Sony extends Marshmallow Concept trial into New Year

by XB on 14th December 2015

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

Sony Concept for AndroidGood news for those running the Sony Concept for Android Marshmallow beta – the testing was formally due to conclude at the end of this week, but Sony Mobile has now decided to extend the programme until after the Christmas and New Year break.

In a post in the Google+ community, the developers point to the trial “going in a good way and think it would be a pity to end it already. ” Obviously, there will be less activity over the Christmas break, but the Concept initiative will continue into the new year.

The Sony developers say that they “do not know when we will stop this concept right now” and that they do not know about the official Android 6.0 Marshmallow time plans. Regardless, this is brilliant news. Anyone using the Concept software will be well aware it has been an amazing software experience.

Thanks Timo!

  • ChilliPSco

    Which means we will probably not see Marshmallow on other devices until Feb?

  • ramuk

    I love what Sony is doing with their software recently. Many people are complaining that Sony is losing its identity but I think Sony is going forward. The identity Sony Xperia device need among android world is-
    1. Gorgeous hardware
    2. Best camera
    3. Best battery life
    4. Speedy performance and reliable update
    5. A modern interface ( almost pure stock android experience with Sony’s useful features) (those who still want to clink into the past use a different launcher)

  • Vladimir Travalja

    I don’t want Sony official ROM, and I will stay with concept. This is best ROM so far. There is no bloatware, simple, lite and it works on my z3c as it should. This ROM is like a dream.

  • Vladimir Travalja

    I don’t want Sony official ROM, and I will stay with concept. This is best ROM so far. There are no bloatware apps, quite simple, lite and it works on my z3c as it should… This ROM is like a dream.

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  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    I’m pretty disappointed with Sony,they said that M will come on end of the year.. We’re on end of the year and they just say “We don’t know about M update”? I was hopping that they will release it pretty early because M is a small update. “brilliant news” for those who have Z3,Z2 and Z5 users still on L,why? They have a great performance with M,why not release it? Please Sony,give M to us.

  • Matt

    patience is really important here. just wait.

    for me personally , hope they give back kitkat battery life. that is all that matters to me.

  • QBerto

    Why this should be good news? Obviously this means we’ll not see oficial marshmallow release until 02/16…. Meanwhile Z3+ is stuck at buggy, overheating, low performance 5.0, a 2015 flagship phone in a buggy 06/14 software…. Srsly

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    But they already have a excelente rom (beta) why not release it and when they´re ready to launch 6.0.1 just release it like a normal update?

  • Disappointed so far with the lack of updates. I’ve got myself a Z5, and it’s running the same software as my Z1 is. Granted that says a lot about how much endurance the Z1 has had, but it’s a buggy mess I’ve had to get repaired, whilst the Z5 should be moving forward. When a company wants to release annual or even twice annual flagship phones, they need to be kept up to date. For software that comes across as almost entirely alike the stock version of android, why should my Z5 be half a year old before it gets its first proper update?!

    It wouldn’t be as offensive if it felt like Sony were actually improving the software and overall design. The loss of Walkman branding is bad enough, but the awful replacement is jarring and I’ve now resorted to a third-party app I could have used on any device. The backtracking on waterproofing (even if the phone is still waterproof, way to legally cover yourself by pretending otherwise) is a backwards step too. The screen is capable of vivid colour and clarity, but the lockscreen is filtered a dark grey with a choice of three ugly clocks to sit slap bang in the middle of it all – making the whole thing just look ugly and plain. And worst of all, the Z5 overheats more than the Z1 does performing the same tasks!

    There’s a phone capable of greatness here and for the price tag it’s expected, and we’re entitled to it. A phone that has desaturated its software to basically being pure stock android and with minimal custom options is cheap and disappointing. Where’s the unique identity in that? Where’s the “Sony” that I bought, as opposed to the ‘basically Google’ I can get on any phone for half the price? I bought the Z5 giving Sony the benefit of the doubt they could turn things around, as the Z1 is the best phone I’ve ever had. The Z5 currently sits as the most bland, it feels much more flimsy, and currently has the makings of a phone that’ll be the last of this brand that I buy. Add onto this the poor customer support when I needed it earlier this year, and I’m not won over. When I look to buy a new phone again, unless a lot changes it won’t be another Xperia.

