Does a water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S7 pique your interest?

by XB on 21st February 2016

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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge_1Samsung has unveiled its new flagship devices for 2016 – the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The handsets look almost identical to the S6 series using a combination of glass and metal frame, but the company appears to have listened to the criticism received last year and have brought back micro SD memory card support. It has also made the Galaxy S7 water resistant, with IP68 certification for dust and water resistance.

This isn’t the first water resistant Galaxy model, but now that Samsung has produced a better-rounded model compared to the S6 series, are there any Sony Xperia fans out there thinking about switching to a Galaxy S7 as their next handset?

A quick run through on the specs, the Samsung Galaxy S7 sports a 5.1-inch Quad HD (1440 x 2560) Super AMOLED display with 577ppi, whilst the S7 edge has a 5.5-inch display with the same QHD resolution (534ppi).

Samsung has worked on the camera side by introducing a 12MP dual pixel autofocus rear camera with f/1.7 and Smart OIS. The front camera is 5MP with f/1.7. The dual pixel sensor can focus and record an image simultaneously, enabling a faster focus lock and smoother tracking in video.

Other features include an always-on display, wireless charging and a 3,000mAh/3,600mAh battery for the S7 and S7 edge respectively. Both models include a Exynos 8890 OctaCore chipset, 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, 32/64GB UFS 2.0 internal storage and microSD memory card support.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge_1

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge_2

  • smartuser8

    What about : NO

  • ChilliPSco

    After my experience with Sony and it’s Z5, it’s a goodbye from me until Sony radically change their ways.

  • DBS

    Honestly, it does.
    The G5 was a disappointment. The S7 is a much better proposal this time around. Because it’s basically an Xperia with a camera that doesn’t s*ck (well, theoretically. I still think the G5 will beat the S7).

    I honestly REALLY hope Sony smells the coffee and wakes up on their next flagship. Because NOW they just lost the last major selling point of the Xperia line to the S7. They need to step up the game, specially in the camera department.

  • ZERO

    Water resistance and microSD memory card support is the big news… Xperia Z family since 2013.

  • Christian Juul Anthonsen

    I just bought the galaxy s7 edge!
    I have an xperia z2 since launch now (2 years), so thought i should buy a new one now;)

  • Christian Juul Anthonsen

    Whats so bad about the z5?

  • Clarence Alvarado

    To be honest, GS7 is a real threat to Sony’s camera prowess. Having introduced the dual-pixel AF, which contains two photodiodes that one acts as a phase-detect AF point, seriously mean faster AF compared to the usual 192-PDAF points by Z5’s sensor.

    Hopefully, Sony introduces this type of sensor, along with new Superior Auto mode pixel-binning tech from the usual 8 MP up to 12 MP, and include the long-lost Optical Steadyshot for mobile.

  • ramuk

    Please stop Xperiablog. Most people here will not move from Sony to Samsung. Only their camera is better other than that Sony is better than Samsung in pretty much every category. From hardware to software Sony’s xperia device is much better than Samsung’s galaxy.

  • stolnheartdealr

    I like the edge but would wait for price to drop and cyanogenmod to become stable on the device before picking one up. I hate what samsung does to android.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Actually, what brings Sony on the forefront of my choice is its consistency on the development of Xperia Z series. Having that said, take a look at the Galaxy S series, which omits and adds new tech, which is already inconsistently developing, while Sony remains consistent on adding new technologies while retaining some of the predecessor’s features without compromising the newer ones.

  • Mario

    No. Its still just a candy that now does not mealt when you put it in water.

  • dkionline

    Knox, no way.

  • mUSICA

    exactly all are improvng will sony just keeps doing notng nor will learn

  • Seno Akurano

    “ is a completely INDEPENDENT and UNOFFICIAL website dedicated to Sony Xperia products”
    WTF about this blog is not share about xperia news….

  • Marinko Agic

    Fuck you with Samsung and LG NEWS!Who love him?We love Sony!

  • Kan Seclub

    From LG , I do not expect such a device – just took and broke my idea of ??their capabilities . Just molodchaga : Premier League :
    Well, without the pale SAMSUNG did everything neat and beautiful
    Sony will ” surprise ” tomorrow – what I actually doubt

  • If Sony won’t catch up to 2016 tomorrow (what is almost certain), I’ll go with the S7 Edge.
    I have a Z2 since it has been released, but the Z3-Z5 phones are just a fixed version of that phone (or the Z and Z1 originally), not to mention the Z5 Premium – though it has a 4K display, but it’s huge, pricy and not a real improvement over the previous ones.

    I am a longtime Sony (Ericsson) user, but it’s really time for them to move forward significantly.

  • DBS

    What you said is true. However the “Only their camera is better” part was enough reason for me to switch my daily driver from Sony to another OEM. For anyone who cares about the camera, that “only” suddenly becomes VERY important.

  • DBS

    “Sony’s camera prowess”? The S6, G4 and 6P…all already beat the Z5 in the camera department. The S7 and G5 will continue doing so.

    I share your wishes on seeing Sony actually improving the camera. Starting with OIS.
    But I have the strange feeling Sony is more concerned with selling the sensors to other OEMs than with improving their own hardware.

  • Eduardo Otero

    None wannabe iPhone that took things Xperia won’t pique my interest. Good look next time Sammy bitch.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    I’m taking a page on DXoMark’s book where Sony Z5 shares the same top spot with GS6 edge.

    And though I’m hesitant that Sony will again introduce a new sensor for the Z6, I still believe Sony has the power to develop an exclusive new sensor to topple again DXoMark’s charts.

  • Kan Seclub

    It you go on dick asshole . I Z5 and I do not dick not satisfied with the camera with soap stains on the corners . Khoury forum XDA guy. When I used the Sony Ericsson devices and put them on patches – you fuck tits sucking at Nurse .

