‘Video’ update (9.3.A.0.4) adds playback history

by XB on 7th July 2015

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Video 9.3.A.0.4_1Sony Mobile is rolling a new update to the ‘Video’ application, moving the build number to version 9.3.A.0.4. The new update brings several new features including the ability to view your playback history (either from the top page or drawer menu). This playback history can easily be deleted through the main settings or via an option on each video.

Other additions include easy-to-read bars which show view statistics and the ability to resume playback by tapping thumbnails. This latest update is hitting Xperia devices right now or you can download the APK from the link below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Video (9.3.A.0.4)

Video 9.3.A.0.4_1 Video 9.3.A.0.4_2

2015-07-07 08.32.09 2015-07-07 08.34.49

Thanks ArshaaVarun and Uli!

  • dimz

    Are podcasts region exclusive or something? It doesn’t appear on mine.

  • Shaktimaan

    What theme is that?

  • Srijan Chawla

    Well, can’t watch porn here anymore :P

  • Samuel

    What happened to Crackle? It is no longer available :/

  • Niels d. G.

    Check if you haven’t disabled the Podcast app at any time in the past

  • Shaktimaan

    Thank you :)

  • Joseph Kevin Yap

    The video application SELDOM reads subtitle. It is the most important feature for me. I instead use MX player in playing movies because it reads subtitle files well; It is easy to open and read subtitle files.

  • Joseph Kevin Yap

    the video application doesnt preview anymore the last viewed movie on its home screen (a 10-second play). That feature or design makes the application more interesting (stands-out). Why did SONY remove it?

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