Sony “still working” on Marshmallow; “more news in the coming weeks”

by XB on 22nd February 2016

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z5 series

Android 6.0 MarshmallowAs we continually get asked when Android 6.0 Marshmallow is due for Xperia devices, we thought we’d quickly give you the latest word straight from the horse’s mouth. Sony Mobile confirmed this morning that it was still working on the Marshmallow update and that more news was expected in the “coming weeks”. This would tie in with the 7 March 2016 release date reported before. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

  • sebastianer

    Seriously….What are they doing to MM? Snapdragon 810 received it in October 2015!

    How much bullshit do they need to add/change just to make the camera and all the others Sony components work in MM?

    There is not even a BETA/CONCEPT for the Z5….

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Sony´s upcoming weeks = like 3 months!!

  • bckp

    Snapdragon have MM update?? You mean nexus devices I guess :) Delay is not problem, problem is lack of informations, SONY did not say release date, and that is problem!

    And Z5 Beta program is missing lot, this is like Z5 users, who pay lot of money is overlooked, but Z3 users not… Why the hell I should buy flagship every year??

  • bubimir13

    This better be good one with plenty of features…

  • asgaro
  • Kabuto Kouji

    hahhaha exactly my feelings…

  • Sami Dawood

    Stay tuned :D

  • nibe


  • MoYeung


  • Sandro

    They will probably release MM by the time Google releases Android N… :-P

  • Mario

    Please drop the new icons from the X series.. in a squarish phone rounded icons have no place. Looks so bad.. just like the LG UI, that no one, but really no one likes.

  • shhh×435.png

    This was posted last January.
    Remember guys to never believe this shitty clickbaiting website. They always do this, claiming they have insiders then posting fake ass “leaked update roadmaps”. They’ve been doing this clickbait for years now, last I remember they were teasing 4.4 for the Xperia SP.

  • sebastianer

    Delay is a problem from me and for A LOT of users. I don’t care if Sony is muted as long as it releases a fast update.
    (I’m coming from a Nexus legacy. No, I can’t go back to Nexus, I have a Z5 Compact, don’t want big phones anymore.).

  • darkarvan

    this picture is fake… seriously stop sharing this!!

  • illstplaya .

    Still don’t understand why they can’t release marshmallow on the xperia z1s

  • shhh

    I’m sharing it so people would know this is fake and that the website is a clickbait.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    hahaha, yeah I guess thats all its left…

  • Eduardo Otero

    But put on in big letters FAKE so they might understand it.

  • sergio sierra

    Today in G+ Xperia beta program post this.

  • bckp

    Z5 family have all qualcomm 810, so i do not think there is big issue about this…

    Nexus is kind diferent, it is like apple, they release software they develop… MM do not have that big changes, so i do not understand why the delay, but i prefer stable usable rom, then nexus like release with 5 fix releases in next month…

    Have z5 compact too, i do not like big phones either…

  • bckp

    Icons can be changed in MM, so no big issue there…

  • Mario

    If the stock launcher supports it.. besides it does not fit the overall look. All the promo pictures will look bad. And a white circle to stock apps and not filling it with a color/style.. they really should try harder.

  • Cakefish

    Meanwhile even Samsung are rolling out Marshmallow for S6 owners in UK. That’s much more heavily skinned than Sony’s UI. Disappointing Sony, real disappointing.

  • fried_egg

    The X-performance seems to have largely the same camera sensor as the z5 but boasting a new auto-focus trick.. is that hardware related (in the sensor chip or because of the q820soc) or is it a software trick?? if software… will that make it’s way into the z5’s marshmallow version does anyone think?

  • fried_egg

    half the software on my phone from 3rd parties has only just had MM “ready” updates… i don’t need to be in the first wave… as a couple of nexas (originally a “developer aimed series of handsets remember which morphed into “mass market” through consumer “desire” for what they thought were best of bread phones when in fact they were often lower spec, little memory, devices perfect for app design testers)… and not that many phones released when the Z5 was have been upgraded until recently.. i think many people believe “other phones” update on the first day… no their forums are full of “when we get it” posts too…

  • WilliamTell13

    Or 5.1 for that matter! Or just let us unlock the damn bootloader and flash whatever we want onto it. I can’t wait to upgrade from my Z1s.

