Sony Mobile to “defocus” on India and USA

by XB on 30th June 2016

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Sony LogoSony Corporation recently held an investor day, which took place in Tokyo, Japan. The investor day provided an opportunity for Sony management to update the markets across all segment areas of its business. As always, we were mainly focused on Sony’s plans for its smartphone business and we came away with some interesting titbits.

We have known for a while that Sony’s product strategy revolves around the premium smartphone segment. One slide below highlights the opportunity, showing that there are very few competitors in the premium segment ($250+) versus the entry/mid-tier segments.

However, what hasn’t been made clear up until now is that Sony Mobile also has a regional strategy. Sony did say previously that it was refocusing on certain geographies, but never made it clear exactly which regions it would target. Sony has now confirmed that it expects to defocus on select regions – it explicitly says it expects its businesses in India, USA, China and Brazil to shrink.

Part of the reason for this is that Sony expects FY15-17 CAGR smartphone growth from India, China, Brazil, Indonesia to be just 0.3%. This compares to Sony’s estimate last year of +8.1%, showing just how much expectations have changed in a year.

Sony will instead look to focus its growth on East Asia (including Japan), Europe and the Middle East. Sony expects to ‘preserve’ its Latin American business and other Asia Pacific regions. You can check out the rest of the slides below, although we don’t learn too much else that we didn’t already know.

So if you are a Xperia fan from one of the regions that Sony plans to ‘defocus’ on, how does this news make you feel? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Sony Mobile IR Day 2016_1

Sony Mobile IR Day 2016_2

Sony Mobile IR Day 2016_3

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Sony Mobile IR Day 2016_5

Sony Mobile IR Day 2016_11

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Sony Mobile IR Day 2016_7

Sony Mobile IR Day 2016_8

Sony Mobile IR Day 2016_9

Sony Mobile IR Day 2016_10

  • QBerto

    this is another signal of the end of SMC, they even can’t stand in all markets, because they’re making bad choices at marketing, technologies, and all we already know….

    One thing I think all we want to know is why they’re selling non fingerprint phones in USA, I’m so curious about an I’m not even in USA

  • Gary Ohanian

    Most likely licensing arrangement.

  • 21187

    Wouldn’t Sony have had to “focus” on the USA market before it could “defocus” from it?

  • Srijan Chawla

    As a proud Indian Xperia Z2 user, this is what I have to say !!

    First, No Xperia X Performance & now this.
    Thank you & “F**k you too Sony”

  • RockStar2005

    Haha yeah. No kidding!

  • RockStar2005

    I bought my int’l X Performance and am VERY happy with it! So to me, as long as I can still get their phones and they work here then I’ll be happy. No VoLTE (phone is VoLTE-capable, but U.S. SIM cards don’t activate it like foreign ones do), but as long as I’m at least getting 4G during calls that’s fine enough I guess. Still beats having a Samsung or HTC. I tried the HTC 10 recently for a week and owned the S7 for 3-4 mos. They can’t do what Sony can do. The camera ALONE on the X Perf outdoes them BOTH!

  • Ok, but they are the only one that couldn’t (or didn’t want to) sign a license agreement. How can you hope to sell a flagship or even a mid ranger without fingerprint sensor in 2016? At least they should have lowered the price, which they didn’t. They have been bashed by any reviewer for the lack of fingerprint sensor and the high price, now they won’t sell for sure, and any competent manager should have predicted that. So license agreements are not an excuse. They’re doing the wrong things over and over again. It won’t take much and they’ll have to “defocus” on Europe as well, where their latest phones have been launched at insanely high prices and have been bashed as well. Sonny mobile is just a dead man walking.

  • Roh_Mish

    I think this it it. No more Xperia for me then. 2016 Nexus, here I come.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah, you’re right there boosook. They really have no excuse for such nonsense. If the other companies can take care of the fingerprint sensor issue, then Sony can too. Excellent phone makers, but man, they got the biggest idiots running the show there I tell ya. I WISH some company with a BRAIN would buy them out already and then make them great!

  • LTEstyles

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, but my only concern is support. I bought the international version of the Xperia Z5 and the screen started getting a weird bright spot. I reached out to Sony Mobile to exercise my warranty, but was denied help because I was not in the country of the phones origin.

  • Tommy He

    Business-wise it’s reasonable to focus on premium segmentation.

    TBH E series and even part of C series can hardly distinguish themselves from competitors in same price range.

  • Raj Singh

    Sony executives have no idea how to sell their phones or market the Xperia brand. It’s been a failure.
    Saying defocus implies they had focus, which they haven’t for years. They’re all over the place. They should be embarrassed.

  • LTEstyles

    This is very disheartening because there are a lot of Sony Mobile fans in the US. Sony’s US marketing team is to blame. If they made advertising for the American market –instead of reusing U.K advertisements– there would be more people wanting Xperia devices. Bad move on your part Sony.

  • RockStar2005

    Thanks LTE!

