Will we not see another Xperia flagship until second half of 2016?

by XB on 28th September 2015

in Videos, Xperia Z5 series

Sony-Xperia-LogoThere has been much debate over when and if Sony Mobile will move to a single flagship launch/year policy. Up until now, Sony has released a new flagship phone every six months, which pleases some (as there is always a new Xperia flagship round the corner) and annoys others (as a latest purchase becomes ‘old tech’ relatively quickly).

It’s still up in the air what Sony Mobile may do in 2016 – will we see a flagship launch during H1 and H2 or will there be a single launch during the calendar year? There have been murmurs that Sony will move to a single flagship release per year for a while now and judging by the video below this may actually end up happening in 2016.

The video shows Rikke Gertsen Constein, Art Director at Sony Mobile, talking about the design of the Xperia Z series. Part way through the video when asked about future plans, Constein confirms that they are already working on designs for the second half of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

It is the explicit mention of H2 2016 for the next flagship models that could clearly indicate Sony will not launch a new model in the first six months of 2016. If this turns out to be true, i.e. Sony mobbing to a single flagship release per year, would you be happy? Let us know your comments below.

Thanks Cezary!

  • ChilliPSco

    I’d be extremely happy. It also means they have longer to concentrate on advancing the Xperia products further and will hopefully avoid further scenarios such as releasing the Z3+ just for the sake of releasing it.

  • Raj Singh

    I’m cool with that as long as there’s a Z5 Ultra with a Snapdragon 820 at MWC.

  • crazychef83

    I would be of the opinion to move to a once a year flagship because honestly technology in my thought is not advancing as fast as before. how much has the processor from 810 to 820 advanced? is it really that much of and upgrade?

  • Trueway

    I believe they have already finished the design of the MWC 2016 phone/phones.

  • Alvin

    Oh thank god i don’t have to save my money every 6 months anymore… But I’ll miss my rage every 6 months of seeing z series flagships… :”)

  • mountain

    Considering that everyone else is moving to 2 flagships a year: sam released s6 plus, htc is announcing their new flagship today, one plus is planning to release another one by the end of the year, Lg has a 9 month cycle, I am suprised to see that Sony is not releasing another one in 6 months time.

  • Arda Akca

    Hope they have the Z5 Ultra at CES or MWC. By the way I believe they’ll release a Z5+ moderate upgrade in first half. That could be the reason no design team is working on it.

  • daniel kudo

    It’s great if the Xperia Z5 series comes with Snapdragon 820. With Samsung Exynos 7420, Apple A9, MediaTek X20 have better processing, i think in Q1 2016, Snapdragon 810 will become obselete

  • daniel kudo

    I want Xperia Z5 Premium with Snapdragon 820 :(

  • Alvin

    Hell yeah! They released that amazing z5, more than 3 months after z4 and more than 2 months after that legendary z3+..

  • DBS

    I agree with her, the green Z5 and the Chrome Z5P are also the ones I like the best.

    That said, I agree that the 6 months should have ended long ago. However, I don’t think the Z5 family is worth it as a stopping point for that. The chip it uses is an horrible chip and Sony would take a lot more out of the upcoming SD820, namely in battery life. Since Xperias are already ahead of the pack in that area, it would just help even further to have that chip on board as soon as possible.

    Of course, that means the Z5 family shouldn’t have happened at all. Releasing a SD810-powered device in the end of 2015 with the 820 only a couple of months away is a bad strategy. Soon other OEMs will be releasing phones with the SD820 in them and if Qualcomm delivers, other phones should get a considerable dump in battery life, thus annulling Sony’s advantage.

    At this point, Sony only has battery life in their advantage. They lose that and they might as well pack their bags. So while I don’t like 6 months cycles, I think Sony should still replace the Z5 bunch at MWC with a SD820 powered family of devices.

    As for what she said…I don’t think we can automatically presume that Sony has already ended the 6 months cycle. She said she’s already thinking in the 2nd half of 2016…which doesn’t mean that she’s thinking because they’re already acting upon the phones for the 1st half.

