Xperia sales forecast to nosedive in fourth quarter

by XB on 29th January 2016

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Xperia NosediveSony Corporation reported its third quarter results earlier today for the three months ended 31 December 2015 and it doesn’t make for good reading on the smartphone side. On the volume side, unit sales for the third quarter period was 7.6 million units, marginally behind expectations. Sony now expects to ship 25 million Xperia units in the full financial year, a reduction of 7% from the previous forecast (27 million). The previous number was already a reduced forecast from 30 million originally.

What this indicates is that Sony will ship just 3.5 million units during its fiscal fourth quarter – this is the same amount Sony was shipping in the summer of 2011. Just taking the forecast second half in aggregate points to a 44% volume decline since the previous year. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Sony has a lot to do, if it credibly wants to turn this performance around.

Xperia Units Q4 2015

Xperia Results Q3 FY15_WM

Thanks Andrew, Diogo, Svnjay and Victor!

  • rmartinezdl

    They need to advertise better their products, seriously, xperia devices are the only COMPLETE phones out there, from front facings peakers, to water resistance, to storage, display etc.

  • Parimal Singh

    I often think what will be the future of Sony Mobile Division considering this barrage of good quality phones from chinese manufacturers. I just wonder why people don’t buy an Xperia device, they make really good phones.

  • Chuck

    They can only dream of reaching 10+ million again, and the worst part is, I believe it’s more Qualcomm’s fault than theirs. Their chip gave the Z3+ and the Z5 a bad name. The only important thing Sony could have done better this year on their own, is the camera.

  • DBS

    Let us be realistic…Qualcomm didn’t force Sony to use the Snaptoaster 810. Sony decided to use it willingly.

    I do agree on the software part.

  • Akand

    3 major reasons behind the result:
    1. Comparatively bad camera performance.
    2. No introduction of new hardware feature which indicates lack of innovation (poor R&D)
    3. Marketing strategy.

    In one word, no respect for consumers.

    And finally, my love for Sony has started to decline.

  • Chuck

    Then it’s the entire smartphone SoC industry’s fault, for failing to make a chip that is neither underpowered nor overheats.

  • Jerry Berglund

    MM…. ok it goes stright up during those years when the company was controlled from sweden. Sony get some good years before it dives. I kinda think it states my case. Sony Japan dont know the mobile phone market.

    If you think about all companies who have been open to make phone for example Google like the Nexus have done really good. And that concludes HTC. HTC got down when they kinda stopped doing nexus phones. Samsung, LG, Huawei and so on, have all done nexus phone and going kinda great. But ok, I dont think that is the reason in a way, but it kinda seems like Nexus in a case give good feeling for that company, that its willing to listen to its customers.

    Sony do listen, when it comes to software, but the hardware they do not really do that. I think Sony still think the “Sony” brand is worth that much so they can charge the customers for maybe up to 600 dollars or more, when you actually can buy the same specs for much less than that. Sony has to be cheaper, maybe not as cheap as chinese companies, but maybe 300-400 dollars for their premium phones.

    And other things. They do have to fix the software for its camera, so people dont say its worthless, when its really not. Still ZPeria Z5 is the best camera in a smartphone on DxOmark, but still reviewers doesnt see that. That must mean that the software makes it hard to get good pictures.

    And the second. I always thought Sony being to greedy when t cames to memoryspace on the phones. When Samsung and other companies sells phones with up too 64GB or 128 GB Sony still only sells with 16 or 32GB of space. Sure they can use a sd-card, but that is something that many other phones can as well.

    Other ways I still think Sony makes the best phones out there…. but they do small misstakes that I think make them loosing market shares.

    So what should Sony do?

    1. Do a nexus Phone, and not only be good to the development community.
    2. MOre GBs in the phones. Would love too se 64GB of space or more, + SD-card possiblility
    3. NO I wont say that Sony would let the headquarters go back to sweden, but they should let Lund have more to say, becase they do have the know how, wich Sony seems to lack.
    4. Lower the prices and compete with chinese companies rather than Samsung or iPhone(Apple) because that train has they allready lost, for now.
    5. Fix the camera software. Because there isnt anything wrong with the camera hardware.

