Would you be sad to see Sony withdraw from the tablet market?

by XB on 2nd February 2016

in Sony Tablet

Sony Xperia TabletsSony has made some of the best Android tablets in the market – at least since the introduction of the Xperia Tablet Z in 2013. All of the tablets have great build quality, a slim/lightweight design, long battery life, good performance, sharp displays and, to top it off, water resistance. Sony Xperia Tablet customers are also happy too – check out the high Amazon UK ratings that each model has received below.

However, given the challenging smartphone market, as evidenced by last week’s results there is no guarantee that Sony will continue to cater for the tablet market. A recent Japanese blog post by a Sony store manager speculated that the company may withdraw from the tablet market after receiving marketing material suggesting so.

The news would not surprise us, after all, we know that tablets made just 5% of Sony Mobile’s revenues back in 2013 and that was expected to shrink even further. Given the R&D costs of developing and supporting new devices, Sony may feel that producing another tablet for 2016 might not be commercially viable.

Would you be sad to see Sony no longer produce tablets going forward? Did you ever purchase a Sony Xperia Tablet? If so, what were your general opinions of it? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Sony Xperia Tablet review ratings on Amazon.co.uk

Xperia Tablet Z (4.4 rating from 194 reviews)
Xperia Z2 Tablet (4.4 rating from 154 reviews)
Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (4.8 rating from 121 reviews)
Xperia Z4 Tablet (4.5 rating from 64 reviews)

  • joe


  • Jerry Berglund

    Strangly its Sonys Tablets that have gotten the best reviews as well despite the camera wasnt good. But it would be kinda sad, I want a Sony tablet. :-)

  • SONY only

    i love sony tablets

  • heng

    Because of its price

  • rtr titans

    Sony Tablet is Unique from others…But too price to buy is major conc..it is better to release mid-range cost tablet with correct specs..

  • Billy Wijaya

    No. Tablet market is smaller than smartphone. Seeing how things goes with Sony right now, i think it is better to focus on smartphone area. Get things up there, and continue with the tablet if you want.

    Wish the best for Sony.

    I’m using Z3 since it is first released in my country, love it so much except the camera. I’m hoping future software update can somewhat improve the image quality.

  • Jonzn4suse

    I love my Z3 and I’m waiting to see what’s next for this size tablet.

  • David Hvatov

    Had Z2 Tablet for 3 months and it had problem with stuck pixels on black screen. Sony changed display 5 times and after some time this problem appeared again. Then they agreed to give money back. Since that I’ll never buy their tablets again. I have Z2 phone right now for 2 years, which still has no problems.

  • Kevin Pang

    I own the Tablet Z3 Compact and this device is a beast. It’s light, it’s slim, it’s compact and the specs are really good except the camera. The camera really sucks badly, but because it’s a tablet, no need focusing on that part is understandable.
    To be honest, this device is quite expensive. Still, Sony promises good build quality and I can confirm that. Luckily I got it cheaper and that’s why I am happy I did that. The Z4 is even more expensive and I wouldn’t buy it. I would understand why tablet sales goes down pretty quick. At the same time I don’t believe that tablet sales in general shrinks because of newer smartphones. Tablets is a very good home entertainment device and it’s perfect for watching videos, writing documents and playing games on a larger display. Starring at a small screen phone all day is just uncomfortable.

  • DarkMaster

    5 times ? well nice fake story I doubt that anybody would believe you since it’s such nonsense.

    p.s. ”never buy again” those three little words are used mostly by trolls….

  • shhh

    They just can’t compete with price, they aren’t even competing within the same price range as the iPad and iPad mini. The Sony tablets are way too pricey.

  • DarkMaster

    well I disagree about that and price is totally fair since they produced the best tablets like Z3 tablet compact and Z4 tablet and those remained unbeaten so far when it comes to useful features,design,weight,build quality and specs.

  • PVDS

    I have yet to see a Sony Z4 Tablet in a shop – you can only order them online. Maybe if they actually showed them to shoppers they might sell some more!

  • mUSICA

    only if they sell Xperia Flagship for Cheap like one plus sure more xperia will b sold

  • H-R-K

    Sony’s tablet looks good but its too expensive in my country.