    That sux. Yeah I bought the int’l version of the XP too, and I knew that doing so meant NO warranty beyond the first 30 days from the seller. So I did some research and found the best deal for phone insurance is by a company called Worth Ave. Unlike other insurers, they DO cover theft and basically everything else. Just not malfunctions. So if mine does malfunction, it’s called keep a hammer close by. ;) LOL

    Square Trade covers malfunctions not theft. But if my phone is stolen and I have ST, I’m screwed. So Worth Ave. is what I recommend you get for any unlocked int’l phones, Xperia and all. I found them to have the BEST price IMO. I got the 2-year coverage which you must prepay to have ($136), but they also have a 1-year option where you can pre-pay or just pay monthly, but the best deal is the 2-year one. If you cancel at any time, they’re required by law to give you a full pro-rated refund of whatever hasn’t been used from your initial payment. They also got an A+ rating by the BBB. (Safeware charges DOUBLE what’s listed there btw. I called and they told me their actual rate.)

    Hope that helps!

  • RockStar2005

    So true. They need a U.S. marketing team to sell these phones. Most of the Xperia ads are kinda lightweight and forgettable.

  • LTEstyles

    I’m sure people from this blog can come up with better, top notch commercials for the Xperia line that would have Samsung and Apple execs start firing people left and right out of anger.

  • RockStar2005

    Oh dude, if I was a billionaire, I’d buy Sony Mobile TOMORROW and OMG……. within 2-3 years I’d have ppl sayin’ Sam-who? iWhat?!! LOL It’s called put up billboards on the highways! Have TV ads that aren’t forgettable but instead with famous celebrities like George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, etc! The one ad Sony DID do right (aside from the Z5 Moneypenny from James Bond one which was pretty good) for the new X series never even got put on TV here. I would’ve had this ad on heavy rotation! It’s wonderful……… nice music, appealing “story”, fun to watch, and MEMORABLE too.

    Their idea of advertising is putting ads on YouTube that ONLY ppl who were intending on buying the Xperia phones anyway are gonna actually look for and watch. That’s A$$ BACKWARDS! In Sweden Xperia phones sell as well as Samsung’s do. Guess what…….they advertise there!!!

    One idea I had was Clooney sitting in some fancy bar or restaurant with the X Perf phone and ppl coming up to him asking for pics. They take a pic with him, but see his phone sitting there on the table or bar, and then they almost forget who they’re talking to and just start asking about the X Perf phone. How about that?? lol

    Another one would be less humorous and just basically be him talking about the phone, but ending it with some catchy tagline like “Classy…. Timeless….. Sony” or “Sony Xperia……it doesn’t get classier!”. lol

  • RockStar2005

    You’re very welcome! It’s nice to be appreciated!! lol

    Yeah I pre-ordered my phone from Expansys but then found out Amazon had a few third-party sellers selling it even before Expansys got it. So bought it from them………. plus I have the Amazon Prime Store card which gives me the option to pay off the phone with a 12-month promotional financing option, interest-free (for anything over $549)! So Amazon just made more sense.

    Ok cool man. Both are great, though neither is perfect. I know it’s more likely the phone will fail than get stolen, but I feel like with Worth I can still get covered regardless. At least you’re getting insurance. Much cheaper than buying a new phone. lol

  • LTEstyles

    Haha. Pure genius bro. If only the execs over at Sony can see how passionate we are about Xperia they would see how badly we want to help. They should have a contest on who can come up with the a good advertising campaign. You’d be a finalist man! Haha.

  • Kenny

    I bought my Z3 Compact from the UK and had it shipped over to Australia. About a year later, the top portion of the screen stopped responding. Made a couple of calls to the retailer as well as Sony Mobile UK and they fixed my phone under warranty and even shipped it to Australia under their cost. I did have to ship it to UK at my own cost and it took quite some time, but it’s fixed and I’m happy.

  • RockStar2005

    Haha Thanks LTE! Very kind!

    F dude……. me and you should go and find some rich ppl to back us up on a takeover of Sony Mobile! We’d be RICH by decade’s end! LOL

  • Jorgie Llanos


  • Reza

    As an Indonesian, no surprise if sony ditch or defocus their mobile division in my country, it’s proofed that no Xperia X series till now on Indonesian sony mobile website.Sony mobile already shrink and beaten by the Chinese phone that flooded the market.. But I still use my Z3+ anyway..

  • JMonkeYJ

    If that’s what they consider focusing, they are in big trouble.

  • sacrow

    In Indonesia Sony got almost none after sale service, There are lots of story about how sony service center is slow and have no responsibilty (hear about new z2 years ago and z5 a year ago).
    With the premium price the have paid customer need some ‘rather’ premium after sale service to expect. So in Indonesia when a person want a premium phone the wont go to sony

  • Kenny

    That sucks big time. :(

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Curse you Kazuo, Curse you too Hiroki.

    Just go harakiri… damn it!

  • owl

    High value added models? I don’t think the X series qualify. #bringbackxperiaz

  • avrodeep

    Sony is living in denial big time , I am amazed to know that the countries that are in the defocus list are the few seeing smartphone user base increase, yet Sony with its high and mighty attitude of selling expensive phones with little or no updates keeps blaming consumer interests for its downfall very soon the rest of the world will also be its defocus area and unless Sony sells phones @ reasonable prices the future is bleak for this vain Company

  • vigneshprince


  • Alvin

    And I’ll come with you for building Sony!!!
    I have tons of tagline, design ideas, and more from my “imaginary” phone that I made in my sketchbook..

    Take me with you both, RockStar2005 and LTEstyles!!!