  • Sadman Khan

    That is actually good. This would mean that the Z5 series will get a nearly bugfree update

  • Matt

    being good beta software doesnt mean it is fully stable or has all sony feature integrated. some people like me need the software to be 100% stable.

    besides its just a phone software, there is more important things in life. lol

  • Matt

    here we go . .

    sony literally just change the name walkman to music, what is jarring ? the app still 100% the same, even you can get the black theme now. About the waterproofing , sony never offers warranty if its your fault (not closing the flap) since the beginning. the change is just to prevent stupid people forcing them to honor the warranty they never give.

    the word overheat are thrown around like its nothing. but if its just get warm , it is not overheating.

    whats ugly and whats not its your personal choice , if you know the xperia line will go matrial design , why buy z5 in the first place?

    the brand exist not to fulfil each every need you have in phone. its simple if you do not like the xperia line, dont buy them.

  • Simon Bauer

    How do I join the concept program? I got a new Z3c 2 weeks ago…

  • Ziggy

    Oh I so hope that Sony just goes full in to this Concept idea. The faster we get the new Android versions the better.

    Also the faster Sony drops off all their dumb own shovelware apps from the phones the better. They can concentrate on making actual good design changes to the OS, like their excellent idea to have screenshot, video recording and restart behind the power button since Google doesn’t want to do that on their own OS software.

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  • RealityCheck2015

    He looks like he is stacking bog-rolls :D

  • haxona

    I am at the point where I just want Android M NOW for my Z3+ they should open up this trial to other flahships like the different Z5 and the Z3+ it doesnt make sense to only allow Z3 Compact and Z3 users.

    With that being said its a brilliant initiative that Sony has in the SW department right now where almost all their apps have beta versions that receive feedback a lot faster from customers. Its better for us as users and better for the devs that know what we want and dont have to guess all the time

  • haxona

    Ehm they never said that it would be released before the end of the year anywhere

  • Alvin

    i think point no. 1 and 5, they earned it already.. why? because their interface is less buggy, less cluttered, simple, easy to use, not boring, and beautiful to me… hardware? on design and handling, their phones are way better than others, their designs are fly… really amazing. but i prayed a lot for point no 2 and 3, and for software updates, don’t even ask for more, they gave us all a very good updates already.

  • Alvin

    feb 2017..

  • Matt

    sure go to XDA and get the bug riddled port :)

    im sure there is a cyanogenmod one.

  • HAWX

    Well said man. People here will try to defend Sony at all cost.. But there are some things Sony is doing wrong. That’s also why their sales growed to Z3 line, but then dropped.

    Lots of my friends says Sony had already dumped their uniqueness because it’s cheaper and easier to add or implement nothing. I understand you, unique Sony apps forced to be changed. Not it’s name changed in 1 day. Walkman and Walkmate now looks like any other super basic lollipop shit apps which are millions of them in Play Store. Sony’s own apps are are meaningless bloatware for most people. And I mostly agree with them. We have hundreds of stupid Sony themes. but Sony can’t offer a proper unique factor, even cheaper manufacturer like Motorola’ automatic car mode.. I remeber when Walkman has changed people raged super hard and people said please Sony do not let interns design your apps. Ahah funnier thing I remember is that when first Lollipop interface of the Z3 ‘s were leaked, most people said pictures were fun made xD But then, they come out to be real :/ But most people forgot these days, and with newcomers they argue that Sony has the best design and bla bla.. In reality, Sony is not designing, they are looking to Google and copying them. Because that way you don’t have to event think (Im not counting you need to implement, test, fix..) it! That’s why in my country they say Sony was the only unique one amongst others, but now it’s Google’s dog xD.
    In short Sony Z line phones are expensive Nexus devices with a bit better and edgy exterior design (but worse ergonomics), late and meh updates, questionable waterproofing and a little bit longer battery life. If you are a heavy user, you still need to carry your external charge with you unlike Z2 in the 4.4.2 times. I still can’t see what does Sony spesifically serve with their higher prices? It’s also a fact that Sony pushes least amount of Money in smartphone business compared to Samsung, LG, htc, so the result are normal actually.. But unless Sony makes a huge comeback, it’s bad desicion to buy Z5, and other Z line phones in 2015. At least the M5 is quite good :)

