Xperia X and X Performance priced in Taiwan

by XB on 25th May 2016

in Xperia X series

Xperia XThe Xperia X and Xperia X Performance are now confirmed to launch in mid-June in Taiwan. Pricing for both handsets has also been released with the Xperia X costing NT$16,900 (£353, €465, $519) and the Xperia X Performance costing NT$23,900 (£499, €658, $734).

So it looks like those in Taiwan will get a great deal, especially when compared with the European pricing. It’s also worth noting that the dual SIM model will be sold in Taiwan which will have 64GB of internal storage, versus 32GB of storage found in the European models.

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Thanks Jacky!

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    So Europeans pay more for less… Great policy Sony… :(

  • Dominic81

    They’re out of their mind….

  • Battel

    There’s story of Crow who tried to walk like the dove, but he has failed, then he tried again and again, until he has give up, but when he tried to get back to his original walk, he could not because he forgot, so he became stumbling every time he try to walk, Raven has forgot his original gait and unable to imitate the Dove’s gait . That’s Sonymobile !

    Mr Hirai you could stop this .

  • And here in Portugal the X will cost 634,71 € and the Premium 734,71 € ;(

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Sabes que em Portugal todos são ricos… Porca miséria…

  • DarkMaster

    it’s not so easy for Sony to export their devices to Europe ….

  • Omarion07

    You mean performance will cost 734

  • FYLegend21

    not a good deal the Z5 was around 22900 NTD at launch and some stores sold it around 16900 within 3 months. The earthquake may be affecting the price though

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    They are all made in China… That´s not a valid excuse.

  • illstplaya .

    Pricing is different in every country. It has to do with taxes and the dollar value in the specific country.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Just buy a Z5, better design + same as X :)..
    Dont tell me sd820 u will not notice the difference

  • jamie evans

    X Performance is the flagship of 2016, according to the pricing?

  • Kraivuth

    Xperia X performance dual sim supports Full Netcom 3.0. That means it will be the first Xperia dual sim ever that you can use 4G on one sim and 3G on another “at the same time”.

    In some countries, some operators no longer have 2G network or have very downsized 2G networks (liked mine). So 3G is required to make a phone call on sim2.

  • ryq24

    I believe one reason the price is lower is that Taiwan is only one of the few markets left that sony is still doing well and sony want to make sure they continue to stay that way.

  • Ambitious Man

    In my country:
    – XA: $312
    – X: $625

  • sitll a hefty price for a 5 incher :|

  • Lucille Lawson

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  • Dakota

    That’s what she said

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I just wanna buy this phone but I don’t feel like upgrading my Z2 cause it’s stupid fast even after upgrading to MM. So I think I am gonna wait till next year.

    Hail Z2/Z3

  • Geese Howard

    Well our beloved Mr Hirai has already long been stumbling and he has dragged Sony into walking funny!

  • Geese Howard

    Mr Hirai & the Mobile Division isn’t joking around :p

  • Geese Howard

    Hail to Z5 Premium here!

  • Aiden Pearce

    atleast Sony beat other players with SD820 on this.

  • MrM3

    At least Sony is releasing the phone over there. I mean why bother with big markets in Europé like UK right? If Sony don’t give people a chance to buy their phones I don’t really understand why they expect sales to go anywwhere but down.

  • Marinko Agic

    That is normal price!
    In Croatia, Europe,Xperia X is 670 €!

  • Marinko Agic

    Yes,Z5 now have a great price!

  • DanielSan

    Z3+ also, punches above its weight after Marshmallow.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Marshmallow gave the z2, z3 and z4 devices a real boost in performance. More then I first thought it would be :p Awesome update from Sony :)

  • theskig

    Me too!

  • theskig

    This is very intresting as I’m using a Z5 Premium Dual.
    I will search more infos, thanks.

  • Matt

    It actually is ,people take thing for granted these days.

    Simple process like having petrol in petolstation are actually really long and tidious process.

    Every country has its own tax Regulation

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Totally agree. My Z2 it’s still rocking. And the 6.0.1 it’s fine, but I believe it will be even better in next updates.
    Maybe next year will upgrade to Z5 Premium.

  • XT

    My country didn’t even get the entire X series… well it looks like it.

  • KarFar

    it costs 545$ in uae

  • jxPerience

    in UAE Xperia X Dual 64GB @ 543USD

  • Deads

    Its better then Europes prices but still overpriced.
    X should be less then 400.

  • Battel

    Hirai is entire Sony’s CEO, Sonymobile’s CEO name’s Totoki,
    Hirai could stop Totoki before Totoki Totok Sonymobile and it’s gonna be very F**** bad Totoko for every Sony’s fan .