  • Alvin

    Yeah, the service centre is one of my worst nightmares

  • Alvin

    But their sales in Indonesia is still good, you know? Also in Singapore, Malaysia, their sales are still acceptable.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah man………. bring ’em all with you! Let’s go take over that company. SAVE it from itself! lol

    I would really love it if some REPUTABLE company bought out Sony Mobile and handled it more properly. Not sure which one, but I’d prefer they were AMERICAN so that they would come into it with an understanding of the people who live here. Something Sony Mobile CLEARLY lacks. lol

  • P9

    Still wonder why Sony even make a NEXUS
    do it this year or next year please, Sony.

  • Just wow, i mean really? The countries which need absolute focus are being defocused and the countries which can be left for an year or two are the new focus for Sony, great, i mean, they are digging their own grave really well.
    India & China are the most promising markets of the world. Every new OEM focuses these two countries very much because these countries have a lot of potential to buy. In my opinion, their focus would be India, China, Middle East & the USA as well. Japan is the home ground even then they are losing it to Apple & Samsung (which is a shame) and Europe, well, they price their phones way too high in Europe thinking it as a Cash Cow.

  • Brother, if only i was the CEO of Sony Mobile, i’d have hired you right away. I really agree with you, they need aggressive penetrating marketing strategy to follow up after they announce the phone, well even before the announcement, they should know how to ignite anticipation for the phone.
    They had the perfect chance to milk money out of Z5 sales due to Spectre being released and Z5 being the Bond Phone last year. If the OEM of Z5 would have been Samsung, people would only be seeing the Z5 on roads, billboards, TVs, newspapers, theatre trailers and even in their dreams. Thats how it is done. I dont like Samsung phones but i really admire their marketing strategies.

  • Well they do help, I had some problem with my Xperia Neo V back in 2012 but my phone was a Dubai imported Made in China, so i contacted Sony Mobile UK, they referred me to Sony Mobile India for further assistance (as i live in Pakistan and Sony Mobile does not deal here officially). After some email correspondence with them, they agreed to repair it but they asked me to send it on my own. Thats where i doubted and dint send it and got it repaired locally (which i regretted till the last day of its use).

  • Aiden Pearce

    Being and Indian user this is an absolute BS from Sony, i mean today every company wants to enter Indian market and produce phone in India but Sony? they were stupid on pricing and now they want to sell phones somewhere else? why leave japan then? stay there only like so many Japanese brands. India is one of the most growing market for electronics products.
    Good luck with that Sony..utter stupid move

  • Reza

    I know that but the fact is hurts.. I used to work at the phone shop before and you know.. No body asked Xperia, I was wondering why sony mobile didn’t take care of it.. Even the X series not announced yet and I’m quite doubt if they’ll released in Indonesia, since the government changed their local equipment for a 4G handset. As a loyal customer since sony Ericsson period, I was so disappointed with the management of their mobile division especially here in Indonesia.

  • hmmm

    People from US are to brainwashed with that icrap phone….they don’t even know other phones exists on the market!for them is just iphone,itunes and all these stupid things,so why try to change that????just leave them live in the future with limited space,crap display,no working bluetooth,no decent batery and the list can go on and on!

  • MoYeung

    Defocus also means Canada no doubt …

  • Raphael

    Sony Mobile leaves US market because it’s tightly controlled by carriers who capriciously pick winners and losers while raising prices as the Verge wrote in 2012. It’s even worse today. Getting a device on a major carrier can take up to 15 months and cost millions of dollars; carriers are notorious for demanding custom devices in order to create customer lock-in.
    That’s why the US version of the Xperia X lost its finderprint sensor. That’s what Sony discreetly calls “a business decision”.
    Sony Mobile did the right move.

  • DBS

    Well if they’re going to “focus on high value-added models” that’s good news.
    It means the pathetic Xperia X line is dead. Because if there’s something any Xperia X is NOT is a value-added model.
    Unless Sony is being literal and by “value-added models” they meant “models in which they added unjustified values to the price tag”

  • Alvin

    Yeah, me too, I’m very disappointed. Maybe X series will come to Indonesia in Late Q3 (read: after they released H2 flagship). Now I’m scared about sony’s future..

  • Reza

    That’s what I’m worried about.. How can they compete with others. It’s a shame that a big company like SONY couldn’t handle it.. If you check indonesia sony mobile website there’s no x series the only latest phone was came from z5 series.

  • Denislav Popov

    Count me in!

  • Denislav Popov

    It looks to me that Sony had some solid positions in India, I’m really surprised they decide to “defocus” it, they’re basically backing off from everywhere and everything with no actual plans on how to sell big.

  • It’s still unknown where (and when) they have focused in the recent past. As well as the premium segment strategy: mid range phones at premium prices. They do not have to defocus or refocus. They have to FOCUS.

  • Shyam4ever

    I am core Sony fan boy. Before purchesing any gadget I always look if Sony have that product or not. If it’s there with Sony, I always purchased from Sony.
    It’s really feel bad that after having all awesome products Sony still surviving because of there bulshit marketing strategy. Instead of defocusing Sony should focus on there marketing team and after sell services. In India if own a premium Sony flagship Mobile, then you are the surviver becuase there is no service for those handsets. Service center(Bangalore) guys clearly told me there is no service for this mobile. Give us money we will give you refurbished one. This is the the reason after having two flagship Sony mobile I moved to iPhone. Sony you should check your pockets first, there is a big hole, no one is steling your coins.