    I think that Sony would go much better, if they did this.

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    For me the company always took their products and clients for granted. They don’t even bother to change with the market nowadays. If the new phone or sensor hits the market and got some success or not is the same for them, like if it’s alright not seeing how dumb is their market, product line and investments strategies. But, I always hope for someone inside the company that could take off their PlayStation VR glasses to see the world as it truly is nowadays.

    And I’m still a Sony fan, maybe I’m the dumb one, or not.

  • Jerry Berglund

    YOu right. Why buy a sony phone when I can buy a real good phone from One plus one. Or Oppo? Sony is still considered quality, and can still be take a little more than many chinese companies. But they should really lower their prices and compete with Chinese companies instead of thinking they are anything close to Samsung or LG…

  • DBS

    It’s Qualcomm’s failure that the SD810 was what it was. And they paid heavily for it.
    But there were good alternatives to the SD810 that Sony could have used. The SD808, the Exynos…it’s not like Sony had no option. They simply decided to bet on the problematic SoC to help out Qualcomm just like HTC and Microsoft did. It’s therefore no wonder that all these 3 companies are suffering heavy losses on their current generation of phones.

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  • ChilliPSco

    Hardly surprising when you release a handset that apparently has “The world’s best camera in a smartphone” and is anything but! There are so many things Sony Mobile could do better, but they either ignore their customers or just don’t evolve enough to make people choose Sony over other brands like HTC or Samsung (examples). Not only that, but their marketing is really poor and virtually non existent.

    They need to change and fast. I certainly won’t be buying another Xperia handset again, not after the months of hassle I’ve had with my Xperia Z5 and the blur on the photographs. Pleased to say though that they settled out of court, just after I lodged papers to bring them to a small claims court In future I’ll stick to Samsung unless Sony Mobile change their ways.

  • Z5 test here : (french test)

  • Chuck

    I said “neither underpowered nor overheats”. Snapdragon 808 is underpowered, there’s little point in having a GPU weaker than the one in Snapdragon 805 from late 2014, and I don’t think the Exynos 7420 is even available for OEMs other than its maker – Samsung. Sales are dropping for all non-Chinese Android OEMs no matter the SoC they chose. HTC has MediaTek Helio X10 and Snapdragon 617 devices yet their sales are dropping, Microsoft has a Snapdragon 808 device and their sales are dropping, LG exclusively uses Snapdragon 808 but their sales are dropping. Chinese phones and Apple’s new strategy have a lot more to do with dropping sales than the SoCs.

  • MarkLastiwka

    Note that these are unit sales, not profit. Sony took a concerted effort to reduce their volume of smartphones and improve profitability. Apple doesn’t sell nearly as many phones as Samsung but makes way more money, which in the end, is what a company is after.

  • DarkMaster

    of course they are not close to Samsung and such because Sony is way ahead of them when it comes to quality,features and design.

  • DBS

    The 808 gives you exactly the same performance as the 810, despite the lack of two cores.

  • DarkMaster

    is there any better camera out there in smartphone ? stop trolling Z5 line have best camera among all major flagships this year.

  • DarkMaster

    indeed I wouldn’t buy phone with underpowered soc like SD808 and SD810 was better option. bye the way I have zero issues with my phone and SD810…you can only heat it up to the point of throttling trough benchmark tests,recording 4K video or using stabilization for prolonged period of time….games and everything else runs perfectly fine.

  • Chuck

    Small correction: the 808 gives you exactly the same CPU performance as the 810. There is more to a SoC than just CPU performance. Even if we forgive the 808’s lack of support for DDR4 RAM, there still remains one big issue: inadequate GPU performance, which is inferior to the Snapdragon 805 used in the Galaxy Note 4 and the Nexus 6, both 2014 devices. I would imagine the SD808 was designed for less expensive flagships like the Nexus 5X and the OnePlus 2, not for full-price flagships, because a full-priced SD808 flagship device would make you feel like you’re not really getting your money’s worth when you compare its performance with, say, the Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6s.