  • Dominic81

    Don’t hold your breath. We’ve been asking for a better camera app for years… :)
    Sony is not very good with software, to say the least (some may even say they suck).

  • and they now said be moved, not make.believe

  • sebastianer

    Does your phone have working Auto Brightness? Z5s Don’t! And Sony said a few months ago, that will be fixed in MM.

  • sebastianer

    I can’t forgive Sony after many months with broken Auto Brightness in this Lollipop build from December (not even a security update after December).

    I think I’ll jump to a mid-end small phone or an iPhone (1st time in my life with iOS) after the Z5 Compact.

    I honestly, don’t expect that MM will fix my issues. Just Auto Brightness, and a bit of performance.

  • TheSparks

    Sony is rubbish when it comes to updates

  • Alvin

    But hey, 3 months is 12 weeks, they are right actually, “in the coming weeks”

  • azzido

    are u fuc*ing kidding me???

    really last to the party ON THE PLANET????

    they are going to release it in March 2026 ????

  • azzido

    Sony UI is almost stock…

  • azzido

    as a Z5 user I feel cheated, my device is simply abandoned.
    My next phone will be iPhone, sorry Sony, I gave you too must trust but you are not even able to deliver MM while all other main manufacturers did it and you launcher is almost stock now!

    How pathetic. As you abanoned your users, soon your users will abandon you.
    Enough, really enough of Sony delays.

  • I’d put some responsibility on T-Mobile US for that one too, given that it’s a carrier device vs. the normal Z1 that was upgraded to 5.1.1.

  • ??

    Lol you are right

  • Andrius Mikalauskas

    Sony please fix headphones jack on z3 compzct with marshmallow, because I can’t use my fabolous sms sync headphones on z3compct, and it’s not headphones fault it’s something with quick connect software, because I’m able to push sound to headphones via soundabout. So sony opleas fix that before releasing marshmallow on z3c thank you ;)

  • Rock Lady

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! :/

  • Chaz

    lol my next phones probably nexus or iphone

  • @ninibe This is a genuine question: Why do people request RAW support on a phone?

    I used to be a bit miffed about not having it on my Z3, but then I asked myself, apart from wanting “the latest thing,” what use will I have for RAW support? I only have a 64GB micro SD card, and 4K video tend to eat space for breakfast so where will I have space for the larger RAW photos? More importantly, will I sit for hours after taking the photos and mess around editing the photos with all the various tweaking options that RAW provides? My answer was no.

    And before you ask, I don’t have a big “real” camera, my phone is my camera.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Abandoned? So did Sony release a statement that the Xperia Z5 is no longer supported and that the phone you have in your hands is no longer functional?

    Go get yourself an iPhone, no one cares.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Won’t be coming to Z5 or M5 (both amazing camera phones) because why else would anyone want to upgrade to the X?
    Sony loves gimmicks…

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I’d like for you to show me any other manufacturer that released 5.1.1 for 2-3 year old phones. And take a step further by showing me how many phones Samsung/LG updated to Marshmallow so far

  • fried_egg

    the brightness does change depending on the lighin front of it… it isnt as dramatic as it was with my z1 but it isnt perfect when it switches brightness… its sort of “all or nothing” on the switching

  • Heidikayala2

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  • fried_egg

    how do you know? the track record of sony has been to add features from the latest version to the previous version when they are not hardware dependent.. and remember, sony is not selling the performance in all markets.. the z5 will remain the flagship in some major markets until the autumn iteration i bet… therefore it could be added in order to continue the appeal of those handsets…

  • TheSparks

    Umm how many other major manufacturers still haven’t delivered MM to their flagship devices? I think most have atleast started.

    I love Sony but there are things they just suck in. Don’t be a fanboy and accept the facts man.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I’m calling it how I see it. Why would Sony risk losing sales of their newest phone by giving older phones all of the new features?

