Xperia M5 Dual launches in India and Hong Kong

by XB on 9th September 2015

in Xperia M5

Xperia M5 DualSony Mobile India has today announced that the Xperia M5 Dual (E5663) will be landing in the country. The official price point for the handset is Rs. 37,990 (£372, €512, $572) and is expected to be available in black, white and gold colours. The price point doesn’t appear to be particularly competitive, given the number of low-cost competitors in the Indian market – are you thinking of buying one?

The Xperia M5 Dual has also been released into Hong Kong today for HK$ 3,698 (£310, €427, $477) in all three colours.

Update: The Sony Xperia M5 Dual was also released into Malaysia for RM 1,599 (inclusive of GST).

Thanks ArshaaVarun, Ben, Dhruvil, Shah, Ujas and Wan!

  • Sergio

    512€ is very expensive for a MTK device, but well… It’s fine for a high-medium end device, at least as a price start point.

  • Alvin

    Well it will be so so ridiculous If this costs higher than z5 compact

  • Alvin

    I just wish the z5 series front camera will be as much as this though

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    One issues I have notice is this imx214 sensor have auto focus which make a little bit slow when we take the picture. But the quality is really superb.

    otherwise if we want it to be fast and superb quality it need to have PDAF. It will not be a cheap phone for sure.

  • Rishi Rathod

    I don’t know why Sony always messes up when it comes to pricing their phones, especially in India! Xperia M5 Dual is almost $100 costlier compared to Hong Kong..!! This is really a deal breaker. ? 27,990 (still a little too much) would’ve still been competitive at least considering the brand value that Sony has in India and elsewhere!

  • Alvin

    Yeah mate, imx214 sensor that i have in my xperia l is very very slow in taking pictures, and autofocus, especially in low light, which it takes a horribly long time to focus.. but yeah the quality is great for its class

  • Alvin

    Edit : well i forgot that imx214 is 13mp.. i mean imx134

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Woah that’s crazy pricing for the m5 :O
    I know the camera is fantastic, but wow…wasn’t expecting it to cost as much as the Z5 compact!

  • Anukul

    seriously WTF !

  • Sadman Khan

    Although the phone itself is rather high end, Sony calls it super midrange and so the price should have been midrange

  • iia3ezu

    If you want a Japanese software keyboard straight out of the box, avoid the M5 and C5 Ultra, and wait for the Z5 instead.

    If you want a Korean software keyboard straight out of the box, don’t buy an Xperia phone.

    I am sick and tired of Sony’s blatant regional market discrimination and what seems to be racism or social class discrimination. People who buy cheaper phones don’t know/need Japanese input? People who buy Xperia phones don’t know/need Korean input?

    It’s 2015… get your act together, Sony Mobile.

  • mukul verma

    what the hell, how is this low on pocket.? WTF to sony.
    import price in india is 15265, max price could be 30000, but not 38000. from this point of view, z5 premium will go at sale @ 90000 . in india it’ll be a failed product at this price with mediatek processor.

  • iia3ezu

    Cheapskate Indians should go buy a cheapo Micromax phone instead, support your local brand and stop whining.

  • mukul verma

    I am using sony since you were not born in this world, so just shut your mouth before speaking. I am a die hard fan of sony, but price should be reasonable to buys phones. I am not like morons who buys apple product of nonsense pricing. micromax is bullshit company. only our labour like to buy not elite class.. may be you should buy micromax. you’ll love micromax because you belong to our labour class, not elite class.

  • Rohit Patil

    Teri galati nahi hai Bhai iia3ezu, Bewkoof hona galati ho hi nahi sakati ;-P

  • Aiden

    N who da f*** r u to tell users which to buy nd not to buy..

  • Aiden

    Not in a lifetime!! Mtk fr fortune no thank u..need to wait if Sony screws up on z5 which they would. Sony has one of the biggest market in india and all they do is this…do u think u r apple or something else??

  • Shu Wang

    easy to answer this question, cause consumption tax in India is about 20% vs. 0% in Hongkog, and customs duties of mobile phone is 6-12% vs. 0% in Hongkong

  • skyzo97

    In Malaysia, the cheapest price I see is MYR1429 = Rs.22065.55

  • skyzo97

    idk about tax in India, but in MY it 6%.

  • Abdul Ghani

    So u want awesome camera hardware and full flagship specs and expecting price to be cheap were u born in this world m5 is slightly higher price but in that price range there is no phone to beat those camera front and back are key features of the phone plus helio x10 is not low end chip its a flagship chip

  • Abdul Ghani

    U can’t compare z5c to.m5 because m5 is far superior to z5c

  • Abdul Ghani

    Those people to me are retards because m5 is far superior vs z3c and z5c special 3gb ram 1080p display and both camera specially front it has auto focus with really good results on any phone till to this date and z5c will cost more than m5 dual plus helio x10 is not low end chip its a flagship chip for God sake who has hate for mediatek

