Hotel Transylvania 2 Murray Xperia Theme released

by XB on 25th October 2015

in Applications

Hotel Transylvania 2 Murray Xperia Theme_1_resultSony Mobile continues its run of premium Xperia Themes related to the hit animation Hotel Transylvania 2, this time basing it around Murray the Mummy. We have already seen two previous Xperia Themes released based on the movie, including one for Dracula. As with the others, this theme isn’t free and will cost you £1/€1/$1 in the Google Play Store.

Hotel Transylvania 2 Murray Xperia Theme_1_result

Hotel Transylvania 2 Murray Xperia Theme_2_result Hotel Transylvania 2 Murray Xperia Theme_3_result

Hotel Transylvania 2 Murray Xperia Theme_4_result

Hotel Transylvania 2 Murray Xperia Theme_5_result

Hotel Transylvania 2 Murray Xperia Theme_6_result

  • Alvin

    What about a radical changes in xperia ui…? Especially fix of stutter in lockscreen, that is happening almost everytime i unlock the phone..

  • cicababa

    who is the target of sony? their phones are too expensive for kids and even they instead of security fixes and firmware updates just bomb us with these kids’ stuff. pathetic.

  • Sadman Khan

    Wow absolutely no one cares about Sony’s themes anymore. This place is so lonely

  • Makiz

    I have created a sticker pack for the Sketch app! Please show your support by downloading it, it’s free! :)

  • MixoMaxoViper

    Look at E1,E3,M2,SP- phones are not expesive, and kids have them. Why not?

  • Alvin

    cool mate!

  • cicababa

    well, unfortunately i have an e4 since august and i won’t upgrade to a z3c which i’m in love with, because sony and its customer support doesn’t give a shit about its low-budget customers so i don’t trust in sony anymore.

    and of course, e4 is going into the trashbin and moto g is coming asap :)

    sony maybe was a great company in the 90s but nowadays sony can’t do anything right. their after sales support is terrible.

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    Yes, my cousin who is 8 just got the E3. I’m sure quite a lot of kids have Xperias. Also adult fans of Hotel Transylvania will enjoy this theme as well.

  • Azar

    Oh forget that, don’t expect fixes from Sony. Next update will make it even worse.

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  • sergio sierra

    Xperia Z2 update 23.4.A.1.236 now rolling on vodafone carrier

  • Arturo Pastrana

    I’m not a kid and I like these themes, dont think they’re pathetic, it gives you more personalization to your phone, dont like it? dont use it, I believe that the team that develop these themes have nothing to do with the one that update the firmwares, and this is promotional too

  • Yujun Li Linwood Kinji

    So true, but as a fking Sony fan, I still have hope I trust Sony will get better in the Asian and Europe market, but for the US market its another story…….

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