  • avrodeep

    Sony should spend more money in properly training its service center staff most of them are very poorly trained know very little about technology at least it feels like that in India you are doomed if your sony mobile needs repair very shoddy service instead Sony prices its mobiles so steep that few dare to buy their phones and the ones that do regret their decision if they ever need to go to a service center. Stop your steep pricing invest more in service centers and less on stupid adds and if possible a Xperia nexus phone

  • En.Pasta.Tack

    “Xperia what else”

  • Alvin

    Yeah, I’ve seen the website before.:(

  • sri

    Basically sony cannot sell a phone for lower price even though the specs and technology matches to it peers. Its great that sony is good at many aspects but when it reaches to market it is expensive. By the time they are in the market with their phones, there are already phones with similar specs with lesser price.

    So better they target people who can spend money (millionaires and billionaires).
    I don’t know about other countries but in India almost every body have mobile and of them have more than one.

    If sony can not grab indian market, then I don’t think it can survive in rest of the world with profits.

    And with pathetic post purchase service, they cannot make people use their cutting edge technology for long term.

  • sri

    :) current phones (all rages) are over priced. Now they want to enter luxury segment. That means they are going to sell mobiles at the cost of audio and Mercedes

  • Talos the Robot

    Because they don’t want to have troubles with Apple which is a big customer of Sony. (Sensors, batteries etc.). Have you ever imagined why the Sony fans in the USA have apple phones? Because Sony pushes them to go there. If Sony focuses in the USA then Apple will shrink.

  • Timel


    Samsung Galaxy is very popular nowadays becuase Samsung has focused on U.S. market seriously


    So after USA, now the India will get bad treatment too ? Man seems like I will have to look somewhere else for my future phones.
    Funny how they are blaming the regions for not producing profits when they have no idea how to market their phones.

  • Ana Heluši?

    They fucked up Vaio and now they fucked up Xperia, great job Sony, lol One Sony strategy really works, there will be only Sony Playstation left :(((

  • DarkMaster

    that looks horrible… what is fugly little circle in the front bottom bezel and all those writings on the back is just too much and same goes for the side ..your drawing is everything but not simplistic .

  • ryq24

    The end is near for Sony. Huawei and other cheaper Chinese brands are already entering the premium market and Sony wil be gone probably by next year at the earliest. They will only be sold in Japan. Sony no longer know how to make mobile phones, the X and X performance just prove that.

  • Xtremer

    Ha ha ha… Sony is defocusing from World’s first 3 largest smartphone market (China,India,USA). That means they don’t know how to do smartphone business. Most of new brand and premium brand smartphones have had a good growth rate of sale in India including Apple iPhone. But in the case of Sony it is different. Latest Xperia X’s price in India is around Rs 47,000, Apple iPhone 6S is around Rs 50,000 and Samsung S7 is Rs 48,000. How can common people justify the price of Xperia X…? If I pay extra 1000 I’ll get a Snapdragon 820 S7 Smartphone instead of a Snapdragon 650 Xperia X smartphone. Also, if I pay extra 3000 I can have Apple iPhone 6s, here I’m just comparing Xperia price with other premium smart phone around the same price range. In India Xperia flagship series are costlier than equivalent Apple iphones. Sony’s budget smartphone Xperia E4g is available around Rs 10,000 on the other hand Xiaomi redmi note 3 with Snapdragon 650 available at Rs.10,000. This is the fact about Sony. Then how could they survive in Indian Market.

    In 2013 – 2014 period the growth rate of Sony mobile division is in the top 5 list (India- ) . Xperia M, Xperia C boost the sale of Xperia in that period and Z series also performed well. Unfortunately, these two models are last mobile from Sony for a reasonable price that sold in India. I’m from Kerala, one of the largest consumer state in India & also one of the largest market of Sony. I live in Trivandrum – capital city of the state. Here Xperia devices are only available at Sony Centre & some large mobile retailer chains. Most of retailers quit selling Xperia devices. Its ridiculous pricing, makes this company losing the market in India. If Sony wants to continue the Mobile division in India they have to change this pricing and they must have a budget phone with a reasonable price & good specification. Otherwise, most of Indians will forget the Xperia brand. If they can’t it just quit the Smartphone business in India instead of defocusing. That will be the better option for Sony.

  • KarFar

    “Z5 Premium: strong sales, highly appreciated by costumers”

    they should make a successor then “X Premium” fingers crossed

  • Alvin

    That is just a mockup, the real one will, of course, will not include that regulation things in the bottom. that “fugly” circle in the bottom is something i called “AccessHub”, which has a function off notification light around the circle, it also includes gestures to open apps or something more (i forgot it). That logo of my “dream” phone is just for my own phone, that logo in the back is perfectly replaceable (centre logo could be changed to sony logo, bottom logo could be changed to xperia logo) it is just as simple as that. But yes, that is your opinion, so.

  • jokensy

    Ha! Ha! Well said my friend ;-)

  • Dhany Wibiksana

    Your service center sucks sony, that’s why in Indonesia prefer using samsung, coz they are every where.

  • LTEstyles

    Bro. You have a talent. If RockStar and I took over Sony I’d love for him to look at your sketches. Then we can all agree on one and have you finalize it. The marketing would then commence and watch Sony stock rise because of a two CEO leadership and a new, young modern designer.