    Furthermore, I’m sure you have noticed all the ads claim “new camera technology” which hints that perhaps it’s a little more than just software tweaks – maybe it’s a revision of the camera sensor?

    Believe me, I’m a Z5 user and I’d love to see all the new features in my current phone, but I doubt Sony will give us any of the camera software improvements other than maybe a fix to the algorithms?

  • nibe

    I always shoot JPEG all the time with my Fujifilm and Nikon. I rarely got serious commission and school project which I have to shoot in RAW format. My Fujifilm X-Trans produces 32MB single RAW file, so I’m sticking with JPEG and I really love how Fujifilm processes their JPEGs.

    I know RAW is not a good option for you. I’d like to shoot pic of school work, signages, posters, display products, silly stuff, etc in JPEGs. Only if Sony Xperia shows better JPEG processing that beats Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4. then no need to switch on the RAW option. I was blown away by the pictures my friend took with his LG G4. Seriously, he didn’t have RAW switch on even though it has RAW option.

    Think of a phone that has horrible JPEG processing in spite of quality camera sensor. To produce good images, I would force myself to use RAW and apply my favorite time-saving preset to each of them. Honestly, I’m not really impressed with the pictures which was taken with Sony Xperia Z5. I find that LG G4 night pictures look sharp and amazing. My biggest wish for Sony Xperia is to make best JPEG processing. That’s all.

    LG G4 uses Sony Exmor IMX234. An upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 uses Sony Exmor IMX260. So this proves that other phone manufactures push camera processing to its limit under Sony Exmor sensor. Sony Xperia should compete with others. Here’s the list of phones that uses Sony Exmor:

    I currently own Samsung Galaxy S4. My next phone would have RAW option so I’d like to try out some of my favorite Lightroom presets. And… I’d like to keep shooting more JPEGs. If I forgot to bring my daily Fujifilm and found an opportunity to take picture but I have my next phone in my hand, I’d switch on the RAW option and then switch off when my job is done.


    What a jokes.. shame for Dev of Sony..

  • Ailan Hidaz

    “Please be excited”

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Well some of us are photographers and usually like to process our Raw images ourselves using Lightroom and the like.
    It would be nice to have as a feature, but honestly the number of people actually using Raw shooting on mobile to it’s fullest out weighs the number of people that don’t give a s**t lol.

    Personally, I’d be grateful if MM adds the option, but I will not cry a river if it’s not included.

  • fried_egg

    because the z5 and the x-perf are unlikely to be competing against each other (as it is not getting a release into all markets). also people tend to buy phones on upto 2 year contracts via network supplied handsets rather than sim free in this price range in major european & american markets… so they are not “competing” and not cannibalising sales by upgrading the camera function in those markets. and because in previous xperia z models when the latest model has had the camera improved through software, that has been rolled out to the previous model (but not the model before that, ie still encouraging upgrade on 1yr+ models) when the firmware was due to be updated.. so i understand your marketing argument but i disagree it is clear cut as you believe.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Z5’s camera app seems pretty good to me.
    I’m guessing you don’t have one of the Z5 variants?
    If that is the case, then I agree with you – the old camera app is crap.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    You have the best Profile ID ever…just thought you should know lol

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Well let’s a agree to disagree, though I do understand where you are coming from.
    You could say keeping a negative mindset eases the pain when Sony eventually disappoints (as they have been doing for the past few months) lol.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I’m not a fanboy as I have a phone in the family from every Major manufacturer, and I have YET to see MM on any except my HTC A9.
    Maybe you should accept facts or try to find proof of your claims?

    I have an S6 Edge + with no MM,
    LG G4 with no MM,
    HTC One A9 with MM out of the box,
    Z5 with no MM,
    Z5P with no MM,
    Galaxy Note 5 with no MM….

    Wait! Every other manufacturer is much better! :/

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Hate to break it to you, but Sony doesn’t read comments on THIS page. Maybe go complain to Sony’s official twitter ID or Forums?