  • Timel

    In defense of Sony, when you are hit from all sides, you just want to get down and then get up back again. This company has been down for a decade, now slowly getting up. I don’t know why people don’t read into the lines. This is basically what Kaz said in his keynote in CES, it’s a choice by not getting after volumes but higher margin.
    In today’s age there are only two business models, ultra-cheap or very high end. There’s nothing in between. Sony has been kind of lost what to target. Ultra-cheap are the chinese brands, phones of which I will never hold in my hands. Has any chinese company ever even done any R&D on any product they make? So the only way forward is targeting premium market. But they need to have a premium phone as well, in all aspects

  • Stanley08

    Xperia Z2, is that you? :)

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well we know that…. but not those people that chose Samsung :-)

  • Chaot0407

    I hope the Z6 wont have such problems, because if so, I dont know which manufacturer I should choose, as I only have the bigger brands to chose from because of my provider plan…
    There is only one thing that is certain, I aint falling for Samsung again, they fucked me over twice as my Ace 2 and then S4 got so slow that they were literally unusable without a custom ROM.
    I just dont get how they manage to make a phone like the S4 stutter…

  • spwx

    Actually, pretty good news for Sony Mobile since they just announced 200m profit in Q3, thanks for “higher than expected average prices”. This is what they will continue to do – less sales, more profits, and it is a good strategy for them.

  • TechGuyChris

    Their software doesnt show it.. Specs only go a long way.

  • TechGuyChris

    Hmmph look at it in the eyes of a customer. A customer sees a good phone from multiple brands with specs the same as the Sony phone (all announced at MWC). The price is the same but the Sony phone looks sexier. The Sony phone comes out 3 months (7 months in the US) later after being announced while the competing brand releases theres 3 weeks to a month after revealing. . a customer tries to remain loyal cause he likes Sony but gets even more frustrated with his current phone and decides he cant take it anymore and upgrades. The other company gets the sale. Sony loses.. this has been going on since October of 2012 when Sony bought out ericsson… I think the customer does what benefits them more rather than wait on a company that takes its time when the competition offers the same thing.

  • jrnr

    To be honest, Z3+ was the main reason. I had it turn very hot, got it repaired by Sony twice since the AR effects lasted only a few seconds, FHD video was only 5-7minutes, gets hot for no reason, even in the pocket.antutu 6was 56k when cool, did 40k when it was warm. No 5.1 or any update solves the issue. Was on fw. 266. Nothing seemed to improve much. But I see nexus 6p performs much better with the same chip.

  • David van der Zande

    But they do make a profit on mobile devision now, so they won’t sell it. Which is good news. Yay.

  • gamer324

    You people seem to forget to point out the primary reason for this nosedive : Sony is abandoning the 6 month cycle. Also this ‘performance’ is in line with what Sony is doing (focusing on profitability over revenue), you forget that while Sony Mobile won’t be making a lot of sales, this also reduces its R&D costs significantly as it will only be launching a single crop of flagships.

  • gamer324

    Honestly, the premium phone is a dying breed at this rate, this is what happens when a market reaches maturity, Sony is ahead of the other manufacturers by reducing its costs instead of hoping for another surge in sales.
    What I see is fewer flagship phones in the future, and an overall downsized Xperia division, and hopefully by then Sony starts listening to its fans over features that we want on a regular basis.

  • gamer324

    Right on point. These lowered volume figures are part of their longer term plan.
    Imagining that Sony would become the world’s biggest smartphone maker is just a fantasy that Sony rightfully abandoned last year. The mobile market has reached maturity, the only manufacturers who will sell a ton of phones even a year from now will be those who compete on price. The focus now should be on profitability and that is where Sony Mobile’s head is at.