  • LTEstyles

    I concur! Sony blew it with the launch of the Z5. It is such an amazing phone. Imagine full carrier support for the Z5 in the USA? VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, and color choice. Sadly, that’s considered a pipe dream now.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    official Sony Malaysia include all X family. X, XA, X Performance and XA Ultra. look like Malaysia are still safe

  • EQ

    I appreciate the work you put into it even though I need to see it with colors and in a 3D form so I will reserv judgement but it looks promising. Keep up the good work son!

  • EQ

    Sony marketing department are like politicians, out of touch with reality. They need a serious reform and new fresh thinking minds in their business if they want success.

  • ludimilojko

    It all depends. I sure would NOT buy a phone or any other product, advertised by Clooney, Lawrence or any other celebrity. Actually, i avoid products advertised by celebrities. And i’m not alone. That strategy can maybe work with kids.

  • RockStar2005

    Well lud that was just one idea. I think if you have a really SOLID ad it shouldn’t matter whether you’ve got celebrities in it or not. Case in point……… arguably the best (and arguably ONLY) great Xperia ad in existence……. made in April for the X. No lightweight forgettable BS…….just a fun to watch ad with nice music and that wasn’t just “borrowed” from the UK like all their usual ads are:

    I am for the celebrity ones right now b/c Sony Mobile NEEDS ALL the help it can get b/c of their non-stop idiocy. lol

  • RockStar2005

    I like your enthusiasm Alvin! lol Just by reading your post alone I can say you’re 100 times more capable of turning Sony Mobile around then that first-class moron who IS the CEO right now. lol

  • RockStar2005

    I saw his sketches and they look cool. The thing is, Sony Mobile doesn’t NEED a great phone……..they already have the BEST one out right now IMO! I had the S7 for months and the HTC 10 for about a week. The camera alone on the XP TRUMPS them both! It offers the detail the 10’s somewhat lacks and the color accuracy and realism the S7’s lacks. For audio the S7’s single speaker is a God-awful POS. I mean it’s REALLY bad man. Listen to music via the MicroUSB port and headphones? My music would skip every 2-3 min. A solid hour on the XP with same setup? NOT ONE SKIP! S7’s screen oversaturates colors too. XP’s doesn’t….looks more realistic. Don’t let some of these idiot reviews deceive you…….. XP is the best!!!

    What Sony Mobile DOES need is new leadership, and a marketing & sales staff that don’t have their heads up their a$$es. lol We could do that!

    Now only if I knew a BILLIONAIRE with money to burn who would back us up………………………lol

  • RockStar2005


    Haha you rock man!

    That’s the problem…… they don’t. I swear, if the ppl running the show theirs’ intent was to ruin that company, then they are the best! lol Yeah they did a Z5 Bond ad which ACTUALLY ran on TV here for like a month on TBS lol……… with Moneypenny. F Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes though for saying it’s not “Bond-worthy”. The ad is decent with Moneypenny but it should’ve had Craig in it for maximum impact.

    Yes………..aggressive marketing is what I’m 100% for! I like theatre trailers because you really have ppl’s FULL attention during a movie. Even more so than highway billboards and TV ads IMO. Yeah……. if you had Samsung’s marketing ppl on this, Sony Mobile would be a MUCH bigger deal here in the U.S. than it is now. I really hope someone or a company with similar “intelligence” buys Sony Mobile out and take it to the top WHERE IT BELONGS!

  • RockStar2005

    Wow, great article! Thanks for sharing it.

    I have and like T-Mobile because they have FORCED the other carriers to compete much more than before b/c T-Mobile does so much for the customer. But more can always be done I guess.

  • hansip

    Well, i guess this is the end of the line folks. It’s seems more likely that my next phone won’t be a Sony. Tried to like Samsung but can’t, due to bloatware and still non-onscreen button. Maybe Xiaomi or Huawei is the deal. or maybe One Plus 3..

  • ludimilojko

    Sure, it’s a fun to watch ad, but more an ad for Mantesso than for Sony. I bet that most people who saw that ad couldn’t remember what phone was used in that ad. I saw that ad, i remember the creative guy with nice graphic skills, but i didn’t remember that it was an ad for Sony. And i am a Sony user.
    Again, it all depends.

  • Shaunak Basu

    Thank God!
    We already have quite a few fraud companies in India. So, one less is actually better….

  • RockStar2005

    I don’t know if I agree with that. To me, the main focus is not Mantesso but what the camera DOES for Mantesso. This ad is much more personable than any other Sony Xperia ad I’ve ever seen.

    The fact is, most ads that ppl see they don’t always remember the product. But they remember how they felt watching the ad. The next time they see the ad, if they missed it the first time, eventually those who aren’t paying attention will, and THAT’S how you sell a phone……. make people care at least about your message (what the phone can do). People care about what it can do, not the name lud.

    It still beats THIS POS LG G5 ad featuring Jason Statham, and I LIKE Statham lol…….but this is an example of what NOT to do IMO lol………

  • GregLu

    They have a lot on problem on focusing on thing in general … But it’s okay now with some PDAF sensor :D

  • ludimilojko

    I agree with you that we have different views. In the previous ad the camera didn’t do anything for Mantesso. He could do that with every other camera or phone. Mantesso did the ad great, not the phone.
    As for the ad with Statham, believe me or not, as soon as i read the title, the only thing that i remembered was Stathams name. Nothing else.
    Now, i will repeat again, we are all different. For someone, the ad will work, for others it won’t. The only thing that should be questioned is which percent of buyers will fell for the ad, and which percent will not.

