Pink Xperia Z5 officially unveiled

by XB on 12th January 2016

in Xperia Z5 series

Pink Xperia Z5_16Sony Mobile has released a Pink Xperia Z5 as expected. The new colour addition to the Xperia Z5 series will be released during February 2016, which Sony describes as a “warm, sophisticated pink variant.” The handset will arrive just in time for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Rikke Gertsen Constein, lead designer on the project had the following to say about how tricky it was in choosing the ‘right’ pink: “We knew we wanted to add pink to the Z5 series from our very first moodboards and sketches as it seemed to compliment the colour palette to the rest of the range”.

But to get the tone right with the frosted glass and aluminium frame did take some time. We researched many places in which the most beautiful shades of pink can be found, from nature and Japan’s own Sakura cherry blossom right through to the colours in the sky during a beautiful sunset. We wanted the colour to appear strong and modern, and here the material is playing an important role. I feel what we have achieved with the light dusky pink is fresh, contemporary and modern in the Z5 materials“, said Constein.

Do you like what Sony has achieved? Can you see yourself picking this up as a gift for the other half? Let us know in the comments below.

Pink Xperia Z5_18

Pink Xperia Z5_2

Pink Xperia Z5_6

Pink Xperia Z5_9

Pink Xperia Z5_10

Pink Xperia Z5_15

Pink Xperia Z5_16

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

Thanks DBS, François and MG!

  • ChilliPSco

    Not that I’m into pink, but that does actually look nice. I wonder if it will be a hit with the ladies? I guess that’s the market Fony are aiming for with this variant?

  • MiDan

    Why the front is black!??? i hate

  • SONY only

    video : pink Xperia Z5

  • Sebastian Furnigel

    Meh… I was expecting this. Looks so unfinished, but it’s no surprise for colored xperias. Waiting for Z6 I guess? Hopefully root will be available by that time.

  • Ming William Lee

    The color is like what I expected, not really pink, but similar to the lavender color on Xperia A2. I am on it.

  • mugglearchitect

    wow it’s nice for the girlfriend
    while i have the green one

    though i dont have the money

    and the girlfriend

    life sucks

  • KIMI

    all the news for the release of the pink variant of the Z5 and here I’m sitting wondering when will I ever get my 6.0 marshmallow update for my Z5 Dual

    *taps finger restlessly*

  • Jecht_Sin

    That will look great with the Monochrome Pink Theme! :D

  • iia3ezu

    Here, buying a Sony phone for your woman usually results in a breakup.

  • Lucas Marotta

    Its sad that in Brazil we only have the White and graphite color. No gold, teal and probably this new one pink.

  • Larrykmorgan2

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  • mUSICA

    agree that black on the front is annoyng should b all pink

  • Azurpha

    psh, in nz it is just black, parallel import is the way to go unfortunately.

  • theskig

    For what? New bugs and problems like Lollipop? Oh, can’t wait.

  • Battal

    Making all these Puzzled-ads to produce new color for a 3 months old device gives the idea how much this company is out of innovations !
    Sony .

  • Aiden Pearce

    sighhhhh!!! was hoping atleast a new sony.
    lets hope we get to hear atleast something at MWC..CES was complete nonsense for xperia lineup.

  • Aiden Pearce

    waiting for my next xperia but with single sim…

  • Jovit Magdaong

    definitely agree! Bought my ex a phone and we broke up. haha!

  • ChilliPSco


  • dragonsneeze

    Umm, uh, errr… yeah.

  • Exodite

    Once I end up updating (currently own a Z3C so in a couple of years I suppose) I hope whatever end up being the compact flagship is available in a similar color.

    That, and/or the copper and green models of the Z3 were my favorites so far.

  • Svnjay


  • Svnjay

    This is the first pink product that I actually like.

  • Timel

    it’s not nice at all

    – the front is black while the back is pink, it’s so ugly
    – Sony still don’t fix its horrible camera auto mode, it’s still the worst auto mode on earth

    So, this pone is goin to flop definitely, I swear, Most people will chose pink gold iPhone 6s Plus anyway.

