Xperia Z3 Plus’ new touch driver improves wet-tracking

by XB on 3rd June 2015

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Xperia Z3 Plus Wet TrackingSony Mobile is using a new version of its touch driver for the Xperia Z3+. This means that wet finger tracking has been improved which you can see from the video below. Even if the screen is sprayed with water, the touch screen does a great job of tracking a finger. Check out the quick video demo below.

Xperia Z3 Plus Wet Tracking

Via RingHK.

  • ChilliPSco

    Would still love to know a CONFIRMED release date

  • Dante the great

    I’m beginning to notice that there are a lot of subtle improvements on the Z3+ as compared to the Z3. Mostly very under the hood.

  • Abdul Ghani

    well they have improved alot in hardware and software the lollipop update too only thing sony fails is the camera software and its processing which has painting effect exclusive to sony

  • Svnjay

    Maybe this month.

  • Asa

    Certainly does seem like it. It’s weird that Sony hasn’t mentioned these subtle yet important improvements (like the camera).

  • ChilliPSco

    I know that, but I’m actually referring to a date, an actual date like the 19th or 30th. Unfortunately, due to the lack of deals with my mobile network (despite being out of contract) and waterproofing/dustproofing, the S6 Edge is no longer an option to me. Otherwise, I would of been upgrading to that. The G4 doesn’t quite cut the mustard either, so I’m stuck with Sony as being my only upgrade option. So I’d (as I’m sure others) would like a confirmed date, instead of pointless drops of information and silence from Sony regarding a confirmed date.

  • Svnjay

    I agree, I don’t like Sony’s silence either. I may go with the Z3+, Z3 or the Nexus 6.

  • roeshak

    This is long overdue. A waterproof phone who’s display went totally nuts when wet was a bit of a joke.

  • Kamil1308


  • Bradley Davis

    And every single one can be ported to z3

  • Kevin

    A waterproof phone that resist water instead of malfunctioning or stop working is what a waterproof phone is, waterproof doesn’t have anything to do with what you just said, all touch screens react the same when you pour water on them, waterproof won’t help with that

  • roeshak

    A waterproof phone you can’t use in the rain just doesn’t hold water! Excuse the pun! Waterproofing primarily as an insurance policy against water damage was never going to catch the imagination of many. Sony needed to give it a more tangible reason to exist. Give it regular use and so this should have happened last year at least.

  • Kevin

    Assuming you have a Xperia pour some water over it, does it still works? Mine does if I do that, that’s the purpose of waterproof also you can use your phone in rain, the screen just go nuts when it has lots of water over it because the screen feels pressure over it meaning lots of touches everywhere.

  • Svnjay


  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Looks like we’re are one step closer to wet fingerprint tracking! Of I can use my waterproof smartphone while it’s wet that will definitely prove that the waterproof feature is more than a gimmick!

  • bahar_b

    go sony..cayok…hahaha…a few year a go japan the worst software developer “inside” advance hardware build…change it faster will be better for us.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    The smaller details, like the one above should be advertised a little more. But the camera is subjective, while those samples looked improved it really falls on the user. Some Xperia users love the camera, other hate it, all depends on what you want

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I agree, if Sony is going to stick with the great waterproof feature then it makes sense that the next step would be to make a screen that works while wet

    This doesn’t just protect the phone, but proves waterproofing isn’t just a gimmick

  • Keion London

    I’m getting so annoyed with Sony Mobile right now it’s not funny. Everyone speaks of a new design of the z5 but in my opinion I am expecting the same shit. I am targeting the note5 as my next device unless Sony changes my mind.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Not only that. sony also not promoting their liquid cooling system attached since z2.

  • Oh!

    Yes, you don’t drop your phone into water every single time. However, having waterproofing ensure you that your phone will still works after dropping it in water.
    I am someone who wash my phone quite often. (Once a week) Therefore, waterproofing is good to have.
    Additionally, Sony improve the charging and the touchscreen for Z3+. That is considerably a great improvement for their waterproofing.

  • Timel

    Maybe Sony should use nanocoating technology wit their flagship phone

  • Emil Oskarsson

    You honestly don’t know how a touchscreen works do you??

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  • Matt

    Then buy note 5, because it will never happen.

    Sony’s make evolution of design not copy of it

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  • Ditu Vlad

    If its only a driver, i think that sony will update the driver for z3 and z2 also… I need this on my z2 ;)

  • It’s difficult to take the video seriously – if I spray my Xperia Z1 with the same tiny amounts of water, it will behave in exactly the same way…

    Only when there are large areas of water on the screen, that’s when touch input gets messy. These tiny droplets don’t trigger any touchscreen, as far as I know.

  • Keion London

    Design not only externally sir ……I am talking bout an actual upgrade

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  • mountain

    It all depends on which region you live. We are getting ours here on 13th June in Hong Kong.

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    Tja Emil, läget? :)

  • roeshak

    It’s about creating features users will want enough to make them purchase the device. Waterproofing needed this feature to make it more appealing. On its own, it wasn’t enough. That’s the basic point I was making!

  • roeshak

    Indeed! Well said!

  • jag

    Wow really? I hope Singapore will release it in 13th of june too!!!

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    I think Z3 was the final step for this generation design language. No plastic at all, just metal and glas. They started with the Z1-> Z2-> Z3. The flaps has been there since the none-waterproof Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, so… I think it looks better with the flaps, and it protects the charging port.

  • Matt

    This is the problem ,the word design is too broad. Be more specific next time.

    Actual upgrade ? Or is redesigned (material) new chip (810), new front camera better auto mode for the back camera. Brighter screen (and a bit warmer) . Open usb flap, same high ingress rating.same good front speaker.
    Thinner body . Better wet figer tracking .
    Updated core apps regularly trough playstore.

    What upgrade do you want? More protruding camera?

  • Asa

    That’s true, and I haven’t said that the camera is superb or anything. It’s just that, an improvement is an improvement nonetheless and should be advertised. And Sony not mentioning these subtle yet important improvements is what strikes me as odd.

  • Rajesh Kumar

    Thanks for sharing this great update. It is very interesting info.!! recording app

  • Timel

    Use nanocoating technology with the next flagship phone… May be

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Upgrade to a z3+ if you want to guarantee new features

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  • Keion London

    If you’re not aware that Sony hasn’t offered a significant upgrade as yet over the past let’s say two years at least, it’s pointless explaining myself cause I don’t have the energy. My point has been made, overall upgrade…..

  • Sho Firdaus

    That is in no way a tiny amount, There are even a few larger droplets there. Enough to make any touchscreen go bonkers. Even the photo below the video shows more. Have two Z1’s, tablet Z and Z3.

  • Matt

    Well the people in hell also want ice water :p

  • If it’s algorithm it’s will be like update for all Z series what have waterproof right?

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    Jo tack bara bra :-)

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  • metcarded

    Sony going back to wet finger tracking? Good news. One of the biggest downgrades for me when upgrading from a Z to a Z2 was the removal of wet finger tracking. Using the Z with a wet screen worked almost as good as it did when it was dry, the Z2 is as good as useless with a wet screen.

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  • emailo

    The Sony Xperia Z3 Plus is very beautiful, but resemble much to Z3, there is almost nothing that changes between the two smartphones, except some minor details that most people will not notice.

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