  • RockStar2005

    What other smartphone cameras have something like Predictive Hybrid Autofocus? None that I’ve seen. Or else none that do it as well as the X/XP can. I’ve compared the XP’s camera to the S7’s and the HTC 10’s, and it outdid them both. I care about my own experiences any day over some review where they don’t even have the settings done right.

    Yes the results will vary, but I’d rather have a memorable ad that gets people talking and excited about the product vs. some ad that people make fun of. lol So yeah, to each his own.

  • The never bothered to market the phones, so this is nothing new. I don’t think it surprises many people that the company that refuses to push reasonable prices on their phone are also going down.

    The days for me wanting an Xperia phone are gone. I’m getting an HTC or Motorola instead.

    I still frequent your blog because I want to see Sony change their strategy for the better

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Sony was the only brand who just needed the powerful phones, with respectful performance. Even without marketing, this brand could have beaten the competition. It had lots of love from the fans (Better than the iphone). But Sony ruined it everything by making mediocre devices and on above that, Mediocre performance. Still it can bounce back but…. Less hopes now !!!

  • CerberusSco

    Great comment. Just like the camera on the Z5, their focus is obviously blurred!

  • illstplaya .

    Sony wouldn’t have a problem in the US if they actually did some marketing. That’s the biggest problem.

  • Timel

    Yup U.S. market is very important , it’s not just about how big U.S. is , if any product can take over or get popular in the U.S. , the whole world will interesting in that product also, it will increase the reliability of that product or brand, U.S. is cool and a trend-setter country Sony need to focus on USA , give up on USA is such a stupid idea
    Samsung Galaxy is very popular all around the world nowadays becuase Samsung has focused on U.S. market seriously and success
    After Samsung success in U.S. then it will effect to other market automatically
    even chinese brand like Huawei know this it is trying very hard to catch up Samsung in U.S. and India, especially in U.S. , Huawei want to win !
    Too bad that Sony dont get this!

  • Timel

    It hurts

  • Timel

    Couldnt agree more

    This is why Sony will never win Samsung

  • Timel

    You’re such a cute sony fan hehe

    I love that cool small bezels , good job

  • Timel

    I agree almost everything you said except about the camera story which overall X performance still cant beat S7

  • Timel

    I want Sony to do the same as Samsung too , marketing is one of the most important keys but you need to understand that today sony isnt rich like the past at all

    You can see Samsung S7 everywhere that’s because Samsung spend $15 billion per year for marketing budget, I dont think Sony has a lot money like that now

  • Timel


  • Alvin

    Lol :(

    Fyi, the dimension is at 142.8 x 70 x 7 mm

  • Bing Hypotenuse

    Yeah, I can confirm the “de-focus” in the US.

    Just had a minor hardware failure on my Z3c – more than nuisance, less than fatal. I called the Protection Plan line because I bought the plan from Sony when I bought it online. I was told, “Sir, we are no longer repairing or replacing that phone, we will issue you a refund for the purchase price.”

    So, on one hand, I’m certainly not disappointed, I just got my check yesterday which means I’ve been carrying a kickass phone for the last 15 months for free! But, it would’ve been cheaper for them to send me a Z5c, and I would’ve been equally happy with the rockin upgrade. They apparently just don’t have any desire to keep me as a US Sony customer.

    Probably headed to Sammy.

    (and, for the record, this was my first and only Protection Plan claim, its not like they paid me off to get rid of me :-) )

  • Biji Durian

    @ Indonesia, after sales services for sony is miserable or pathetic. to much complain.

  • avrodeep

    see even after being spoilt by Sony with the refund and all you are still complaining yet those in India who unfortunately bought a high end model like yours go to a service center they are not given refunds instead they are made to pay dearly for repair which is far from satisfactory, two countries two different policies even though Indian customers pay more for the same device I am glad and thankful that Sony has decided to defocus from India at least they wont be fleecing customers in India anymore

  • aseuss

    Someone tell me how you “defocus” on a market where you already have ZERO carrier support, where you offer unlocked, full-price phone six months after launch, where distribution is so awful that a non-USA site, namely XperiaBlog, has to step in to help American customers get their Sony phones by creating an exhaustive list of retailers and bandwidths.
    Sony’s incompetence in marketing and distribution, which was noted by Wall Street Journal, is simply breathtaking. Contrast this with Samsung, which has recently bombarded American TV with polished ads touting the s7’s waterproofing. Rappers pouring champagne on their phones, salarymen dropping their phones into puddles. Sony’s phones were waterproof 4 years ago! and yet not one ad about this feature-or any ads about Sony phones at all. Consequently, “few people even know about them”, the Wall Street Journal went on.
    It surprises me that Sony does not even do the bare minimum of what other brands are doing-get carrier support and do some advertising-and then expresses shock and disappointment, quarter after quarter, when they fail to sell phones. CEO Hirai should be let go. Yes, Playstation is doing well, but that is arguably due to tthe efforts of Andrew House and his aggressive and energetic team in the US. My feeling is that if someone like House were in charge of Mobile, Xperia phones would at least have a presence, a fighting chance, in North America-and not the joke that Hirai and anemic team of wimps have allowed Xperia to become.