  • Wolf0491

    It doesn’t make me want to go out and buy one but it now makes the S7 a viable choice again for me. Both are features I like to have. I don’t care at all about the camera as I don’t use it much but guess that sounds cool too. I still prefer to own the Sony just because I like owning things no one else has. Call me weird I guess.

  • ChilliPSco

    It would be a great handset, but I’ve had issues with the camera (as have others) and their customer service has been extremely poor, I mean seriously poor. So poor in fact, I had to take legal action against them here in the UK. Added to the fact that Sony handsets aren’t that innovative any more, they take ages to update to new Android versions and it’s all becoming quite stale in terms of their design.

    I loved my Z1 and still do, but the big clincher for me was the really poor customer service. Had that of been better, I wouldn’t of minded as much and I would of probably stuck with Sony. It’s all good going for handsets that are innovative and great in design and features, but customer service, for me, is a really important issue.

  • DBS

    Yeah, word of advice, don’t trust DXoMark’s “analysis”. They are shady as hell and very very dubious. If you haven’t used the Z5, take the word of reviewers. Because every single one of them said the same thing about the Z5 camera. Every. Single. One.

    Honestly, I don’t think Sony has the luxury of time any more. Hirai was pretty clear when he said the mobile division will have to return to profitability by the end of 2016. And with Sony’s current line-up, that will not happen. The Z6 family will have to nail every single aspect down in order to compete and be successful. That’s something that the Z5 failed to do but the Z3 did at the time.
    And time is running out.

  • Matt

    “Only their camera is better” is enough reason to buy a dedicated hardware for it, since clearly this factor is important to you.

    remember this :
    the knife you got in a swiss army knife are indeed good, but it will never ever beats chef“s knife that is designed for knifing stuff.

  • Matt


  • Eric Edwards

    I plan on switching to the S7 series or htc M10 whichever is better at least those phones are available in the usa

  • Matt

    its like s3 with glass.

    on more serious note the edge will appeal to me if :
    -lose that home button , fingerprint somewhere else
    -clean front (without capasitive button), on screen instead
    -lose the idiotic heart rate sensor
    – lose the hideous back, square lens ? really?
    – vanilla android look, with added samsung features (go crazy with features is ok in my book)

    the rest of the phone is awesome. love super AMOLED and how it pierced your eyes with colour.

    then again , my z3 already waterproof and has a card slot, and i can yank it from charger no problemo (magnetic cable). So my answer is no

  • DBS

    That’s not an excuse to have a bad camera. I don’t take my DSLR everywhere I go. No sane person does. So the camera on my phone must be good to make up for the lack of a DSLR

    And I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford one. But many people can’t buy a DSLR. So they rely on their phones more and more to capture the important moments of their life. And Xperias do not offer them a camera worthy of the 700€ Sony asks for the phones.

  • jamie evans

    The same exact design is boring. I want Sony to change the Xperia design language for Z6s. I love Xperia, but it has to change

  • Rich Walker

    Seriously thinking about trying an S7 now that waterproofing & memory expansion are back (assuming Sony breaks from its 6-month update cycle this MWC). I’m keen to have wireless charging and OLED, and I’m not that impressed with my Z5’s battery life or performance. On past performance it’s unlikely Sony will catch up with the Z6 even by the autumn. Whilst I still prefer the Sony aesthetic, the S7 is the least offensive-looking Galaxy yet.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    The Z5 already uses in plane PDAF. Samsung basically copied from Canon, not Sony.

  • Raphael

    Samsung Mobile has enough media exposure without the contribution of Xperia Blog.

  • pi4a7a

    Why the hell am i seeing s6 ?

    A water-resistant Sony Xperia Z6 piques my interest.

  • pi4a7a

    Why do you need early new android full of bugs, just wait a little bit, I think 5.1 is good too. Also they will fix the camera also. Don’t judge till you see sony’s full potential.

  • pi4a7a

    hope it explodes

  • deekbee

    I’ll echo the comments of @davidbaptistasilva:disqus. DXO really are untrustworthy, their “benchmarks” are utterly ridiculous.

    @clarencealvarado:disqus, the problem with the Sony cameras is likely not the sensor. It is their post processing and camera application, which really isn’t great. Main issues – startup time (slow, almost Nokia 1020 LC4 slow), actual interface (how badly designed?), image quality, image processing time (again, slow!).

    I have a Z5C, its a great phone begging for updated software.

  • Samsung just killed the competition. … Sort of. They’re still using the ugly TouchWiz.

  • Malcolm

    I completely agree. What the hell is going on here? Are you guys tired of writing about Sony? Are you paid by Samsung? Or maybe you’re out of ideas what to write about? I just don’t understand what the deal is with these “are you gonna jump to Samsung” posts.

    Didn’t you write the post several years ago? Back then a lot of people were rightfully upset, but seeing you writing posts like that, maybe Sony will want to reconsider their decision. A site is called XperiaBlog and you are promoting Samsung phones (as if they don’t get enough attention already). What is wrong with you?

  • I switched from Samsung’s Galaxy S line to the Sony’s Xperia Z line several years ago. I’d had Samsung phones for years, though with the S2 realised that each phone had more and more issues than the last and ultimately had a shorter shelf life. Switching to the Z1 was the best decision I made. Now I’m mildly satisfied with the Z5… I’m hoping for some notable changes before I need to buy a new handset again in around hopefully two years from now. But it’ll be Sony, not Samsung I suspect I’ll be looking to first.

  • sebastianer

    There is no way I buy a Samsung with physical home button.

    I’ll stick with my Z5C until a small Nexus is released. (Or an small Moto as a Plan B).
    The only way I keep the Z5C is a miracoulus Camera firmware update in MM ota ( I totally doubt it ). Z5C camera is the worst camera I had.
    (And every time I see the word DxOMark in a Z5 forum/site I totally ignore it. Their scores are only for a very limited group of people, experts or not. But 100% sure they aren’t for regular people).

  • Svnjay

    No, Sony already has these features. The S7 is shaping up to be the POS of the year.

