Xperia X Performance joins Beta Program with pre-release Android 7.0 Nougat

by XB on 12th August 2016

in Android, Firmware, Xperia X series

Xperia Android Nougat
Sony Mobile has launched a new Xperia Beta Program for the Xperia X Performance, which will enable select users to test a pre-release firmware version of Android 7.0 Nougat. Sony is currently taking sign-ups across a few regions including the Nordics, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands. Sony says that the program will be limited so you’ll need to act quick. There’s no word whether the program will open up to other handsets in the Xperia X family.

Xperia X Performance Beta Program (1)

Thanks Sasa!

  • Sergio

    Finally, a better smartphone than the Xperia Z3 has now beta software.

  • Shehab Skull

    In the past when they added Z3 to the Nougat test a lot of us said it has been chosen cause of his sales .. BUT now after pushing the X performance and SKIPPING THE Z5 could any one here tell me a good reason to do this ? I mean of course the X performance didn’t smash a higher sales than the Z5 .. so WTF ?

  • Rodrigue Oussou

    Exactly! I barely regret to buy this phone because of all of this! The first time I have this feeling about a Sony Phone!

  • razorg

    Which must’ve sold more and reached more people due to it’s price I’d say. Isn’t that what a beta program is for? To get as many people as possible to use your half baked firmware, report back to you so you optimize your final build much better? And I’d say people have more Z5 series phones now, skipping us… Arghhh I’m fuirous tbh…

  • Matt

    aww z5 series does not get an unstable software that is unsuitable for daily use. yeay?

  • Sla?an Lukši?

    Where can i sign up? There is no link

  • Denis Deny Jamny

    well if you take a look at the invitation, you can see that “the amount of users for this activity is limited”. what could that possibly mean? hmm…

  • Sadman Khan

    It’s not unstable or unsuitable for daily use. You’d have known if you used the concept or the old betas. They were highly stable

  • Because now people have one reason to buy the X as Z5 slowly dissappear form the market

  • Sadman Khan

    And here I thought that the z5 series owners would be the next beta testers

  • Denis Deny Jamny

    I thought that it is due to sd810 which was not as good to develope with as the sd801 in the Z3 series. so I suppose sd820 is better than sd810, plus it’s gonna be in their newest phones so they want mainly new phones to work just fine…

  • KzX

    X Performance is not available in my country. I can’t buy it even if i really want.

  • Rodrigue Oussou

    Stable? Have you a Z5? because It’s have so much bug and problems with every firmware of Z5 !

  • Nicosea

    I would be more happy to see an update for my Xperia Z5c with August 2016 Security patch for Android 6: so far this phone has April 2016 Security patch… unbelievable.

  • linainvers

    Xperia ?4/?5 still android 5

  • Matt

    despite that, do normal customer should use a beta software ?

    the whole purpose on betas are to TEST the software before public roll out. dont get mad if sony wont serve all your nerd needs. there is XDA for that

  • OzJason

    Disappointing they skipped the Z5…. so Sony, I will skip your phones from now on and go back to Nexus for timely updates.

  • Sadman Khan

    I have a Z5 compact yes. And it has been running very well since 6.0.1. And I was talking about the beta software on the Z3

  • Sadman Khan

    That is not the point. X users are less likely to use the software than the older gen Z5 ones. We are the ones who’d be looking forward to testing beta software and not the people with the shiny new flagships. That’s why it should have been on Z5 series and not the X series. While the Z5 series was around, Z3 series was the testing platform and now with the newer gen out, Z5 series should have been the testing ground

  • SamuVB

    With less than a year on the market Z5 series is badly overlooked…

  • Matt

    who are you to decide what software on what hardware to test ?

    don’t just refute sony decision just because it does not pleases you or the other 3 who wants to test software on their devices. for all i care sony can test nougat on original xperia z if they wanted to and it wont any effect on their other customer at all .

    the fact is no beta software for z5 (at least for now) , deal with it .

  • GregLu

    Z5 compact here too and it works fine … But I agree that sometimes the heat is there too and it’s kinda annoying!

  • AllanKafka

    The point is Matt will defend anything Sony does to the point of contradicting himself if he feels that Sony is being criticized for their choices. No point discussing. Any argument is invalid. Sony is right whatever they do and we are just a bunch of ignorant whiners. E.g. my Z5 fscking dropping WiFi every 5 minutes has nothing to do with Sony being far from perfect and with MM being far from perfect on Z5.

  • Matt

    nah, im just clearing unlogical point.

    if your z5 dropping wifi then its bad, or the access point is bad. if its the phones fault, you should complain to sony. but putting Beta software on your z5 (with bad wifi) will not cure the wifi performance and likely creates more problem hence the title “BETA”.

  • kaostheory

    Possibly that the Z5 is so close in specs whatever works on the X will basically be the same on the 5. This is only buggy beta testing and isn’t worth the hassle of being a part of. Just wait for the official release.

  • KarFar

    because there’s no BETA?!! ha…

  • kaostheory

    Unless you have a second phone, I’m not sure what all the whining is about. Why would you want to loose your Bluetooth or wireless or whatever bug would currently be worked on. It’s not worth the hassle, just wait for the official release.

  • KarFar

    bcoz sony sux, samsung, apple, lg, htc, xiaomi, leeco etc rocks…

  • hansip

    I agree with this. sd810 is too risky to be put in use with Beta software. One wrong steps and battery drain/heating is right on the front. So they won’t risk it.

