Xperia Z3 Plus priced across Europe; pre-orders now open

by XB on 1st June 2015

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Xperia Z3+ AmazonSony Mobile announced the Xperia Z3+ last week – its brand new global flagship. Whilst Sony decided to modestly call this the Z3+, the price tag will be anything but modest. Judging by the retailers that we have scoured across Europe, the handset will come with a very premium price tag that befits the status of a new flagship device.

Broadly, we are seeing a Xperia Z3+ price point of £550 in the UK and €699 in mainland Europe. Below we have listed some of the pre-order prices across various retailers that we have come across so far. Sony Mobile has yet to price the handset on its official store in Europe, but we’ll let you know once that happens. What is your view on the price? About right for a flagship or too expensive given the competition? It would be great to hear your comments below.

Has the Xperia Z3+ appeared for pre-order in your region? If so, please let us know what price it is in your country and provide names/links to retailers where possible to help others out.

Xperia Z3+ pricing

Belgium – €699

Denmark – DKK 5,490 (£529, €736, $808)
ProShop – DKK 6,039 (£582, €810, $889)
Webhallen – DKK 5,595 [Includes Sony HDR-AZ1 Action Cam] (£539, €750, $824)

Germany – €699

On the carrier side, the Xperia Z3+ will be exclusive to O2 in Germany pre-orders start in mid-June. Initially, only black and white colours will be offered. In Q3, Aqua Green and Copper will also be available.


Gigantti – €749 [Includes Sony HDR-AZ1 Action Cam]

Hong Kong

Official pricing for the Xperia Z3+ and Xperia Z3+ Dual is HK$ 5,698 (£483, €673, $735)


The Xperia Z3+ will be sold through and expected to launch on 8 June.

Norway – NOK 6,490 [Includes Sony HDR-AZ1 Action Cam] (£547, €761, $837) – NOK 6,490 [Includes Sony HDR-AZ1 Action Cam] (£547, €761, $837)


Prisjakt – SEK 6,990 (£499, €695, $762)

UK – £549.99
Clove – £549.00
Handtec – £545.99
Mobile Fun – £549.00

Xperia Z3+ Amazon

Thanks gmfady, Ibrahim, Jacky, Joni and Steen!

  • Sergio

    Too costy. Many people will have to wait for carriers to release it, or wait until prices drop… Also, it’s ideal for Z/Z1/Z2 users who wanted to renew their phone, since it’s a great update, or in case of buying regular Z3, since the price of it will go down considerably. Great Sony!
    Now update your old devices and stop releasing non-sense minor updates in Z series. They already have Lollipop… And M2/T3/E3 users want lollipop too!

  • Doubleyoupee

    Way too much ;/ what the..

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  • Kristo

    Wait, so if you’re in Norway you HAVE to buy it with the actioncam? That’s ridiculous.

  • illstplaya .

    Wonder how much it’s going to cost in the U.S. I would expect it to cost in the $600 range since that’s what the x1s and z3 cost.

  • XperiaBlog

    The Action Cam is thrown in as a freebie at that price as far as we understand.

  • P9

    I want Z3+ now
    a perfect phone for me. _from XZ

  • Kristo

    Oh, it’s still alot more expansive in Norway compared to the Mainland Europe though. Do you think the price will drop or go on sale within the first month after release? I really want to buy this phone :/

  • DBS

    Yeah…I’ll question the sanity of ANYONE who wastes 700€ on the Z3+ when they could get the superior G4 for the same price.

    And if they want a Sony phone, the Z3 which is the exact same phone minus the dreadfull SD810, costs 200€ less.

  • Siyam Hossain

    I will wait for Z5 :)

  • Raj Singh

    What’s wrong with the 810?

  • DBS

    The thing overheats like hell and drains battery like crazy. That’s why Samsung ditched it on the S6 and LG ditched it on the G4 (after the bad results on the G Flex 2).

  • Kristo

    Hey XperiaBlog, you should add this to the Norway section:

    The other links doesn’t have the copper version :)

  • ramuk

    810 won’t “overheats like hell and drains battery like crazy” if they lower the clock speed. And I believe they are going to do just that. Only good thinkg LG G4 has over Z3+ is the camera. Most likely G4’s camera is better than Z3+. How much better we will have to wait and see. I think is certain G4’s camera UI is definitely better than Z3+ ( all sony’s) camera UI. And also G4’s perfomance in the gaming department is not going to be as good as Z3+.