  • Matt

    i will be sad. because im waiting for a new tablet from sony. (non 16:10 please) , make the screen like pixel c (ratio and resolution)and im sold.

    kinda sorry for people saying its too expensive and all. here the truth , if you want more for you money stay away from sony. go chinese phone or tablet. since im craving their integration, waterproofness and playstation certified devices, its money well spent.

    btw if you take a photo with a tablet , youre dead to me. :P

  • goon3r04

    Even in the Amazon US site the reviews are quite good. I’ve had all of their recent tablets and the z3tc is by far my favorite. Sadly, the tablet space is another price race to the bottom and Sony won’t compete on price. Given how badly the Nexus 9 flopped, some have speculated Google are ceding the tablet space to Microsoft and Apple.

  • bnmalmo

    I’ve been happy with my Tab Z – and looking towards the Z4 – but it’s simply too expensive…
    Having it water proof is not a big advantage – ads cost – and on the Z you just struggled with all the flaps…
    Just bought myself a Samsung S2 instead – a bit sad – but more priceworthy – and even thinner than the Z4…

  • Battel

    The Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is enough, But Sony’s causing too much troubles to it’s other products by flooding it’s own portfolio with too much “Phablets” !

  • Jaissal S

    If tablets aren’t making them profit, I wouldn’t be surprised if they stop making them. Therefore more development and money can go into the mobile phone department. Before that I should get myself a Z4 Tablet or whatever the last one may be. I hope they reveal a Z5 Tablet designed like the Xperia Z5!

  • Timel

    no marketing, no sales. Plus, it’s not only about great hardware. Software plays a major role now. Look at Apple, they went out of their way to partner with Microsoft just in order to make their product more ‘productive’. Sony just installs the Android version with minimal modifications and expects it to sell. That way a tablet ends up being an oversized phone. I can’t think of working on a tablet for ‘proper work’ and for everything else a 5.2 or 5.5 inch phone is better than a big 10 inch tablet.

  • Dmitry Perets

    Undelievable… These guys simply don’t know how to sell, I have no idea why… Android tablets market is so poor, and Sony was one of the veeery few good players on it! I am still with Xperia Tablet Z from 2013, and it was a super successful model!
    And Xperia Tablet Z4? It is great! But try to buy it in Europe! Most countries don’t even have it in stock, it just never came! Why?!
    And Xperia Tablet Z2? Could be cheap and still decent buy. But it is still above 400 euro. Why?!
    So what sales results does Sony expect exactly? They don’t even try to sell it…

  • MarkG54321

    Have an Xperia z3 compact, and its an outstanding device, now over a year old, and there is nothing that comes close.

    Songs problem is not manufacturing, they know how to make great devices, their problems are marketing. Americans are so easily brainwashed by the press, its easy to just buy whatever the internet tells them

  • Maurice Phoenix

    Sad Sure…Hope It Wont Happen. At Least Not Yet. I Have XPERIA Z2 Tablet WIFI & Z4 LTE. That is the best tablet i have ever had ever! I Even sold my IPad to get this and fallen in love ever since. Thats the reason i get my hand on Z4 Tablet

  • Raj Singh

    Yes, I wouldn’t know what to purchase next. I have the Surface Pro for Windows 10 and an iPad for iOS… but I prefer Xperia tablets for Android. I’m using the Z3 Tablet with LTE right now. They are my favorite. I’ve owned the original Tablet S and the Z2 Xperia Tablet as well — both are still in action. I don’t like the designs of any of the other tablets on the market.

    Sony Mobile sucks though. They are not competitive and they don’t have a compelling story. They can’t sell their brand or their products. I blame their executives and marketing departments. Their engineers are the best in the business.

  • Maurice Phoenix

    Brow…I Take It That You Are From Indonesia Right? One Advice To You Though…Learn How To Take Picture By Phone First. Z3 Camera I Thinki Is A Nice Camera. If U Dont Like It. Im Sure Its From Your Side

  • aseuss

    Sony doesn’t have poor marketing. It has NONEXISTENT marketing. That is its problem. Thing is, last year’s Xperia Z4 Tablet got stand-out reviews, with many outlets saying it was THE Android tablet to beat. A TechnoBuffalo reviewer, Jon Rettinger, announced the fact that he forked out his own money (around $700 in the US) to buy the Xperia Z4 Tablet which he then reviewed–he didn’t wait for TechnoBuffalo to buy it for him or get a review model from Sony:


    Rettinger said “I LOVE THIS TABLET” and his colleague, Brandon Russell, said it’s “the one to beat” and “Sony has won us over”.

