Fair enough, we fans really want their auto mode to be best. BTW, did you see this video?

    I think the photos looks pretty amazing in the video, especially the dynamic range seems to be really great. Aside from the first photo, every pic of the video looks really good to me. I’m pretty sure they improve their Z3 auto mode, now I’m eagerly waiting for the DXOmark review of Z3+.

  • Niels d. G.

    Actually, the internal components of Apple’s devices are outdated from the moment they are released. For all of their iPhones, iPads, notebooks and PCs, they use hardware components that are much older than those in devices from other manufacturers, that are released around the same time of the same year.

    If Apple and Sony would release a new tablet next year at the same time, the Sony will likely use hardware that is very new, while Apple will use something that is, say, 2 years old. Why? It’s cheaper for Apple because it’s much older hardware, while they can still sell their device the most expensive of them all, because they’re effing Apple and they can apparently get away with that over and over.
    It also makes their devices less future-proof, which causes them to feel slow and old sooner, pushing their customers into upgrading much sooner than customers of most other brands.

  • Siyam Hossain

    Improve your image processing first.

  • Faisal Armand

    White balance and dynamic range have improved but the details are worse.

  • roeshak

    Nothing absolutely impressive about any of those photos .You want to see a solid performer in the camera dept ,forget the over hyped galaxy s6 camera which borrows a lot from Sony’s way of doing things, forget the z3+ which is just more of the same from Sony ,check out the g4. That’s the phone that’s set a new bench mark with its 6 axis OIS mechanism and very fast sharp lens. It’s the new King of mobile photography .Leave the 1020 out of it.

  • Faisal Armand

    Correction about G4’s OIS, it’s 3 axis

  • jag

    I tried the G4 demo last night and I got pretty impressed by the camera’s manual mode. Really impressive! The photos are great! Taking pictures is fast not a lot of post processing. The camera UI is simple and easy to learn. And yes, the auto mode is great for taking pictures too.

    I just hope Sony will do something like that for their Z5 Series. I mean, they’re the ones who have these expertise in cameras. They should put these knowledge to their smartphones too. It’s like they (all of the departments in sony) don’t want to help each other. And it is pretty sad.

  • LisaGSteinberg

    ?????????? $83 /h0ur @mi33//


  • roeshak

    No the g4 uses a 6 axis system. Up, down, left, right, and then x and y axis. The s6 apart from those things you’ve mentioned also uses higher iso to illuminate lowlight scenes, to ensure focus but the resulting picture is very noisy. Just like xperias.
    The g4 is a low iso master because it relies on slow shutter for lowlight conditions because of its impressive OIS mechanism. 3 axis OIS isn’t that good and wouldn’t make much of a difference to me. I can already take 1/8s shots with no OIS. I’m looking for something that would allow me to go as low as 1/2s, maybe even 1s. Just imagine all those iso 50 and 100 shots in lowlight.

  • Faisal Armand

    I’ve always dreamed of something like that only apply on xperia phones, damn it sony.

    Good thing is, LG G4 no longer suffers from heavy painting images in low light which G3 & G2 sufferred from.

    Marvelous Job from LG in terms of camera department ^_^

  • roeshak

    Indeed! The g4’s auto mode still isn’t as flexible as the s6 or iPhone so for point and shoot people those two would be a safer choice .For manual controllers like us ,the g4 right now is supreme.
    In auto mode just as the xperias ramp up iso once the light falls below a certain level, the g4 seems to do the same with shutter speed so some shots come out over exposed but unlike the xperias, they aren’t noisy. That of course wouldn’t be a problem for a manual mode user like yourself.
    The camera of the g4 has awesome OIS so relies on slow shutter for lowlight performance .Noise is kept totally under control for all but the darkest scenes .Excellent stuff !
    For me it’s by far the best device of 2015 offering users real upgrades.
    Sony, Samsung and HTC have become completely design centric. Sony and HTC more so! LG on the other hand have gone for functionality and quality with a thicker device packed with better more advanced technology producing much higher quality than the others.
    There’s only so much tech you can pack into a chassis 7mm and below.
    I’m really hoping LG do very well commercially this year. It’ll make the others sit up and think and end this beauty pageant nonsense to see who can design the best looking piece of jewelry lol !

  • Brick

    I’m pretty sure Sony has different teams working on these things. The team that works on the low level (as in low level programming) camera drivers definitely isn’t the same one working on high level gimmicky apks like this. It probably takes a lot more effort and a much greater level of programming expertise (and funds) rewriting the camera drivers than programming a little app like this. I like to think that both teams are working at their best and that while gimmicky apps are getting made they are also making progress on improving the main camera.

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    This guy is some kind of a hero, he has been reported multiple times but still he is here with us. Congratulate him by pressing the “Flag”. :)

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