  • Kristo

    The Z3+ is much more expensive than the previous models. Expect it to be more than $700!

    Also, I calculated the German price to US Dollars and it’s $768!

  • DBS

    No OEM managed to get good performance out of the SD810. Neither HTC nor LG. Let’s see Sony try.

    As for the camera, you can bet the G4 is far superior. First it’s not 2 years hold like Sony’s Z3+ one. Secondly it has a plethora of manual controls that Sony insists in not providing. Thirdly the software optimizations are better than what Sony has in their phones. Fourthly it has Optical Image Stabilization something Sony also insists in not providing.

    The Z3+ has no reason to exist. None whatsoever.
    If Sony wants to compete with the G4 and S6, they’ll have to step up their game with the Z5.

  • Svnjay

    They were actually $700 at the time of release. The price was later reduced to $600.

  • Chris Anderson

    in the UK the Z3 is about 35% cheaper, so it’s difficult to justify the launch price, and the confusion over the Z3+/Z4 label perhaps adds to the potential anonymity of the handset…. personally, I think this will drop to £450.00 very quickly so hold back if you can, and keep your eyes on amazon as they cut the launch price of the Z3 by £100.00 for nearly 24 hours one week prior to launch….. still can’t believe this is the 2015 offering though, and I’m slightly concerned that sony looked at the competition and played down their new flagship, at least internationally outside of Japan….. although in fairness the Z3 was spectacular and it’s battery life is still killing most of what’s out there, and at least sony aren’t jumping on the QHD bandwagon which is to be applauded.

  • ramuk

    If you only care about synthetic benchmark then yeah no OEM managed to get good performance out of the SD810 but if you care about real world performance then I’ll point out One M9, one of the fastest android phone ever. Even theverge said its the fastest android phone they ever used.

    I know G4 going to be superior. I’ll see DXOmark rating to find out how much Z3+ improves over Z3. The main problem I see with Z3 camera was its inconsistent white balance and aggressive NR. Lets see how much they improve with Z3+.

    LOL, Z3+ has every bit of reason to exist. Its the filler they need before they bring the big thing. And not everyone is tech geek like us some previous Z, Z1, Z2 owners wants to upgrade and this will be a pretty good upgrade for them especially for Z and Z1 owners. Design is much better and so is the ergonomics. Battery life is going to pretty much double from the Z/Z1. And screen will be a feast for their eyes. So yeah Z3+ have multiple reasons to exist.

  • apolloa

    Yet another classic Sony f*** up!!! What are they doing? They may as well close their entire mobile phone sector.
    Hmm, LG G4, Galaxy S6, no I’ll ignore specs for this price and buy the Z3+….

  • apolloa

    Reviews of the One M9 state it gets hot when being pushed and that uses a 810. So I expect it throttles at some point. I did read somewhere that a test of the Z3+ shows it also does throttle so it doesn’t overheat.

  • DBS

    We’ll have to wait for reviews to come in to see what happened. In either case, the reviews of the M9 on that department weren’t good. The overheating went to the point of bringing down performance.

  • Timel

    The price of Z3+ shouldn’t more than $200.

    People are existing about the outstanding camera of the LG G4, people want LG G4 more than the nonsense Z3+, Z3+ has nothing worth the money.

  • Raj Singh

    How do you know it overheats (like hell) and drains battery (like crazy)?

  • DBS

    The M9 is a terrible phone compared with the S6 and G4. But if you want Sony to compete against mediocrity instead of the best, sure.
    And I’m not talking about benchmarks. I’m talking about real reviews of all three. You know, OEMs would not ditch the SD810 just “because”.

    DXOmark ratings? So, when it comes to overheating you don’t care about benchmarks but when it comes to camera performance you do?
    Come on, double standards mate…

    The problems with the Z3 camera are several. A 2 year old sensor, completely outdated software algorithms, outdated and poorly implemented manual controls, lack of OIS etc. The Z3 camera was great 2 years ago, when the only competition they had was from Nokia and Nokia was stupidly making Windows Phones (stupidly for Nokia, luckily for Sony). Unfortunately we’re in 2015 and Apple, Samsung and LG have not only catch Sony, they’ve beaten it with Sony’s own hardware.

