Sony launches “Xperia Beta Program” for official Marshmallow release

by XB on 10th February 2016

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3 series

Xperia Beta Program_1Sony Mobile must be closer to releasing the official Android 6.0 Marshmallow as it has released an “Xperia Beta Program” to iron out any bugs before it is launched to the public. This beta program is not to be confused with the ‘Concept for Android’ program which remains a separate branch of software.

The Marshmallow being tested here is a pre-release version of the official Sony software that will shortly be publicly hit handsets. It is live for the Xperia Z2 (D6503), Z3 (D6603) and Z3 Compact (D5803) across only a few regions (Italy, Spain and Netherlands only).

This is how Sony describes it in a Google+ post in the Sony Concept community:

Xperia Beta Program – Quality beta test of official software
Concept for Android – Experimental consumer driven software

If you are a Concept user and wondering when the next update is coming, the team has said that hopefully a new release should be expected within a couple of weeks.

Xperia Beta Program_1 Xperia Beta Program_2

  • darkarvan

    thanks sony, for kicking Z5 users in their butt.

  • jmaxim917

    This item isn’t available in your country. Whatever Sony, really really tired of your attitude towards the US.

  • Vitor Silva

    Shame that i sent my z2 to warranty for fixing touch screen problems.

  • Joe Black

    As a previous user of Z1C, Z3C and a current user of Z5C, I agree absolutely.
    To the point of seriously rethinking any future investment in Sony smartphones.

  • sebastianer

    Why no Z5? And Why Beta and not the final release? Several months passed since MM and MM Concept was released!

  • DestroyTP

    apk plz ???

  • sahil khan

    Is this available on my m4 aqua dual.?? tell me please

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    FINALLY,I will install it when release the tft,guys,I have root,if I flash the Beta,will be no problems by having root and custom recovery right?

  • Phazonclash

    Seriously? They’re still beta testing that firmware??? Wow…

  • Cakefish

    That’s it. Enough is enough. I’m going iPhone.

  • Svnjay


  • skrug

    Concept =/= Beta

  • skrug

    Z3er and Z2er are the guinea pigs =D, but yeah, I dont get why they don’t let Z4/Z5 be in this program too

  • Will Komba

    why only D5803??? FFs

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    I agree but what we can do? We have the devices so we only can sell it or wait,I love my Z2 and I will keep it until it broke. I don´t know why if Sony have a identical UX of Google´s Android,they are very late than LG (LG UX.. Man,that thing is heavy)

  • Phazonclash

    Yes I know the difference between betas and concept builds, but still… Most flagship devices are already running Marshmallow or it’s being rolled out as we speak (Marshmallow is being rolled out by Samsung in Korea), and Sony is still beta-testing that thing? That got to be a joke…

    Serious question: Are they using students and interns?

  • KzX

    Can someone upload the apk file?

  • VitalyK

    Most likely because there are too many customization. Moto G is much closer to vanilla Android so it’s easier to update.

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  • Phazonclash

    That’s not a valid reason to be honest. Samsung and LG firmwares are heavily modified, with MANY more proprietary features than what you will find in an Xperia firmware, etc. and their firmware are being rolled out as we speak.

    Fair question: Are Sony developers qualified and up to the job? Do they have the knowledge and skills to get it done? So far they look pretty amateurish to me (Many issues in the Lollipop firmware that are still not fixed since October. Unreasonable delays to release Marshmallow… It’s not looking good)

  • Phazonclash

    If I wanted an easy way out of the mobile market, I would act exactly how Sony is acting right now. Non-existent communication, totally ignoring customers who purchased my latest 800$ flagship phone, not fixing my current Lollipop firmware,…

  • skrug

    Maybe because Sony has fewer developers compared to Samsung and LG devoted to Android development?

    And Samsung is only starting to roll out Marshmallow, probably with [a lot of] bugs.

    WIth this Xperia Beta program, the final is probably a couple of weeks away, hopefully with little to no bugs.

  • dkionline

    wait for beta and install it. There are millions of people out and get a shit of what version is installed on the smartphone.

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  • Samuel

    No. Only Z2 and Z3.

  • TombStone

    It is a little weird that Sony are limiting the availability of the beta program to not only certain models, but certain countries….

