New SmartWatch 3 update (M1D63G) arrives

by XB on 1st August 2016

in Accessories, Firmware

SmartWatch 3 update M1D63G_thumbA new firmware update is currently rolling for the SmartWatch 3 with build number M1D63G. The latest update is based on Android Wear The update comes with Android security patch level 5 July 2016. The update does not appear to bring any big changes, but users are reporting better battery life. Check your watch to download the update.

SmartWatch 3 update M1D63G_1

Thanks Siloci and Steve!

  • ????? ????????

    Is there any statement about wear 2.0?

  • raju

    What about Z1 compact Marshmallow update

  • allan

    Z1 wont be getting any more updates


    Updated SW3 2 days back but haven’t seen much improvement in terms of battery life

  • dorothybfitzpatrick

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  • fried_egg

    Sadly the SW2 is suffering now… recent changes to the xperia phone email app means the watch extension will not work… worse for those who bought it for other android phones the error given (even to xperia phones) is it only works with xperia phones… first, the host is a xperia and second, it shouldnt matter if it isnt because the SW2 was sold as a watch for use with android phones not just Sony’s

  • fried_egg

    Z1 is nearly 3 years old…. it is eol. even late adopters who bought it as the Z3 was being released will have had it 2 years.. anyone who bought it after that were not “buying the latest tech” so shouldnt really be too fussed about “the latest” o/s… so with the battery starting to fail, the phone is no longer going to be seen in use as much.. it is time to be happy with what you have or upgrade… and sept likely sees the spiritual replacement to the “odd” number Z series…

  • azzido

    Z is not any “odd” number of series… It stands for the best Xperia quality, specs and experience. The only “odd” numbering / series is X that turned out to be the true FAILURE.

    Still maybe the company will wake up before it will be too late.

  • azzido

    Next SmartWatch should be rounded.

  • Matt


  • fried_egg

    Z1, Z3, Z5 were all ifa germany announcements in sept… Sony have an event arranged for the 1st of sept 2016 (the day before the expo starts). the spiritual z7 is what is needed… whether it is “X” “red” “pluto” or any other name… agree fully it has to be a flagship, not an overpriced buggy midship at a premium flagship price or sony may as well give up.

  • theskig

    Really? I have a SW2 since 2 years but no issues with emails.

  • Sergio

    Use 3rd party apps like Smartwatch 2 notifications or Informer.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Why not just give it a curved edge display with 4K resolution and some form of force touch :P

  • observer20

    Hmm..looks as if some of the GPS issues might have been addressed..I’m seeing much quicker and better GPS locks so far. Was truly awful in the previous release. Now it remains to be seen if it will keep a lock for more than 30 minutes.

  • Raj Singh

    It’s time they update the watch itself. It’s embarrassing given what the competition is doing.

  • fried_egg

    i got mine as a freebie with my launch day Z1 (the watch was sent 3 months later on its launch)… it has stopped working with the latest Z5 email app update & 6.0.1

  • theskig

    I checked now and discovered I only have this message: “Email Smart extension is only supported for Xperia devices”, very sad :(
    But I use Informer PRO for Whatsapp notifications, I can configure it also for mails.

    PS: I have a Z5 Premium Dual with latest stock firmware

  • Alliebsimmons

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  • Mac

    I’ve noticed the battery not charging full bug again after this update..

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    You would need a huge battery for it to even last a day

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    New update with Aug 5th security update M1d63m released

  • SimonPieman

    Except the exact opposite is true. The novely of a rounded watch that looks like a really fat watch has worn off, and the practicality of a square watch with a 2 day+ battery life is now turning out to be the smart purchase.

  • Raj Singh

    Says you. I’m wearing the Huawei Watch right now and I’m planning on buying the black version this month. I charged this one 3 days ago. Given that it’s OLED, you can enable the Screen Always On option. I also don’t like square smartwatches. Each to his own desires and preferences.

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