Sony Xperia Z5 unboxing pics and videos

by XB on 3rd October 2015

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The Sony Xperia Z5 was recently released and therefore it was inevitable before we started to see some unboxing pics and videos of the device. You can check out some of these below, but as you’re most likely already aware, there’s not much extras included in the box. We’ve embedded two videos showing the retail unboxing of a gold Xperia Z5 and another showing the green Xperia Z5. There are also some pictures showing a white Xperia Z5. Check them out below.

Via mobile01.

Thanks Ben and clemmgx!

  • Kristo

    I can’t decide if I should get the gold or black version :/ What are you guys getting?

  • Svnjay

    Teal Z5 and Chrome Z5 Premium are best in my opinion.

  • Alexx

    White and Green ?

  • Kristo

    Oh ,that’s the complete opposite as me xD I prefer the black and gold on both of them :P I’m not sure if gold is a bit “too much” though :/

  • dragonsneeze

    Go for the gold because YOLO :D

  • Zayed Kotayba

    Black version but unfortunately there is not a lot of photos or videos showcase it

  • Sadman Khan

    If i don’t find the green one, I’ll definitely go for the white one

  • Wolf0491

    I think it looks great. Want

  • 21187

    Go with the black. It never gets old.

  • kj marway

    Got the Black (Graphite) – haven’t regretted it at all. It’s a stunner.

  • Sla?an Lukši?

    i ordered the white Z5… it will be shipped october 9th from sony italy

  • Peter

    Waiting anxiously for my ordered premium chrome!

  • valentino

    the question now. will the Xperia Z3 or at least Xperia Z3+ get the Hybrid AF? if not the Xperia Z3+ users.. will be kinda loss or regret.

  • Ami

    I’m a little bit surprised, that Z5 doesn’t come with “Spectre” package as the official Bond phone, while Xperia Z5C does…

  • Lio

    where did you order yours? ordered mine at clove. hopefully there’s some freebies included, like how the z5 and z5c have the headsets or bluetoothspeaker.

  • Bur

    Any heat issues?? I want to pre order it but not without conformation.

  • Bur

    Black is actually graphite grey, which is absolutely stunning and looks very classy.

  • Hexsense

    I’m still waiting for display comparison of Z5 vs Z5 Premium in term of Contrast, color, black level etc. Anyone have that?

  • Kristo

    That won’t be out until the Z5p is released

  • Kristo

    Yeah I’ve been looking at some videos and pictures and it looks stunning! So much better than previous models :D

  • Kristo

    The tests done by youtubers show good results, but the black one will probably get a little warmer.

  • Nidou Xperia™

    The best one so far is the Z5 Premium Chrome color!

  • Alvin

    Ohhh lord it’s stunning yet gorgeous

  • Alvin

    If you want to get a z5, get the green or gold ones, both looks amazing, even though all of them looks already great.

    If you want to get a z5 premium, get the gold or chrome ones, both looks extraordinarily amazing, even though the black one also looks great.

    If you want to get a z5 compact, get the white or black ones, both looks great, but the other ones also looks good though…:)

  • Alvin

    I prefer gold and green z5, white and black z5 compact, and chrome and black z5 premium to be thr best one… Although that z5 series already look better than that s6 edge family for me… But in the same premiumness as a z3 and z3 plus.:)

  • Alvin

    I’m sorry if I’m comparing sony with apple… But I think that the graphite looks better than space gray on the iphones, that actually makes me want a black coloured for the first time on those products

  • Alvin

    Buy me one and I’ll make your life happy

  • Alvin

    I don’t think they’ll get it, since it’ll be a special feature for z5 series and m5.. The thing is made to persuade people to buy their new phones….:)

    But if they will give some z5 series or m5 features that we don’t have, I’ll be impressed.

  • Alvin

    If you didn’t found it…. Then wait for the green one to come… You’ll regret the beautifulness of it :D

  • valentino

    I hope they give us they hybrid af features. The features like theme is useless. Like z2 got audio features in z3. I hope z2 z3 and z3 plus got camera features. Since hybrid af is not hardware limited in my opinion. Like z3+ wet touch digitizer. But really if they don’t give z3+ any features like z5. It kinda prove that z3+ is a rushed production phone and sony really ditched that phone. And i feel sad about it. Because i see that the z3+ is never marketed as huge as other z series.

  • valentino

    hahah im going white..

