Xperia Z3 Plus is the Bond phone for the United States

by XB on 13th October 2015

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007 Made for Bond Xperia ThumbThe upcoming James Bond movie Spectre will showcase a lot of Sony technology. The recent Miss Moneypenny TV advert was used to show off the Sony Xperia Z5 and RX100 IV camera for example. However, despite the Xperia Z5 officially being the ‘Bond phone’ for the movie the handset won’t make it to all regions around the world.

In the United States, there is no sign of the Xperia Z5 launching either unlocked or through a carrier right now. We recently brought word that the Xperia Z3+ may be landing in the US soon (most likely unlocked) and now there is new evidence to back that up.

The Sony ‘Made for Bond’ promotional website lists some of the key Sony kit. In the UK version of the website, the Xperia Z5 features prominently at the top of the page. However, on the same site for the US, the Xperia Z3+ is featured instead (and interestingly at the bottom of the list.) Whether this means that the Xperia Z5 isn’t landing in the US anytime soon remains to be seen, however there’s no doubting that Sony Xperia US fans are getting short-changed again.

Sony ‘Made for Bond’ promo page – United States

Made for Bond Xperia Z3 Plus_US

Sony ‘Made for Bond’ promo page – United Kingdom

Made for Bond Xperia Z5_UK

Sony ‘Made for Bond’ TV advert

  • Kristo

    I feel sorry for American Sony fans. Sony just doesn’t give a shit about them :/

  • crandrix

    I need to upgrade my old Z and I’ve been waiting for the Z5… I’m so freaking disappointed…. Well, Nexus would be then!

  • shhh

    Because most Americans only know Apple and Samsung, very f*cking few only knows about Sony. I bet a lot doesn’t even know Sony does phones.

  • Kristo

    That’s true, but much of the reason they don’t know it is because Sony doesn’t put enough work into it. It’s an infinite loop.

  • betatesterz

    Bond must have been some hOt stuff~

  • shhh

    It’s unlikely now they would push through America. They’ve said that they will only make the mobile department as profitable as possible, which means they will have a smaller portfolio and thus only sell those that actually sell AKA the flagships where they actually sell. They do good in Europe and Asia, and since they are relatively unknown in the USA, it’s very risky that might not pay off very well and they might end up spending more than actually earning.
    So, no America for Xperia for now. Unless they suddenly get as big as Samsung and Apple, the American Sony fans might need to wait a little bit longer or don’t wait at all.

  • Kristo

    Why? Xperia Z5 is the best upgrade yet!

  • Kristo

    That’s true. It’s a good idea to stay profitable

  • shhh

    And to people saying that Sony is going to die like Blackberry and (eventually) HTC, they really don’t know sh*t about Sony. They think it’s only the Xperias, they don’t know about the other departments. They’ve got their camera sensor division which is currently their biggest, most profitable one. Then there’s the Camera, PlayStation, TV, Audio and other divisions that are contributing.
    Sony ain’t going to die, nor would they give up on their mobile division.
    Still though, no Sony for you, America.

  • Kristo

    Totally agree with you. Sony is doing great, they only have some trouble profiting their Xperia line. I trust Sony and I would never trade my phone for someone else

  • crandrix

    Yeah, I mean, I’d pick a Z5 for sure! if I could… It’s ins’t available here and probably won’t be, so I’m picking a 6P instead.

  • Svnjay

    Order it online.

  • nfs2010

    Z5 is all over eBay & there are UK retailers (Clove, etc) who also ship to the US.

  • crandrix

    Well, that’s another point. I’m in Costa Rica, I know they can ship it to CR, I checked in eBay and Amazon (US and UK), way too expensive. I’d be ending up paying $800+, no way. The cheapest I’ve seen it is $700, I still have to add shipping + import fees. Amazon UK ships it directly, it’s around £650 or something like that.

  • sid3091

    Im from India and we get ripped off on pricing as well. Id advise you to wait a few months because the price will drop massively. The Z3+ was launched at about 1000 USD here about 3 months back and can already be had for less than 500 USD.

  • evds22

    Try never-msrp on ebay, which is selling z5 compact for USD 550 last time i checked. Also check the z5 buying guide from xperiablog, I ordered my z5c from handtec after reading that, received the phone in 2 days and no problem at all.

  • jumbo3220

    with the upcoming Blackberry Priv, US market is unpredictable. with Sonys current situation , pretty sure this move will make them go downhill more. who wants to buy Z3+ when there is the new Z5 lineup.

  • crandrix

    I feel the compact small, but that’s a good option. I mean, for the same price I can get a Nexus 6P 64GB, I haven’t made the final decision yet. I’m still thinking.