    At any rate, it’s not like Sony designers have THAT much of a work. The phones keep looking the same and the teams don’t seem that committed to work on the design towards adding extra features like OIS or Qi. So…

  • DBS

    Exactly my thoughts. That’s why she’s thinking of the later projects already.

  • DBS

    The Z4 and Z3+ are the same phone. Z3+ is used worldwide, Z4 is only the name in Japan.

  • Alvin

    I knew it Mate… I knew it

  • Svnjay

    The Teal Xperia Z5 and Chrome Z5 Premium are stunningly gorgeous.

  • Camilo

    OMG No! I was planning to buy a z6 premium T_T. I really crave for that new camera, but Snapdragon 810 doesn’t support 4k HDR recording. Sigh… I think I’ll have to stick with my z3 for a while…

  • RockStar2005

    They need to just stick to releasing it once a year, not twice. Twice a year is too much! And they should start with the Z6, in EARLY 2016!!! Not the second half! I have the Z3 and I’d like to upgrade to the Z6 b/c I KNOW it will have the 820 chip and Marshmallow too. Plus it will nice not to have the USB flap covers to deal with anymore. Plus the 820 chip with be QUICK CHARGE 3.0 compatible, and I definitely want in on that. Quick Charge is awesome!!

  • DBS

    Don’t forget the 820 also manages battery a lot better so you’ll also have added battery life.

  • nfs2010

    Source: Art director – LoL OK. Last time we heard from some country manager that nothing over FHD will be on Sony phones & then they came out with 4K LMAO Every time QC will drop a new SoC, Sony’ll release a new phone. If they don’t, someone else will. Looking forward to Z6 release in March/April 2016.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah I knew about that, but didn’t want to go on too much about it. lol Also, Marshmallow has built-in technology to improve battery life as well I believe.

  • DBS

    LG – LG G4 (we still have to see what exactly comes out of the October 1st event though it’s unlikely to be a G4 replacement)
    Motorola – Moto X 2015
    OnePlus – OnePlus 2 (again, rumours of a second phone that may not necessarily be a replacement but either a bigger version or a smaller version of the OP2)
    HTC – HTC One M9. (There are a lot of rumours about the “A9 but they might disappoint)
    Apple – iPhone SucksAss
    Samsung – Galaxy S6

    Only Samsung is putting out more high end flagships but that’s because Samsung has had 2 high end offerings. The flagship – the Galaxy Sx – and the Note.
    Now they added the Edge versions, but they announced them at the same time. So you have the flagships: S6 and S6E (though, by sales, the Edge might become the new flagship for Samsung) and then a phablet version of each (the Note 5 which is just a big S6 with a pen; and the S6E+).
    Sony presented 3 phones: the Z5C, the Z5 and the Z5P. They’re just one phone shy of Samsung, with the difference that they already introduced that aberration that was the Z3+/Z4 this year too, making it 4 high end phones.

  • DBS

    Yeah the Doze feature…but I don’t know if that will make any difference on Sony phones. Doze seems to work similarly to Sony’s own Stamina mode, in which it shuts down services from the phone when the screen if off.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah……. that’s right. I thought there was more to it though? Or was that it? If that’s it, then disregard.

  • jamie evans

    I’m happy for a single flagship release a year. But, I want it to be like… main flagships, like Z5 and Z5 premium at IFA and other flagships, like Z5 Compact and Z5 Ultra at MWC. Then we would have fun twice a year. That means Z6 should be introduced next summer.

  • jamie evans

    and a refined 4K display and DESIGN. Basically I want Sony to trim huge bezels first. The design doesn’t have to get fancy at all but bezel-free.