  • ChilliPSco

    I’ve seen it and it stinks. It’s same old, same old.

  • Svnjay


  • Matt

    xperia is not a camera line , its a smartphone line, so the 700 eur will also go somewhere else. the camera are fine, there are better ones, but the one we have are not bad.

    all im saying if the camera is really important youre better off buying dedicated hardware for it. Nothing on mobile space are DSLR quality.

  • mike

    No flap and still waterproof, better than Sony!

  • DBS

    You seem to don’t understand (or refuse to understand): Xperia phones aren’t competing in a vacuum. They’re going against other phones with far superior cameras. Which cost the same when not less than what Sony asks for.
    So you have a phone with a bad camera for 700€ and another phone in the competition for the same 700€ with a far far better camera. OBVIOUSLY the rational consumer will go for the other phone and skip the Xperia.

    And stop with the DSLR excuses. As I’ve said, not everyone can or is willing to buy a DSLR. Camera phones are taking the place of DSLR’s more and more because the average person does NOT need a DSLR is their phone takes photos with high quality.
    But someone with an Xperia will need a DSLR for sure. Because they can’t rely at all on the phone’s camera. And THAT is something that plays against the phone, whether you like it or not.

    Remember this, Matt: just because *you* think that someone who care about the camera should buy a DSLR, doesn’t mean the market agrees with you. And the proof is in Sony’s poor phone sales compared with the other brands.

  • Great Dude

    I hope that they are mentioning them here so when the new Xperia flagship is revealed they would make a comparison and they can point out to this page for the Samsung device . I mean that make sense but otherwise I am surprised too

  • Matt

    so if xperia got the best camera int he market , sony will be the number one OEM off all time ? no wonder nokia 1020 and 808 selling like crazy, where is nokia now?

    a ll im saying is yes camera IS an important factor, but not the only thing that makes a thing great. The same goes to you , just because YOU are really keen on camera does not mean all people ONLY looks at the camera while buying phones.

    sometimes i wonder why are you even here, since all i can see is you moo mooing xperia camera and lack of IOS

  • Great Dude

    If Sony made a faulty bad device then I may plan to buy another device this summer.
    But in that case I would look for HTC ,Motorola or Huawei .
    I wouldn’t buy a Samsung because of Software and because I feel like everyone have it .
    Although I am not going back to 12MP on Sony Xperia S (2012)
    LG is good but I hear that it has easily breaking screens so I would avoid.
    Faulty device: like having a really bad camera, screen, call quality ……etc that even midrange shouldn’t have . Probably won’t happen and I don’t think it happened for any Xperia flagship.

  • UfoFaker

    Xperia is a life style. It’s more than the cumulative make up of its individual features.
    There’s a “feeling” to Xperia devices which has yet to be matched by other android based handsets.

    Xperia z is also uniquely Japanese, much like Hello Kitty, Takashi Murakami, Pokemon, Nintendo and PlayStation, Walkman, Nissan Skyline, volton, die cast metal Chogokin robots, power rangers, Nikon, Canon, Sony, bathing ape, and countless other brands which have made a global impact.
    Uniquely Japanese in its expression, it’s design, it’s release schedule and gradual evolutionary steps, the thought and care which goes into each addition and omission, and its brand identity .
    The inclusion of older models and versions in Sony’s Xperia file promotions on YouTube and on tv commercials in Japan are a strong indicator as to Sony’s approach.
    You will not see a sudden shift into the hardware design resembling an iPhone just because it is the design choice of the week.

    As features on other devices come and go as flavors of the month, omnibalance and the design language inside and out of Xperia has steadily marched to the beat of its own drum.

    While one may argue that there is much left to be desired on the marketing side outside of its home in Japan, where every other person on the trains in Tokyo and Osaka carry Xperia, there’s no denying the fabric of the brand which keeps us all checking here so often.

    Why not just jump to a different brand with the better camera or more storage or less heat or other factors? Instead lovers of Xperia express high hopes of various improvements in the brand they love.
    This devotion is not random or accidental.
    We understand what Sony has set out to do since the first Z, perhaps subconsciously.

    While one may skoff at the idea of choosing a device just because it is “not carried by everybody else”, there’s no denying that xperia is a form of lifestyle self-expression.
    The constant remarks hoping for updates and pouring over every single build release shows Sony we understand and respond to the magic they pour into Xperia.

    Plus there’s a purple one.

  • Manuel Maldonado Turcios

    I have owned Xperia Z, Z1s, Z3, Z3 compact. Xperia Tablet S, Tablet Z, Tablet Z2. I have switched to Samsung Note 5 due to better availability in US. Does S7 waterproof pique my interest? Hell yes. I can’t wait to upgrade.

  • Parimal Singh

    No. Not samsung! Don’t want to spend a fortune buying a phone that looks a little uninspiring. Sony’s industrial design suits my taste better
    Furthermore, Sony’s media apps are like an embellishment to an already beautiful device… Bought an Oneplus X (besides owning a Z3C) as a secondary device. Miss those Sony media apps! :(
    If anything, I might go for LG in a distant future (i.e. if sony mess up their game real bad). That modular design in my opinion has got some great potential! But not for now.

  • Alvin

    Not in a trillion years.

  • Saladinho

    i believe if this phone makes it actually a waterproof not like sony ones i feel like it will make sony lose more share in the market feeling sorry for sony …something is wrong with the japan giant they just cannot keep the pace! they got the tech and ideas but the finishing ….damn

  • Robert

    I’m not sure about the rest, but as for the looks, you can’t compare them. Sony looks way better. Samsung looks like a soap bar.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    People love curves man, damn curves we all love :P

  • DBS

    Nokia chose the wrong OS to bet on. Otherwise, yes, they’d still be around. If you think Windows Phone stands a chance against Android, you’re completely deluded.