    Over at PC World, veteran reviewer Florence ion said the Xperia Z4 Tablet “is exactly why it shouldn’t stop making mobile devices.” She relates a anecdote from Mobile World Congress:

    “While I was handling the device, a woman actually walked by me and said loudly, “Sony is so good at design.” It’s true, and it would be a shame if the company doesn’t continue trying its hand at increasing its sales—and its marketshare—in the mobile sphere.”


    That says it all. It would be a shame if Sony left the Mobile sphere and/or stopped making tablets. It definitely has the hardware: as thin as an iPad Air 2 and lighter by 40 grams. Excellent battery life. Highest IP68 rating (waterproof to 5 feet for 30 minutes). And especially, a bright, super-sharp 2K display. Along with the excellent audio (according to Ion), it makes for the perfect portable movie-watching device. Has the software/UI too: Ion says her favorite part is Sony’s rendition of Lollipop.

    And yet…Sony makes it so hard to get. Went to BestBuy, where there is a huge Android tablet kiosk, as well as a separate Samsung kiosk. No Xperias to be found. Only a few websites carry it. Zero advertising. What, is Sony trying NOT to sell these things? That is the only conclusion one could draw.

    Some say Sony just doesn’t have the advertising budget. Well, set aside the fact that you have to put money in to earn money. Fact is, with all these rave reviews, plus prestigious awards–like the coveted iF Gold award in 2015–all Sony needs to do is put in a few quotes in cheap print ads or internet ads–heck, the crappiest companies have those pop-up ads. And this would at least build a cult following. Sell a few more than that, and then scale sets in, and then you can charge a bit less, which further pushes sales.

    Six months ago, Sony had arguably the #1 tablet. It just refused to make it available. The suits at Sony are the wimpiest bunch you’ll find anywhere. No will, no chutzpah. Meanwhile, Samsung’s people are like the proverbial salesman who could sell ketchup to a woman in white gloves. Not that Samsung’s stuff is crap; a lot of it is great. But Samsung is willing to actually get behind their own products.

    Take it from Tomi Ahonen, called the best analyst in the mobile sphere: “Fire your marketing people, hire an American.” ‘Nuf said.

  • aseuss

    Exactly. Went to BestBuy–huge Android kiosk, not a single Xperia. On the other side of the store, a Samsung tablet kiosk. Asked salesperson if they had Sony tablets. She looked at me like, ‘What are you talking about’? Even the salespeople think that if it’s not out there, it doesn’t exist. With Sony’s nonexistent marketing, no one will ever look to buy one because they don’t even know that Sony makes tablets!

  • SM

    I’d say this is the right decision to focus more in their smartphone market & segment.

  • Raj Singh

    They have the best products but they have no idea how to sell them, which is such a shame.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I would be really sad if they did indeed quit with tablets, bought myself a white version of the Xperia Z4 tablet (WiFi version) last summer shortly after the release and I can’t be more pleased with it. It is awesome! Especially the speed and the superb screen :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah but you just don’t go around and take pics with a tablet it looks stupid XD the only thing that is great to have camera wise on a tablet is a great from facing one which the Z4 tablet has :)

  • Vuyo Ncube

    I think Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Mobile and AMD should consolidate their efforts to design a genuine gamer’s Tablet to succeed the Vita and challenge the Nvidia Shield Tablet. Around the same size as the Z3 Tablet Compact, uses the same API as the other current PlayStations, lightweight OS for games and movies, mini Dualshock controller, Vulkan and Google Play Services compatibility. If AMD can get good enough power efficiency by around 2018 with a sub 10 watt Zen+ APU.

  • MarkLastiwka

    Have it play Vita games and I think I may be sold lol

  • sri

    Just look at the samsung galaxy tab s2 sales during thanks giving.. hundreds of tablets are sold out from different outlests. So what sony doesn’t know is how to market their best products.
    Second is price. Only Bond or rich people can buy their products. If other brand mobile available for $100 and with similar specs sony sells it fir $180. Out of 10 sony can only attracts 2 or 3 but rest of market is gone from their hands.

    what is the use when the cutting edge technology equipped sony products are not available for reasonable cost?? who will buy?

    end of the day attracts more customers than few loyalty ones. Only this formula works now a days.

    sad thing is take any random site for reviews , discussions , sellers etc.. we hardly here about “sony”. Its nothing when compared to other brands especially in mobile market.