  • Abdul Ghani

    I guess this world gas gone retard after reading those mindless crap saying omg its mediatek no buy like they ever used a mediatek 2015 device and this is m5 1080p display blazing fast performance because of helio x10 high end chip 3 gb Ram 21 mp camera 13 front camera with auto focus really good battery life as for early Taiwan reviews so just by one name mediatek u retards saying its overpriced only helio might not cost as much but m5 has all expensive parts inside plus India tax I guess retards will be retards forever because when iPhone 6s will launch for 70000 rupees u guys will sell both kidney just to touch it

  • Alvin

    Yeah i thought the same thing, i cant understand sony’s strategy now, their compact isnt as good as what ive seen and as how ive overwhelmed by z1c and z3c back then. Disappointed with z5c, but not with z5 and especially z5 premium

  • Alvin

    But even if their cpu is amazing, but i think their graphic is a bit mediocre as what ive seen before

  • Alvin

    And m5 will absolutely beat every flagships from htc now… i felt poor for htc now, theyre not as good as what it used to be before… hope the best for them and especially for sony

  • Kunal Shukla

    38K for xperia m5 and 40K for galaxy s6. Take your pick

  • Ajmal

    Mind your language you dirty piece of shit

  • Ajmal

    As if mukul verma slapped you. Why are you shouting at him Mr

  • Atif A Jamali

    Sony will only and only loose market share with such stupid pricing. I was looking to buy m5 but at this price NO WAY.

  • Musadiqkhan
  • SM

    overpriced…once again…sony been always fallen in terms of proper marketing & segmenting their product.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I doubt a Single Piece will sell here in India despite been an awesome phone !!! Ridiculous Pricing, Or I must say, Arrogant one……

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    M5 dual offer in malaysia currently at RM1479 and i find it a very good bargin and C5 ultra at RM1299 include 6% GST

  • View From The Top

    I’d have thought people who believe they belong to the ‘Elite Class’ (whatever that means) would have the humility to not be derisive towards laborers. They’re hard working men and deserve just as much respect as ‘Elites’. (Actually, much more so).

    Secondly, I’d have also thought that people belonging to the ‘Elite Class’ would be able to write at least a semblance of proper English. From what I can see, every single sentence in the drivel that you’ve spewed is strewn with so many errors that its difficult to even make out what it is you’re trying to say. It may come as a shock to you, but I can assure you that nothing that you’ve tried to convey makes any sense in the English language.

    Claiming to be ‘Elite’ by screaming at the top of your voice and claiming to be eschewing MMX in favor of Sony doesn’t do anything to earn you any respect. Learn to commend it rather than trying to demand it by claiming to be a Sony user.

    Screaming at others on forums just conveys your own inner insecurities about not having things you strive for. It does absolutely nothing to put your own view forward, by asking somebody else to ‘shut up’.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    They’re better than Apple at least.

  • Adhi Suryana

    For a phone that is waterproof, very decent camera (same as Moto X Pure), and good track record of software updates, I think it’s good value for long shot, are you sure will get marshmallow updates if you buy (non Chinese version) Meizu?

  • Adhi Suryana

    Same here in Indonesia :3

  • Adhi Suryana

    Even my M2 and Z get 5.1 updates so sweet :3

  • Adhi Suryana

    I thought Japan and S korea in bad relationship, did you notice Japan PM and President S Korea statement last 16th August in WWII anniversary?

  • ZR

    Di Indonesia berapa ya bro harganya? ane belum dengar nih…

  • insyt

    Yeah Sony is really impressing with the updates, not as fast as Moto, but they still pushing them out even to devices more than 2 years of age. Plus the new near stock interface should make updates easier in the future.

  • Andy

    Malaysia price would be increasing due to currency rate, recently out of stock…

  • vigneshprince

    what 37 thousand?? that lot for this mobile!

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker
  • Lee Yu Lun

    Bought an M5 yesterday in HK and it couldn’t update (not Android 5.1) through PCC at first and after a few times of trial and patience, PCC will guide you to turn off the phone and press volume – at the same time you plug in the usb cable, like when you updated the xperia phones using update service (no longer available). Just don’t know why i got the the message “Update service has stopped (translated from Chinese)”.

  • Namikaze Mini II

    in Cambodia M5 dual is higher than Z3 XD

  • Aiden

    U got that right!!! There

  • Rayson275 Kar Weng

    Hi, may i know which store can get such an offer? gold release in msia?

  • Rayson275 Kar Weng

    May i know which store can get rm1479 for m5?

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I saw at

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    If you want less you can visiting ( kedai handphone on9 fanpage where they offer m5 for rm1450

  • Abhi

    He is like a free pet or guard dog for Sony lol. He can’t even take constructive criticism against the company before he starts spewing foul language at others. Somehow he claims he is an intellectual or an “elite” yet as you say he has no ability to construct a proper sentence and even possess an open mind and rages at others phone choices. A drone is a better label for him.

  • Abhi

    You are no better than him. Your tone and lack of an open mind in regards to others opinions along with the complete inability form proper sentences shows how “elite” you are. Acting like a 5 year old and calling others poor is pretty low….

    A true intellectual has an open mind and respects others interests.

    It’s just a phone company get over it they aren’t putting food on your plate so stop acting like a pet dog.

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