    However, Sony is still in the Android game and, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s a cut throat game. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, the two main features consumers look for in phones IS camera and battery life. Those are the two major selling points of ANY phone. It’s not waterproofing, it’s not the processor, it’s not the amount of RAM. It’s the things that people actually use. Battery and Camera.

    And what FACTS have shown is that, it doesn’t matter how amazing Sony’s sound quality may be, how amazing the waterproofing or the design might be, the immense failure in the camera department has been pushing their mobile division down. When they ACTUALLY presented good cameras compared with the rest of the Android competition (in the Z1 and Z3 line), Sony sold a lot more phones than when they presented phones with weak cameras like the Z5. Sales have shown that.
    I’m personally really keen on camera. But so is the majority of the market. Samsung, LG, Huawei, Nokia, none of those companies spends millions on camera R&D just because it’s a gimmick or just because only a few people care. They do it because the market demands it.

    As for the last part of your comment, it’s not up to you do decide where I am or where I’m not. This isn’t “Matt’s Blog”. I own an Xperia. I’ve used it as a daily driver for 1 year. I still use it as a dedicated music player. I like the path Sony went with the Compact concept. And as a Sony customer, I’m among those extremely disappointed by the appalling quality of Xperia cameras. And I will call out Sony on that until the day they fix it. Period.
    So yes, I have every reason to be here. I don’t, however, have to comment only with praises to Sony or to please you. And, in case you haven’t noticed, I couldn’t care less about your opinion. So I’m not “keen on taking people opinion down”. Because to do that, I’d have to care. Which I don’t. ;)

  • hansip

    To be honest this device is quite tempting esp in battery life. But let us see what Sony can offer on 2016 first. At least they know that the next focus should be about (up to #tm) 3 days battery life ;)

  • DBS

    Just FYI: my Xperia Z3C (apart from the really bad camera) also had its motherboard suddenly die out of nowhere. And I wasn’t the only one. So yes, problems have happened to Xperia flagships. A lot.

    But so do they happen to other flagships. I have a G4 whose motherboard also died after a few months.

  • Great Dude

    I meant something like Xperia SP which had a very bad camera even cheaper or older phones don’t have and that was from several reviewers .
    I don’t mean when some of the devices contains problems . I mean when the whole line have something very bad that even changing the device won’t help.

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    Matt,it’s simple,stop being a defender,he’s right,other OEM have better aspects than Sony,deal with it. Sony has a long way to be the best OEM.

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    Full potential? Why I have to wait to see it? If they know what they do,why they have to take so long? 5.1 it’s not fine,everyone knows it,6.0 it’s the real update after 4.4,you believe in the Sony that promise,that make us wait,that make us wait next gen with another one to have features that other smatpgones already have.. “Early android full of bugs” that is not a excuse when you have almost aosp software and the G4 updated super fast and without bugs,Sony did us wait to 5.0,and the people were like now “Wait to have zero bugs”,everyone knows how many versions Sony had to release to medium stabilize their software..

  • Akand

    I’m not switching from Sony until they shut the division down. But in term of effort of progress, Samsung always better than Sony. Samsung tries to improve, they try very hard while Sony didn’t show that much effort so far. It seems they think people will buy their product without their due progression.
    Anyways, S7 camera sensor is showing a great effort to improve. If Sony still sits on the couch and LIK their balls, then Sony is going to loose its camera sensor market leadership as well.
    Xperia phones are pretty solid and standard, but others are innovative and attractive.
    If Sony don’t play aggressive, then they will be eliminited very soon.

    **this post isn’t against Sony or in favour of Samsung. XB just tries to know your reaction. That’s it. So I don’t find any bad of XB.

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    You don’t want going back to your 2012’s 12MPyou preffer to have a pointless 23MP that it’s beaten by the 12MP,fine. HTC? Are you crazy? Huawei is the way man

  • apolloa

    Not interested in the slightest because it’s too big!!! Another MWC and another show of proof that Sony are the ONLY Android manufacture that likes to make high end Compact phones.
    It is funny though that the Exynos chip in the S7 is actually benchmarking lower then the new LG G5 Snap Dragon 820!

  • genwral

    yeah,,, bye bye sony. Oh!, where is my marshmallow

  • apolloa

    TouchWiz is a bit rubbish, Plus becuase of that and the screens high resolution you can’t get the text in widgets to match, it looks daft. Samsung also don’t really provide software updates after 2 years.

  • apolloa

    Would you buy a small Nexus if it was made by Sony with its camera technology inside?

  • DieMusik

    No RAW capture = No more Xperia for me.

  • EQ

    Nope S6 camera is worse. Even older Xperia Z phones beats the latest Samsung cameras without problem.

  • EQ

    Nope, you are wrong. Sony offers one of the best all in one packages.

  • EQ
  • EQ
  • DBS

    I will not vouch for the 6P because I haven’t tested it, but I personally tested the Z5C against a G4 and an S6Edge and the Z5C took a beating every. single. time. (so much so that the phone went straight to eBay a few days later).

    However, I wasn’t the only one who put the Z5 to the test against those other phones.

    See here: (you can skip the first part of the article as it’s a review of the MS Lumia 950) (a second chance given to the Z5, who failed it again)

  • ??

    So sony gonna do anything ?

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I dont know what sony had to offer now. I guess my time with z5 will be over soon.

  • GregLu

    They aren’t promoting anything, it’s the MWC, open your eyes, it’s logical to talk about “competition”.

  • Alex Norris

    Nice words! For example, Note 5 easily kicks Z5 ass in photo quality! ))

    Marketing, and smallest 23 million pixels, which never can show such quality as 12 megapixel camera on new S7 with a large pixel size. And even if at the future Z6 would stand exactly the same sensor like from new Galaxy S7, sony, with their crappy software and baddest algorithms, will be all spoil an advantage! In fact,Sony Xperia smartphones has not camera, because such a bad quality photos, has not even on cheap Chinese smartphones for 300 bucks ..