  • SandyTheme

    Dont worry. They broke it

  • Svnjay

    Z5 and Performance are not close in specs though. 810 vs 820

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    It hurts doesn’t it? I think they’re trying to boost their sales by doing this? IDK :D

  • EQ

    Only thing that sucks is you. Now here’s your 5 dollars. Dont spit it out.

  • KarFar

    why so serious, I was making fun of most commentors here :P

  • Fadi Obaya

    Is there any link for this?
    Please help :(

  • EQ

    Nah bro it’s all good. I missed the sarcasm. We are good my man. Come let’s take a beer. It’s on me :-D

  • Sadman Khan

    Okay bro

  • Sadman Khan

    I feel you bro. Other than that, it’s running great. SD810 lol

  • Sadman Khan

    I can see that hahahaha. Quite biased. I was just trying to be logical here but some people just do not want to listen. *sigh* Will take your advice and surrender here lol

  • smartuser8

    What about Xperia mini pro ??? Shame on you Sony!

  • An Li

    Playing too much Pokemon Go lol. That game heats it up like no other.

  • Amirul Hakkim

    m4 aqua should be in the beta program!! lol,just kidding

  • Timel

    it’s all due to Sony which is always stupid

  • Timel


  • GregLu

    Nice try but I only use my Z5c for Music and remote mainly, because I have a G4 and I use it for any other multimedia activities. Also the battery life is worse than on my previous Z3c that I kinda miss, after all. (A friend of mine have it and it works flawlessly)

  • kewldoode

    From where and how do I download this beta version? I have Xperia X Performance

  • Raj Singh

    So Nougat available on Z3 and XP devices…

  • Phil Gym

    Beta program aside, Sony has to consider how to sell much much more Xperia phones seriously

  • SONY only



  • razorg

    Dude, Z2 already got the MM update…. -.- Are you trolling?

  • Mariarwilliams3

    <<fb. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!il100r:….,….

  • Mariarwilliams3

    <<fb. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!il100r:….,……

  • KarFar
  • SONY only

    Sorry for mistake

  • SONY only

    I mean android nougat

  • Bashar Shehab

    And they skipped Nokia 3310. Shame on you, Sony!! You’re an asshole that doesn’t know anything!!

  • Micha? Qban Kubacki
  • jamie evans

    What’s x compact?

  • KarFar

    these are cases for an unreleased Xperia, they are calling it X compact.

  • jamie evans

    nice. I’m a BIG fan of Xperia compact lineups

  • Adrianarlopez4

    <<fb. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!il517r:….,….

  • Bezels for the win !

    they are not interested in selling more phones but selling them at the high price ;)

  • Matt

    people basically dont care, they wanted this beta software so bad.

    i do hope sony put z5 on beta software and i can happily watch people phones literally melts on overhating, lets see that the z5 user says then.

  • azzido

    any news on new device to be presented at IFA?
    it is 14th August now and still no more rumors than these few pics?
    Seems to be quite odd, i the past we had more rumors to come over to us as the official date was closer.

  • serhat üter

    Where i the goddamn marshmallow update for c5 ultra!?!?!?!?

  • azzido

    I wish the following camera updated to new Z device:

    1. less wide angle sensor as it is only causing blur on the edges
    2. Less aperture, I think F 1.7 or 1.8 would be better
    3. Better carl zeiss optics
    4. Larger 1″ matrix
    5. Less MPx but bigger pixels (S7 proved it gives better results than useless, noisy 23MPx in Sony)
    6. OIS

    p.s. I do not expect only 3GB RAM in any flagship device from any manufacturer at the end of 2016… 4-6GB is fine.

  • that´s what everyone thought, but what amaze me are fanboys (yes fanboys) they can always find excuse for sony, now i can read that sony probably ignored Z5 series because of snapdragon 810.
    simply we don´t deserve better, that´s it.

  • hansip

    what’s your definition of “people”? certainly not the mass i presume..

  • An Li

    Z3C’s battery performance is tough to beat. I loved it a lot too!

  • SandyTheme

    Android 6 for Xperia C4?

  • Gloriabhealy2

    <<fb. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!il798r:….,…..

  • Sadman Khan

    Just our luck

  • iia3ezu

    No, they’re trying to reduce costs by outsourcing the beta testing of the software to those few fanboys.

  • Matt

    yes not alot. but the loud few .

    people here don#’t seemed to understand that beta software is a testing platform for a CHOOSEN product. Sony does not need to explain why, i bet they have their won reason for excluding z5 user (your reason sounds pausible). people can muster their probable reason all they want z5 (for now) will not get beta software.

    i personally will not put betas on my phone even though im using z3

  • Ailan Hidaz

    A better smartphone that was available in limited quantity to limited countries. Yay!

  • azzido
  • azzido

    if the specs of x poorformance and new xperia are almost the same, what is the reason to buy it???

    still almost same size only 1080p screen, snap 820, 3gigs of ram, same camera…
    battery? any new awesome apps? do not think so.

    seems design the only difference, rest is reallly minimalistic :(
    feel disappointed if the rumors will end to be true… sony is not even trying to fight with competition, i think they gave up, designers also faired :( :( :(

  • Verasjones4

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  • Verasjones4

    <<fb. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!il700r:….,……

  • I sure wish us Americans could get in on this. I have the new Xperia X!

  • Fadi Obaya

    Still nothing on this.. Is this a joke? If it is, it’s indeed a very bad one tho..

  • Great!

  • Sally Lowrence

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