  • Sadman Khan

    I know how beautiful it is. But I am really bad at waiting. :P

  • Le Kawaii Potatoe

    They replaced black with grey…

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  • Esther Rodriguez

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  • Sweggity

    if it wasn’t a 810 processor would have got it… patiently waiting for z6 with 820 processor

  • skyzo97

    Waiting for reviews and benchmarks.

  • kj marway

    So far so good, I was expecting major heat problems, but it seems like Sony has managed to cool the situation down.

    I’m not saying it doesn’t get warm, I’d say it gets about as hot as my old Z3.

  • kj marway

    Kristo, I’m intrigued, why would the Black get warmer than the others? Is this based purely on the colour and the colour black’s tendency to retain heat?

  • batuhan
  • Matt

    i do not think Hybrid AF is software feature, it include Phase detection on the sensor side of hardware.

    so no i do not think my z3 will be able to get that. but what we will get istead is the new UI for the camera (i hope)

  • Kristo

    Yeah that’s what I meant, I’m not sure if phones does that, but if there is any difference between them, black would be the warmest.

  • mugglearchitect

    Hi. Black retaining heat only pertains to the heat coming from the sun.

  • Kristo

    Oh right that makes sense because reflecting and stuff

  • jokensy

    What’s the point of making an unboxing video where all you get apart from the phone itself is a battery charger…

  • Peter

    I ordered mine through a retailer here in Sweden called Cyberphoto. They had it up for order right after Sony’s IFA event.

  • Peter

    This. The Z5 is using a brand new sensor (rumored to be IMX300) the AF-system is probably dependent on that.

  • Saif Shahin

    The white one look good, but it is the worst because it makes the screen look small and ugly. Just wait. If you cant, then just get the black one or the gold one

  • Sadman Khan

    I’ve been using the black colour my entire life and i really wanna go for something different this time :|

  • Dioq8i

    im waiting for the Z5 family to arrive in the Middle East :’)

  • kj marway

    Mine gets warm, but then again, it’s twenty three degrees outside, so I’ll forgive the handset (a friends iPhone 6S is warmer still).

  • kj marway

    Nothing so far – it’s all very much as expected.

    With heavy browsing etc, it can get warm, but it’s not shutting down anything, and in all honesty, it’s very quick – after all, I’m after the best mix between speed, battery and features – I feel the Z5 delivers in this respect.

  • iia3ezu

    Can the Z5 be rooted? A lot of Sony bundled crapware needs to be uninstalled.

  • Arch9

    Hybrid af and Z3+ wet touch digitizer are hardware feature, especially the wet touch digitizer this feature comes from Snapdragon 810.

  • Kristo

    There are many reviews and benchmarks already

  • Raj Singh

    That’s a really nice looking phone.


    Hope to receive it till mid-october.

  • Akand

    For Z5 and Z5P all colours are too much classy this time. Whichever you take, you won’t regret I guarantee.
    I am a guy with black phone but this time I am confused. I never liked white phones but this time Sony could jerk my mind with silver white colour of Z5.
    Definitely I am going to buy Z5 but for the first time confused with colors.
    Sony couldn’t shine on Z5C as they did on Z5 and Z5P. Only black looks classy on Z5C and white one isn’t as great as on Z5. And others two are really disappointing to me.
    And also they forgot about gold on Z5C which is great mistake as compacts are especially preferable for women and women are always elegant with Gold. But they didn’t think about it.

    *silver white Z5 could be my first non black phone in 8 years of my phone using life.

  • Akand

    If you think you have to participate in a fashion competition with you friends(specially iphone users) then Gold one will help you to win. But if you are a solid guy (like bond ;-)), then black one is for you.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    And regional variations. I prefer a full review instead of this unboxing/first impressions videos.

  • jakobd.

    From the 9:30 min. you can clearly see how much worse the camera Z5 compared to grade 5 is. Am of the opinion if you renames itself as the best camera in the world, we should be better in all criteria than the competition!

  • nfs2010

    Depends on who you ask. DXO or youtubers?

  • jakobd.
  • mike

    pretty phone but ruined by the engraved logo. hope Z6 does not have it or I keep my Z3

  • nfs2010
  • Matt

    After all Sony custom build the thing. Still, I do expect new camera ui :)


    Add it a bumber to solve the problem, no?

  • jakobd. Not the best Worlds Cam :-(

  • jakobd.
  • Benable Benburgers

    i have my Z3, i tested Z5 it feels the same. Camera is still slow i think sony got a problem the software. iphone and samsung took faster photo.

  • Benable Benburgers

    i have my Z3, i tested Z5 it feels the same. Camera is still slow i think Sony got a problem the software. iphone and samsung took faster photos.

