Xperia Z4 Tablet features Qualcomm improveTouch tech for better wet tracking

by XB on 4th August 2015

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Sony Xperia Z4 tablet wet touchThe latest Sony Xperia Z3+/Z4 features a much improved wet finger tracking experience as previously reported. However, we now know the technology behind this as Qualcomm confirmed that the Xperia Z4 Tablet has “improveTouch” technology, a feature of the Snapdragon chipsets.

The technology has “advanced water rejection,” which is designed to eliminate any false touches from water. The touch algorithms use the processing power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, instead of using an external, underpowered microcontroller. This means that single and multi-finger tracking becomes no issue under wet conditions as can be seen in the video demo below.

Via Qualcomm Snapdragon Blog.

Thanks MK10®!

  • djfapples

    Sony is the best

  • asgaro
  • Oldtimer42

    doesnt matter… not being released in Canada.

  • That POS also features a crappy LG screen with pink tint added to your whites, overheating SOC, crappy plastic back that is glued onto the internals of the tablet and unglues every time the tablet heats up…. and dat bezel, of course :D

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    The bezels are awesome on this tablet, I don’t want razor thin bezels on a tablet that large because I rest my thumbs on the bezels! Making it much more comfortable to hold, the Galaxy tab s is a nightmare to hold! And the tablet don’t have any heating issues…. And the glue on the back won’t come off (well you have to use a heatgun for that)

  • Different strokes for different folks… The back is still plastic and is glued on (same sh!t ever since the original Z which I own), confirmed after dis-assembly. Also it has 810 inside, and it says it all. The only way when it does not overheat is when it under clocks.

  • nfs2010

    Did they kick you out of school before teaching ‘surface area & cooling’?

    ‘PoSLogitechFan’ yep, it says it all.

  • hansip

    Clearly you haven’t used a tablet as good as z4 tablet. The z3+ i admit it as a letdown, but the tablet? Pfftt you are the joke of the day matey.

  • hansip

    I think the reason Sony upped the screen size for Z5 is to help the 810 to stretch its muscle without going overheat too fast. Plus if they manage to put z2 battery size in it, that would be great. Hopefully the 810 has gone some more revisiom for the z5 version.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    For the last time, IT DOESNT OVERHEAT IN A TABLET! It runs at maximum 51 degrees Celsius with is totally normal for a soc! I won the tablet and the glued on plastic back is made from high end materials and doesn’t feel cheap! Buy the tablet or test it for a week before you open your mouth! Jesus….

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I own* the tablet

  • Laurie Miles

    My Z4 Tablet LTE has not overheated once since I received it on day 1 of its release, nor have I noticed any slowdowns caused by underclocking. As others have said, with its larger surface area heat is easily dissipated. The Z4 tablet is superb, and is a worthy replacement for my Z Tablet – no ghost keypresses – and I am looking forward to trying it in the rain. Although the Z tablet was waterproof, it was impossible to use the touchscreen in the rain. I can remember several occasions when it was as unresponsive as in this video when I was trying to use it to navigate around a city in the rain.
    On the other hand, my Z3+ heats up frequently, and it’s impossible to use the basic camera in it for more than a few minutes before it overheats.

  • Alvin

    Anybody who called this goddess a failure or a plain bullshit….. You’re lunatic

  • mountain

    The reason why it does not overheart is simple. The CPU is in the area just below the front camera. And since everyone is holding it around the bezels, it is quite difficult for anyone to cover the area with their hands. Without anything covering the heated area, cooling is therefore more efficient than Z3+

  • Kregore

    Great tablet but with a heavy price tag.
    In the Netherlands the cheapest I’ve ever seen retails for about 650 euro (wifi only version w/o keyboard). That’s like 200 euro more than an Ipad air 2 or any equivalent Samsung tablet .
    Moreover, the popular retail stores here don’t even bother selling the tablet probably due to it’s heavy price tag. It’s a shame, really…

  • David Seymour

    I’ve noticed a much better “touch” experience when writing using Metamoji using a Jot Pro stylus. Almost perfect response without the multiple misses when writing using previous O/S

  • I want this algorithm like update for my Z3!

  • This tech is clearly useful for the Z3+ as I think it is designed to be carried around in a bowl of icy water at all times.

  • spade

    That means MediaTek’s based devices such as the brand new M5 won’t have this goodies? Well that’s a shame..

  • Mac

    Ha! God one sir! xD

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