  • keewee23

    so true, bought homtom h7 (5.1, soon 6.0) for $60 dollars a week a go and put xperia t3 on ads to sell it, when t3 came out it costs in $300-350, and stuck on 4.4.4, and no more upgrades, fuck sony and bye sony

  • gamer324

    The problem is that Sony wastes a ton of money on Xperia product placement, a case in point is the new James Bond film, they spent MILLIONS to get Xperia devices featured in that film, whereas they could’ve done so much more traditional advertising with that money (TV Spots, Billboards, banners, flyers and online ads etc.).

  • MoYeung

    Q2 2015 was really bad.

  • Raj Singh

    Like I said earlier, Sony has somehow lost its way. They’re no longer competitive. With the exception of the PlayStation, they don’t make products that people want. It’s their own fault — not the designers and engineers but the executives have failed…

  • Raymond

    Shame, before these damn smartphones Sony (Ericsson) was the best, they still are to me. Samsung couldn’t hold a candle to them. (Walkman/Cyber Shot.) they have to think out the box but I know they have it in them.

  • Raj Singh

    They’re good at making things but terrible at selling them. See the problem?

  • Raymond

    Shame, before these damn smartphones Sony (Ericsson) was the best, they still are to me. Samsung couldn’t hold a candle to them. (Walkman/Cyber Shot.) they have to think out the box but I know they have it in them.

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  • Svnjay

    >OnePlus or Oppo
    >Good phone

    Choose one

  • ramuk

    On the positive note Mobile division made huge profit compared to last year quarter. Fewer but more focused, better products, better advertisement and better distribution is all the need, In my humble opinion.

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  • DarkMaster

    of course with better software you can get better results and updates will come with time but right now is the best among all android flagships with best results especially for low light photos and stabilization in video that is far ahead of competition and that is what matters.

  • iia3ezu

    Oh dear, the delusion from the Sony Xperia fanboys here is quite incredible…

    More advertising for a product that has mediocre hardware and atrocious software (proudly brought to you by the cute theme makers in Sweden) tagged with a premium price will not boost sales. The product is crappy, the market has spoken. Deal with it.

    Sony has done A LOT of marketing in Asian countries for Xperia phones, but no one cares. The demo units on display at telco shops everywhere are untouched. Even at Sony’s exclusive retailer shops, the shoppers are more interested in Sony’s DSLR cameras and TVs.

    I know a friend who has been using a Sony phone since Sony-Ericsson days. Recently we caught up and he switched to a LG phone and declared that never again will he buy another Sony phone.

    The USA is a special case. I personally believe the USA is a hardcore Apple iPhone land. And Sony has been screwed over by the greedy American telcos (Xperia Z4v) and thus refuses to pay ‘protection money’.to satisfy the handful of Xperia fans in America. Not worth it.

    The Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei have caught up.

    My prediction: after a few more bad quarters, Kazuo Hirai will sell off the Sony Mobile division. Depending on what the new owner does, this blog may need to be renamed. Or it might become a blog archiving nostalgia. Refer to the blog named ‘All About Symbian’.

  • mukul verma

    yup, Lumia 950 series has much better camera & full manual control with raw. previously using z1 & now 950xl. so much more different in camera.

  • Orion X

    This really isn’t surprising at all,The only reason they said they are gonna sell less smartphones in the Q4 quarter, is because they probably do not have a new model to be released in the next three months,but what you’re gonna see is a wide expansion of the M5 in Europe,and Z5 in America.
    Also since they posted a $200 million operating profit,And They are getting more money from less smartphones rather than less money from more smartphone releases,things are gonna be pretty quiet in the next quarter for Sony,But if it’s any indication,it means that the smartphone business is back in black after like what a year of losses,so the smartphone business of Sony is safe for this year for now.
    The only major release they’ll be backing their money on is probably the Z6 family This year.
    It’s basically the same model they are using which they used for the TV business.
    1)Less models.,mainly focusing on the premium range
    2)Less marketing costs.
    3)longer release cycles.
    And the TV business is now not bleeding,let’s just hope it works for Xperia phones,since the smartphone market is going through a stage of volatile saturated slowdown.