  • crandrix

    Oh Yeah, I know i’d be cheaper but my old Z needs a replacement asap. I’ve been holding the replacement for 5 months already :(

  • Says who?!

    No one! ;D

  • Sony has become the definition of pathetic.

  • DanielGearSolid


  • Wolf0491

    Yeah if you do buy the xperia you be surprised how much the price goes down from the never msrp guy on ebay if you check weekly. Bought my Z3 for like $700 and month or so later I saw it for $550. Just how smartphones are these days. If I wasn’t so in love with my waterproof I would probably go nexus as well.
    Also I still have my original xperia Z and it seems to mostly still work great. I mean battery isn’t as good as my z3 and I mean it is old. Buy my GF uses my Z now and she says it works fine lol.

  • Mallahet

    Seems to be the direction I’m headed, as well. Although I have some time, as my N5 is still chugging along. I’ve always wanted to get an Xperia, but the time was never right. Now I don’t know if we’ll get the newest phones, or be able to receive updates/etc. Seems like Sony in general takes decent support of their device updates, but I don’t want to be stuck if they pull out support from the US.

  • crandrix

    Yeah! I love it, for real! It’s just that I have to charge it like 3X a day + I need to use an app (Soundabout) to force the calls to use the mic instead of the speaker (EVERY.DAMN.TIME but I learned to live with it.) I plan to make the purchase within a month, so I can wait a bit longer.

  • crandrix

    I love this things, and I recomend them to anyone! But this would be a shame…

  • Wolf0491

    Wow weird issue you got going on there. For superior battery life you might look into the z5 compact instead. They tend to last longer . Glad my Z can make phone calls normal still lol.

  • TimmY

    Ha ha!

  • Raj Singh

    They’re stupid. I’m convinced they don’t know what TF they’re doing.

  • evds22

    Handtec has regular sized Z5 at around USD 660 before shipping, and USD 800 for pre order of Z5 premium, just FYI

  • nfs2010

    Well, you have to pay for shipping & tax then even if you import it from the US. Regular Z5 is going for ~$680 on ebay for US buyers. That’s the standard launch price of any flagship in the US market. Nexus price is almost always different than OEM flagships’. So that’s a different argument.

  • crandrix

    Just checked, they didn’t add the taxes to the price, so the real price is £521.99, that’s almost $800.I should wait a bit longer then.

  • nfs2010

    That’s UK VAT. International buyers don’t have to pay that. Check out Clove too.

  • crandrix

    Oh man… you have no idea! I’m not the only one who went through that pain., luckily someone found the app and we got it work in that way, not the best fix, but a fix at least! I’ve consider the compact, it’s just that I have had the Z3 and it’s small to me.

  • crandrix

    Oh thank you! I’ll check that now then

  • crandrix

    I get what you mean. My point is that including all that it’s way more expensive for me to buy it than get a Nexus. When I got my Z I bought the same week it was available.

  • MarkG54321

    ” however there’s no doubting that Sony Xperia US fans are getting short-changed again”

    How can you possibly say this without knowing how much they will be charging for the Z3+? It might be priced to make an awesome mid-range phone. The Z3+ destroys most high end phones even now.

    That said, the US doesn’t deserve to have Xperia phones, they have treated Sony in such a crappy way.

  • Danny

    Not that important, Most Sony Xperia fans by now know to purchase international versions via online retailers and have it ship to US. The Tmobile and Verizon version are slow with updates, even more so than Sony. They’re also not highly promoted, which is a shame. I personally owned many Xperia phones most of which are international or non-US region. And it works fine with my T-mobile USA SIM. My Xperia Z C6606 was a disappointment, it still stuck on Android 4.3. Z1s was good and my current Z3 D6616 Tmobile version is the only one that I’m satisfied with.

  • MarkG54321

    Z3+ is better than either of the Nexus phones.

  • masi0

    Maybe American people are too simple to use Sony smartphones :)

  • masi0

    …and thats a very good idea! release flaship series (like z5), mid (m series) and low end c series and thats all. keep focus on giving the decent software support for them and voila

  • Gitarooman

    what in the world are they thinking, trying to get rid of old stocks in NA? Its basically like they completely gave up in the NA market.

  • Alvin

    It’s more like ” no sony mobile for you, america”

  • Alvin

    pick wisely:)

  • Alvin

    maybe it is. but i think it is not the sony that is the one who is simple… but they just knew samsung and apple… nothing else

  • sid3091

    Are we twins? im using a zr with a faulty earpiece which desperately needs to be upgraded :P

  • Michael Augustine

    I’m in the US and I’ve been using a Z5 for two weeks. The US market is secondary to Sony Mobile ands always will be. Not too many people buy their phones outside of the network subsidized models and even the Verizon subsidized Z3’s didn’t move.