    I can guarantee you, those who are complaining about not being able to get this beta program, will be the same people who will complain and cry about the number of bugs present in the beta program. LOL

    Those who are crying that Sony are useless and not caring about their current customers is probably an overreaction. MM 6.0 is only a few weeks away, might as well just wait it out.

  • Phazonclash

    I don’t think people would overreact that much if the Z5 Lollipop ROM was any good. Sadly that’s not the case.

  • dkionline

    anyway, please make a dump of the beta build and we can take a look after some people can start with the program.

  • TombStone

    I agree. My phone has that Radio Active bug which causes some serious battery drain! Really looking forward to MM to fix it. But in the meantime, i just have to switch my Mobile data off and use the phone on WiFi. While i patiently wait for MM…

  • Martín Balzarini

    Why not add the Z3 Dual?

  • raju

    Because lot of improvements and changes

  • Raj Singh

    You should realize by now that Sony Mobile goes out of its way to fuck over US customers…
    Case in point, they had to go out of their way to omit the fingerprint sensor on the Z5. Though I lay some — but not much — of the blame on carriers in the United States of America.

  • jmaxim917

    I cannot blame the US carriers. Each and every manufacturer has to negotiate with the carriers, why then dies Sony come out empty handed.

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  • Phazonclash

    In my case, two of the features I use the most are currently broken on the Z5:

    -Bluetooth is unreliable and can’t maintain a connection to my car more than ~10 minutes. That problem didn’t exist on my Note 3 and OnePlus One

    -Wifi Hotspot is broken and causes an “unexpected error” as soon as I enable it. I need thetering for a very good reason: I use it all the time with my Surface Pro.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    What are the issues you’re having with lollipop?Care to share?
    Cause Lollipop is really smooth on my phone except that it’s legendary “Mobile Data Active” bug and battery drain.

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  • iia3ezu

    With the Sony Mobile software development HQ in Sweden, you are always going to need additional manpower.

    Sweden’s productivity and work ethic is one of the worst on the planet. You can easily verify this fact for yourselves.

  • Genta Aditya

    this is just my guess
    but i think what Samsung / LG did so they can release MM so darn fast was just copying their present L files whichever compatible with MM and did almost no tuning to the whole systems (because i know their past early updates were buggy as hell)
    while Sony took their sweet times (too long, almost like they do nothing) optimizing and updating stuffs into the latest version — but ofc, early updates will have some bugs like network stuffs, but nothing fatal like what Samsung had

  • iia3ezu

    Perhaps Sony understands it is not economically viable to bend over backwards just to please the handful of Sony Xperia fans in the USA.

  • Utsav Shah

    believe it or not z3 is still a top xperia device and sony loves it too. thanks to SD801.

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  • Stuart Gardoll

    My thoughts exactly. Waiting expediently with my Z5 but not feeling the love.

  • Stuart Gardoll

    Agree – massive battery issues with my Z5. Barely lasts a day and always have to have ‘auto sync data’ off. Desperately hoping the Doze features in MM 6.0 have some affect.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Sony drag time just to fix an adaptive brightness issue for xperia z5 and promise 6.0 to get it fix… Lame xcuse.

  • RiTCHiE

    Well i hope more companies go the same road as sony because USA aint the world and its not like they have to get the best service each time. Problem is america is a country that is lead by ads and commercial corps so any company not spending million on ads will lose against samsung or apple. But shame to see them sheeps only use 2 brand while phones like the Z5 is top of the line and beats most droids and apples.

  • Nav

    So what were u doing all this long with concept program! Really this seems bad, sony!!!!

  • cerunnos

    I use both regularly and they work. You might want to reset your phone or check with a store if the radio is somewhat defective.

  • TombStone

    Yeah my Bluetooth is not that great either. For me, sometimes the phone auto-connects with my cars Bluetooth, other times i have to manually connect it. It is very hit and miss.

    However once it is connected, the Bluetooth doesn’t disconnect and works really well, with clear and sharp sound.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Sony is not kicking in you butt.
    They are being used as guinea pigs (as said before)
    Z5 users will be the first to get Android 6 and this will make better your first experience with Marshmallow.