    I’ll bet that only 7-6 models of Xperia phones are planned for 2016.

  • jamie evans

    mmm I wanna see new things in Z6, new everything. Z3 Compact is still the best for me except for glass back & speaker

  • Still loving and rocking my Z3 Compact!

  • Makiz

    I’m selling phones, people complain about Sony phones a lot more than any other company, they are slow etc etc (because they bought a cheap device of course).
    The other complain they make before turning to Crapsung or Crapple is that they are expensive for what they give (!) yeah this is bullcrap… They usually like the AMOLED displays better, the camera and the build quality of the new Crapsung phones (see A series).

  • deekbee

    The Z5 camera really isn’t that good. Anyone who says it is has slight issues with eyesight. Its not bad, but it isn’t flagship good.

    It isn’t a patch on the 950, 950xl, 808, 1020 ….

  • deekbee

    “Especially for low light” – omg, what? It absolutely sucks at night.

  • DarkMaster

    you obviously never tried Z5 camera for yourself and never saw night shots and videos taken in low light compared directly to competition such as S6 and G4.
    Z5 beat those with ease and is able capture a lot more light and details in both video and photos.

    if you are not satisfied what Z5 can do…. well it’s damn phone!! buy yourself DSLR.

  • deekbee

    I have a Z5. I am comparing it to both my old Nokia 1020 and 808.

    No OIS, it can only take semi decent night shots on a tripod, and even then it looks like a watercolour shot.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I Blame the marketing team. In my country sony cant make it into telco as device to offer with contract. Their put the price high but with no added value package come bundle in the box ( quick charger or good quality earphone or even a case ) . Their promoting free good stuff for z5 buyer only on roadshow which is limited to 50 person or less buyer . To lousy doing campaign or a contest in social media. Sony should learn by now that they cannot depending for existent xperia user to kept upgrading everytime new flagship release without trying to attract non xperia user to purchased sony brand. And sony stop making device that one had wiyerless charging with old canera sensor and the other device dont have wiyerless charging but come with great sensor. Pls make all in one device. If you wanna make it diff pls learn from samsung with their s6 and s6 edge line up. Been a fans of sony since SE era and I had xperia S, V , Z , ZL, Z1, Z2 , Z3 ( iphone 6 , galaxy s6 edge ) and now currently using Z5 . Sadly after a month used galaxy s6 edge and back again to sony Z5 personally I felt like Z5 really an outdated features kind of device.

  • DarkMaster

    ah now I understand you are one of those people who thinks that those old NOKIA antiques are undisputed kings…hahahaha try visiting dxomark and take a look on the pitiful rank for 808 and 1020 and then come back to year 2016. only good thing I like about those older phones like 808 is xenon flash and i miss it but besides that those phones are surpassed in everything for long time.

  • DarkMaster
  • Kunal Shukla

    their marketing and pricing fails big time, pricing flagships outrageously when there is buzz around the product refrains people from buying it and when people forgets about the device they lower the price. Sony just doesn’t understand the market and with new players emerging it’s only going to get tougher for them

  • Kunal Shukla

    though I like xperia phones but I still agree to some of ur points.

  • S7 and iP7 will be water proof, S7 will have SD slots and great battery life (17hrs video playback according to resent rumors). So what is left for Sony? 4K screen? Well, it’s not even 4K 99% of the time you’ll be looking at it… Oh and wireless charging, will they even implement it?

  • Nailed it!

  • DarkMaster

    good luck with Windows phone…you will need it. and I don’t know about 950XL never tried it(specs look promising though),but Z5 is best among android flagships S6,G4,V10,Note5,6P etc… and if iPhone is worth mentioning everything is better than that piece of crap.

  • Vuyo Ncube
  • DarkMaster

    what you are doing here then go get yourself that supposedly awesome S7…but wait a sec S7 it’s not out yet so all those are just rumors….

    you don’t have to buy Z5P just for 4K screen since I’m gonna buy one and I’m not buying it because of 4K screen only…bye the way 4K is on when you actually need it.