  • Ben Baranovsky

    I just got my Z5 in the US yesterday… how have you had one for two weeks?!

  • Lol .. Ohhhh so we get the inferior version without those Dual heat pipes to deal with the heat and lagging. Great.

  • Ulysses Grant

    I am glad to see there are still some Xperia love in US. I agree to some comments that US knows only Samsung and Apple. Sadly, no one pays attention to Sony but I guess it was their fault for having a crappy marketing, I just hope they will still be in the market for a long time.

    Btw, how’s Z5? I still have my Z2 and running .232 (5.1.1). It still pretty powerful. Not sure if its worth upgrading to Z5 though.

  • Utsav Shah

    This is like fooling people. One of the reasons Sony is not popular among US consumers.
    And don’t worry about the fans, they know they can get international versions on amazon and ebay.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    Oh dear Sony…Why release Z3+ in the US? This is just wrong… in so many levels.

  • lovebmw

    this is what we call monkey business

  • Paul

    This is true and unfortunate. For one, carrier subsidized are often crippled with bloatware and removed features along with poor firmware update support and ugly carrier logos. Very few people I know here in the US, except big fans of smartphones, understand the idea of purchasing unlocked phones at full price. In fact, I think I can say I don’t know a single person who has purchased a flagship unlocked smartphone. I certainly have never seen another Z3 (not even a Verizon or T-Mobile variant) in the US except my own D6603 which I purchased from Clove UK. That’s pretty sad. And the International D6603 did officially become available eventually in the US…

  • crandrix

    Hahaha well yeah! I tried everything I could find, no success.

  • Aiden M.

    I live in the US so this is extremely unsettling. I love my Z3 and wouldn’t choose any other brand than Sony. In fact, since I don’t feel like waiting, when the Z5 Premium comes out I’m just going to buy one off a UK site unlocked and have it shipped here (I’ve even convinced my mom to get one too lol). PLEASE SONY, there are Americans that love your products. Even if you make limited numbers of phones for our market, DON’T forget about us. We are loyal buyers and no one can match your products for us

  • phil g

    Ben, where did you buy your Z5 from?

  • Ben Baranovsky

    I got it from Clove UK. Fast shipping and good customer service. I can recommend.

  • Ben Baranovsky

    One day in and I’m really liking it! It really is slippery though. :p

  • Svnjay

    The insurance division is more profitable than camera sensors.

  • GorbuhA

    I keep calling Sony Mobile USA and asking their agents every day when the Xperia Z5 line will be released in the US. So far most of them answer “We don’t have that information” but a couple of them have told me that it would be coming out this month. They said they got an internal memorandum that the phone will be released in the US but no specific date just that it would happen this month. I am not sure if this could be relied upon but I want to believe and keeping my hope up. I really want to get a Z5 Compact. I can buy it right now unlocked from Clove or other websites in the UK or on Amazon or Ebay but right now it is around $550. I am wondering what kind of pricing it would have once, and if, it is released in the States…

  • nfs2010

    Ebay. Doh! Sony releases new phones in TW, HK first these days. So I switched to ebay from Clove :D

  • Marco

    I live in the US and have been a Sony/Ericsson user for 15 years. This is really disappointing. I think it’s time to move on. The Nexus 6P looks good.

  • GorbuhA

    I personally think Nexus 6p is too big… I would go with Nexus 5x… Don’t you want to wait at least until the end of this month?

  • Yasir Fawad

    Wt hell is wrong with sony, why can’t they just adopt any carrier. Every prominent player has existence there but what are those factors which is holding back sony from stepping there?

  • hcm.

    It’s more like, wtf is wrong with US carriers. All paid out to not adopt Sony phone or what?

  • LiterofCola

    You know, you can still buy the z5 on Clove, eBay or Amazon

  • LiterofCola

    buy the z5 on Clove, Amazon or eBay.

  • akzidenz

    What is he gonna do? Use it as a bomb?

  • goon3r04

    If Sony was looking for a way to piss off US Xperia Fans. This is certainly it. This continual secrecy and outright refusal to announce availability in the US is just appalling. It happens with each new flagship.

    Do we just sit around and wait while they work out a deal with T-Mobile or Verizon at price or terms that ends up being totally unfavorable to us ? Or are they expecting us to go out and buy Z3+ and pretend the z5 doesn’t exist.

  • phil g

    Okay thanks, i think im going to get it from there.