  • jamie evans

    there will be Z6 Premium with 4K 820 next summer

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  • billycoy

    I don’t mind as long as they use the latest and greatest STABLE specs at that time.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Just one request…… Do not skip the name Z6 to Z7 as it wasn’t released in H1 :P

  • Abhi

    Well said, one device per year and early. Late means less potential customers.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    I guess this makes more sense…I mean, I for one try wait for about 24 months before I get an upgrade. Since for me, that’s the only time I notice a big difference and marked improvements between flagships. So, what I’m saying is that, it will give Sony engineers/designers more time to create a more compelling flagship device that will take the market by storm! ;-)

  • Ammy

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  • Rizky Maulana

    Z5 ultra n ultra premium…. lol

  • devtry

    Normally it would be a good thing, but I need to change my phone and since Z5 Compact didn’t get everything right I would need a great Z6 Compact and one year wait is too long…

  • Kristo

    Nothing is confirmed yet

  • cicababa

    Well, this way maybe they’ll have enough time to work on firmware upgrades.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Have you ever been thinking why Sony mobile phones have that big bezels? First they are water and dustproof and secondly they have front facing speakers. Sony have something under the bezels they aren’t unused as they are on iPhones ;)

  • Alex_rac

    i think that z6 will be released next march and z7 the next september/october

    my theory is that sony want to reach the samsung numeration

    2016 samsung s7 sony z6 / z7

    2017 samsung s8 sony z8

  • Konstantin Ivanov

    Make a last 6 month cycle update for catching the snapdragon 820 in the z6 and then start rolling every 1 year..its the best choice.Samsung are already working on and releasing S7 with 820…

  • Matt

    bezel are fine , you want to see a big bezel ? here it is

  • Matt

    wel i already got my z3 and i will use it untill the end of the software update. meanwhile im looking for 4k 10 inch tablet from sony with snapdragon 820 :)

  • daniel kudo

    And don’t forget they have large camera sensor without protruding it

  • Tom Rees

    I think she is talking about moving away from omnibalance. The next flagship will be the last omnibalance.

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  • fried_egg

    The next “range” of phones will be based on the 820 & it will not be in the hands of the phone makers until March at the earliest… so a June release sounds very likely and that is second half!

  • I wrote almost exactly a year ago that Sony intended to do this (http://jmcomms.com/2014/09/27/new-sony-xperia-flagships-may-soon-come-just-once-a-year/ ), and as I predicted they did struggle to stick with the Z3 until the Z5 – hence the bizarre release of the Z3+. Had they not done this, they’d have actually managed a full year THIS year.

    What’s more, the Z3+ was such a waste of time, most people – including many within Sony itself – rather wished it hadn’t happened. I can just imagine the arguing internally when Sony Japan went ahead with the Z4 and Sony Europe would have been resisting, and then got forced to compromise with the ‘+’ release.

    It makes sense that Sony now sticks to an annual cycle, although I’d have perhaps staggered the releases of the individual Z5 models.

    One has to wonder if Sony will manage to stick to the plan though. While the Z5 family appear to have addressed the heat issues to some degree, I can’t help but feel they’ll be tempted yet again to release another minor upgrade in the first half of 2016. So Z5C+ Z5+ and Z5P+ here we come…

  • marcyff2

    except sony is the only company which implemented the dual heatpipe to control the heat on the phone. If you don’t believe me check the hands on of Z5, Z5c or Z5P and notice that none of them got hot (at best they got warm) after 8min of 4k recording (one of the most demanding tasks in a phone. I moved away from sony for now. but the Z5P is a really amazing phone.

  • I think much as customers eventually got tired of all these new phones with minor changes every six months, the real issue was that operators probably got fed up too.

    It got to the point where Sony had this reputation of having a new phone just around the corner, and I’m sure it put people off buying. Once a new phone is on the shelf for 2-3 months, people are now thinking it’s just 2-3 months until they hear of the new model. Throw in the issues of heat, disappointing camera performance etc and people are even more inclined to hang on and hope the next model fixes everything – and then ending up never buying anything at all.

    Far easier to manage things from Samsung, LG, Apple etc.

    Given how saturated the market now is, there are also more people who are less bothered about upgrading at all. So you now have early adopters not bothering to upgrade, and everyone else not wanting to rush to upgrade. So exactly what benefit is there in spending money developing so many handsets, and having to come up with expensive marketing campaigns and deal with all the logistics of releasing a new phone in multiple markets?

  • bafomichele

    I remember someone from Qualcomm declared that Sony will be among the first to release a device with S820.
    Could it be just the Z5 Ultra?

  • I think Sony could have staggered the release of the three new Z5 phones, but it is quite good for the consumer that gets to see what options are available right away, rather than buying a new Galaxy S6 edge only to learn of the larger plus model a few months later.