  • Sadman Khan

    Someone already has. Check the comments below

  • Thitigorn Jiruttigorn

    But for the best experience Sony should consider Z5 as their guinea pig also since they use SD810

  • unknown13x

    lol, it’s actually the opposite.

  • Why not South Africa?!?! :-/ We’re in the same time zone as Central Europe and we speak English too!

  • Eduardo Otero

    You’ll only have the best experience by getting the official software not the experimetal or beta ones.

  • Thitigorn Jiruttigorn

    What I meant is if they put SD810 devices in the program, when the FW comes out it would be less bugs to fix.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Well that’s a really good point. You’re right

  • James Garrett

    They should make this available for the Z5 Especially since its their newest product.

  • Timel

    Couldn’t agree more

  • Timel

    You rather cry for the new camera software than this bullshit beta marshmallow.

  • Timel

    Hope Sony will adapt What’s New app’s UI on the entire Xperia UI, it’s so classy and beautiful

    Xperia classy hardwares really deserve classy software interface.

  • Darren Johnstone


  • Brick

    I’m in Italy and I got this. I enjoy testing software so I’m going to have fun with this. Hopefully this will help make the software better for everyone. If you want buggy software with a bigger number go buy a Samsung already.

    Also by doing this not only they save money on beta testing but they also get a bigger test base than testing the software internally, and the users also have fun trying out the new features and helping with development (see windows 10), and finally the software gets released with less bugs. Everyone wins really.

  • azzido

    Why no z5 users :(

  • azzido

    In sweden they work only 6 hours a day = that’s why it is so late :(
    Abd they are beta testing M on 801 chipset for my Z5 running 810. Great, just great that will really help to iron out the bugs, for Z2 and Z3 for sure. ..

    I think it is time to consider other brands after MWC, as Z5 user feel really abandoned.

  • Matt

    Well we know you like it that way :)

  • Matt

    Totally ignoring? concept software? Now beta program?

    Why being a stickler for a software update? and don’t bring the price with your complaint, we all know Sony phones are not cheap

  • Matt

    Will you be a Guinea pig for the z5 program?

  • Matt

    Most? Samsung is still limited release. How did it go last time? The software broke any things indeed, they roll out software to get publication and fix it later on.

    Lg? Well their hardware is identical with nexus and they only upgrading like 2 phones g4 and g3. G3 doesn’t even have 5.1.1

    Moto? Pure android also 808 like nexus.

    Time and time again it’s proven will be late, but the update went rather smoothly

  • Matt

    at this point after a cuple of months of concept software and now this beta testing .
    the MM for my z3 will be more stable than the sphinx .

    besides folks at XDA already reported that late iteration of concept software already really stable and qualified as daily driver , with battery life close to KK , couldnt be better

    for z5 user ? LOL

    but seriously , youll get them first

  • Thitigorn Jiruttigorn

    I would !! Definitely. BTW I’m owning the most forgotten phone ever in Zseries, Z3+

  • DarkMaster

    personally I don’t see anything special in Marshmallow….there is no new features or new look so better late and stable update instead of early and full of bugs…

    but anyway goodbye you wont be missed.

  • Xvestor

    Thinking spacious
    Sony choose z2 and z3 user because they expect the user is much….
    Z5 is new handset, if z5user choose as beta tester while not have people had it, it will not fill expectation of whole user..

    Just dont be human whom only do speak and speak without re think (for people here)

    Dont get me wrong, im also xperia z user and not easy for me to buy xperia but im just trying to think more spacious

  • Matt

    good, if you say no ill encourage you to shout your mouth hole. but since the answer is yes, hopefully they opened program for you

    well , lets say z3+ is the thinnest one of the bunch :)

  • inspire

    Do you even understand what this is about before writing lovely words?
    “Beta test”, “quality test”, “pre release s/w”. Understand these words and concepts? It’s not that Sony is not going to give Z5 users android 6.0, rather the others Z5 series users are just being used as baits for ironing out the bugs, so that they and Z5 users can use the bug free upgrade.

    Now please don’t say you were being sarcastic, because you were not!

