Sony brings the romance with the Valentines AR Effect

by XB on 5th February 2016

in Applications, Imaging

Valentine Sony AR Effect_1_resultSony Mobile has launched a new AR (augmented reality) camera effect theme just in time for Valentine’s Day next week. The Valentine AR Effect allows you to love-up your pictures and videos with various effects including hearts, teddy bears and chocolates. The new effect is available in the Google Play Store or you can download it below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Valentine AR Effect (1.0.4)

Valentine Sony AR Effect_2_result

Valentine Sony AR Effect_3_result

Thanks Ben and Martin!

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  • Matt

    i can’t even . .

  • Brick

    Cool. Now I just need a gf to make use of this app.

  • Brick

    By the way, unrelated to this, the Xperia Beta Program has been opened to Italy and I think other countries as well. Xperiablog you may want to report this. If you open Xperia Lounge you’ll see there’s a news item about the Beta Program being available since yesterday.

  • iia3ezu

    V-day is the best time to pick up women, because many of them are getting dumped on that day. Go to a club or bar.

  • iia3ezu

    A genius piece of work brought to you by Sony Mobile Communications A.B. of Lund, Sweden. Mostly former Ericsson employees.

  • Matt

    please don`t point finger if you not 100% sure.

  • Matt

    its seems that xperia z5 marshmallow update are seeding in turkey

  • Winter Soldier

    any Screenshots?

  • Matt

    my z3 says no hahaha, lets just wait shall we? i believe the news will come down soon enough

  • Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer

    It seems like that this no fake i contacted sony support team here in the nordics and they coulnd confirmed but the say it is on the way when i conectet my z5 premium to pc companion i could it says no internett conecation but i have internett so i guess that the marshmellow update will soon arrive is only a matter of days or houers

  • It´s not true, this news ist from hdblog from 21st January…

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  • raju

    Need girl friend to use this app

  • Alvin

    not true.. gsmarena isn’t too reliable these days.

  • Alvin

    take your mum. no need to have a gf

  • mUSICA

    when i heard turkey—lol

  • akzidenz

    Who else makes them? Sony doesnt have any other devs elsewhere

  • Makes you look desperate though.

  • Matt

    It’s not like they only have 10 people who is developing everything. you are not 100% sure are you? Sony is a big company,besides. The one who is sinless cast the first stone.

    The art effect is fucking free you know? Just ignore it

  • Jacquelinejberger1

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  • Brick

    Can I take yours? Mine isn’t into the interracial anal gangbangs I like.

  • azzido

    Sony better brings marshmallow than these stupid themes.

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  • Alvin

    no, mine isnt too. but thanks for asking

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