  • jamie evans

    The white Z5 looks beautiful, but YES graphite black one looks better.

  • jamie evans

    Sony should trim the top and bottom bezels so that the body becomes shorter. 146mm height is too tall for me.

  • a.mubher
  • kido

    This is out of topic but does anyone know if people sell fake clones for sony phones? especially the Z series? I would hate to buy a fake flagship lol

  • Timel

    Hey Guys!!!

    Heres what the Sony Xperia Z5 Camera can do!

    Galaxy Note 5 Vs Xperia Z5 Camera Test

  • Timel

    it would be so good if Sony make those bezels of the phone (especially the top and bottom bezels) smaller than this

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  • Michael

    So reports coming out about the overheating of the 810 in the z5 compact…
    Seriously disappointing!

  • valentino

    really? it’s still overheating? okay time to pick the XZ3+ then.. hahah

  • valentino

    try to dunk it in water. if it’s dead it’s fake….

  • Looks like my Z1. :p

  • kido

    crap lol

  • kido

    it looks sexy in my opinion

  • tomrees

    No overheating on my Z5

  • El_Carnicero

    What reports where?

  • El_Carnicero

    When holding the whole in landscape for pictures/video, the bezels make perfect sense.

  • valentino

    that’s how you know. because waterproof is quite hard to be cloned.

  • nfs2010

    The white balance of G4 looks so different. I wish there was a dedicated camera to serve as a good reference :(

  • Peter

    So might a real one, considering the updated water policy.

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  • JJameson

    That’s actually what I am disappointed about. I am sure the color is great and all but I much prefer actual black. I am getting tired of manufacturers just ignoring straight black saying they are trying to be different. At this point, no major manufacturer has an actual black flagship device so the only way to be different is to actually carry one. I like the Z5 Premium chrome and black but don’t like the size. The single reason I am interested in the Z5 over my Z3 is for LDAC support with my MDR-1ABT but I may just get a cheap Z3+ instead.

  • of course, try recording 4k video or something ;)

  • Outdated design with large bezels; horrible soc that overheats even with dual heatpipes; the silver power button/scanner sticks out like a sore thumb on non-silver sets (no pun intended); cheap plastic back (again), even camera is only on par with S6, considering it uses the best and the latest Sony sensor; everything but premium looks like a chubby POS; and as usual Sony uses cheap screens from various suppliers with horrible quality and viewing angles.

  • kj marway

    It’s definitely a gorgeous device, but that beautiful mirrored back is also a real fingerprint magnet, which is what put me off.

    Although the 4K screen is nothing short of simply groundbreaking.

    It’s a shame that the world applauds Apple for its ‘Retina’ display, and Samsung for having an ‘edge’, yet when Sony goes ahead and fits a 4K display, suddenly, it’s ‘too much’.

    Partisanship at its finest.

  • g0r007

    Black color can absorb more energy from light radiation but it also dispel heat more easily.

    Since you’re certainly not letting your phone full exposed to sun, black color is better for thermal issue ;-)

  • James Bond



  • Sweggity

    patiently i will…

  • azzido

    and no headphones included… such a shame :(

  • jakobd.
  • mrTravolta

    Thanks for sharing. Would you say it gets warm when you’re inside browsing in Crome, jumpoing between tabs and beeing active (loading pages, scolling and so on)? Does it get very warm when updating apps in Play Store?

    Warmer than other phones?


  • ChilliPSco

    Three UK are offering a reduced price bundle on both the Z5 & Z5C. A 1 Terabyte PlayStation 4, a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for PlayStation 4, 3 months access PlayStation Plus and a GCM10 control mount for £249, or a “Remote Play bundle” which includes a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for PlayStation 4 and a GCM10 control mount for £9.99 during the Promotional Period.

    To participate in this offer you need to purchase the Xperia Z5 or Xperia Z5 Compact from Three (online, in store or telesales) on and between 02.10.15 and 26.11.15 and register online at between 02.10.15 and 26.12.15.

    Available in Black & Green

  • jakobd.

    Again losing the world’s best smartphone camera against a competitor from the next! Why Sony? To say such a thing, Worlds Best Camera? You had enough time to compete with s6, G4 and iPhone 6, everything before Z5 been there !!! Omg, I could cry real as a fan, which makes only Sony with himself? You dig you but myself into the ground !!!

  • kj marway

    Honestly, nothing more than a Z3. It’s not at all Z3+/Z4 temperatures where it would get scalding.

  • bassanova

    So in the box. I’ll get the headset or not?

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