  • vinay kumar

    Its such a stupid strategy from Sony, Defocusing from the fastest growing economies in the world with more than 2 billion people (i.e India and China) is just unbelievable, Sony is digging its own grave by doing so. I think the fact of the matter is Sony is unable to compete with the likes of Samsung, Apple and other popular Chinese brands.

  • Pamelaemaxwell1


  • Kunal Shukla

    I don’t understand SONY any more nor do I want to. I have been using only Phones since 2006. T310 > Z550i > Xperia X8 > Xperia SP > Xperia Z. Till this time sony phones were still priced decently with good specs but now Sony team has just gone mad. I was waiting for Xperia X and X performance ever since they were announced but after the pricing was revealed I am very disappointed. After almost 9 years I’ve decided to move away from SONY like SONY has decided to defocus on INDIA. I have got myself a One Plus 3 and I am pretty happy with it infact much more than I was ever with any of the sony phone.

    Sony you actually have to try or just pack your bags. Good bye SONY :( and Xperia Blog :(

  • RockStar2005

    I blame Totoki much more cuz he’s Sony Mobile’s CEO. Kaz I blame too but he has a lot more on his plate. lol

  • ludimilojko

    People don’t care much about PH Autofocus. Those who need servo focus are using an SLR camera, or a Sony mirrorless, not a Sony phone. The rest of them wants a nice looking, trendy phone, with a camera which will in auto mod make a nice and saturated photos, on which they will apply a bunch of gimmicky filters, and then they upload them to FB or Instagram in 600X600 resolution. People doesn’t care about resolution, details or “realistic colors”, as we call Sonys weak colors, they want pleasant colors, which looks good, no matter is it “realistic” or not. They will not fiddle with types of autofocus, exposure compensation, shutter speed, ISO and other stuff. They don’t even know what all those things mean. For Gods sake, even here, on XperiaBlog, “experts” are bitching why Sony didn’t include full manual mode in their cameras, so they can manually adjust the shutter speed and the aperture. What are we talking about?
    That’s why i think these ads are nice, but wrong.

  • RamaKrishna



    DIE !!!!!!

  • fried_egg

    America is just “over broked” to get any traction in. Too many brands with too many reseller alliances make it hard to get a foot in cheaply enough to make it worthwhile. India, like Brazil (although not as bad) is a protectionist market for these products and one that is not worthy of the investment – especially as the bulk of sales are lower margin highly competitive low to mid market handsets…. Sony can do well concentrating on Europe and Asia… but what would really help it is a return to form of the “Sony” brand… and there is the problem… Where in the 80s there were several audio visual products people would buy (and crave the Sony brand as meaning best quality) people now only by one or two “jacks of all trades” audio devices.. and it is the speaker specialist brands that dominate “home audio” that your phone or streaming device (the make of which you dont choose as cable tv, now tv etc supply) plugs into… TVs have also shifted from the “Trinitron” to a wealth of new names that have “equaled” the value Sony used to project in branding. Sony the brand also took second seat to “Playstation” when Sony pushed the items branding over its own name…. it should never have dropped the “it’s a Sony” sticker that used to affirm the Walkman, the Trinitron, the Hifi were all Sony first, sub-brand second… because when you are trying to sell “Xperia” using the “Sony” name, Sony has to have a meaning…. remember, they decided “Walkman” was no longer a draw as a branding… Samsung however make it clear… washing machine or phone, it;s “Samsung” first that is marketed…

  • Alvin

    Yes, as much as i hate kaz, he is still one of those sony people who turned sony around from almost bankrupt to who they are right now..

  • Raj Singh

    Sony Mobile is finished.

  • TechGuyChris

    Xperia blog I really think you should contact the Sony team and encourage them to read your site. Since they are getting ready to de focus on the there largest regions, you are going to lose alot of viewers to your site..

    Sometimes I wonder if any of the Sony execs for Xperia Mobile ever read Xperia blogs commenters. I’m sure if they did, they would be in touch with reality and no exactly how to make Xperia great. As a US customer who use to come to this site alot and was always interested in Xperia phones, I’ve lost interest in the mobile brand due to the way Sony has treated the US market. Never markerinf, waiting 6-8 months for a phone after its been released, looking like a moron doing as much word of mouth i could and being the only one with a sony phone. They never focused here. They still could have had a marketing blitz even if the carriers didnt carry their phones. All they had to to say was buy our phone unlocked for a cheaper monthly Bill and america would have went crazy!!! The carriers would have had to offer them something . but that’s what happens if you don’t market

  • Great Dude

    As far as I remember, at first Google offered Sony to make the Nexus phone but Sony refused because it wanted their phones to be appear as consumer phones and not developers only phones.

  • Great Dude

    They aren’t loosing to Samsung in their hometown ,hell some Samsung phones are disguised on other names or they write only Galaxy without Samsung into their phones because Japanese people hate Samsung brand.

  • ZerothGlacius

    The funny thing is that Sony wants to “defocus” from the Indian market at a time when consumer interest is actually peaking. People have been quite interested in the M-series phones for a while, and the Xperia XA Dual is actually a great phone for the price.