  • sri

    thats true.

  • sri

    my question is do sony give outlets to sell their products?? I think by the time other brands already captures market.

  • sri

    where in the world sony returns money to customer??

  • M110

    no, no future for android tablet. this is a wise move. they should go for windows-based hybrid notebook/tablet.

  • Paul M

    I very nearly bought a Z3 Tablet Compact LTE, but ended up buying a Z Ultra instead.

    If I’d been able to buy a decent keyboard cover for the Z3TCLte then I’d have bought one anyway. I got my wife a very good keyboard for her Galaxy Note 8″ which is a hard clip-on cover and keyboard with solid, not rubber, keys. Nothing like that for Z3TC :-(

  • Paul M

    It wasn’t just poor marketing, they seemed hopeless at distributing their product and actually getting it onto retailer’s shelves.

  • Timel

    Sad but I think most people love iPads more than android tablets

    the problem is deeper than horrible marketing of Sony and actually it’s not a Sony’s fault at all, it’s android’s fault, it’s all about android ecosystems, it’s about user experience and apps

    Sony made awesome android tablets but android ecosystems isn’t good like iPads ecosystems, Finally most people will get iPads anyway because they can use many great apps on iPads

    I don’t wanna see Sony stop selling tablets but I don’t see the bright future of Xperia tablet product line too… And it will waste Sony’s money uselessly if they won’t stop making Xperia tablets, Sony just have no choice this time….

    Even Sony will make something like pixel c or make Xperia tablet runs windows 10…

  • Timel

    Great idea!

    to be honest, if Sony unsucces with Xperia, they should fight with PlayStation instead like creating PlayStation Phone for example

    PlayStation Phone and PlayStation Pad with detachable controller would be so cool

    Oh FYI
    Sony Computer Entertainment changed the name already
    Now it becomes Sony Interactive Entertainment.

  • Timel

    hardware engineers are great but not software engineers

  • theskig

    It’s fun I’ve never bought a tablet in my life. But when it happen it will be a Sony, of course.

  • azzido

    I wish tey will not withdraw, but prepare it once a 2 years.
    Just create it less frequently and lower the price to boost sales.

    The major reason for weak sales, all my friends saying sony tablets are good, but always more expensive than samsung. Picking samsung… :/

  • Timel

    Samsung tablets have great displays but it looks really cheap and ugly

  • Timel


    What’s Kaz is doing right now?
    I hope he’ll wake up and read this website.

  • Unknown

    Currenntly I have Z2 Tablet .

    If Sony withdraw from the tablet market, Will be sad.

    Because me and my cousin we are waiting for a new tablet from Sony, Next one, and I think will be Z5 or Z6 tablet.

    I hope to be this report is Fake or Wrong !

  • azzido

    3 main factors why Sony is not sellling tablets:

    1. Price
    2. Non existing marketing
    3. Lack of availability. I wanted to buy one Z4 tablet from carrier. Any carrier in my country. None had it…

    They should still try, but target it to the players. Something that will Combine ideas of PS Vita, Xperia Tablet Z and nVidia Shield. 10″ consolidation of 3 products above, probably running windows 10 or dual system: Playstation UI + Android. Did you see any device with dual system?
    Such a “device” with dedicated playstation games created only for it should sell much better.

    See how Nintendo portable devices are selling?
    Unfortunately I think that even if Sony would create such a device, it would ruin it sells due to 3 factors above.

  • apolloa

    It would be an ABSOLUTE DISASTER if Sony left the tablet market, I have the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, it’s amazingly brilliant and replaced an iPad Retina I had, it’s so much more versatile, waterproof, has expandable memory, and is fast. The screen UTTERLY embarrasses my current iPhone 6S and I mean embarasses it.
    The Z4 is equally brilliant. People say they have no marketing, that is true but it’s also true that Sony tablets sit alongside Samsung and Apple tablets in stores. Sony has never been very good at advertising apart from the Playstation brand and games, they are brilliant at advertising those and perhaps it’s an obvious result they sell in the millions?
    The alternative tablets are really the Nexus which is fine, or Samsung which means Touchwiz Bloatware, Sony is great at not going overboard with that and giving you the ability to uninstall it too.

