Sony demoes benefits of SteadyShot Intelligent Active Mode on the Xperia Z5

by XB on 17th September 2015

in Imaging, Videos, Xperia Z5 series

Xperia Z5 SteadyShot Intelligent Active ModeThe Sony Xperia Z5 series may not include OIS (optical image stabilisation) hardware, but its SteadyShot software does a great job of minimising visible shake in your videos. The latest iteration on the Xperia Z5, SteadyShot Intelligent Active Mode, has been demonstrated in a new video from Sony Mobile. It shows a biker across various terrain with SteadyShot both on and off.

We’ve also attached another promo video from Sony on the camera technology inside the Xperia Z5. It doesn’t reveal any new stats, but it sure is pretty to watch. Check out both videos below.

  • xAntifreeZe

    that’s my Sony :)

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  • Dexter Moregan

    Why do I want Sony Xperia have OIS? The steady shot is better than OIS of other mobile brands!

  • dimz

    Makes you wonder, if they have brought their software to this level, when they introduce the accompanying hardware at some point in a future iteration, it’ll be like shooting with one of their dedicated camcorders.

  • Tjaldid

    But with OIS and Steady Shot combined they could rule the world… MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Mohamed adel ali

    i didn’t get 5.1.1 on my z1 so will it take long time to arrive or what

  • kirfer

    Better hope good ol’ mr. DBS doesn’t read your comment: I’m pretty sure you’ll get a taste of his butthurt rage soon (as soon as he’s finished masturbating over his LG, to be precise…)

  • Zidhin Mohd

    Heat under control. auto mode shoots upto 23mp. Steadyshot. Damn!.. Just waiting for a cam review to get this phone

  • daniel kudo

    OIS is useful for lowlight performance btw

  • shhh

    Stills, especially low-light. Why else would high-end cameras have OIS?

  • True. With this amazing SteadyShot, attached to an actual OIS, ooh dear, what OEM would come close? I believe (Make. Believe.) in Sony, just that they perhaps don’t, in themselves.

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  • DBS

    That’s because you don’t know the difference between the use of OIS and Steadyshot.

    Sony’s Steadyshot only works on video. You still need OIS for that thing that people do more than taking videos on a phone: taking photos.

  • DBS

    Didn’t need to do it myself, your mother was offering hj’s for free in the park.

  • DBS

    Sony has just announced it’s rolling out today

  • DBS

    SteadyShot is great…IF I want to film with the phone. Since I and most people don’t do that, OIS will still be necessary for the camera.

    SteadyShot does not work on photography taking. That’s why Sony is showcasing videos. That’s not that hard to understand I think…

  • iia3ezu

    The Sony Xperia Z5 series may not include OIS (optical image stabilisation) hardware…

    Thanks for reaffirming my decision to skip the Z5.

  • Akand

    But surprisingly Apple’s Iphones can take nice photos in low light without OIS. Sony isn’t on the wrong way. They just need to improve their camera software.
    (neither iphone 6 nor 6s has OIS, only plus models have)
    Source: Apple website.

  • iia3ezu

    SteadyShot is mostly software (digital) image stabilisation, not true optical image stabilisation, where you have a piece of hardware module built in to detect the shaking.

    It is disappointing, especially when you’re advertising the Z5 camera as having ‘the most advanced G lens’.

    Putting more effort and resources in securing a product placement in a Bond movie indicates that the head of the CEO is not in the right place.

  • iia3ezu

    Don’t forget you have to activate the SteadyShot mode to receive the benefit (not sure how much impact it will have on battery life). With OIS, the stabilization works in the background for all modes.

  • Mohamed adel ali

    okay thanks i was waiting since they write herein xperiablog it’s roll out and already some region receive it that’s make me checking every minute

  • Matt


  • DBS

    And eye for an eye

  • DBS

    Couldn’t agree more.

    And, unlike some people here, I’ve actually took the time and effort to reach out to Sony about the lack of OIS. They told me that the reason they didn’t included it in the phones is purely aesthetical.
    They didn’t want the “humps” an OIS system requires if you have a slim phone and so they rather left it out. In other words, Sony decided to try to copy Apple’s philosophy of form over function and for the sake of design didn’t include useful hardware.

    I obviously suggested them a couple of solutions, let’s see how much they take into consideration going forward. But knowing that OIS isn’t there just for the phone to look better, really frustrated me.