  • Bashar Shehab

    Dude, it’s only for z2 and z3 because those are the most popular handsets released by Sony

    Z5 is still new and almost nobody have it

  • Matt

    and im not sure people who newly bought 800 $ headset wanted to use them as a “beta software test platform”

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  • shrty

    ive uploaded same file to a shorter address to download via ur phone,

  • Timel

    You look too butthurt bro

    Please Stop ask people to don’t do this don’t do that, stop defending and keep licking Sony’s balls everytime.

  • Sadman Khan

    Since Lollipop isn’t exactly all that good on our devices, I think we actually might have :P

  • Sadman Khan

    If you have this, then…..

  • Matt

    you look flagged :P

  • Matt

    yea, lollipop ist that good on all devices, even nexus devices lol.

    back to @beshar opinion, i think it makes sense, to test it on more devices, instead of the z5 series. they tested it on 6.0 platform, processor optimization comes from quallcom, so you need not to worry . MM should be fine

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  • Snorky112

    Android 6 natively supports dual sims so I think the build will be the same for single and dual sim

  • Arjaan Peree

    I tried to download the app to my Z3 dual but it says that my Phone is not compatible..

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  • Nick Digenis

    I have a Z5 and I was able to download it and sign up for the program. Weird…

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  • Ashish Chavan

    Pls make a video and share it…. will appreciate for screenshots also…..

  • fluxx

    No more broken noses? Y.E.-H.A.!

  • fluxx

    Beta testing is hard work and no new customers should work hard!

    Enjoy your Z5 :)

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  • Kazandu

    Or just google Xperia Beta Program APK and use the apkmirror Link ;)

  • Bashar Shehab

    It’s mentioned in the thread that it’s only available in Netherlands, Italy, and Spain.
    Stop acting like a kid.

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  • Igy Tech

    but not for Z2 tablet

  • Zbaeia
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  • Timel

    No you’re more worse actually, the same old trick, loser people with fallacy and can’t even accept the different opinions, blaimed everyone are trolls just because they say negative things about Sony, and Oh c’mon you think that I think you are my real bro? Why’re you so bullshit bro?

    To be honest, fanboy like you is just a worthless people, Sony do many things wrong and need to change, need to improve seriously, but you always try to hide those mistakes and keep defending Sony everytime, you are really worthless for Sony, with fanboy like you, Sony will never be on top again.

    You are too blind, and I’m pity you.

  • Brick

    I mean I got the app not the firmware dude… The firmware isn’t out yet. I heard it will come out next week.

  • sebastianer

    My gf’s Moto G (2013) has marshmallow (unofficially, but everything is working) with working Auto Brightness. [We can’t even do this in the Z5C, the binaries that Sony release are BS, no camera, a lot of bugs]

    But my Z5 Compact still in Lollipop with broken AB since release day.

    Sony is terrible, at least with Z5 users. (Z3 phones, with concept firmware, are not bad, they got a pretty stable MM early, less bugs, etc).

    I wont buy another Sony. I’m 75% convinced at least. I just hope Google release a compact Nexus (like the X 2013) in a future.

  • sebastianer

    We’re here because we gave Sony a chance. Now there are good things and bad things. I love the amazing battery, size, and fingerprint sensor in my Z5C. But I hate the camera, the bugs (like Auto Brightness bug), all the time Sony takes to release a simple update (considering they try to be more aosp friendly, but they aren’t, because the binaries are completely the opposite), the DRM erase when unlocking the bootloader. (All personal opinions of course, I don’t force other users to think the same).

  • charbel aoun

    still Android 6.0.1 on nexus 5 is an asshole

  • Timel

    Totally agree
    Some blind Sony fans here are too weak to accept the some facts, they only wanna hear good things about Sony and that’s so annoying because in reality Sony phones have many things to improve, especially its camera quality.

  • Matt

    It is okay to have an opinion or complain as long as you`re not being a jerk about it.

  • Matt

    really ? i didn’t know that , pity

  • Matt

    see? @MashmallowTimel:disqus this is called an opinion, good job

  • Chaz

    doze is huge improvement for battery life, and all kinds of tweaks

  • hansip

    Approved by me, the Small App of mine’s statistics says so.