  • Sad because Sony’s tablets are arguably the best Android tablets out there.

  • Timel

    PlayStation 4 is very successful because people at Sony Computer have always listen to customers and they can run the business effectively.

    Sony Mobile is full of stupid people especially those stupid headers.

  • akzidenz

    Maybe sony should do something with remix os and market their tablets…

  • zetoze

    I’m still rocking a z2 tablet and it never let me down… I use it every day and I’m writing this on it. Its my good friend 8 hours per day. I love it.

  • Timel

    It would be so cool if we can insert PS4’s blue-ray disc games in Xperia tablets directly and we can play PS4 games natively, but it sounds too stupid

    Maybe PS5 will ditch blue-ray disc for new type of game storage that we can use it for playing and saving PS5 games, not just use with console but it also compatible with PS Phone and PS Pad, So now we can play PS5 on mobile devices natively

    I know, but don’t weak me up please , I love this dream.

  • DarkMaster

    Tell me something Timel why is your psychiatrist letting you use the internet? and pls tell us where is that mental hospital where you reside so we can send you one of awesome Xperia devices , It’s obvious that you want it badly but can’t have one.we had enough of your frustration.

  • apolloa

    Considering the SUPERB tablets and phones Sony makes I would hardly call the mobile team, stupid.
    It’s the marketing department who are daft.

  • Alvin

    Oh certainly, yes. Their tablet is spectacularly amazing, but they don’t sell it everywhere, even other manufacturer’s tablets that came after their tablet launched sooner than their own tablet. If only they incrased their marketing for all countries for their tablets, they’ll be at least number 2 in the tablet market.

    Their tablets are amazing every year, and reviewers agreed with it.

  • Moonlight

    Huh…I’m still using Xperia Tablet S and state that’s still good and practical in daily usage. Sony is great. No need to switch fur Samsung’s bullshit

  • gamer324

    Not really, no. I have basically no interest in ARM-based tablets. Honestly I was a lot sadder to see them sell off VAIO.

  • Tina E

    You don’t need to wait for your carrier! Go on eBay and buy the unlocked NIB. I have a Z4 tablet using AT&T LTE. Works like a charm.

  • gamer324

    And it’s not just zero marketing either, Sony has a dedicated fan following in sooo many countries where it refuses to launch its mobile devices officially. My country, Pakistan being among them, it’s not that people don’t buy Sony devices; in most cases it’s also the fact that you simply can’t.

  • mixedfish

    Hang on, ‘marketing material’ suggesting withdrawal from the market?

    Why would anyone spend money to basically say don’t buy our products.

  • J@S0n

    I LOVE MY XPERIA TABLET! I have Tablet Z?Tablet Z3 compact and Tablet Z4 and I think xperia tablet has the best design and handling, as well as its screen quality. WE NEED TABLET Z6!

  • Richard Fong

    I had the Z Tablet and I’m still using the Z2 Tablet daily. I still get comments about it being a beautiful device when I take it out in public.

    I am absolutely ready to upgrade to the next tablet available and will be bitterly disappointed if we don’t see a new tablet this half of the year. Saying that, if I have to, I will get the Z4 Tablet (even though at the minute it is overpriced).

    Really, if they put the device in front of more people they will have better take up. It is a fantastic series which has only got better each iteration.

  • iia3ezu

    I know/meet many people and none of them has a Sony tablet. Apple is the king of the tablet market with their iPads, and the remainder is split up between Samsung and the PC OEMs (Lenovo, Asus etc).

    And recently, after Windows 10 has been released and Microsoft becoming more distanced from Ballmer’s decade-long idiocy, Surface tablets have started to sell well again.

    If I were Sony CEO, I would have kept the Vaio product line and forked the product lines between Android and Windows tablets. But instead, you have a twit who thinks doing a product placement in a mediocre Bond movie is going to boost sales of Xperia phones.

    Many Sony should release a tablet specially designed to download and display Xperia themes. Ooh, that ‘The Little Mermaid’ theme now ‘free’ on Xperia Gold? View it on your Sony tablet now!

  • iia3ezu

    From the original Japanese text:


    “We will stop selling the three models (of Xperia tablets) by March 2016, but as of now, we have no information yet on the newer models.”