    Sony does NOT need “a filler”. That’s been pretty obvious for ages. 6 months strategies ARE BAD BUSINESS. There’s a reason why Sony Mobile is constantly losing money. Each phone requires R&D and distribution money. If you release one every 6 months, you won’t sell enough phones to cover the R&D costs of each handset. That’s why Sony Mobile is on the verge of the abyss.
    Design and screen are exactly the same as the Z3. The only difference is that it’s thinner and lighter and has an exposed micro-USB port. Except I don’t recall anyone asking for thinner and lighter phones at the cost of battery life or hardware capabilities (like OIS and Qi charging).

    You seem to miss the big point here: owners of the Z and Z1 ALREADY have the Z3 available. The Z3+ offers them absolutely nothing that the Z3 doesn’t for 200€ less.

    Also, the G4 video recorder isn’t great (for now)…but the S6 is. And the S6 camera is also pretty great. Sony isn’t just competing against LG. They’re also up against Samsung.

  • DBS

    Because that’s pretty much what’s been reported on every (few) phone using the SD810 in it.
    That’s why LG ditched it for the 808 and Samsung for their own Exynos. And Microsoft will also apparently be ditching it for the 808 if rumours are true.

  • Kamil1308

    Exactly what I was going to ask. Its not like you have used the phone yourself

  • Kamil1308

    You will have to wait for more then a moth I would say half a year at least.

  • DBS

    “The thing” refers to the SD810, not the Z3+

  • HAWX

    It has some reasons to exist:
    Sony only hard fans XD
    It’s cheaper than S6 Edge 64gb XD
    It’s shiny and waterproof XD
    The Z3 and Z2’s prices will decrease for people to buy XD
    I’m just sick with Sony Xperia man.. If you are watching reviews or comparisons you won’t probably go with Z3+. And I’m just sad for designers in Sony..

  • Timel

    I am very hopeful about Z4 though. As much as I hate Sony I believe Sony will come up with a killer device in the shape of Z4. Keep your fingers crossed fanboys.

  • Kamil1308

    Ya but you cant be sure its going to be overheating with the Z3+

  • Timel

    Of course man

    Just wait and see
    The Z5 is Sony’s last chance.

  • HAWX

    Weed.. XD

  • Raj Singh

    Your basing your point of view on what you heard or read in the media?

  • Timel

    Z3+’s shiny and waterproof? Yeah! But look like waterproof is not the true feature that people want

    the camera quality is the biggest deal. people want the smartphone that comes with the great camera not waterproof feature.

  • HAWX

    -Fail camera
    -Design is good but this year S6 and G4 and 6/6+’s are also Premium
    -? performance due to 810.
    +Waterproof (meh feature for most people I guess)
    +Big battery compared to others, but battery is the one of the cheapest part of a mobile phone. And there are some solutions available like powerbanks.
    +Front firing Stereo speakers.
    +PS remote.
    I think they left more important things to other manufacturers.

  • Timel

    Hey Timel

    I don’t hate Sony actually
    But Xperia devices are always worse than competitors

    I hope it’s not too late for Sony though.

  • HAWX

    Dude that’s basically what I imply. Everybody knows LG, Samsung and Apple are better in terms of camera and performance. But people (yeah, not Timel) want to buy this phone knowing it’s not good as some other manufacturers’ options there is not much to say.

    So stop praising some other phones everytime and respect the opinions of the people man. There is no perfect phone with perfect battery, perfect camera, perfect hardware with software. And never will be thanks to America and imperialism.

    Oh.. one day maybe.. The months before new technology which will replace the smartphones, we could see the perfect smartphone.

  • Timel

    But I just wonder why until the fifth generation of the Xperia Z series, until Sony Mobile is going bankrup, until this day… Why Sony phones still stick with the same old shitty camera quality While Apple, Samsung, LG or even Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oppo and Meizu have much better camera quality.

    Sony never learn?

  • DBS

    No, I’m basing my opinion on friends I trust and that have tested the devices.

  • DBS

    Hence why I said I’d wait and see. But everyone else failed so I don’t think Sony will be that successful. I’m waiting for them to prove me wrong.

  • Kamil1308

    Hopefully Sony will be successful and prove you wrong. If they don’t I generally will be disappointed and wont be purchasing the phone myself. Still suck with the Z1 but waiting another year is just too long.