  • haxona

    Firstly thats not official like this and secondly it requires a bootloader unlock. Im fine with bugs and reporting. Done it with Windows 7, 8 and 10 plus I am a beta member on the Sony beta apps. Its just that there is no concept rollout for any other devices

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  • Okay, I’ll bite…

    – What’s jarring about changing Walkman to Music? Walkman is a known brand, it’s been an icon of music for several decades now. Losing that unique branding is a loss. To then replace it with something as generic as ‘Music’ tells you that the phone only offers what absolutely any other phone of any brand does. A phone that costs £80 comes with a ‘music’ app. It’s cheap, it’s bland, and it makes the Xperia brand an identikit option with no distinction between it and its rivals. Walkman was such a successul brand the Ericsson line used to incorporate the logo into the hardware design, because it was a brand carrying pride and proof of high quality. ‘Music’ has no identity to it, it’s the default option… no distinguishable identity, nothing that implies that it carries Sony’s quality stamp of approval. The app itself isn’t bad in and of itself, but it used to have a more distinct look to it than it does now – one of many examples of how the uniqueness of the brand has been lost over time.

    – The waterproofing does indeed come down to legal technicalities, but from a marketing perspective it’s a distastrous step backwards. Sony has often been criticised for lacking a strong unique selling point – waterproofness was one of those things that distinguished Xperia from the rest. If you’re in a position where you can’t promote that, something’s gone wrong. I say this as someone who has never had a problem with the waterproofness of the phones, but cares enough about the Sony brand to call them out on their shortcomings.

    – I know the difference between a phone being warm and a phone overheating. The Z1 gets warm, the Z5 overheats… they’re both running the same software. There’s no two ways about it, the Z5 is a flimsier product overall. It’s not a bad phone by any stretch, but it’s not as well built and it’s overheating (as in the rear of the phone has, on occasion, hurt to touch because of its warmth). Not an issue with a specific phone, it’s been a genuine concern of many people with the phone – you can’t assume everyone raising issue with the heat of the phone are simply all exagerrating a bit of warmth.

    – You talk about knowing whether a phone will go ‘material design’. Think of your typical consumer…who doesn’t necessarily even know what ‘material design’ is. Think of someone who just buys a phone and hopes it does its job and that they’ll like it. For someone who does that (the mainstream market, who represent the majority of buyers) and who has had perhaps two flagship Xperia Z phones by now, you have to ask which they prefer? What do the phones offer? Well so far, there’s a Z5 which overheats more than earlier iterations despite those earlier iterations still being able to run the same software (seriously, the Z1 is an incredible phone and its capabilities astounding), it has less options to customise and tailor to personal taste than earlier phones had thanks to software that hasn’t only been simplified but has been stripped away of any unique selling features. There are notably less features that make an Xperia phone an Xperia phone.

    Consider that some people like the Sony brand, and the Xperia line. Consider that some people (like myself) are able to reason between praise and criticism – dishing out both where they’re necessary. I bought the Z5 because the Z1 was superb and I needed a new phone – the brand and line had impressed me. The new phone is also very good, but that doesn’t excuse it from being criticised for those aspects at which it is less impressive. And when Sony has been criticised for several years for not having a unique enough selling point, why on earth would anyone think it’d be a good business move to strip back unique features. Why would that impress anyone? The phone is high quality, but it wears the skin of a phone far below its asking price – I don’t think that’s an unreasonable conclusion to reach right now.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love the Z5. But in terms of being an impressive phone, it doesn’t even compare to what the Z1 was. It’s gone backwards. There’s less custom options, it looks less impressive, it is a flimsier design, and it is prone to overheating whilst the Z1 currently runs the same software!