    Sony got it’s VFM game right somewhere in early 2015, and they haven’t given it enough time before calling a decision to defocus. Obviously, it takes a year or more for results to show.

    If Sony focuses more on the super mid-range rather than the high end or the entry level, they will do just fine in India. The M5 (as well as the C5) is selling out in the city I live in, it is very hard to find one now compared to just 2 months ago.

  • Timel

    Kaz doesnt care about wowing people or innovation or invest in R&D
    Now his mission is just do whatever can make sony get profits again and when sony get profits that mean he will get higher salary

    Xperia X series is a good proof, their products come out with too expensive prices with same old shitty camera(it’s shitty when compare to s7 edge camera)

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I’d totally love that plus I hope you’ll listen to the customers.

  • Battel

    Mr Hirai When you’ll take “Alternative actions” against this stupid department called Sony mobiles ?

  • Harut Hajin

    SONY MUST FOCUS ON China, Russia, Europe and in Middle East, there’s no way to sell in US like countries, they won’t pay money, poor brain people….

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    As usual sony want to maintain their sensor sale to other oem rather then making profit selling their own brand smartphone.

  • rosaeproctor


  • No carriers in the US also minus the fingerprint scanner on the unlocked Z5. Thats really frustrating right.

  • Agreed but i dont agree on the ‘sell it out’ strategy. Its like throwing heavy things out of the sinking boat, first Vaio now Xperia and after that it’d be Bravia. Recall the bad days of Samsung back in 2007-09 when the king was Nokia followed by Sony Ericsson phones, Samsung was struggling hard to earn bread out of it mobile business but failing every year but they did not sell it out instead made the Galaxy S and changed their fate completely, now look at them, they are the market leaders. If someone would’ve told me this back in 2007, i would slap him hard for saying that, instead i’d say, the next king would be Sony Ericsson. but they (Sony) f**ked up badly with buying all stake of Ericsson then messing up with the brand Xperia.
    I just have faith that Sony still has it in them and they can still pull it out of the sinking ship buy lowering their profits (highest per unit profit taker in the android world) and marketing their phones more often not just by one ad. It will take only one year to come in the top 5 i tell you.

  • Then Apple maybe? i have heard they are not even in top 3 of mobile phone sellers in Japan.

  • RockStar2005


    Until they cut the f’ing BS, they will never “bounce back”. They need to pull their heads out of their A$$e$ and start being more aggressive and smarter. The only other viable option is that some company WITH SOME BALLS buys them out and turns them around into the POWERHOUSE I know they can be. But will that ever happen? Who knows. If I could, I would buy them out and turn things around.

  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    This is tried and true tactics first tested in SonyEricsson when it was just founded. They left Baltics market with “less business less risk” slogan. I guess someone from that “old guard” still lives in Sony :)

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I mean they didn’t even try to release phones in USA and they’re quitting??

  • Victor

    Yeah, about that Sweden part..
    I think that may have a thing or two to do with Ericsson being a Swedish Company. And still sells well after SonyEricsson parted. But that’s just what i think. // Random Swede.

  • Micheal Archer

    That’s hard to say. Sony has actually been decent at providing phones through carriers in Canada while ignoring the US already. Just look at the Z5 and the new X series, in Canada we have seen (or will soon see) all of them with all of the features available internationally. Meanwhile, I think the Z5 was only recently released in the US and was lacking the fingerprint sensor (and maybe one or two other features) and the X series will see similarly poor release and features. Clearly Sony wasn’t relying on shipping bulk orders to North America to distribute before, so maybe nothing will change.

  • HikaruKaze

    I’m from Indonesia and was expecting Xperia X Performance because my Xperia Z1 is out of commission…
    and with this news.. I’m very disappointed,
    I don’t know what phone should I use to replace the Z1 now…

  • RockStar2005


    Yes perhaps, but I’m sure the advertising helps a lot, and ppl there prob became Sony fans while Sony was partnered with Ericsson, and never stopped being so since.

  • Great Dude

    Could be Apple or Sharp, but definitely not Samsung.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Focus? when the last time Sony ever put their device on all carriers? They have poor marketing in the U.S. They should only be focus on their PlayStation and Bluray in the U.S. I recently stop buying their hand sets since they won’t update on older models. Plus I switch from Android to Windows

  • Marybjones2


  • Reza

    Yeah, I guess so, Malaysia is out of black list of Sony mobile sales prediction, unlikr Indonesia we have confusion about it, and now things are getting harder than before because the government has just released a new rules for a telco who wants to sell their 4g handset in Indonesia, I just can’t imagine how can sony survive..

  • Mallahet

    Guess I’ll be “defocusing” my interest in Sony Mobile.

  • Pat Bell

    They should focus on Europe more because I’ve noticed more and more people start buying Sony. I’m very satisfied with my Xperia Z5 compact. Sony’s design language speaks more to me and I just don’t like a protruding camera lens like on the Samsung and Apple smartphones. I love how many reviewers complain about the lack of optical image stabilization on the Xperia phones, yet they perform very well in camera tests and shots taken with my Xperia are not over saturated like on the galaxy phones and pack more detail than the iPhone 6(s)’s pics (btw, both the iPhone 6 and the 6s lack OIS and no review has mentioned that, yet Apple sets a ridiculously high price for the two). No phone is perfect but my Xperia Z5 compact is prefect for me.

  • paul_cus

    So this.

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