    Seen comparison cameras Note 5 vs. Galaxy S7. Even on not final software, the new S7 camera , shows much higher quality! I was amazed. Such quality will be only on Xperia Z20)))

  • Alex Norris

    Oh, comon dude….

    Watch the truth comparison ))

  • Gästen med gesten

    No, but the touch is working with water on it. It’s not working very well on Sony, there is active display hope Sony get that to, the glass is no slippery on Samsung glass phones like Sony, no slots only HTC iPhone design much better with pin to force the slide out . But only a few positive stuff, will not make me to leave Sony;-)

  • Alex Norris

    How many don’t explain to them, they don’t want to hear the truth ))

  • pei jie koh

    I am in the exact same situation as you. Z2 have serve me well. If Sony don’t announced a decent flagship today at MWC. My money will be given to Samsung for the S7 edge nxt month when i renew my contract.

  • You forgot the screen/display.

  • Abdul Ghani

    dude MR DBS will never understand that camera in a phone is not important also i have z5 i get awesome daylight shots annnnnnnnd to get really good low light shots i use manual mode thanks to sonys fast focus using less iso dosent shakes the pictures and they beat 6splus and s6 by miles

  • Abdul Ghani

    he will defend samsung and lg no matter what because he is a noob who thinks mobile camera are dslr hahahahahahahahaahahah for pictures i qx30 DBS could get qx1 but nooooooooooo he wants dslr mobile

  • Abdul Ghani

    i am gonna grab chicken samosas and read the comments people with fake degrees on camera experts

  • Rock Lady

    Not at all…

  • Matt

    sure you care less about my opinion , that is why you wrote a speech :P and try to insult me in every sentence.

    now you are talking about OS and battery , it tough the camera is the only defining thing ? come on make up your mind. before youre complaining that you dont want a dedicated camera i can accept that , you might want to bring only one devices, but now you use xperia as dedicated music player =,= . get your argument straight.

  • Matt

    well im not , and and i never said sony is the best oMG screw the other EOM. and yes i can read , they market share is dropping .i know they have their weakness, as DBS keen to point out :P

    but i do like sony and xperia , is that really wrong ?

  • Matt

    well, i am having fun lol .just want to see how far we will go, if you read now he is writing a speech. lets see his argument slowly crumbeling down

    no lets not be on denial here, camera phone IS important, but not the one and only deciding factor. i do think z5 has great camera (with correct lens) the fast focusing is good. but as a great it can be it fell a bit over on low light by the lack of OIS :P but its fine really

  • Abdul Ghani

    well xp announced i will sel z5 and buy it no matter what its a beauty

  • Malcolm

    What does this post have to do with MWC then: ? MWC happens every year and I don’t remember posts about other devices where Sony phones aren’t even mentioned ever happening. So what changed this time?

    I don’t see anything logical in seeing this stuff on a “website dedicated to Sony Xperia products”, as the footer says. If I want to read about the competition, there are plenty of websites writing about MWC as a whole, and which do it much better than this one.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    What world do you live in? Sony got rid of flaps since the M4 aqua…
    Unless you are saying S6 somehow has an open sim and sd card slot which is impossible

  • Matt

    ill get a new phone next year, we will see what would that be , hopefully its another xperia

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Dude give it up, DBS has been known to argue with a lot of people. I’m sure he’s gonna attack me in a few mins too.
    Best ignore him since he probably wants S7 badly.

  • Matt

    hahaha, yea maybe i should no he wants everything badly just not xperia because xperia is an abomination unto the lord :P

    anyway, what do you think about xperia x performance? i think its a good sneek peek to SD820 performance

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I think its an amazing device and I wish they had announced it was coming out sooner than 4 months tho….because anyone who buys it will be outdated in a mere 6 months when Z6 launches :(

    Still, that all metal body is sexy as a curvy woman.

  • laci_csk

    No, I dont like Samsung phones, only the note4.

  • Matt

    Well I’m quite sure z6 will yield a new design. Sad to see omnibalance go but exited for the new form.

    Let’s see if sd820 lives up to the hype

  • ???

    I start to wondering, it this website is dedicated website about Sony mobile??

  • Mariahjhitchcock4

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  • seeing how they finally have a full black color i guess i am going with the s7 edge this time

  • It piques my interest from a technology point of view, but I have no desire whatsoever to change to it. Why? There are two reasons:
    1) Their customized UI doesn’t sit well with me.
    2) I have an intense and burning dislike for that central button of theirs. Having been enlightened to the joy that is a smooth, pure, heavenly 100% flat face of my Sony I don’t want to go back.

    I had to help my stepmom with her S6 and having to labouriously press that button every time made my finger ache. No, I’m not kidding, I did actually have pain in my finger.

  • Great Dude

    You are right. not everything is about MegaPixels but if they stayed at 16MP that would be better IMO .
    HTC phones have a good software and in case they made a good software then I don’t see why not to consider.
    I hope that Xperia Performance doesn’t have any problem at all.

  • EQ

    Sounds to me like you are a lousy photographer that cant handle a wide angle camera. I provided facts, photo comparisions that are done correctly, you only provide your words. Sorry to say it but you aint no authority, you are just a simple ‘armchair expert’ nerd roaming the Xperia Blog preaching your.. empty words. You are a loser son!. ;-)

  • EQ

    WARNING!: I suggest people dont click that russian link becouse both Chrome and Kaspersky Internet Security warned about serious security risk as that site tries to create a ‘man in the middle’ connection to steal personal information using fake certificates.

  • DBS

    You didn’t provide sh*t, mate. You provided some lousy photos in which the Z5 only wins against the 6P.
    And are you inept enough to open links? Because I provided you with those that show how crappy the Z5 camera is against the G4, S6 and even the L950. I guess reality bothers you too much.

    Or you’re just not smart enough to figure things out by yourself.