    But, given we are likely to get a Z5 ‘plus’ model in the new year, hopefully with SD820, then even Sony is holding something back.

    Samsung will go into 2016 with a reduced road map and a desire to concentrate only on the high-end, meaning a lot of other ranges will be axed. I wonder if Sony will also be looking at what it does at the lower and mid-range market.

    It was once thought that the low-end market, especially for emerging markets, was where all the money was going to be but I think the big manufacturers have discovered that the margins are tiny and they’re being killed by the Chinese.

    Does anyone think Sony will keep making other phones besides the ‘Z’ range, or become like Samsung and put all efforts into flagships – and trying to establish Sony’s reputation as high-end (and with it, premium pricing)?

  • I guess 820 is a big leap, and with 810s problems, it puts Sony in an awkward position. Thanks to Qualcomm making a right mess of things this year, it (and other manufacturers) have been stuck with a pretty poor SoC. Samsung had Exynos and did okay, but Sony had little choice but to use a flawed SoC – although it seems they worked hard to ensure the Z5 models will not run as hot.

    I do still think they’ll struggle under extreme load, and it may well be that Sony has no choice but to release Z5+ models sooner than next September.

    Sony could of course have waited a bit longer before releasing the Z5 family, so I am not sure how much sympathy to give.

  • The Z5 Premium will appeal to the people who bought the Galaxy S6 edge/edge plus. It’s something a bit different, something that gives bragging rights.. but doesn’t really make a HUGE difference.

    Indeed, my experience with the S6 edge was that it was a bit more awkward to hold and didn’t really bring any notable benefits. But, boy did it (does it) look nice.

    I’m quite excited to see how the BlackBerry Priv will look with a curved screen, where it seems to be more fitting to the overall design.

    But, back to Sony, the Z5 Premium isn’t being ranged by most operators and so will be quite niche. Sony must know this, and not care as it is part of an attempt to re-establish itself as a premium player. It will probably work no matter how few it sells. It’s the ‘halo’ phone that will look great in store, but people will then go and buy the ordinary Z5.

    I might be wrong though, as Samsung expected people to go ‘wow’ over the edge and then buy the ordinary S6 and found that people actually decided to splash out.

    One word of warning though; in the UK with VoLTE finally launching, it’s clear that you’ll need the right firmware to be able to use it – and that means having a phone that’s either supplied by that network, or by downloading the firmware and flashing your device. If the Z5P isn’t sold by Three or EE, for example, then you may never have the option of using VoLTE – which will in turn limit your access to their 800MHz 4G spectrum.

    The Z5C and Z5 will be no problem in that regard, so it could be a high price to pay if you go for the Premium…

  • mountain

    At least we not have HTC out of the way. The “new” M9+ and “new” butterfly 3 are probably the worse jokes this year.

  • Andrej Petrevski

    wrong title.
    Will we not see 5.1.1 on Xperia m2 until second half of 2016?

  • Geese Howard

    I’m good with having one flagship phone per year. As long as the phone is ‘sustainable’ via 1 year if you guys know what I mean.

  • Cakefish

    As I’ve just bought a Z5 Compact I’d be very happy to see them move to an annual release schedule.

  • Cakefish

    Disagree. If they replace the Compact that soon I will be very sad indeed having just preordered a Z5C. Sony has set the precedent for annual updates for the Compacts, that’s what they should stick to. The same argument can be made for Nexus, Motorola, Microsoft and all the other OEMs that traditionally release towards the end of the year.

  • Cakefish

    Hope so. Keep the Compact update for the end of the year. Let me have a year of the best tech Sony can deliver before making my phone outdated.

  • Cakefish

    No. Disagree.

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  • devtry

    Like I said I was simply talking about my situation, no need to disagree ;D

  • Cakefish

    Gah, I don’t want to be forced into replacing my phone after only 6 months though, that’s a lot of money to waste D:

  • DBS

    Well…Sony doesn’t really care if it upsets you or not. The Z5C isn’t that much of an improvement over the Z3C so if a Z6C would actually be that improvement, they’d have all the reasons to do it.
    Also, Sony didn’t set any precedent for Compacts to be updated. The Z1C was released in February 2014, the Z3C in September 2014. Just because the Z5C came a year after, doesn’t mean there’s a precedent.