  • KarFar

    Snap650 is miles better than S615/617/430 that other sub 400$ phones are carrying

  • cerunnos

    Nope. I got a Z5 in late Dec, which was about 2 months after launch. It was still 18900-19900 depending on the store if off contract. The lower prices were due to carrier contracts or demo units, which are very popular. I paid <12000 for mine due to the plan and contract.
    Most Z5s are still 15000-16900 right now. I think compacts were released at 16900.

    For example, there were a large number of S6/S6E (64/128) demo units for <14000 right before the S7 came out. They aren't worth it though, no warranty and many have been abused for quite some time.

    For the curious 1USD ~ 32.5NTD ~ 110 yen

  • FYLegend21

    Sony stores stick to a high price, but I got my Z5 at a store in Guanghua market in mid-December for 16800 – several stores were selling them for 16900 to 16800 and they were from telecom distributors such as Senao or Arcoa. These are legit and while I did have a problem with the camera lens (which is quite common), the nearby Sony center took it in and fixed it reasonably fast. On the receipt it clearly marked that this wasn’t a grey market unit. However next time I won’t be taking such a risk for the low price…

    I hope they fixed the lens blur and shutter lag for the X (it seems they did but also sharpen more aggressively).

  • Abdul Ghani

    pre orders are up but i dont see the price at 545 dollars u got any source

  • Sergio Barriga

    No 4k recording and they’re charging that much?

  • KarFar
  • Snorky112

    there is 4k recording…

  • Snorky112

    also better than SD810 etc

  • Aiden Pearce

    nope there is no 4K on both models. But they might enable it via software update.

  • DarkMaster

    it wasn’t exclusive to Z series since M5 can also record 4K . and NO Z series is not dead yet .

  • DarkMaster

    it’s not but it is on par with SD808 .

  • anyone knows when Xperia X performance dual sim will be available ? and is it active dual sim ?

  • Hieu Nguyen

    Is the Z5 better at the same price?

  • Aiden Pearce

    M5 is only model along with Z-series to have 4K and i think you missed the official announcement that Sony killed the Z-series and replaced it with X-series.

  • DarkMaster

    that doesn’t make it exclusive to Z series than.

    I didn’t miss anything ,there wasn’t any such official announcement from Sony .just baseless assumptions and rumors … Sony executives avoid answering any questions regarding Z series . some less important staff said that is dead and some said that is not …until Sony makes is it official those statements mean nothing .

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Yeah I also believe that. Even the X is going to kick some serious a…s

  • azzido

    haha! so they need to produce more 5$ low ends and proce it higher than S7 edge, does it mean it will be flagship??? :P

    It doesn’t, X premium is just a mid ranger but somehow proced even higher than flagships, for unknown reason :)

    That’s why they are predicting 20% loss in sales for 2016, I think due to X series the loss will be greater :P

  • azzido

    When it comes to X series:

    1. No 4K recording so far
    2. Ridiculous small battery
    3. Smaller screen
    4. No Radio
    5. No aluminium frames, only plastic ones
    6. No 5th pin in audio jack = no noise cancelling headphones support…
    7. Worse design than Z series

    8. Priced higher thaan any other Android flagship while offering mid specs…


  • azzido

    You are right, for sure they postponed in time releasing of new Z series device, and focused on low/mid range as of now (X series).

    Probably they wont to see a bigger difference in each Z iterations which means it will be released less frequently.

    Remember all the people moaning of 6 months cycle is too frequently?
    Maybe this they will do with Z series, so new one should be in September as Z5 was released in September / October 2015 :P

    Hoping Z6 will arrive this time as well.

  • azzido

    Marshmallow fixed overheating issue for Z5, it is much cooler now, as long as you are not living in extremely hot regions like Africa etc :D

    but then just any phone will be hot ;)

  • DarkMaster

    are you sure about the no. 6 on your list ? I will check that out later but I think I read in white paper for XPERIA X that it comes with noise cancelling support…

    many other thing are wrong or subjective…Radio would be first example since it’s confirmed so far that XPERIA X , XA and XA Ultra come with FM Radio function also there is aluminium frame on models XPERIA X ,XA Ultra and X Performance standard XPERIA XA is low end midranger therefore is made of polycarbonate plastic… worse design and screen size would be subjective opinion and preference … price is just SONY usual overpricing for their products as Sony fan you should be aware of that… so that clears numbers 3,4,5,7 and 8 from your list when it comes to X series :)

  • DarkMaster

    I think the same because there is a lot info that confirms such theory… Z6 or it’s successor under different name will be probably announced at IFA .

  • DarkMaster

    there is no any overheating issues with Z5 . it’s all bullcrap .

