Verizon Xperia Z4v flagged as “Coming Soon”, then product page pulled

by XB on 30th September 2015

in Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z4v Product PageWe’re not sure what is happening with the Verizon Xperia Z4v. The handset was due to arrive at some point during the summer, but that launch window has come and gone. The promotional website has no new information and there is no sign of the handset on the Verizon Wireless web page either.

There was a glint of hope earlier in the week though as the Sony Mobile US website listed the Xperia Z4v as “Coming Soon.” The picture linked to the newly-listed Xperia Z4v product page, detailing more information on the handset. However, all of this was short-lived as Sony Mobile has now pulled the entire Xperia Z4v listing (the cache is still available here). The handset is not even listed under the ‘Phones’ section.

It’s very unclear why Sony would initially list the handset as “coming soon”, publish the product page and then pull it, all within a few days. Sony and/or Verizon need to come clean and let any prospective customers know what is happening with the Xperia Z4v. If the handset no longer is part of the programme, they need to say, as right now the situation is farcical.

Sony Mobile US listed the Xperia Z4v as coming soon…

Xperia Z4v Coming Soon

… the product page was also published. Now both have been pulled

Xperia Z4v Product Page

Thanks Phil G!

  • Shehab Skull

    Interesting .. But I will get the Z5 :P

  • Michael Reiche

    Well… it makes no sense, to release a product after its successor has been released !?!

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  • Moonlight

    I will better to stay with my Z3 Dual

  • Dioq8i

    any of u guys waiting for the premium?? ;p

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  • SonyMan

    I think everyone is waiting for that beast! It’s already the best camera for 2015 and it is a colossal powerhouse of Sony tech!! It’s been built to be adored even by haters. Of course they can claim that 3gb for the Premium it’s not enough, and it’s the one and only drawback of the phone, plus the 4k situation has been solved already. first 4k “on demand” for the geeks and an 1080p running normally to last forever with that big battery!! Although I’d prefer to wait for a s820 I am definitely replacing my 2+ years old Z for Z5P. I can’t wait to give it a ride, on November…

  • Emir Zarith

    poor american getting old tech from Sony

  • Dioq8i

    your one of the best sony guys there :P i like you xD

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  • hansip

    I can imagine:
    Sony: Please Verizon use our phone?! (early 2015)
    Verizon: Ok but bring us QHD!
    Sony: Here you go.. (Verizon goes on long validation period as usual)

    6 month later..
    Sony: F**k that shit, they won’t release it, move along then let them drool with 4k..

    Z5 Premium release

    Verizon: FUUUU we need that 4K!! QHD doesn’t make any more sense!

  • Husam

    You made my point! it’s like you’re reading my mind :)

  • SonyMan

    Thank you and know that I appreciate it a lot!! And it’s not that I am a hige fan of Sony’s tech but truth is to be told and Z5P speaks for itself!

  • SonyMan

    I am just speaking out loud what the Z5p will be shouting after it’s release to every other oem… RIP all of you!!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Because of the fucked up market in USA….

  • Kim Nguyen

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  • Thank god, I was dreading having to wait for the Z4v to play out so I can get a Z5v. Hopefully this means the Z5v will be making an appearance soon.

  • peltruquin

    Z3+ is now listed on Sonymobile US, announce z5 plz, hurry up and take my money Sony!

  • Gunboat_Diplo

    All phones should have full CDMA/GSM abilities. All phones should be available SIM free. I should be able to buy my phone and use it anywhere I want.

  • TechGuyChris

    Get real dude. Did sony market the z3v in the US? Lol nope. Did they announce z4v at e3 in june? Yes. Two slides for one day. Where was the hype afterward? Did they keep it exclusive to one carrier? Yes. Is that a fiable strategy for a company trying to expand its presence in the US? Nope. Did they announce the product to early before its release date? Yes. Did they announce a new powerful z5 l3 minths later? Yes. Is that smart? No.. haha im sure verizon was like aony wtf are you wonder even tmobile quit selling their phones. Its like their US division doesnt even know theirs a new phone in the making.

  • TechGuyChris

    Nope. The new nexus is high tech and it will be out soon. G4 is also high tech too. And they use sonya camera so its not the US market. I think its just, sony

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  • SilverDude

    A Z5 customized (Z5v) for Verizon will take time. The new implementation of one per year will eventually occur as the Z6 won’t be out for a year allegedly. This means that as soon as the boot loader exploit/issue on the Z4v is fixed with the OS upgrades for all the Sony smartphone devices through Verizon, then the Z4v sale restrictions will get lifted, and units will probably get shipped out right away. Employees will most likely be instructed to ensure updates occur either before shipping or verify after an in-store purchase is made. The Z5v will be a customized version of the phone just like past Verizon Sony smartphones so don’t get your hopes up for the Z5v for a while…

  • Lucas Lin

    I’ve already waited long enough. I was planning to get the Z4V as my first smartphone, but then it just gets cancelled. I may just go get the HTC One M9 right now. How many of you think it won’t be released?

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