    You can interpret the situation as ‘glass half full’ (Sony will announce new tablets at a later date), or ‘glass half empty’ (no more new Sony tablets).

  • jamie evans

    I think Sony shoul stay focused on smartphones.

  • What are you talking about?! The only company that makes android tablets that sell in any meaningful quantity is Samsung (granted Android sucks on tablets with a few dedicated apps). And I see their S2s collecting dust on BB’s shelves. The last time I checked one in-store was a few days ago. Nobody buys them. As of Sony… they’ve withdrawn from that market years ago. The last global release was for Z3 mini, and you can’t find any around in NA. Not that anybody is looking for a sony tab, mind you, so your post is kinda redundant.

  • Yeah, it’s working out so much better for them than tabs… /s

  • hansip

    It is pretty wise to suspend (not abandon it entirely, just pause it for a while) tablet production, because the android OS is still pretty unable to do multitasking natively. Until then, Sony should suspend it, at least wait for android N first to arrive.

  • mukul verma

    IMO sony should make tabs like surface book/pro for windows. android doesn’t have productivity like windows 10 in tabs.. they should make smartphones for windows 10 with continuum support. its a much productive way now a days.

  • hansip

    One more, instead of doing a tablet, please make the ultimate phablet like Z Ultra once was.

  • Geese Howard

    Actually I wouldn’t mind them withdrawing this sector if it only generates low revenues and they don’t even bother changing their marketing strategy or tactics. Focus on the mobile sector or other sections would be more pragmatic.

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  • twm

    I own both the Z3 and Z4 tablet and use them a lot lot. Excellent devices IMO.

  • iia3ezu

    A few hardcore fans aren’t going to reverse the commercial fortunes of a failing product line, IMO.

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  • twm

    Not everyone likes overpriced outdated tech with aggressive marketing like you expect from Apple.

  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    I would be sad. I own Z2 tablet and my wife has Z3 Tablet Compact. Both are great tablets, if i would be allowed to complain, there’s not much to say except that LTE model for that price must have 32GB flash instead of 16GB. And poor choice of headphone socket placement on Z2 – partially remedied by using headphones with L-shaped plug. Apart from that – best Android tablets. But pricey.
    I was really hoping that Sony will get to make a phone/tablet for Google. Alas. Sony should pay more attention to marketing and selling these. They are truly among the best Android tablets you can find. Great (but again – pricey) keyboard cover accessory. Magnetic charging docks.
    Nice rendition of Android, not cluttered, with few apps, most of whom are removable without root. Support for 128GB memory cards with possibility to move apps to it.

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  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    Camera is not the most important part in tablet. As for me – i could live without camera in tablet at all. Never used it.

  • uidesigner_sony

    Sony Tablets Are Perfect, if u ask me, most of people just don’t realise how specifications are for them – So, pooooor marketing
    My Xperia Tablet Z still waterresistant – nice Tablet, nice design, enough perfomance

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    I have the first Gen Xperia Tablet Z bought on the second day after it’s initial launch. I was satisfied with the Tablet and still using it now. Sony has pushed so many updates that I am not sad that they stopped at a bug free Android 5.1.1.

    So yes, it is sad for me if Sony were to withdraw from the Tablet market.

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  • Ana Heluši?

    Bring back Vaio you idiots

  • Caroledpoe2

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  • Tjaldid

    maybe if they partner with Remix OS or Windows or make a budget tablet otherwise there was no new nexus device and there was no new iPad last year

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  • jxPerience

    It’s not that Xperia Tablet doesn’t sell well, it just that they don’t sell it anywhere. Im waiting for the official release of Xperia Z4 Tablet in UAE, unfortunately until now you cannot find it anywhere in the market. A potential xperia buyer lost faith due to sony’s marketing team. They should change their strategy and releasing process. Launch new product today AVAILABLE NEXT day on all markets will help rapid sales of this unmarketed xperia product

  • Tommy He

    As a owner of Z4 Tablet, I would say it’s the only properly made Android tablet currently in market.

    Water resistant, 2K screen, thin and light weighted, meaningful keyboard which makes Pixel C and iPad Pro looks like a toy.

    Yes, I would be very very very sad.

  • Tommy He

    Probably because camera isn’t much useful in tablet, especially the rear one. Z4 Tablet only packs a 8M one, merely usable but also rarely used.