  • DBS

    If you think that’s a speech, you’ve never actually read a speech. Let me try to explain it so that your tiny tiny brain understands it:

    1 – Nokia chose the wrong OS. Period. Nokia phones on WP had the best cameras on the market and they had good battery life. So they nailed the two main things people look up to. However, the phones came with an OS that was both severely lacking in functionality and specially in apps. And that’s what drove Nokia to the ground. People would buy the phones and then realise that they didn’t have a smartphone at all. And so what they ended up with was almost a dedicated camera.

    2 – People who buy Xperias don’t find an OS that lacks functionality or apps. However, they find very very bad cameras. So what they end up with is a very nice smartphone but whose camera is so bad that they’ll simply have to buy a dedicated camera to bring along to compensate for the lack of a decent one on the phone. Now:

    2.1 – In MY case, I own a Canon DSLR. If I go on holidays or to any place I know before hand that I’ll be shooting, I take it with me. However, I don’t carry a DSLR every day. And whenever I don’t have it with me and a photo opportunity comes, I demand that my smartphone camera has enough quality to capture the photo. Xperia devices do NOT meet this demand because they produce really lousy photos 99% of the time.
    (And my Z3C is now a dedicated music player precisely because I dumped it for another phone with a good camera. The Z5C didn’t even get that chance as I rather get some money back from that lousy investment.)

    2.2 – Average consumers do not buy DSLRs. Period. More and more people are doing away with dedicated cameras and replacing them with their smartphones. This is a fact. Period. You simply can’t ignore it. Those people not only don’t carry a DSLR, they don’t want to. So they demand that their smartphone cameras are great so that they can preserve the moments that are important to them. Xperia devices do NOT provide a camera that’s capable of that, specially in the flagship line.

    Is this clear enough for you? Or will you need a drawing?

  • DBS

    In which sense?

  • Matt

    please do ! ;) a drawing would help me tremendously , please do make a chart so that i can understand the point youre making . please enlighten me with your limitless wisdom

    but you say the camera is the only things that matters ? why OS now ?
    what are criteria of a bad camera, now that you say xperia camera is bad, i think is fine really.

    so no DSLR? did i say you , or any other consumer SHOULD buy one ? or as i mentioned before do all dedicated imaging hardware called DSLR ?


  • DBS

    “the two main features consumers look for in phones IS camera and battery life. Those are the two major selling points of ANY phone.”

    Look up the meaning of “main features”.

    Matt’s quote: “so if xperia got the best camera int he market , sony will be the number one OEM off all time ? no wonder nokia 1020 and 808 selling like crazy, where is nokia now? ”

    You keep asking about the OS, you don’t even know what you wrote yourself.

    “what are criteria of a bad camera, now that you say xperia camera is bad, i think is fine really.”

    – Image quality: software level/post-processing (does it leave lots of artefacts? Does it over-sharpen? Can it handle different exposures? Does it compose a good photo? Does it reproduce colours correctly? Xperia cameras leave tons of artefacts, over-sharpens the image which ends up making it look like a MS Paint photo, can’t handle different exposures correctly – good luck NOT getting things like skies burnt out – , the colours are washed out when not completely dull, and seldom composes a good photo and even then, you must be using SuperioAuto otherwise forget it)

    – Image quality: hardware level (can the camera compensate for human body shakes? Do the lenses deliver a clear image? Xperia cameras can’t deal with shakiness on ANY level because they still lack OIS and the software digitalization is very poor. Add to that, of course, the fact that SteadyShot does NOT apply to photography, only video. The G lenses also tend to be problematic. Either because they produce colour distortions – the purple hue on the Z3 line – or because they defocus the image – the blurred edges on the Z5 line)

    – Camera software, UI and controls: is the UI easy to use? Does it offer a good plethora of settings? And manual controls?
    Xperia cameras UI is very poor (the new UI is a step in the right direction but it’s still a mess of menus and sub-menus). It’s everything but intuitive, with everything hidden behind menus after menus. It doesn’t offer a wide range of settings let alone manual controls, because one option eliminates the other.
    Examples: on manual mode, you can only use “scenes” if you shoot at 8mp of lower. If you turn on the DIS, you can’t control the ISO any more. You can’t control shutter speeds. You can’t control aperture. You can’t control the focus. On Superior Auto you can’t control anything at all. Not even DIS or exposure compensation.

    “so no DSLR? did i say you , or any other consumer SHOULD buy one ? or as i mentioned before do all dedicated imaging hardware called DSLR ?”

    Matt quote: “”Only their camera is better” is enough reason to buy a dedicated hardware for it”

    Dedicated hardware for it (photography) means a dedicated camera. I mentioned DSLR’s because that’s what I use. But I could have said Mirrorless. Or Cyber-shot.
    But it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t change the underlying fact that is: it would still require people to bring a dedicated camera with them at all times. And people aren’t willing to do that. They’re getting accustomed to have their smartphones replacing even the most compact of cameras. A very small number of people will say “oh, I’ll buy an Xperia and then a Cyber-shot to compensate for the bad camera on the phone”.

    I also mentioned DSLR’s because those are the only ones these days that produce better images than some smartphones out there. A Nokia 1020 or even the LG G4 can often produce the same image quality (when not better) than one of the cheap Compact cameras. It makes no sense to me to buy a Compact camera to carry along all the time when there are phones that do the same when not a better job than those. If it’s to carry a dedicated camera, one might as well carry a DSLR everywhere.
    But that in itself goes against the trend of the market…and common sense.

  • HAWX

    Well said gg wp :)
    Battery OK (WAS very good at 4.4.4 times with Z2, Z3)
    Camera – Nope
    Price compared to other similar same spec phones- Nope.
    And that’s it.

  • HAWX

    Wow, nice comment. Although I haven’t find something like this, I accept that Xperia’s especially the Z line has some unique look, feel. And I think that this is why Sony oulled me for a long time. From Z to Z3 they did a very good job although their camera was sucking big time. But after the Lollipop update their uniqueness has lost in sofrware side I feel. But in the exterior design, it somewhat continues.
    You are true, but imagine if the overheating, spftware bugs and camera quality was fixed in Xperias. They would attract many customers

  • EQ

    Cool story bro!