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  • ShinOrochiX

    Sony are going downhill, I don’t like seeing Sony like this. They definitely need to market their devices more (even mid rangers/low ends). The recent Xperia devices have pretty much looked the same, that doesn’t help when you don’t have a solid fan base (unlike Apple/Samsung), they need to change things up a bit.

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  • KKTK

    Maybe they produce too good phones? My Z1 Compact still as new and can’t see a reason to upgrade to something else?

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  • azzido

    Z3+ was the reason :D
    There was rumor Z6 will have the same camera as Z5 :( + no curved lens… and still F2.0, ehh.
    And no signs of S-Master.

    I think they should bring back their selling brands like Walkman, Cyber-Shot, even Timescape ;)

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  • akzidenz

    Lol timel saying something that makes sense. Too bad theyre not even performing well in the premium market, The z5 and p was underwhelming mostly due to the 810 and average camera. Maybe z6 will be better.

  • H-R-K

    DBS has no knowledge about technology.

  • HAWX

    Almost 5 months past from the release of Z5, and people are still waiting for auto brightness and inconsistent battery life bug fix.. It takes max 1 month to solve for Apple or Samsung when they release a new phone. Sony is meh in terms of update, but they are one of the worst in terms of fixing them, or listening to their customers.Phones look good, but they are worse in terms of stability compares to cheaper Oneplus and Huawei devices. Sony’s phones are premium but only from outside. Sony will fail hard, if they don’t provide good and feature packed software.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga


  • Lio

    you guys don’t get it. sony’s strategy is not to pursue scale but rather profit. and that’s actually working. the Sony mobile division posted an operating profit this time around compared to last year’s negative operating margin because of the bigger gross margin brought by the premium phones. so you see, their strategy of is working. who cares if it’s only able to ship X number of units. the important thing here is it’s able to yield a positive net margin and that’s what’s actually happening.

    what’s more bothersome is the fact that their Devices division posted an operating loss this time around. this is supoosed to be one of their big star players in terms of revenue generation as this is where the image sensors are part of. but guess what, it yielded a net operating loss.

    what does this mean? it means that the mobile phone industry growth is slowing down, as reflected by lesser demand in image sensors.

  • Geese Howard

    With such a fierce competition/market Sony really needs to start to change their global strategy towards their products and on their prices. They have changed and ‘started’ to listen to their consumers over the course of the years, but are still blind-sided by their big name and taking things for granted. While it still remains true that people are willing to pay big bucks for a premium gadget nowadays, you can’t simply just throw your name out there and expect a bite. Like Nintendo, they use to be the major monopoly in the video game market. They took things for granted and simply threw their name out there expecting big bucks to come. Then look what happened to them? They got dethroned by Sony’s PS1 and have been rock-bottom since then. I guarantee you if Nintendo adjusted their marketing strategy and changed their objectives, they would have been back in the throne way before they introduced Wii.

    I doubt Sony will quit the mobile market, but the battle doesn’t have to be this tough if they would only let go their old beliefs and evolve into a new one by changing their marketing strategy or simply their approach overall. I absolutely love their gadgets, especially their phones. I just upgraded my old XZ to XZ5P and it is an amazing phone. They have the juice and cash to make things right. They just need to change their stance and perhaps Kazuo Hirai? :p And all things will start to be right.

  • Timel


  • Timel


    But I think Sony stuck with the old tradition too long, Sony will always spend a lot of money with product replacement in the movies Sony-made only, the point is Sony’s movie studio is lack of attractive movie franchises So Sony should contact other movie studios like Disney(they have the avengers), Fox(they have x-men, kingsman, avatar), Warner (they have justice league), Universal(they have jurassic world, the Jason Bourne franchise, fast and furious )and Paramount(they have transformers) for Xperia products replacement also

    Because only Sony’s movie studios is not enough.