  • DBS

    It’s irrelevant that Sony implemented a dual heat-pipe (and reduced the clock speed, let us not forget that), the SD810 is still a crappy SoC. And with the SD820 coming in just a few months, it’s an EOL SoC anyway. The 820 brings a lot more advantages than the 810 brought over the 801/805.

  • DBS

    I overall agree with you, however

    “the Z5 Premium isn’t being ranged by most operators and so will be quite niche.”

    This isn’t really relevant outside the US, as most of the World buys the phones outside of carriers. And I’m pretty sure the EU will quickly put an end to exclusive software for phones to fully work. Such a system of “you have to buy the phone from the carrier” would be against the free open market rules in Europe.
    At any rate, though, I don’t think many people will care about VoLTE. Most people don’t even care if the phone uses 3G or 4G when browsing let alone bother with VoLTE.

  • Cakefish

    Just plonking an 820 in there would be just as much of an upgrade as the Z3+ was to the Z3 (i.e. not very, that transition was evidence that SOC changes alone is not enough to excite people). They’d have to pair it with a 1080p display and more RAM and other changes for an upgrade to make sense and not be a flop like the Z3+ was. I guess I’ll have to start saving up just in case that happens and they poop out a Z6C that destroys my upcoming Z5C in every way imaginable. Ugh, I hate being a techie, it’s far too expensive :(

  • kaostheory

    Unlike other manufacturers Sony always adds a new feature, wet finger tracking on the +. I don’t mind every 6mo as long as they keep adding new stuff. The + was screwed by the 810, not Sonys fault. I hate Apple because most of their uupgrades are just spec bumps or new software like Siri. You don’t have to look far to see isheep holding onto their phones and skipping an upgrade because they don’t like the new one. I’m also against Samsungs schedule as theirrrelease schedule is so convoluted. You get the main release then 6mo later you get something like the S6 active. HTc and LG just keep churning out the same crap. Imagine if the Z4 was the one year flagship, what would’ve happened then? Sony still the leader in hardware features and until someone does better I’ll be sticking with them. Side note.. if they make the premium work with both the PS4 and Android for VR (custom goggles) it will be a home run for me.

  • DBS

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, when I say they should release a Z6C I don’t mean just for the sake of the SD820. I think they should do it but with actual improvements on the phone that the Z5C lacks. I’m talking (again) about things like OIS, Qi charging, 3GB of RAM, an actually premium design etc. And then the 820 on top of that.
    Otherwise, the Z5C is simply not worth the 600€ they ask for it, really (If they were asking for 400€, then sure).

    And yeah, I completely understand you lol I spend way too much money on gadgets. Fortunately for my wallet though, Sony wasn’t able to “wow” me enough to compel me to buy many Xperias. But yeah, if their cameras were actually as amazing as the competition and as one would think Sony would do, I’d be in deep trouble with the constant release of Xperias lol

  • kaostheory

    Disagree, you might not call the S6 active a flagshipbut it was released 6mo after. Samsung has the most convoluted schedule with too many variations. How many iPhone users do you see holding on to their phones because they don’t like the new one? I have 3 friends with the 5s because they don’t like the new bigger models. What would have happened if the Z4 was their only phone for a year?

  • steary_eye

    Worst decision ever when everyone else is releasing their phones in March with the more superior SD820. It is great that SD810 heat issues have been solved but 820 is gonna be heaps better!

  • goldenblls

    I think they can survive the 12 month cycle but Like Jonathan says, they should stagger their releases.

    The Z5C, Z5 and Z5P will need a whole load of marketing to keep them in public’s mindshare for a whole year and will they be able to afford to and can they make an impact when these devices have been around for 9, 10, 11 months?

    They might launch a Z5 Ultra with a 4K screen around MWC, which would give on the whole a rounded upper-tier range of devices.

  • Cakefish

    Ideally I would be able to wait until next year, but my two year old Nexus 5 has god awful battery life and a subpar camera. Consequently, I’m desperate to upgrade ASAP and the Z5C is my only viable option as I’ve seen other potential candidates being wittled away one by one due to either size, price, specs or a combination of more than one factor.