  • Matt


    Nicely quoted, you cared about my opinion do you ;) aww

    No sense to buy a camera and carry around with you and yet you use xperia phone as a dedicated music player does that make sense are all? Common sense there.

    So answer me this (in less then 3 sentence. I don’t want to read you blabblering about camera words) your point is?

  • DBS

    Tl;dr? Funny. Cause you just answered the entire comment.

    “No sense to buy a camera and carry around with you and yet you use xperia phone as a dedicated music player does that make sense are all?”

    Because dedicated cameras are the same size and thickness of a Z3C, right? Oh wait.
    Use your brain, for once will you? I know it probably hurts you.

    “So answer me this (in less then 3 sentence. I don’t want to read you blabblering about camera words) your point is?”

    Xperia cameras suck compared to the competition.
    You’re too lazy to want to learn why.

  • Matt

    Well I’m sorry if I don’t have your relentless spirit coming here just to say that, you’re basically agreeing to what ramuk say at the very beginning. It is amazing how one can say alot of thing and yet actually saying nothing at all.

    There is no need to learn it’s a phone, we just need to use it.

  • Alex Norris

    Warning, Russian sites shows all truth, UNLIKE some ManilaShakers What, did not like to face the truth, boy …? DDD
    Now Sonybots friends will come and will lick each other)))

  • DBS

    What I find trully astonishing is how you keep replying while reading nothing. More than once I justified my criticism of the Sony cameras, specially when you asked. Of course, then you refused to read (I get it, it’s hard to deal with reality). You’re just too much of a fanboy to accept that they’re not up to the current standards and that other people who like Sony can actually criticise them.

    I agree with ramuk in the sense that overall the Xperias are better phones (minus the Z5 family). But all I said was that, no, unlike what he said, some people might switch based precisely on the camera. Which is exactly what I did. The Z3Compact was an amazing phone. But the camera was so bad that I simply couldn’t keep using the phone. Period. So yes, I switched.

    I like the Z3C except for the horrendous camera. I keep hoping that Sony wakes up and fixes it. And so I will keep coming to read the articles here to stay up to date with what they’re doing. Whether you like it or not.
    And again, this isn’t “Matt’s Blog”.

  • Tibor Hornyák

    bye bye Sony….the last phone WHAT WAS a SHIT in my pocket is Z5….NEVER AGAIN….

  • Matt

    It’s also not “xperia bashing blog” :D

    I don’t know why you see me as an fanboy, the fact that I like xperia? or just because I disagree with you?

    Critique all you want DBS but saying xperia camera is unusable is just hyperbolic nonsense.

    I’m glad you switched, now you can storm sammobile for whole another reason.

  • Jonzn4suse

    Why would it? Have never had an interest in SamWrong. ;-(

  • DBS

    “I don’t know why you see me as an fanboy”

    Only a fanboy, after asking why one says the camera is bad, refuses to read a comprehensive answer.

    “saying xperia camera is unusable is just hyperbolic nonsense.”

    I didn’t say that. I said they’re crap compared to the competition. But people who are OK with mediocrity will be pleased with it, I’m sure.

    “now you can storm sammobile”

    Who said I switched to Samsung? Whoever told you that, lied to you.

  • DBS

    If you kept your idiot mouth shut, maybe you wouldn’t look like an idiot.
    I actually have a Sony QX100. It’s as good to carry as a dedicated camera. Actually, no. It’s worse. Because the lag between what the QX sees and what the phone shows is often borderline horrendous.

    Go back to your cave in the mountains, kid.

  • Abdul Ghani

    hey faggot lag is gone like a year ago zero lag on my qx30 and my friends qx100 and qx1 in my house z2 z3c and z5 all have zero lag with qx man dont be a faggot please lord just shut the fuck up

  • Abdul Ghani

    also POS faggot why the fuck are u here in this xperia blog go buy shitsung of lifegay 4gb ram phones and go to their form and complain about os problems please u fucker leave this site

  • DBS

    Your obsession with homosexuals reveals more about you than anything else.
    Careful. You might end up stoned to death if they find you.

  • Abdul Ghani

    do u think i care u r a FAGGOT leave this site go fuck samsung and lg or even iphone

  • EQ

    Please stop spreading links to malware sites.

  • Bashar

    I totally agree with u about consistency and overall improvement regarding Sony.
    Don’t get me wrong the new S7 and S7 are top notch devices, however, the reluctance and constantly changes Samsung are doing doesn’t make them look good at all.
    It seems as if Samsung doesn’t actually has a plan or don’t know what they’re doing.
    Removing SD card expansion and bringing it back, removing water resistance and bringing it back, reducing to 12mp camera from 16mp on the S6.
    What is actually going on? How can I trust a company who doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing lately.
    On the other hand, Sony and LG are just doing great and constantly improving their products which makes them trustworthy.

  • Bashar

    DBS just grow up.
    If you don’t like Sony phones just go somewhere else and stop bothering us with your nonsense.

  • Bashar

    DBS just needs another guy to make him happy again

  • DBS

    If you think reality is “nonsense” maybe you’re the one who should grow up.
    It would also help to learn the difference between not liking Sony phones and not liking the cameras on Sony phones. I fit into the second group. In case you haven’t realised that yet.

  • Bashar

    No he needs a man to satisfy his needs.
    He has been lonely for a long time now, that’s why he has nothing else to do then come here and annoy others.

  • Bashar

    Ok we got your point and we understand that Sony needs to improve the overall quality of their phones, but they are still decent.
    You keep nagging about the camera like a bitch! Stop it already.
    It seems you need attention, that’s exactly what’s happening.
    A mature and grown up person would state his opinion, but with you, you enjoy irritating and annoying the people on this blog and keep repeating yourself over and over again.
    Grow up and get a life kid

  • DBS

    Here’s the deal, poor child:
    I stated my opinion. And some idiots like yourself kept attacking me for daring to question the quality of the cameras. And telling me “you’re wrong” without any real arguments to offer.
    So if someone is nagging like bitches, are the likes of you who keep bothering me with your “non-arguments”. If you left me alone or, God forbid, learned how to read, I wouldn’t have to constantly explain myself.