  • DBS

    For all we know the Z5 could be presented at IFA…

  • André Faria

    According to Sony Mobile Portugal won’t be sold in Portugal.

  • Kamil1308

    Do you personally believe that ? I doubt it will happen. I mean how would Sony expect to sell all the Z3+ around the world. If we would see Z5 at the IFA that would mean that by the time Z3+ would probably hit America the Z5 would be announced.

  • Erick Baldomera

    If you want good camera buy dslr! Idiot!

  • Erick Baldomera

    Buy z3+ first, then tell me if it’s overheat idiot Samsung fanboy!

  • Erick Baldomera

    I have Sony z3 and for me this is the best mobile ! And I’m sure z3+ can beat s7 and g5!

  • DBS

    Poor moronic cephalopod…You just called Samsung fanboy to one of the Android fans that actually hates Samsung.

    I would have bought the Z3+ last September. Not in the second half of 2015. If you enjoy it, buy it. Though I have a feeling you’re just too poor to afford it.

  • Erick Baldomera

    Excuse me! Are you sure z3+ launched last September?hahaha! For your info I have z1,z2,z3! And I’m sure you can’t afford Sony product! You always based by the specs of the phone and not by the used of that smartphone! Thinking better before you post!YouTube boy!

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    umm… so Hong kong is now in Europe?

  • DBS

    “I would have bought the Z3+ last September.”

    “I’m basing my opinion on friends I trust and that have tested the devices.”

    Learn how to understand English first you illiterate moron.

  • Timel


    So funny man

    Only Sony brainless fanboy like you can make LOL like this.

  • hcm.

    looks like shit

  • Timel

    I feel your jealousy
    But that’s okay, I got you
    You must jealous , because Sony phones suck, I’m so pity you.

  • Timel

    Now, We’re talking about smartphone idiot!

  • Timel

    “The M9 is a terrible phone compared with the S6 and G4. But if you want Sony to compete against mediocrity instead of the best, sure.
    And I’m not talking about benchmarks. I’m talking about real reviews of all three. You know, OEMs would not ditch the SD810 just “because”.

    DXOmark ratings? So, when it comes to overheating you don’t care about benchmarks but when it comes to camera performance you do?”

    LOL Sony fanboys are so worthless
    They do nothing except trying so hard to defend Sony!

  • Timel

    I just want to say that Everything DBS said is right.

    Some brainless fanboys here are so annoying and they must stop talking bullshit and must stop defending Sony.

  • Timel

    I just want to say that Everything DBS said is right.

    Some brainless fanboys here are so annoying and they must stop talking bullshit and must stop defending Sony.

  • Garret Zenanko

    Have you even tried a Sony? They fix Google problems better then Samsung and the nexus line and the phone actually doesn’t need to get charged later on the day. The processor overheats because manufacturers try to get the benchmarks crazy high. I know you’re a Samsung fan but Touchwiz is buggy then I tried the lg nexus line and that sucked as well. I think your a Samsung troll. If so please make a more stable product with a battery that will last. Get past thinness and benchmarks and give us stability and a battery that will last 10 hours straight like the z3 compact. Thank you Sony and let’s try to get that 2 day battery life up to 4.

  • Erick Baldomera

    I think you can’t afford to buy sony product ! Bye ignorant. ! I don’t have more time to debate the ignorant peoples on this site!

  • Erick Baldomera

    That’s why you can’t afford sony !! And I’m sure your phone is nokia! The garbage phone like you! Bye imbacile! I don’t have more time to debate the ignorant people like you ! Mr carry man!

  • Erick Baldomera

    Your right my friend !

  • ramuk

    LOL, since when did I say I don’t care about overheating? I said there will be no overheating in Z3+ simply because they will most probably lower the clock speed. M9 was mediocre compared to S6, G4 because it has a terrible camera, worse display and battery life compared to its own predecessor and S6, G4. Z3+ will not have this problem, Z3+ camera will be miles better than M9 and will be slightly worse than S6, G4. M9 doesn’t have performance problem like flex 2 and its on par with S6, G4 in the real world performance. You bet your ass that Z3+ will be on par with S6, G4 in the real world performance and gaming performance will be better than S6,G4 especially G4.