    I just hope I can get a decent enough length of time with being happy with my purchase before rumours of the replacements come along and make it feel obselete.

  • Paul M

    where’s my new Z5 Ultra?

  • dty13

    that only what the designer says.. maybe we will see Z5+ as new flagship on first half 2016 only with better processors and thinner. same design,

  • I did forget the S6 active. Not that we got that in the UK.

  • They should care about VoLTE in the UK, but I agree consumers won’t because they don’t know what it is – or why 4G coverage is greatly limited as a result of not having it. They have no idea voice is still carried on 3G or 2G, so 4G coverage can’t go beyond the limits of older network technology.

    For Three UK, which has no 2G network to fall back on, 800MHz LTE has ‘overnight’ improved its coverage hugely – but only two phones can use it thus far. And it’s fair to say that the Z5 Premium will probably not be one of them, at least until there’s a way to add the necessary IMS settings yourself instead of them being ‘baked in’.

    Perhaps Android M will solve this problem – but I’m now going way off topic!

    (Edit: Perhaps those who will buy a Z5 Premium SIM-free will have more of an idea about such things, but I hope I’ve at least made some people aware of the potential issue)

  • devtry

    I understand that :D

  • kaostheory

    Everyone has had pluses or s’s hTc eye/butterfly. And how many customers would’ve waited for the Z5 if the Z4 was one year after the Z3? I think they would have lost a huge fan base.

  • kaostheory

    Again I disagree. I think they would have lost a huge fan base if the Z4 was on a yearly basis.

  • HAWX

    Which colour did you get ;)?

  • HAWX

    Yeah I agree on that. Midrangers are sometimes bought by carriers but especially most latest flagships are bought outside of carriers I guess..

    Yo David! What you think about upcoming Microsoft devices :) You told me they are not really good as in the past, months ago, but now it looks to be most stuff will be changed with Windows 10. I’m looking to them because they are excellent Performance/Price devices but it looks like they won’t release Compact flagship like Sony’s one :/ What you thinking :)

  • HAWX

    Yeah it’s really bad that Sony released so many phones because tech is not going fast enough to allow Sony to put new stuff in 6 months.. Sony did a quite stupid move with using same borken processor for it’s flagships in the same year.. But they won’t repeat 810 3rd time I strongly believe.

    But I think they might use 820 for 2 flaghips Z6 and Z6+ in the next year. (Z2-Z3 almost have nearly identical processor, Z3+-Z5 have the same proccessor). I hope they won’t though. It makes the older generation quite cheaper compared to its launch price, and it also gets harder to give quality updates to these flagships.

  • Matt

    what ? my z3 ? it is black hahaha, wanted to get the coral colour but not brave enough, classic piano black suits me well.

  • DBS

    I think that design-wise they’re as horrendous as the new Nexus devices. They are clearly not Nokia-designed any more. As for the build quality, I also don’t believe they’ll have Nokia-grade quality because Microsoft just doesn’t care. The production will be outsourced (and that’s fine) but will certainly have no quality control from Microsoft (which isn’t fine).

    Spec-wise they are pretty good, although I say the same thing I say about the Z5-family: I would not buy a single smartphone with the SD810 in it, even less when the SD820 is a few months away.
    The camera on the 950/950XL will again use technology licensed from Nokia so I expect it to still beat the cr*p out of all Android phones available (and that includes the G4 and the S6 and certainly the Z5 family). Unfortunately, the OS will still be Windows Phone and so you’ll still have very limited customization (although the “pure” OS looks a lot better than Android Lollipop/Marshmallow for the simple reason it offers a Dark Theme along with the White one) and the apps will still be either non-existent or really sub-par.
    And since Microsoft already patched the port that allowed for Android apps to be installed on WP, I don’t believe there’s much future to those devices.
    They’ll probably be Microsoft’s last attempt at relevance, after which they’ll just shut down the entire WP project and focus on their mobile offerings on Android and iOS.

    As for the prices, I expect them to fall in line with the competition, so you’ll most definitely be looking at 600€+ phones.