  • Raj Singh

    Is this Sony marketing? The masses will not see it.
    Tell most people there’s a new Sony phone out. They will not be excited or care. I do but they won’t.

  • Yasir Fawad

    It works in manual mode for photos too. And it works great. Z3Compact here.

  • kirfer

    My mother? Sigh…
    Should I have told her not to wear an LG logo and remove OIS from her camera?
    I guess there are people around who get turned on by such things, case in point…

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  • XperiaBlog

    Come on guys – keep it clean please. Insults to members won’t be tolerated.

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  • Prateek Bhanushali

    GSMArena Review for M5 is out. Camera Samples looks promising and it just make me curious for Z5’s !!!

  • Utsav Shah

    Because SteadyShot does not work in photo mode. For example you are taking a photo in low light and your hand is not steady. that’s where you need OIS.

  • DBS

    I do try (even though some people here have a hard time accepting different points of view) but when I’m gratuitously insulted, well…

  • DBS

    Actually it doesn’t. The image stabilisation in the photo mode is the digital stabilisation, not SteadyShot. And in manualthe digital stabilisation only works as long as you keep the ISO on automatic. In other words, if you actually want to use the little manual controls they give you, you lose the digital stabilisation.

  • Ali Alkhazal

    It is not really that good at all. the camera refocus is giving me headache from the video.

  • Guest

    Hey, your comment doesn’t even once mention the word “OIS”! Are you feeling all right?

  • Alex Norris

    IOS better.
    And still no exposure on tap and RAW…

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    Still waiting on traditional OIS in an Xperia. Please leave the thinness jive behind, Sony. SteadyShot hybrid stabilisation would be epic!

  • Paul

    Here’s a quick demo of SteadyShot™ IA on my Z3. It was handheld and really bumpy at the time. Notice how it stabilized the horizon. Uploaded straight from the phone to YouTube with zero tweaks.

  • Rizky Maulana


  • percentaged


  • Making a wish

    Steady Shot + OIS + Focus on laser FTW!

  • betatesterz

    Very true. Because unlike stills, video mode you don’t use up the full area of the sensor. That is why Sony is able to make use of those unused area to “stabilize” your video. Same concept applies for digital zooming with video. Which is something Nokia had with their N8.

    ..well, technicaly if you were able to turn off steadyshot and use the full sensor i suppose you should be able to get a wider FOV =/

    While this is good for people who does video with their phones, majority of us do still shots more. Which is why OIS is more favorable.

  • betatesterz

    While true, there is a “steady shot” option for stills. What that actually does is just crank up your ISO as high as it can go so as to minimize shutter speed. What this results in is a noisy photo which isn’t ideal.

  • it’s pretty crazy using it as an action cam, and so freaking amazing at the same time :D

  • ????

    stop this nonsense. even the z3, z2, and z1 can outperform every other smartphone when it comes to video stabilization. sony has already mastered it. sony should just focus on image quality. i think they made a great leap with the z5 but only on video.
    the image quality for stills still leaves a lot to be desired although there’s already a marked improvement.

    i wish sony would emphasize the fact that they use faster shutter speeds so their xperia cameras are able to take clearer photos of moving objects. i wish they added OIS but now that they still don’t have it, they should emphasize the fact that they are using faster lenses and isos to shoot moving objects better.

    they should commission comparisons showing how the z5 excels in shooting moving objects.

  • ????

    i think they want to stick on the design language of having a flat surface on both sides.

    also, one of their engineers was interviewed and he said that they want to focus on a faster camera. devices with OIS can shoot sharper photos of still objects but they will likely not perform as good as the z5 when it comes to shooting moving objects.

  • ????


  • ????

    as usual, it will be outperformed by a midranger. it’s the same with what happened to z3 and m4 aqua. m4 aqua had better photos based on gsmarena’s samples.

    i really hope it wouldn’t be the case this time. the m5’s camera should be the one put on the z4/z3+.

  • ????

    really crazy idea especially once you drop it.

  • adecvat

    Intelligent Active Mode only for 1080p, is it?

  • adecvat

    M5 has old camera with blur problem.

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  • Alex Norris

    Show me full size photos, taken by your z3 compact. I want see quality

  • Yasir Fawad
  • Yasir Fawad

    How many “stops” benefit the physical ois has over the software ois. Can someone provide photos from phones. Is the difference very drastic, that all of u are lulling here.