  • Timel

    Not just a terrible marketing but the products itself also, Xperia phones didn’t look cool enough for most people

    For example smartphones camera quality, Sony must work hard with it more than this… Camera on Xperia flagship phone must outperform rivals and then most people will interested in Xperia flagship phones

    Xperia flagship phones also lack of wow factor and new innovations…. Sony must make the difference, it’s still not too late.

  • Little Man

    And yet they still want to remove the fingerprint sensor on the Z5 when it’ll be selling in the US…

  • Timel

    For most people, Xperia phones are boring, this is the main problem… Maybe Sony should reboot the Xperia brand again, new logo, new vision, play something new and cool.

  • Timel

    Unfortunately that most people didn’t think like you DarkMaster

    To be honest Sony flagship phones are beautiful and quality-built but that the only one thing they’ve got.

    I don’t see that smartphone like Z5 Premium will have anything that cool enough to complete with smartphone like Note 5


    – Note 5 is clearly winner

    – Z5 Premium has 4k but who cares? It’s useless and no one really want it while Note 5 display has better color accuracy which is more important thing

    Software and Performance?
    – Note 5 definitely wins, Note 5 software works very fast and fluid and it also packed with a ton of useful and powerful software features like s-pen and its useful features, scroll capture, split windows and more

  • Timel

    Spot on dude

    You’re completely right!

  • Timel

    You need to wake up DarkMaster

    That’s why I hate some Sony fans especially blind fans.

  • Timel

    Oh gosh you’re absolutely bullshit again

    iPhone 6s, Note 5 and LG G4 has much better camera auto mode than Z5

    Especially manual mode, on Note 5 and G4 also much powerful than Xperia Z5

  • Timel

    Lol I’m so speechless with this bullshit fanboy

    How dare he said that, Z5 and its best results low light pictures goshh

  • Parimal Singh

    Yeah, the mid and low range from Sony is not very well received by the people, particularly because of the comparisons made with other phones offering better specs for the same price. But when it comes to premium segment, I just can’t get hold of the fact that Apple and Samsung are considered WAY AHEAD of Sony, because they’re obviously not. I TRIED using iPhone 6s, got bored within a couple of days. Samsung, I haven’t tried it. But obviously it’s not something that is bound and leaps better than Sony. For me, Xperia Z series design as well water resistance wins over other phones any day. And I’ve been served well by my Xperia Z1C and currently Z3C

  • Parimal Singh

    I can’t judge other’s opinion, but I must say it’s true for every phone out there. You’ll eventually get bored. I’ve used iphone 6s. Got bored by its lack of functionality android ecosystem has.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    How is that? They made more than double the profit on mobile compared to previous year…

  • Paul L

    Terrible marketing is one of the biggest reasons. They also need to seriously review the design because it’s not as appealing as some of the other flagships out there. For younger people especially, Sony looks quite dull and boxy with huge bezels. (And I say that objectively even though I love my Z5.) So despite all of the consistently great features, a lot of people aren’t even trying Xperia and they’re sticking with iPhone or Galaxy.

  • gamer324

    It’s not really about performing ‘well’ for Sony, this past year was merely about getting through : it was the last year of restructuring. And now, with fiscal 2017, we’ll see what Sony has in store.

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  • AllanKafka

    I think there might also be some issue with actual availability of the newest phones. I have placed an order for a Z5 on the 20th of January, but the online shop I bought it from is telling me that they have yet to receive the phone. So I am waiting. Almost a month has passed! Very few online and physical stores in my country have Sony phones. So people who originally wanted a Sony, if they have to wait for so long when they order one, might even get tired of waiting and choose something else instead :(.

  • Jack B

    But Sony owns Columbia Pictures and is partnered with MGM. Who are they paying for product placement? Themselves?

  • gamer324

    That’s not how it works, Sony Pictures may be owned by Sony Corporation, but the directors, actors, producers etc. All want a cut with product placement deals, these are big expenses for Sony Mobile which leaves them with little to spend on traditional marketing.

  • Jack B

    Learn something new every day. Did not know that. Makes you wonder what would happen is nobody paid for product placement though. Movie probably wouldn’t get made at all then.

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