    So yeah, maybe it’s you who should grow a pair. Learn the meaning of “discussion” and stop being an offended-virgin just because someone doesn’t agree with you.

  • Pavlos Hadj

    I thought about the same when My recently sold z2 had a bug with screen sleep. Screen did not ever turn off at random times. It stayes on and drained battery. For me, this is not reliability.. Sony had other bugs too in the pas,they should do something about it

  • Matt

    Sammobile or any other forum.
    Comprehensive answer? where? All I see is generic bashing

    99% not able to get a good photo is not saying it is not unusable? Don’t back tracking now.

  • DBS

    Of course you didn’t see. You went “tl;dr” when I answered you. Because it was convenient.

    And I stand by everything I wrote. 99% of the photos out of Xperias are crap. To me, that makes it unusable. But some have crap-fetishes. For those, I’m not surprised they like the camera. I’m personally not into SCAT. Sorry.

  • Alex Norris

    Say hello for your MANILASHAKER, ) from Alex Norris))

    Really malware site… :DDD

  • Matt

    gravely insulted? i do read your comment, just because i do not need to defend my point with a paragraph of camera words. Your comment describe a camera, and yet you wanted that on a smartphone: Manual mode is a luxury on a smartphone not a necessity, normal people dont even know what shutter speed is.

    and Now i know , why you write so much defending your bashing, you just cant stand there are people who are disagree with you.
    Well i dont agree on a baseless bashing riddled with camera word.

    The fact that you even deny the hard proof (photo) that z5 premium are better than 6p (on that scenario) is proof that you held your frankly rather extreme opinion above everything else , including the facts.

    its fine to have opinion , just like the earth is 99% flat ,but at the and of the day its just merely an insignificant opinion of one person.

    you dont have crap fetish ? as the owner crappy QX100 attachable camera ? nice !

  • EQ
  • DBS

    I didn’t write “gravely insulted” anywhere. So…

    Also, you must be f*cking kidding me. You asked, and I quote, “what are criteria of a bad camera, now that you say xperia camera is bad”. So I gave you a comprehensive answer to your question about the camera. Saying I went “baseless bashing riddled with camera word” is just idiotic on your part. I based the criticism on FACTS. I described everything. Just because you don’t have a f*cking clue about how cameras work, it doesn’t mean it’s “baseless”.
    If you criticise a camera, you HAVE to use “camera words”. Because only children and idiots will answer with “I like the camera because I like the camera.” Which is basically what you did.

    “Manual mode is a luxury on a smartphone not a necessity” – wrong. Manual mode is as much a necessity as a camera is a necessity on a phone.

    “you just cant stand there are people who are disagree with you.”
    No. What I can’t stand are idiots who disagree just for the sake of disagreeing but without ever providing their valid arguments. Like you.

    “The fact that you even deny the hard proof (photo) that z5 premium are better than 6p”

    The fact that you decided to ignore that I wrote “I won’t vouch for the 6P because I haven’t testes it” just proves how intellectually dishonest you are. Just like any fanboy. You read what you like, and you skip what isn’t convenient for you. Just like you skipped the PHOTOS I liked to that showed an experience from another person which was exactly the same as mine when comparing the Z5 with the better cameras on the market (G4, S6, L950).

    “you dont have crap fetish ? as the owner crappy QX100 attachable camera ?”

    I’m of course assuming you’ve used one? No? So based on what are you saying the QX100 is crappy?
    Yes, the QX100 is crap. Which is why I’ve used it for 1 week and it has been on the shelve ever since. But I’ve ACTUALLY used it. Unlike, I’m prepared to bet, you.

  • Matt

    whatever you say bro ;)

  • Geese Howard

    Anything from Samskunk means NEVER.

  • BlackMilk

    Sony fucked up again. X perf is good, but come on, these bezels is really big and ugly, and its 8,7mm vs Z3 7,3 mm. How the hell is it possible? And I bet the camera will be shit again, as it always was comparing to samsung. And yes, I was a Sony fan since Z series has been presented, and I had all phones: z, z1, z2, z3, z5p. And comparing to samsung even z5p camera is a real crap. And dont tell me about Dxo mark, I dont know who payed them to place z5p camera on top. Its still slow comparing to samsung. Focus is quick but saving photo to memory isnt fast. And the quality of photos made in darkness still not good. So, this year I chose Samsung. Sony go to hell, I had enough of this bullshit.

  • Pietro petroni

    Yep, Im done with Xperias, this new X series didnt catch my attension the way s7 edge did.

    After three xperia flagshipmodels in a row ive dealt with alot of issues with the hardware, also the build quality. And some of the major problems like deadpixles in the camera sensor(happened on z2) and speaker failure did not get fixed on the guarantees, On the Z (first xperia) the mic got flat and stopped working aldo some speakerissues and problems with the jack, The guarantees on sony productshere in Norway are ridiculous. On the z3c screen glue melted and the screen started to pop out and off. the sensors in the front thinks that the phone is agains the ear or screen first against the table so it turns off!

    Im really sad about it, bcuz the xperias is a really awesome line of premium feel phones, but only when the phone works and the functions are intact.

    I want to try Samsung this time! I was waiting for a ”waterproof” phone, with a good camera, micro sd support, good battery (3600 ffs) and the edge gimmic that i really dig, its really sexy! Size was a issue untill i tried to hold the beast in the store, price may be a bit overkill but i can afford it… It feels REALLY premium!(who would belive a samsung can feel that way?) haha

    But will for sure keep my self updated on rumors and news!

  • Not so. Samsung displays are the best worldwide.

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