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  • Alex Norris

    Good shots, but mostly are macro.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    As per the GSMArena, Its seems M4 has cleaner output. But the fact is that M5 has 21Mp resolution with same Sensor size so such noise levels are expected(Check Out Lumia 1520 and 1020). But the things is that M5 actually captures more details than M4 and has better dynamics and Color. The simple thing is that it downsamples the 21MP to 8-16MP to make the image cleaner and preserve the same amount of details….. And again, GSMArena already mentioned its running the non-finalized version of android !!!

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  • Shubham Mutreja

    Not even LG G4!

  • dty13

    is there any guess “why SONY doesn’t want to use optical IS combine with SteadyShot?

  • ????

    what’s your problem. i never said that m4 is better than m5. what i said was a midranger’s camera outperformed that of the flagship’s (in m4’s case the z3). obviously, m5 is better than m4 and its camera is even better than that of the z3 so i said it should have been the camera for the z3

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  • azzido

    Instead of OIS I would like to get Optical zoom, better than this digital crap. Is OIS the same as optical zoom?

    + they should give bigger matrix and brighter lens.

  • daniel kudo

    Though software make huge difference, the regular iPhone 6 can’t take nice photos (but better than most Xperia) in lowlight compared to 6 Plus and don’t bother to compared with galaxy S6 or LG G4

  • daniel kudo

    The difference is drastic but software, quality of sensor and lens also made huge difference. Galaxy S6, Lumia 1020, Note 4, iPhone 6 Plus, LG G4 >>>> iPhone 6, Xperia Z3+/Z3/Z2/Z1, Galaxy S5, HTC One M9
    But there’s also quite a lot of phones with OIS but the quality is not really that good likes Nexus 5, Nexus 6, HTC One M7, and also a lot of Chinese phones but i think its because the software optimisation

  • daniel kudo

    Yepp, my Xperia Z2/Z3 has blur problem around the corner and I think its because the G Lens is not the “real” G lens that sony used in Cyber-shot pr alpha cameras

  • daniel kudo

    Nope, OIS is Optical Image Stabilisation, is the hardware solutions for stabilise photos and videos but also useful for low light performance.

  • Yasir Fawad

    Would you please show that “drastic” difference through some samples? And as you told in ur comment it all comes down to software implementation, though it may be crucial for pro cameras with 5axis img stabilization, but for phones its not more than a gimmick. Leave for the lumia.

  • M110

    nice pictures, did you do any postprocessing?

  • Timel

    Yup it’s true if you’re talking video recording but what about photo shooting? OIS still the NEED anyway

  • Timel

    I’m so pity those sons of bitches who flag DSB’s comments… It’s so funny while DSB talks the truth but there’re still some ruffians who can’t even accept the truth LOL

    Shame on your parents losers that they can’t treat you good enough…

  • Timel

    Dear moderator

    What about the unreasonable flag?
    There’re some stupid people here that always flag other people’re comments without good reason, these people are just even worse than trolls, so disgusting that they can’t listen other people opinions and can’t accept the different point of view, can’t even accept the fact. These people deserve the punishment as well.

  • Timel

    Totally agree
    You’re right DBS

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Relax Brother :) I was just keeping My Point of view and If you find that M5 lacks detail(As some people found it to be), then you can get a clearer picture !! Thats all :)

  • Timel

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! spot on!!

    You’re so right!

  • ????

    yes i’m extreeeeemely maaaaad!!! hahaha

  • ack

    Ah guys, the Z5 does use hardware stabilization called “closed-loop actuator”. Basically, the sensor moves instead of the optics (OIS). It’s used in the Sony Alpha cameras, and replaces OIS. As usual, Sony has no idea how to market its tech, as people still ask for OIS when it’s already replaced it with something newer and better. Sigh.

    Here’s an explanation of it:

  • ack

    Because they’re using a newer method called “closed-loop actuator”, taken from the Sony Alpha cameras. It replaces OIS. Check the link from my other post.

  • Mateusz Wojtkiewicz

    Just… wow!

  • Mateusz Wojtkiewicz

    Sony’s stabilisation is actually much better than OIS. It’s lifted straight from their Alpha series.

  • Josiah

    Actually Sony says it’s a hybrid of optical and digital stabilisation. It shift the lens to accommodate the shake instead of the sensor.

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