  • Dominic81

    -the post-processing introduces a lot of noise in low-light pictures

    -the controls are lacking in manual mode (The LG G4 camera app is a lot better)

    -the camera app takes too long to open compared to the iPhone, Galaxy S6, G4, etc.

    There’s definitively room for improvement in the Sony camera app vs. other flagship phones

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I never said it didn’t have room for improvement, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.
    Sure the biggest downfall is the speed, but I haven’t seen the slow loading times in my Z5 or Z5p.
    I will agree about lack of Manual controls and noise, though if you compare an iPhone with Z5, there’s more details on a Sony phone for sure.

  • Andrius Mikalauskas

    I don’t use twiter or forums. this information will reach em anyway hopefully :)

  • Thitigorn Jiruttigorn

    When Z2 came out, they didn’t add features like 4K recording,120 fps slow-mo, 60fps full HD to Z1. I used to believed those features were hardware related until some devs port it to Z1 and they work flawlessly.

  • Thitigorn Jiruttigorn

    LG HTC and Samaung start releasing MM for their flagships already, but to say Sony isn’t much far behind if they’re going to push it out in March 7.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Again I agreed with you and countless others that there is room for improvement. But Z5 has a much better app than say Lenovo or even the Z3.
    Lol at the dinosaur and drag queen bit, you hit the Nail on the coffin…

  • Dominic81

    The diffrence? MM is rolling out at least! Maybe not in your country yet, but at least that means the final firmware exists…

    Sony? All they got at this point is a near-stock Marshmallow beta that is still not ready or stable enough to roll out, 6 months after Marshmallow sources were released!

    That got to be a joke…! smh

  • keep waiting, fools :D

  • Kabuto Kouji

    true true… ha haha

  • Nav

    Xperia m4 certified for a new build number, is it 5.1 or 6.0???

  • azzido

    it is still supported? When? Where???
    Sorry just checked the updates and no joy…

  • TheSparks

    My point exactly!

  • JevyJav

    Do they even realize marshmallow has been out for 5 months now??? Google is prepping Android N at this point. This is disgusting; what was I thinking? I guess timely updates really are important to me; I should have stuck with my Nexus

  • serge

    Oh will they include already Xperia Z Ultra? seems they gonna add some devices to their initial list,hope so,.

  • aks316

    Hi if they are planning not to launch Xperia Z6 and replace it with X series thn I think it shows they don’t know the problem. By changing the name it doesn’t mean anything if you going the same old road. I am using Sony Xperia Z5 and it’s an awesome phone so the problem is not the phone or the name. The problem is lack of marketing, late software updates and their insane business decisions like no fingerprint sensor in the USA model. The new X performance phone won’t be available everywhere so why did they even launch it. They should concentrate on the Z series only. I don’t like Samsung much but I see better focus from them atleast when it comes to their flagship phones. Sony keeps changing names when it comes to their phones and televisions which adds to the confusion but they don’t change where they should. Their phone division may stop making losses but the Sony name is fading away. The shocking fact is they are not able to beat Samsung and apple in sales when it comes to their flagship phones when both companies were inspired by Sony and both companies wanted to be like Sony.

  • Adam Graver

    I’m happy with the concept at the moment :) fast, stable, amazing battery life.. I just hope they don’t ruin it in the final release!

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  • martin golder

    Exactly the point he was making. Sony has ‘less’ to do in terms of making their rom look marshmallow-y but still are behind everyone else.

  • martin golder

    Of course it is still supported you tool. Considering sony even have a MM for the z3 available, then it would be idiotic to think the current flagship won’t get updated. But nooooo, because the update isn’t available for you right this minute you are crying off to Apple like a child. Enjoy.

  • azzido

    Will enjoy, wanna buy my last Z?
    Soon it will be worth a lot as they will show it in museum as last Z series ever created before closing mobile division. Interested in?

  • Bülent S

    What Sony waits for to give Z5 series Android 6, it is incredible, but right, they have a new toy stupid X series…

  • Bruno

    Z1 updade?

  • Hritik Bhimani

    coz sony’s post processing is shit….thats why i want raw

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