    Yes, unfortunately there won’t be any Compact version. Most companies don’t do proper Compacts which is a shame. It’s the one trend I’d like to see catching on and given that the Z3C was Sony’s bestseller so far, I believe there’s definitely a market for real Compact flagships (instead of Mini).
    In the Compact front though, I think OnePlus is preparing something but that’s it. And it remains to be seem if it’s a true Compact or a “Mini”.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I dont mind if sony decided to reveal their flagship per year accept japan consumer still had new device every 6 month cycle. Plus in my place most telco already offer new device upgrade for free per year when new flagship from same device manufacture reveal their product within that 2 year of contract period But the major problem its very rare to find telco offer xperia line up for the consumer nowdays.

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  • kaostheory

    As stated below I think the fact that they can turn around so quickly after what happened with the Z4 is a huge bonus, and until they are in the top 3 they need to keep pushing the limits and not worry about some of you that think your phone is outdated because of a 6mo cycle. Maybe when they get into the top 3 or make something more iconic (Z5 premium) they can let it stand on it’s own for a year.

  • HAWX

    Yeah I think design and quality of the Nokia devices were quite good and I don’t expect the same quality from Microsoft like you said. But since their bulilt quality and Soc won’t be as good as other upcoming flahships, I think they will be quite cheaper than them. But if the prices will be as high as others like you said then these phones will be a flop indeed xD.

    But I would like to remind that Microsoft has entered the market cause they said the flagships (which achieve good performance and less lag) are expensive and customers can get similar experience with midrange devices. And I think they achived that quite good with older Nokia and newer Microsoft devices. (That’s anpther topic but I would like to mention:) A S3 Mini is rubish, from the first day of you buy right at them moment. Battery perfomance and basic tasks like surfing in the chrome becomes quite laggy after some months of usage :/ But Nokia devices at the same price point have less specs, but better overall experince. And they don’t become shit after some time of usage :)!

    And for the apps, I don’t have many apps :D! And most my apps are like what’s up so they won’t be a problem for me. But there is a minor issue which my firend said that even apps like whatsup has some satbility issues on Windows phones because app devs give less fuck to WindowsOS which is another problem xD!

    And that’s it! Thank you for the return man. Btw I like how Windows looks. But I also want slim bezzels and 5.2 with 0 bezzels at most :/ :)!

  • HAWX

    :) Black looks classy. But Bronze and Coral ones are really unique :) You would go for the coral man but black is good also :)

    But one who gets a Z2 purple needs to be quite brave :) Phone’s sick:D!

  • DBS

    Don’t forget that Microsoft radically changed their smartphone strategy now. After shutting down Microsoft Mobile, kicking that vermin Eflop out and writing off the ex-Nokia D&S division, they announced they’d be reducing the number of phones and only offer 3 categories: flagships-for-fans, business and budget.
    Now, the budget part will be certainly reduced to just one phone, two at the most. I’m expecting the 4xx, 6xx, 7xx series to be over (ok, the 4xx series was just re-purposing of Nokia X hardware, it wasn’t meant to stick around). The 8xx series may survive if that’s the one they’ll aim at businesses at least until the “Surface Phone” arrives. But that’s it.
    There’s no money to be made on cheap devices. Most OEMs can’t compete with the Chinese in that area and budget phones are always money losers (that’s why Apple only sells overpriced phones).

    As for the apps, well, if you don’t use many, then WP is enough for you. But yes, all developers put it as a second thought because, again, with only 2.5% of marketshare (a number ever decreasing since Nokia left), there’s no money to be made on WP.

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  • Battal

    Move the speakers to the middle of the bezels, Re-Move the speakers to the edges of the bezels and call it a new design !

  • Alvin
  • Matt

    almost got a heart attack looking at the bezels hahaha

  • Alvin

    Lol… But I’ll still love my lovely xperia L

  • Battal

    Sony’s fanboy would be like:

  • Alvin

    Lol hahaha

  • kewldoode

    Constein confirms that they are already working on designs for the second half of 2016, 2017 and 2018. Second half 2016 means Xperia X ? Then it will be no new phone at IFA…..

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