  • Juri Sinneral

    Because you live in the Southern Hemisphere…

  • Matt

    oh sorry, i typed what my mind thinks , LOL

    I hope M comes with less bloatware, because i do would like to use android pay, and we know it wont work if you have root.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Lollipop runs just fine on both my Xperia Z and Z4 tablet without any bugs, same goes for my sisters z3c and my cousins z2. No bugs at all I have literally no idea why everyone complain about buggy software from Sony. Never had any bugs in the firmware builds for Xperia Z since the release

  • Ravi Shakya

    Good news…….Z5 marshmallow update will arrive within 3 days and for Z2 and Z3 it will be between 22-27 feb !!
    Sadly no concept UI will be made available for the official update but u can make it look like stock android with Sony’s marshmallow launcher !! Enjoy !!

  • DarkMaster

    We already have stamina mode which is best battery saver so far. and I don’t believe Sony will include both doze and stamina mode in MM….

  • Sadman Khan

    It’s bad on the Z5 series. It was absolutely fabtastic on the older ones. 5.1.1 that is. It’s really bad on the z5 series. Not very optimised. Whereas 5.1.1 on my z3c is amazing. So yeah, if you had a Z5 series device, you’d know

  • Nav

    What is sony doing other companies smartphone even mid range 2 year old started getting update of m!!!! Really sony!

  • kmf

    it sucks

  • Nick Digenis

    Can you share where you got this information from?

  • HAWX

    Radio active bug :) I wrote about it when 5.0.2 was available for Xperia Z. And Sony havent responded in any way. Then we get 5.1.1 which have this bug also. And then 2nd version of 5.1.1 which still has this bug and repairing or flashing other countries rom won’t solve the problem either. So there is no legal option to fix or even turning to older firmware. There is no hope either, Z and Z1 won’t get M. Only illegal option is to flash the older firmware. But most people blame Sony for 550$ paid 2 year old phones and turn them into heating blocks. And I feel them. And People looking from their holes applause Sony for giving updates to older models ;)
    Personally I hate them for ruining my phone and my life. I must enjoy the life with an expensive flagshsip as long as it lives. Making them rubish with bad software is very rudely to say give us more money.

  • Adam

    I live in the Netherlands and Signed up with the bèta program 2 days ago, They send me a email that says They will send a mail as soon as the bèta marshmallow is available, still nothing though havent seen anyone having it either, and i could tell atheïst 5 reasons why the z5 isn’t getting the bèta
    Using a z3c

  • Timel

    This video is so right but you are definitely not, the fact that in Xperia blog, you may think you’re right but people like you’re definitely unacceptable in the outside world, because you judge other’s opinions with your logical fallacies and your biases, the fact that you are nothing but a blind fanboy, just that!

    And it’s so funny for me, you know? you posted this video while you can’t stop being a jerk about other’s opinions as well. That makes me laugh indeed!

  • Matt

    pointing fingers is easier isn’t it ? have a nice day :)

  • and it is up to you if you want to try beta software or not
    i belive most Z5 users including me would like to try marshmallow.
    at least sony could give us some hints when we could expect official release of marshmallow, or what we will get with new update
    ( I would like to see double tap to lock device) and unlocking device with fingerprint sensor without pressing lock button in first step.

  • Aaron Dodson

    Ritchie. While you’re right about Sony not having much of a presence in the US phone market I find your comment about America being a country led by ads and commercial corps comical. Why you ask? Because your country is led by commercial corps too, US commercial corps. We are the world, ie. petro dollar. I’m not saying I like it, just how it is.

  • Matt

    is it up to me ? i never say it is and frankly i dont think so. That is just one of Possible reasons why z5 series are not included in the Marshmallow program.

    yes because all android headset manufacturer always list their new update features in detail long before it released, and they give an exact release day for each and every country.

    you might wish, i dont mind , not that i have any power upon that wish =,=

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Hmm alright, had no idea about the problems on the z5 devices :p

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  • Prasad Daki

    Guys, a petition has been filed against Sony for neglecting some devices for updates like Xperia T3 E3 E4 E4g