  • TimmY

    Not really. In some Eastern-Europe countries the price for a new smartphone is the same or very close to the one in UK.

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  • SonyMan

    Today the official Sony store and a few major resellers brought the Xperia X up for sale in Greece. They all have the exact same insanely high price of 629€… I don’t even wanna think what X performance will cost since it is the real X we’re all waiting for… I guess it’s Z5 Premium for me too, after all!

  • jamie evans

    then what’s the flagship of 2016?

  • Sandythansen2

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  • Timel

    Sony lost its wow factor that’s why most people aren’t much interesting and exciting about Xperia smartphones and it effects Xperia sales as well

    Overall X performance is such a boring phone with weak specs and expensive price

    It would be so cool if X Performance wil come up with new cool innovations for example embedded fingerprint scanner (probably include the front facing camera sensor as well) into the screen display

  • Ambitious Man
  • Omarion07

    source please?

  • Timel

    This man sucks

    Nowadays Japanese CEOs just can’t compete with Korean CEO

    Japanese CEOs suck so bad

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Haha yea Z2 is an amazing device. Hope Z2/3 family get N.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Precisely, My Z3 is rocking and I actually get 2 days battery life. I seriously doubt that X and XP will last 2 days like they advertise.

  • azzido

    there is no any so far and there are rumors it will be presented in September?

  • azzido

    Pricing is not a factor that is indicating if the device is flagship or not, but top hardware / features / specs.

    X poorformance is a mid ranger.

  • azzido

    Hope it will be Z6, true 2016 flagship device.

  • azzido

    it clears nothing, X series is still low to mid range series :)

  • DarkMaster
  • DarkMaster

    yes it does clear those things and btw this midranger Xperia X is slapping around all flagships :D it beat S7E in battery life ,also it’s on par with speed G5,HTC10, made this time around really good and optimized phone .

    battery life

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  • Hazelrmendez4

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  • Bashar Shehab

    Actually SD650 is better than SD810, Geekbench confirms..

  • En.Pasta.Tack

    Are you sure about the full netcom 3.0? I cannot find info on this anywhere.

  • Kraivuth

    You can see the info here
    (If you search on google taiwan, you will see similar information on many websites)

    For the term Full Netcom 3.0, I’m not sure if it’s been used widely but here (in my country Thailand) it’s the synonym for dual sim phone with the capability of 4G/3G on sim 1 and 3G on sim2 for standing by at the same time.

  • DarkMaster

    nope only in raw CPU power but when it comes to graphic performance it lags behind a lot… adreno 430 is faster by 30-40% than adreno 510 .

  • ZoubIWah

    So z prices but really not as many features.. I predict another round of meh sales for Sony. And will keep my z3c for now. Arguably its better than the X anyway…

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    The “problem” with Sony is…
    “there is no need to update”
    Previous models seem to work perfectly for Sony users…
    Same goes for me.

    I like that “problem” :-)

  • Alvin

    Yup I’m keeping my z3 for the next 1-2 year(s) too, just because the prices of their products aren’t reasonable yet.

  • azzido

    Do not believe to any sposnodred reviews…
    this is not possible for X mid range processor to be faster than S7 or Apple, or even 820 :D

    Physically not possible, so no way.
    Same comes to the small battery, you will not cheat the physics ;)

    Overall X series is a NO GO so far.

  • azzido

    there is no any yet, maybe they will announce it at IFA in Berlin, we’ll see.

  • azzido

    the pricing of X series mid rangers should be moved to “No comment” section…

  • azzido

    Because Z series looks better than X series, it’s natural reaction.

    It looks and feels better anyway.

  • DarkMaster

    well I believe that gsmarena wouldn’t praise Xperia X battery life if really wasn’t awesome …. they would be first to tell us crap about xperia x … also there is nothing to cheat if you take a good look at the hardware you would know that is quite possible to achieve it .

    who ever said that SD650 is faster than SD820 that would be utter nonsense … but Samsung touchwiz sucks , QHD sucks and their optimizations of snapdragon sucks so is quite possible that Xperia X equipped with SD650 outperforms S7 SD820 …maybe not in downloading speeds and loading games but in everything else it should trash it when we take all in consideration…

    take a look at this 200% non sponsored review from 3:10 S7 got bitch slapped :D

  • Ercann Y?ld?z

    M4 AQUA MARSWALLOW? please answer

  • azzido

    still, I am not interested in any snapdragons like 650, simply, if it is not the top current one, avoiding.

  • DarkMaster

    I’m not interested in SD650 either … I’m waiting for X Performance but what you are avoiding doesn’t mean it’s bad …

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