    The front one is good. Wide view, clear picture, decent one for video conferencing.

  • iia3ezu

    Xperia devices still have no official Korean language keyboard. This is a very glaring omission. I pointed this out to the Sony sales rep at a store and even he was shocked.

    Japanese keyboards: only on the Xperia Z-series devices. Not on the E/C/M-series devices. So the ‘poorer’ folks don’t know Japanese, eh?

    Sony, stop being discriminatory/racist and get your act together. Maybe sales will improve after that.

  • pascaleandrei

    Me too. If they will try to sell it, too, it would be great.

  • goldenblls

    I have the Z3 Tablet Compact.

    It’s one of the best things I’ve invested my money in. It’s coming up to 14 months old now and it STILL looks like new, great build quality. No scratches. Screen is perfect. It’s hard to see how it could be improved.

    It would be very sad to think no more tablets were coming from Sony. The make the thinnest, lightest and finest tablets you can lay your hands on. In fact I don’t think I’d have bought one if Sony hadn’t made one.

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  • Da Fuq

    I would love an Xperia tablet running Windows. But Android tablets just seem useless to me.

  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    Don’t know about your country but Sony recently dropped prices on Z4 on my country. From 750 to 459€ on WiFi model and from 895 to 739€ on LTE model. Still LTE model is very expensive. For 729€ you can get iPad Air 2 LTE 64GB.

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  • bladesuk1

    sony tablets are awesome – i’ve got a z2 tablet that i use all the time, and it’s a fantastic bit of kit. to be fair, their phones are pretty amazing too. i think they really ought to fire whomever it is that’s responsible for their marketing, because they’re not doing a good enough job.

  • ryq24

    Sony, like all Japanese electronic companies namely Panasonic, toshiba, sharp,etc, can no longer compete with the Koreans or Chinese manufacturers who have catch up already both in quality and innovation and they are much cheaper than Japanese products and more aggressive in pushing their products.

  • Timel

    Because I own many Xperia smartphones that’s why I know that Xperia smartphones have the wrong cameras among rivals.

  • Yesé

    I am planning to buy new Sony’s tablet this year… If Sony quits this market I will go for z4 tablet…

  • Dexter Smith

    I know I would be sad. I love my Xperia 2 tablet. Thing is still going strong. If it ever hits the can or is just too slow then I’ll either upgrade to the Z4 or hopefully whatever new tablet Sony brings out.

  • This would be sad news… I own a Z3 compact tablet and recommend it to everyone. Much better in my opinion than the iPad.
    And the weather sealing should be mandatory : couldn’t consider buying a non waterproof phone or tablet anymore!

  • Yuen Lui

    The concept of Z4 tablet was really good, just the connectivity of the keyboard cover wasn’t good enough (do not auto connect in the cases you need to use the keyboard). If it can auto connect the keyboard upon release (e.g. opening the cover) using NFC, the user experience will be highly improved. Also, stock android doesn’t encourage mouse control, in order to make the mouse more useful, Sony need to customize the UI, e.g. more mature windowed apps (small apps) and better task switching.
    Finally, the Z4 tablet is a bit over-priced. If Sony decide to release the next tablet with keyboard, I really hope they can sell them at a price lower or equal to surface not pro and with 64GB and 128GB

  • Manta

    IDC about tablets. Just gimme a new Xperia Z Ultra!!

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  • kinggo

    “Did you ever purchase a Sony Xperia Tablet”
    Yes, Z2 LTE

    “great build quality, a slim/lightweight design, long battery life, good
    performance, sharp displays and, to top it off, water resistance”
    If we ignore the fact that they DO bend a little and they should not for that price.
    I agree on slim, lightweight, performance and absolutely great battery.
    But display……….. I am on 3rd one and they all got some green dots on area where touches are most frequent. It’s not visible in normal usage with light backgrounds but it is absolutely terrible with dark backgrounds.

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  • Deborahrmarchetti1

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  • Raj Singh

    Fuck you.