  • microJUBEI

    There are bus stop ads all over LA promoting the Xperia z3+ with PS4 game Drakes Uncharted

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    that is certainly very probable, after all, the difference between bond-phone and bomb-phone is only a tiny difference

  • Well apart from States, there are many countries including mine to whom Sony is not giving a shit. I envy those who can have full support of Sony Mobile in their respective countries.
    In my country, if you wanna have an Xperia, you need to get an imported one for which price is much higher than the original price. By the time it gets stabilize, there is the new Z flagship in the market already.

  • Best things come to those who wait and try.
    Go on buddy try if u really want the Z5. No one can stop u from getting it believe me.

  • I guess they can sell the international versions by themselves in the States. That’d be a relief for U.S. Xperia fans.

  • The frosted glass at back doesn’t help then i guess.

  • Ben Baranovsky

    Not so much, no. :p

  • Wade Ridsdale

    Or maybe we don’t care for phones that run hot enough to cook eggs and shut the camera app down after

  • lol and im planning to get a Z5 Premium. May God save my phone. ;)

  • Wade Ridsdale

    Or maybe it’s because we prefer not to have phones that run hot enough to cook eggs on and shut the camera app down after five shots. I actually took to my z3 pretty quickly but can’t figure out how to cool the damn thing down. Should I dunk it in water and risk the immersion test, do you think if I open the flaps on the air vents on that sides that will help it cool down?

  • Boonerski

    When Huawei, Xiaomi and other Chinese smartphone brands are working off their ass to get some exposure, Sony’s just sitting on its ass and won’t even bother to show off their mobile tech and make it available directly at the US. Fortunately in my country Xperia phones are getting some lukewarm presence but I don’t think that’s going to help maintain their mobile division anytime soon…

  • Timel

    Trust me, many american people know that Sony does smartphones. They can see Xperia smartphones from many Sony Pictures’s movies.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    I strongly believe Apple and Samsung have their fingers in USA, monopolizing the import policies. Chinese manufacturers have problems getting into USA too…
    Its not such a free market as they claim it to be

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  • Battal

    Sony Should split from Sonymobile and teach them a lesson on how working their lazy asses of the ground to compete other companies .

    Let them pay their own salaries from their own losses .

  • Timel

    Trust me, many american people know that Sony does smartphones. They can see Xperia smartphones from many Sony Pictures’s movies and many IT websites.

    The reasons that American people don’t wanna waste their money with Sony Xperia smartphones such as
    1) bad marketing and less advertisement in the U.S. and because of this, it makes 2) most people don’t trust in Sony brand when it comes to smartphone world and 3) when american people watch the reviews and camera tests on YouTube they also see that Xperia smartphones still are not better than iPhones and Galaxy S and Note smartphones especially about the performance and camera quality or even though they want to buy the latest flagship Xperia smartphones but 4) the latest Xperia flagship phones are always comes to U.S. too fucking late so they can’t buy Sony smartphones furthermore like we know, Sony has the very stupid relationship with big carriers like at&t and verizon… So if Sony still do the business like this in the U.S. I think we gotta say “goodbye” and “rest in peace” to Sony mobile and Xperia smartphone in the U.S. market definitely.

  • Timel

    LG, ZTE or even hTC still can sell their smartphones more than Sony in U.S. market.

  • Timel

    Nexus 6P is much better than Z3 plus

    Nexus 6P is much faster and smoother than Z3 plus furthermore Nexus 6P’s camera is still much better than Z3 plus

  • Timel

    United States is a trend-setter country, the whole world follows USA, it must be so stupid if Sony Xperia don’t give a fuck about U.S. mobile market

  • TechGuyChris

    Sonys phone never sold in the US because they never marketed them heavily enough. And wanted to play the exclusive game.

    After the carriers stopped selling their phones, Sony shut down all their US stores making it almost impossible to physically play with them… Then they didnt bother trying to sell them inside other retail stores.

    I”m sorry, but americans are not going to bend over backwards to get your smartphone when they can get a Galaxy with YOUR camera sensor in it, or an iPHone with YOUR camera sensor or any other phone that does the same thing.

    Face it, there is no exclusive reason for people to buy a sony phone. You had Video Unlimited but didnt capitalize on that. Now we’ve got a variety of places to rent movies..

  • There are three potential markets in the world right now. One of them is America, the other two are China and India.
    America is out of hands right now and so is China. Only market left is India which is also a saturated one with local competition as well but Sony is trying really hard in there. America and China are majorly occupied by Samsung then Apple and lets be practical, Sony shouldnt even dream to capture these markets right now keeping the financial condition of the company in mind.
    They should occupy Indian market and work on homeland too right now only to save the business.

  • Gabriel Voica
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