    LOL, man, since when DXOmark is a benchmarking app? I would like to install it on my phone. I don’t like benchmarking tools because its simply doesn’t represents the real world performance but DXomark rating do represent the real world performance of the camera. Anyway it feels like we are going more and more sidetrack from where we started are arguments. Back to the main point –
    1. SD810 will most probably not overheat in the Z3+ simply because sony will lower the clock speed, so in benchmark it will perform worse but in real life performance it will be great.

    2. Z3+ will be better than G4 in every category except in image quality and overall camera experience (because of the excellent camera UI G4 has)

    3. As for Z3, yeah, I agree Z3+ price makes Z3 looks much more better buy than Z3+. Z3+ will have a slighty better performance, better display, better gaming performance, better aesthetics. Its upto the customers to decide what they choose.

  • HAWX

    Personally I don’t know. But may be because of their low R&D budget. Or they will sell the Xperia using the most profitable way like the Verge said. Or may be they don’t want to use patroting camera like others.
    I think launching the Z4 outside of Japan was a wrong move. But most people buy smartphones don’t watch reviews or comparisons. And that’s where to most smartphones are targeted. You can say Sony don’t care about being the best or Sony fcks it’s name.

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  • Timel

    Yup bye ^-^

    you look so pity.

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  • Timel

    Low R&D budget?
    That’s too bad

    But Sony has many great techs in hands actually, Sony has an advantage over their competitors.

  • roeshak

    Good luck Sony selling this phone for £550. Let’s see how far you get with that one!

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Good offer… But i already purchase another z3 to replace my old z3 with broken back glass. Hurmm i guess z5 will be my next purchase and skip z3+

  • Timel

    The fallacy of Sony fanboys

    You’re such a narrow minded person ever, if anyone said bad things about Sony here, they must be Samsung fanboy always ?

    I don’t know,some Sony brainless fanboy here may hate Samsung because you guys jealous the success of Samsung GALAXY but please ACCEPT THE TRUTH!

  • mountain

    The thing is, the exchange rate has so high impact on Z3+. In Hong Kong, we are paying HK$5698, which is much lower than I paid for for my Z3 at launch. This easily translate to 700+ euro nowadays, (which was about 570 euros if it was released a year ago). Unlucky, europeans.

    Anyway, I have preordered 3 (white, blue and copper). Z3+ and iphone 6 are the most solid devices on the market. Good job, sony.

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  • DBS

    I use a Z3Compact as a daily driver. I’m speaking from experience, mate.
    And I’m not a Samsung fan by any stretch of the imagination. However I am intellectually honest to admit when other OEMs do somethings right. Something you fanboys seem unable to do for some reason…

  • DBS

    You seem nervous little primate. Ran out of arguments? Let me know when you finish throwing your feces.

  • Timel

    Yeah this shit will be able to sell very well while the shitperia Z3+ will be unsaleable LOL

  • kido

    Sony wants to be bankrupt….when will sony make a phone worth the hefty price tag?? Please sony pull your act together… U own the mirror less camera market, for crying out loud put a new sensor in your smartphones and improve the software customization!! A flagship with a 2 year old camera sensor that performs just mer, is not worth buying…and yes i own a z3c, which i adore, but please for next gen xperia, improve the camera!!! Its such an embarrassment that sony cant make a top camera phone in 2015… :( :( :(

  • Kevin Julius Chan

    Thank you Sony for the ridiculously high price. I am a Sony fan but I think I will get a S6 instead. Better camera, better screen, well….

  • Garret Zenanko

    Shity camera quality? The highest quality cameras for smart phones is Sony. Apple iphones buy’s all their cameras from Sony along with most Chinese manufacturers. it’s actually their most profitable division. Do a little research Timel.

  • Erick Baldomera

    I’m not wasting my time for poor person like you! bye homo erectus !

  • DBS

    Apparently you are filthy sub-primate.

  • Erick Baldomera

    My ass is better than to your ugly face !

  • Timel

    I think you must get something wrong bro

    Apple has bought Sony’s camera sensors for their iPhones and iPads, only ‘CAMERA SENSORS’ not ‘CAMERA’

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  • Nur Hossain

    I have just updated my XPERIA Z.Now iam very happy.
    But i have some problems like i can’t update my file commander they still need price to open upgrade version please give me some suluation……………

  • Timel

    he is absolutely bullshit actually

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