  • Winter Soldier

    i think Black+Pink colours are not match. White & Pink is great

  • A very lovely color esp. for girls. I think it is a hard choice for girls between gold and pink. Still, my favorite color is green Z5. I really fell in love with the green during in my first encounter.

  • Raj Singh

    Nice phones but Sony can’t sell them.

  • DrKrFfXx
  • DrKrFfXx

    Maybe I am the only one who hates the contrast between the screen, actual screen, and any other front color than black.

    That’s why I stopped buying white Xperias, since they changed the front to white. The contrast between the screen content and the white is annoying and distracting.

  • DrKrFfXx

    Remember the fuzz for the white iPhone when it was first introduced?

    People lining up to get a phone they already had, because of a new color like 6 months later.

    Yeah, Sony is here. Acting stupid.—release-date–today–finally.html

  • Ana Heluši?

    Very nice

  • DrKrFfXx


    I rather have a mature Lollipop than a buggy Marshmallow.

    Sony shitted on the Xperia Ultra with its initial Lollipop release. I was forced to use a cooked rom that sparkled new life into the device.

  • Utsav Shah

    No buddy life is real. just wait for that one moment.

    and that image is confusing. looks like violet color to me.
    Am I the only color blind here?

  • theskig

    I’m still running rooted KitKat on my Z3 Dual, but 2 days ago I ordered a Z5 Premium Dual from eglobal, so I have to face Lollipop and kick his ass (without root)…

  • roeshak

    Pink z5? That’s the big announcement with all this fanfare! Why waste all that marketing dosh on a certain failure. How many of these units do they actually think can plausibly be sold?
    This is the sort of thing you just release and let the retailers and networks do the rest. Why spend such energy! Sony Sony Sony, it’s hard to see a way forward for these dudes.

  • DrKrFfXx

    I have the Premium now.

    It performs Good to great with Lollipop. Especially in the app switching department, I can bring back a heavy app that I had loaded 5-6 apps before and it still brings it on without having to reload.

  • theskig


  • azzido

    wow! I didn’t think I will say that: it is pink but it is not hitting my eyes, I thought it will be shining / saturated one and here the color it is rather muted.

    If any girl wants that (as I assume it is targeted for girls) then it is very nice one.
    To be honest except black (is it is no longer black but graphite +somehow ugly white) the rest of colors are very well in Z5 series. Good job.

    ps. loved the green one and home it will arrive in future Z!

  • azzido

    I would like to see a free great game in Playstation Plus offer exclusively for Xperia Z owners :)
    You have quite a big number of potential clients there in PS section :)

  • Dannisi

    I still want a purple one.

  • jamie evans

    Official US launch has yet to be announced?

  • Geese Howard

    So I guess this is just for the Z5 and not Premium?

  • sonyah john
  • Timel

    Sony fans love to lie themselves by using DxOMark while on reality most people know that Z5 camera is the worst especially its camera auto mode.

    – the front is black while the back is pink, it’s so ugly

    – Sony still don’t fix its horrible camera auto mode, it’s still the worst auto mode on earth

    So, this pone is going to flop definitely, I swear, Most people will chose rose gold iPhone 6s Plus for their lovers this Valentine anyway.

  • DrKrFfXx
  • Timel

    LOL There’s only that ?

    a lot blind tests said Z5 camera is the worst

  • Timel

    Hopefully in the end Sony will be able to make the great camera software like Samsung has done with Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5

  • Timel

    LG G4 vs Z5 PREMIUM
    Z5 family continues to disappoint people with their shitty camera

  • Timel

    I’m not hater I’m just a Sony fan that don’t wanna lie myself and I respect the truth

    Z5 camera app is very slow and laggy sometimes, but the worst is its auto mode software, the worst in low light shot, less details, much noise, bad color processing and so on, Z5 camera is worse in every single shot and definitely can beat smartphone camera like S6 Edge+, Note 5, LG G4 which packed with the very great auto mode and powerful and professional manual mode

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