Sony SmartBand 2 announced with advanced heart rate tracking

by XB on 20th August 2015

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SmartBand 2 Group ImageSony Mobile has finally announced the much-rumoured SmartBand 2. The main new feature it brings over its predecessor is the inclusion of advanced heart rate tracking. The tracker gives you a better insight to your fitness through accelerometer and heart rate sensors which monitor pulse and heart rate variability. The SmartBand 2 will launch across 60 countries from September 2015 at a price point of around €119.

A great feature for runners is an independent mode that can continue to track your data without a smartphone. Another neat feature is the use of 3 coloured RGB LEDs for notifications. Different colours can be used for different notifications such as incoming calls or messages. It also has a gentle vibrating alert that will let you know if you’ve strayed more than 10 metres from your connected device.

The SmartBand 2 uses silicone wrist straps that can be interchanged with other colours. The SmartBand 2 Wrist Straps will be available in Black, White, Pink and Indigo colours. It has a removable core that is IP68 certified which gives it the highest level of water resistance. The SmartBand 2 also utilises capless microUSB charging for convenience.

Other specs include NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, 256KB internal embedded flash memory, 32KB RAM and a 58mAh battery good for 2 days use (or 5 days with STAMINA mode enabled). It will work with both Android (4.4 and later) and iOS (8.2 and later) devices. Sony has created host apps for the SmartBand 2 on both Android and iOS (see screenshots below). However, on Android, the Lifelog app can also be used.

SmartBand 2 (SWR12) white paper

Sony SmartBand 2 press pictures






SmartBand 2 host app for Android (left) and iOS (right)

image image

Via Sony Mobile Blog and Sony Developer World.

  • Alvin

    That looks super cool. They put design first unlike others out there.

    I feel like i want to buy this but when and how much?

  • jag

    ooh.. good thing I held on buying the first series. This looks cooler and perhaps better than the first one. For the guys who bought these tracking devices… are they worth it? TIA!

  • Alvin

    At first, i looked at their video i youtube about this, when i first saw the video and the title, i had a bit miscommunication because i think im tripping again, i thought they are making a promo of smartwatch 2, but after that came across my mine, i thought like “why? Maybe their sw3 is a fail or they had a problem with it so their strategy is to commercialise sw2 again?” And then i watched the video till the end and sawwhat made me ashamed of myself when i saw the ‘watch’ have no screen and i saw the freakin smartband 2 title.

  • Alvin

    This is for sure

  • Christian Juul Anthonsen

    i want one, but i think its just like the smart band 1 with added heart rate monitor!
    Maybe this is an indicator that the new smartwatch will have one to?!

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  • Christian Juul Anthonsen

    i had the same reaction;D

  • solano89

    take my money :)

  • Matt

    hmmm really want this but the whole wearable thing is rather early . i wodner if these functionality will be replaced with android wear later on . .. (except maybe the battery life)

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  • If it could show time, I would have been interested.

  • jxPerience

    i feel it’s kinda waste of money for not having a display.. Looking forward for smartbank talk2 with heart rate monitor

  • jxPerience

    u appreciate sony products which looks awful for majority… What are u really???

  • Raphael

    I like it for not having a display. I don’t want a screen on my wrist anymore. I just wish it was slimmer.

  • Toh Ler Kang

    Sony always set their gadget price too high. Hopefully they are aware of this issue this time

  • jxPerience

    the first gen smart band still available, more or less 55 USD

  • jxPerience

    but i don’t want to put more accessories on my wrist, this band with display will work as my health tracker accs and at the same time a watch.

  • jxPerience

    i feel you :'(

  • fluxx

    The fact that they release it now means that they have even better news at the IFA in september. Nice.

  • fluxx

    On my Xperia Z2 with Android 5.1.1 I only get a small profile picture of the caller, the top half of the screen is blank. Did I miss something in the settings or is this a mock-up?

  • xAntifreeZe

    Looks good, feels premium, price…nvm forget it, to ex
    sony always overpriced their stuff :(

  • jxPerience

    no, never

  • Orçun Bakkal

    because of the quality of the picture

  • Nander

    Nice, I have the Smartband 1 and will upgrade to this one, hopefully with my new Z5 at the end of the year :)

  • theskig

    I remember there was a bug in sync with google contacts, the picture will be in low res if it’s not starred as preferred, after setting the picture you can remove the star but the contact keep the Hi-res picture.
    Don’t know if they fixed the problem

  • AndropaX

    Xiaomi mi band the best – over month on baterry

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  • mUSICA

    i did troll but seems like Android M could happn for the older z series ,,sadly zr isnt mention :(

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  • Lukáš Pávl

    Nice but i will wait for new version of smartband talk. And little off-topic. Why is SONY so inconsistent in terms of app design? Almost every app pursuit different design language. Why they just can’t set one language and use it in all apps. I mean it must take time to come up everytime with new design of app and that of course slowing updates and cost more money.

  • Alvin

    It’s even 49$ here now.

  • Alvin

    But they did not always set it high

  • Killian Khoo

    ZR is always the one left out such things.
    But also the one that get the update as its brothers’ series

    So finger crossed that it can get android 6.0 ~

  • Flythe

    I got the SmartBand Talk last year and I’m really happy with it. Besides using it as an ordinary watch, there are a lot really useful features, e.g. smart alarm, notifications, music controls or even TrackID. Voice control and phone functionality are only gimmicks, though, and sadly with Lollipop some third party expansions aren’t (fully) compatible anymore. Farther, it cost me 130€ and for this amount of money you could easily get an all metal Fossil or Citizen watch, instead. So, it’s up to you, if you want one or not. I, for myself, am definitely going to upgrade mine, when a successor comes out.