    It has a better camera, it’s a bit more lightweight and it’s still a high quality phone but it’s lost its few unique edges – whilst other phones have all endeavoured to have unique selling points.

    I think for me, the biggest problem as trivial as it is, is the lockscreen. You have a phone capable of genuinely brilliant screen capabilities – colour and resolution – and you’ve presented a lockscreen with a heavy dark filter and a choice of three ugly clocks. It just looks so cheap and lazy, on a phone that wasn’t cheap. Samsung and LG phones have both nailed their unique designs, also embracing ‘material design’ but without compromising on uniqueness and features. Apart from the logo on the front of the phone, there is so very little that tells me in the daily use of the phone that I’ve bought into a superior, unique brand. And that matters when the phones are up and above £500 these days at launch.

    Above all I want more custom options. I have a phone capable of so much, but it wears the skin of a phone that cost a fifth of the price. So far it’s an impressive device that doesn’t live up to potential, bought because previous phones in the line exceeded their potential very quickly.

  • Matt

    Patience man :) but I would like to Thank you for beta testing the app. And I do hope you can beta test a lot more things so that when I get the software, it’s bug free and pleasant.

  • haxona

    Hehe thats a pretty nice way of looking at it, kinda like that Sony took this approach with their apps. I sincerely dont agree about Sony apps being shovelware going by the comments in this “Xperia” forum board because I use them all extensively and they are work and look beter than other alternatives I have tried.

    There is so many things inside the apps today compared with last year and a lot of it is because of customer feedback.

  • Matt

    It is indeed not an unreasonable conclusion I agree with that. But case in point.

    – About the Walkman stuff, we already debating this a couple months ago no matter how good your argument is it won’t bring Walkman back ist it? Besides it’s just a name. For more arguments look at the post from a couple months ago. Use a custom launcher and rename the music app (which still is identical) problem solved.

    -their backtracking doesn’t mean they can’t advertise on waterproofing anymore can’t they? It’s just to sort out people who thinks their xperia is a go pro. Xperia line are still water proof or extremely water-resistant.

    – does it get slower when it’s heating up? Or it shut itself down?

    Well Sony can’t do Anything on this can’t they? The only available high end processor is the 810 and they already trucking heatpipes in there.

    -so basically the ui have to be the same? Do normal consumer look at the commercial with Sony lollipop firmware? If you dont like the looks don’t hide behind “normal consumer”, a “normal consumer ” won’t go to a phone blog and argue about phones.

    Can you list me this so called stripped away features? As far as I know there is none of that. Only streamlining features on lollipop.

    It is okay if you don’t like the stuff on z5 or even Sony in general. Now nitpicking while hiding behind “general consumers ” is not the answer.

  • Matt

    really man thank you, because i cant afford to have unstable software on my only phone :P and its you and many others that basically tested it for me :)

    what is your opinion on Material xperia UI?

  • haxona

    I was sceptical at the start but with the feedback they have received I think they have done the best of it. There is also the dilemma of Android adopting this design ui which was a misstep at the beginning with 5.0

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  • Dion

    But we’ll get more improvements so this are good news

  • prometheus

    Go to XDA developer forum and search for marshmallow concept rom for z3 compact. Follow the directions for flashing the ROM, and upgrade OTA to the newest version. I can tell you it is worth it… ROM is a gazillion times better than Sony official ROM. Less bloatware (actually none), works much faster on same hw….

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  • QBerto

    HAHA, sory but experience has said Sony engineers are just assholes or incompetents, and will take two or three more updates after first release to solve major issues

  • stevan kovacevic

    There is obtained this version MRA58K.Z1.2058

    D6603_Marshmallow_Concept MRA58K.Z1.2058-SOMC

    are you sure to receive OTA updates if you install this version of the software?
    because the last version MMB29M.Z1.3027

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