  • vlad prvte


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  • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

    But that’s the thing, market is all about quantity, not quality. Hence McDonald is worldwide. If you can make great devices but can’t sell it, then it’s pretty much useless

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  • DavyPaul

    We have been using Sony handsets since the sony-ericsson days. Then Xperia S & T, 2 x Z1 Compacts, currently 2 x Z3 Compacts. I’ve had my Z2 tablet since I gave my ageing Asus Transformer tf101 to my brother. My partners TF201 is starting to slow, so we’ve just bought the Z4 Tablet with the nfs/bluetooth keyboard. (I use my PSP bluetooth keyboard with my Z2!) 64 bit, slim, beautiful display. The best tablets on the market. I walked past the Samsung stand in my local shopping centre/mall to /buy/ my xperia T unlocked when it was new. The Samsungs are nice and sometimes innovative, but they’re not a patch on the Xperia range. I wish sony had kept the ‘Walkman’ branding for music player! (yes, I had mini-disc too)

  • DavyPaul

    oh, and three NFC sound-bar accessories plus headphones. small bar in the kitchen, wide bar with sub-woofer in the lounge and a DAB/NFC upstairs. tap the device and carry on listening. just superb.

  • I had no ideea that they sell tablets! I think Sony has too much confident in the brand and doesn’t care much about marketing.

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  • Mac

    All I can say is, if I ever gonna by a tablet, there is only one brand out there.

  • Jon_C

    I have two Xperia tablets, a Z2 32GB wifi & a Z4 LTE with the BT keyboard. What I think is wrong with Sony is that although I should prefer using the Z4; I actually prefer the Z2 over the Z4. All down to Sony leaving the Z4 on that crumby 5.0.2 version of Android and it’s known memory leaks.

    The stupidly high prices for the tablets doesn’t help either.

  • singh

    i have original xperia z tablet still going strong, i have recently brought a z2 tablet, i must say its a piece of art. I have played with Samsung tablets and many other tablets, but Sony are truly brilliant they work and perform and the design stands out. The problem is not just availability, its retailers who favor Samsung and other brands above Sony. If you walk into a shop the sale advisors will just reccomend samsung or non branded tablets.

  • singh

    Most reviews have given the z tablets the highest marks and the z4 is considered the best android tablet right now, its shame not enough people know this. The z2, Z3 and z have won the EISA European tablet of the year award many times and the Red Dot Award

  • Greg Blackshaw

    I will be very disappointed if Sony pull out.
    I’m typing this on my 3mth old Z4 Tablet and I couldn’t be happier with the tablet itself.
    Sony needs to completely rethink their sales strategy in Australia.
    I know their pricing issue is world wide but at over AU$1000 compared to AU$715 for a 4G Tab S2 they simply can’t compeet. I agree the Z4 is worth more but not $300 more. $800 – 900 would bring them a big sales boost.
    In Australia they have decided to only sell the 4G version. WiFi android tablets outsell 4G tables multiple times over, I just don’t understand this rational.
    To add to that the 4G version is exclusive to Telstra(Australia’s largest and most expensive telco), many Australians loath Telstra and wouldn’t switch carriers if their life depended on it.
    Sony also needs to work on the quality of their accesories. The keyboard, wile not complete rubbish, doesn’t do the tablet’s premium positioning justice. It feels like a mid range after market accessory not something designed by the same manufacturer. I’ve personally killed 2 SWR30s by wearing them swimming. Sony needs to rethink what they consider waterproof(upgrade the products not downgrade the ratings) and again rethink pricing. Comparing the SWR30 to the Samsung Gear Fit it’s a really hard sell for the Sony. Samsung has managed to have a colour screen, HR monitor and the same battery life for a lower price. Simply upgrading the battery to give it a 5-7 day battery life instead of 3 would be a huge selling point.

  • Arda Akca

    Well I was really looking forward to Z6 Tablet and Z6 Ultra. I made A huge mistake by buying a blackberry priv and waiting for the Ultra. Sony is the unsung hero of Android tbh.

  • Ye Olde Vadge

    My Z3 Compact tablet is one of my biggest sources of happiness. (Yes, I am a nerd.) Everything about it is perfect. I hate the idea of Sony going out of the portables market, and I hope they manage to get their act together with marketing and show Samsung its place (i.e. in the trashcan).

  • Ye Olde Vadge

    “Even iPad Pro?” – bewildered Apple fans ;)

  • Matt

    yea, if ipad runs marshmallow ill buy it in a heartbeat

  • True Radiant Free


  • AllanKafka

    I am very satisfied with my Tablet Z bought in August 2013. I hope Sony goes on producing tablets.

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  • KlayNorton0178

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