    Please sign this petition and help to spread the word…

  • Aditya Thakur
  • RiTCHiE

    Well thats problem nr1, that usa thinks its the whole world while it cleary aint. But my country isnt runned by usa corps, we have some but not that many. Problem nr2 is that them corps rule the gov to create people that are consuming sheeps because thats all they want to fatten their pockets

  • Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer

    5.1.1 is runing very fine on my z5 premium no bugs at all batterylife is also outstanding i dont miss 6.01marshmellow is good that sony have start a beta software program for other users to give them also a chance to try this out it is better to release the the marshmellow update later instead of an early one that includes a lot of bugs like samsung did with there s6 edge which i also have browsing the webb with the s6 edge or multytasting is a disaster from time to time but the z5 premium does here a fine job it never lags are slow down so for me i have no complains

  • Jasmin Drpljanin

    Bashar can you tell me how did you try the 6.0 concept? Did you goit it from this program you downloaded or you found it elsewhere ?

  • Sadman Khan

    It’s ironic how the latest ones have the worst builds. My z3c was much faster and smoother than my z5c. Only that the performance inside apps is better on Z5c because of the processor. But there are quite a few stutters and lags. Hoping that MM will turn things around

  • Blanche McNeill

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  • Brick

    They probably want to save money by letting users betatest the Z3 version while the bigger part of their developers are betatesting the Z5 version internationally. Also since a lot of the framework is identical between Z3 and Z5 this indirectly helps both, on top of that, Z3 has a much bigger userbase than Z5 in the countries where this was deployed. Reading your stupid ramblings is worse than getting kicked in the butt.

  • Bashar Shehab

    This Concept was first released in last October, after about 1 week sombody on XDA made an FTF for it, and I installed it via flashtool. That simple.

  • Karenbgarcia1

    ?my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.?….few days ago new McLaren. F1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a days ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn. More right Here;b530????? http://GlobalSuperEmploymentVacanciesReportsClub/GetPaid/98$hourly…. .?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:::::;b530……

  • Jasmin Drpljanin

    I thought you received it from the beta program. Thank you forthe answer anyway..

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Next z5 update pls add burst mode, full mp with iso selection n scn selection, interligent active fpr 60fps, better slomo camera and panorama with stop button. Timelaps with no needed to set timer. Fix fast captured lag , close shots always loose focus/ back focus , better digital stabilizer for image. Most of the add on camera apps sony made very lagging.

  • Sadman Khan

    What did they send you later on?

  • Sadman Khan

    Do let us know (with screenies) when you get it

  • Brendan Charles

    His ass. 3 days have passed and nothing.

  • Nick Digenis

    Nothing yet. I don’t think they have started sending emails yet so there is still hope. We have to wait :(

  • Sadman Khan

    Wow this is gonna take a while then

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  • ShanghaiWall

    Ah, first world problems – 550$ top of the line phone ruined someone’s life by not working properly. I would understand if the heating problem set your house on fire, which would definitely ruin your life. But nooo, it’s just causing a battery drain. C’mon, man, it’s just battery drain.

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  • HAWX

    Battery drain problem which is so immense that 250+ comments posted first time for a sinhigle topic on official Sony forum.
    I had no time to play with my phone because I was working and reading e mails was crucial for me at that time. With 50+ apps and each was customized for me. And Sony was only saying reset your phone. To reset my phone and put every note, photos, settings chrome passwords etc. I would need a about 2 days. At that time I didin’t have 2 hours of free time. Adn even resetting 6 monyths later it didin’t work for me, and for most people. It is not just a battery drain If you don’t have time and money to play with ypur phone or buy a new phone. It’s the biggest block for your work flow, and not just for me, many people around the world kiddo. And people learned their lesson for choosing Sony, and I don’t believe Sony won’t be selling devices as much as at that time after major software problems, and giving huge middlefinger instead of fixing or even putting and option for returning older firmware, if they are that noob.

    This site is about phones by the way. If you want to learn about worlds problems go bbc or something.

  • Shshank Vishwa

    Xperia Z1..please for my Dad…

  • Martín Balzarini

    OK, so why not release the beta to us Dual users?

  • Blair

    Nice one :-)

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  • Gary McEwan

    I recently had an upgrade to marshmallow for my Z3+, since that upgrade the hotspot / tethering function does not work. Is there a solution or fix to this please?

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