  • mUSICA

    yea thers hope

  • Raj Singh

    WTF. Where’s the screen?

  • haxona

    Finally, been waiting for this since I sold my original one :D
    It looks awesome and has both features that I really wanted from the first one

  • haxona

    Its a smartband not smartwatch….

  • haxona

    I never took it off in 9 months soo yee for me it was the first device on my hand that really was useful. Lifelog is simple to use and provides every information ccategory you might like. The heart rate and independent mode will be awesome additions. The battery life truly is 5 days and no just marketing talk, mine held for around 4 days and 15 hours on average which is awesome comapred with every smartwatch out there.

    However if you want a display you would not want this.

  • Raj Singh

    SmartBands can’t have a screen?
    Have you heard of the SmartBand Talk?

  • haxona

    Thats a different line of the Smartbands this is a successor to Smartband not the talk edition.

  • Raj Singh

    Oh, that’s a different SmartBand so I can’t ask for a screen on this version but you won’t mind if I expect (or want) it on the SmartBand they call SmartBand Talk?

  • Raj Singh

    Major lack of cohesion.

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  • haxona

    You can but its a weird assumption because the Talk line is the one to have a voice and diusplay features. This one is supposed to be more minimalistic and simple therefore dont expect the normal line of Smartbands to have displays.

    Smartband and the talk variants are like Z* and Z* Compacts

  • Timel

    Why announce it just before IFA? Any chances of SW4 being announced?

  • Jackos

    Battery life:
    With normal mode enabled: Up to 2 days
    With STAMINA mode enabled: Up to 5 days
    With Heart activity mode enabled: Up to 10 hours

    Not so cool… :/

  • Stephen

    The smart thing would have been to put a screen on it, as it is it’s as dreadful as the original.

  • Timel

    The best wearable would be with hybrid displays (E-ink + LCD) and which supports kinetic charging.

  • Jackos

    Or just wireless charging… ;)

  • Timel

    wireless charging will not help when you are out running..wireless charging is a convenience not an added functionality.

  • Raj Singh

    First off, I didn’t make any assumption but you’re presuming.

    Second, you say it’s a smartband not a smartwatch implying that the smartwatch has a display and smartband does not. Then you agree that there’s a display on a smartband but it’s a different line of smartband.

    Regardless, there’s a smartband out there that has a display on it and a smartband that has a heart rate monitor on it. I’d like to see the SmartBand with a heart rate monitor and a display, so I’ll wait for the updated version of the SmartBand Talk aka SWR30 (or whatever they decide to call it next). This is cool, too.

  • haxona

    I wasn’t out for a fight, maybe it just came out wrong from the get go :P
    Instead of Smartwatch I could have said its not a Smartband Talk. But your “WTF” is the reason I even replied, mainly because the original Smartband never had a display and that this is the successor to that it seemed like you were assuming that all Smartbands have displays.

    Anyhow looking forward to their hopefully soon to be released Talk2 as that may be of interest to me.

  • GregLu

    They spoke about 119 USD … IIt’s too much asked.

    Anyway, I hope that the band will fit the original SmartBand, it would be nice to have one because the old system isn’t too hard and sometimes I’ve lost the band, gladfully I noticed it …

  • azzido

    Is this smart band talk 2?

  • According to this news in PT-BR, it will cost 119€

  • Micro

    Who monitors HA for this long?
    Besides, as far as I can see the monitoring is done by using camera and 2 led lights. If so, LEDs turned on directly on the skin make it looks sort of “transparent” so the camera can see veins and analyze their pulsing movement. You can try it yourself with a flashlight, put one behind of your pointing finger – you will be able to see your veins inside the finger.
    So, if the band can do that constantly for 10 hours, that means both leds and camera (plus the rest of the band still working in the meantime) take only 5.8mA of current – that actually means this 10h time is pretty impressive.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Nope. It’s €119 EUR, ~$133 USD.

  • jag

    Hmm… I’m sitting on the fence here. I want it but I really don’t know if I will really use it. haha!

  • jag

    The talk series may have a lot more functionality in it but does the battery lasts? maybe I will wait for the smarband talk 2! Sorry if I got a lot of questions. I really don’t know if I will get one because it might be a waste of hard earned money.

  • Alvin

    But the first smarrband also cost the same when it first launched, right.

  • GregLu

    I had 99 EUR in mind, given the fact that at the time, the EUR was stronger so in USD it is the same as now, when they applied 1 USD / 1 EUR for the MSRP.

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  • Alvin


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  • Flythe

    In normal use the battery lasts for three days. This isn’t as long as the SWR10’s, but fine with me. Once in STAMINA-mode (it will show time only) the battery lasts forever.

  • Flythe

    The battery lasts three days in normal usage – not as long as the SWR10’s, but that’s fine with me.

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  • Gautham S V

    The first gen smartband SWR10 is available in ebay for 22$ (for the Brazil edition). I was looking for a replacement strap and noticed this and bought a new band itself

  • Alvin

    Okay now i found 18.9$ one, but its still in my country. Well, now it just costs like the other bands should be :D

    Feels like i want to buy it. Maybe not now

  • ????????????

    I’m going to buy it anyway. lol

  • nataliehscot

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  • Diógenes Lima

    This looks great! I wish it could show time also.

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