Sony Xperia devices are most stable smartphones around [Report]

by XB on 16th August 2016

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sony-xperia-z3-01A report from mobile app insight company, Apteligent, has highlighted that Sony Xperia smartphones have the overall lowest crash rates in the Android ecosystem. Apteligent only looked at apps that have over half a million daily downloads, mainly as these apps are highly optimised and therefore have the lowest crash rates.

Sony Xperia devices had an average crash rate of 0.08%, which was better than all other Android devices including handsets from Samsung, Motorola and HTC. It is good to see Sony’s software doing well here, but does this chime with your experiences? We’d love to hear your views below.

Sony stable smartphones

  • raju

    Android os best from Sony

  • Darni187

    Sony software is light, that’s why it’s the most stable.. I love the OS on Sony.. I love my Z5

  • DBS

    This is one thing I have to praise Sony on. Having used the Z3C, the LG G4 and the S7 for a long period of time each, the Z3C definitely was the most stable (the Z5C was a disaster though. Which is why at the end of the week I spent with it, off to eBay it went).

    The G4 never really crashed, but when it did, it crashed for good as the motherboard died. Same thing happened with the Z3C. The S7 on the other hand loves to randomly reboot.

    The big question is: would I rather have a more stable but with less customisation version of Android like that on the Xperia devices or a less stable one but with strong customisation? I honestly have to say I’d rather have the second.
    If the price for having a theme engine that allows me to change EVERYTHING (from the notification tray colour to the settings background colours etc) is having a less stable version of Android, I’ll take it.

    Which is another reason I dumped the G4 after only 4 months. Oversized phone, with an horrendous little-customisable version of the OS, I just couldn’t put up with it. Even though the camera is absolutely stellar.

  • MoYeung

    software crash, not hardware related crashes?

  • Hyung-Woo Jung

    I agree, with both the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z5 Compact, the overall experience has been incredibly polished and stable.

  • MoYeung

    I heard many LG G4 died from motherboard failure due to overheating.

  • DBS

    Maybe. Mine never overheated though. But the motherboard on the G4 would die in a variety of fashions actually. I got the split screen. Other people got the bootloop. Overheating would just be yet another MoD.

  • cachalef

    Em materia de atualizações , da longe do esperado

  • jag

    Best in multitasking too! But don’t use the camera AR function in the Pokemon GO game or else your phone will go in extreme temperatures! Haha!

  • Abhinav Singh

    Would love to share my experience, i’ve used Xperia Z and currently using Xperia Z5 and i’m totally satisfied. My phone never crashed or never made me felt that I bought a wrong device.

    Xperia is the best

  • ryq24

    It’s their build quality that is the problem. My Z5 premium died after only 3 weeks of use. Good thing it was under warranty so they replaced it with a new phone.

  • mountain

    The report also shows that Sony is the slowest to update.

    No really, I am pretty sure Sony has the best software optimisation, very stable, very battery efficient

  • kanchuka jayathilake

    i have used sony Z, Z Ultra, Z2, Z3 , now Z5P & Z4 Tab i love all my phones because Sony OS is good than the other brands interface also like that. i think that’s why Sony Late to release new OS versions.i love Sony.

  • Laala?

    The very same said report also shows that the amount of devices updated are also more than other brands…

  • Ruben bvb

    Yeah, that’s completely true.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Sony- best software

  • PDP16 Reloaded

    I tend to rail against Sony for quickly ending software upgrades and lack of foresight about continued innovations of a current ‘popular’ model of phone (i.e. Sony Xperia C1905 compared to Motorola G series).
    [Mumbles something under his breath about Xperia Compact series no longer in current lineup]
    BUT, I do agree, that most Sony phones are left with usable software that sees them well into the future (i.e. Sony Xperia C1905 Android v4.3) ….disregarding security updates.

  • Babatopeocapy

    I think this is relatively true. I could use my Z2 for weeks without a freeze, foreclosure or reboot whether on 5.1 or the current 6.0.1.

  • Matt

    so stable software, the most device updated. the only thing is they are slow with updates.

    i would categorize that as great Manufacturer.

  • shenoy

    My Z1 used to n Z3 heats up little bit when operating camera. Else, no issues at all. Good camer, speakers, display, battery life. Whatelse is needed for day to day usage.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Sony is always great about software. I got my Z2 on KK and it was updated to MM and it was super fast, no hiccps. App opening was great. Now I am using Z3(cause Z2 got into an accident) I love Z3 even more. Battery life is great and everything is great. I actually don’t mind the delay cause I know that their software is great.

    But I am bit sad they took off the real Stamina more and re-branded google’s battery mode as Stamina. I wish in future they bring some cool way to save battery without reducing the battery capacity.

    PS: Samsung is killing it with the Note 7

    I don’t care about those features but one thing I always cared about is the battery life.
    But I gotta say Samsung is really doing great this year, and yea IT GOT QHD DISPLAY too.
    Sony Mobile should listen to customers now with regarding camera battery display.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Seems reasonable, since I haven’t experienced that many crashes on my Xperia z which I had for over 3 years and haven’t experienced any crashes on my x performance yet either. I love Sonys UI it’s stable, reliable, functional and good looking :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Dont have any high temperatures with AR on in pokemon go on my Xperia x Performance though ^^ But it’s much easier to catch pokemons with AR off so I don’t use it anyway :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well they are slow due to the fact that they are focusing on updating all the high end devices and not just the most recent ones like Samsung does for example :)

  • Verasjones4

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  • fried_egg

    I have had an X10, S, Z1 & Z5… only the Z5 needed a factory reset (it went very weird). But one error in 6 years… not bad at all. I will guess though some of the throttling the O/S does in order not to overheat the cpu is why they are more stable

  • Sony should use this reports on their presentations but they don’t know how to show their phones :( and in their press they only talk about the camera. The Z2 wast the last smartphone that they talk about screen, audio, camera and functionally :/ let’s hope for the best at ifa

  • Matt

    i dont like to make assumption here. maybe that is true . or they just taking their time updating every single phones with care.

    (im bracing for impact now, since we cannot have personal opinion anymore on this site)

  • singh

    Very true we have z1,z2 m5 in our household I myself have a z3 it will be 2 years old next month, I would say all handsets have rarely crashed, software is optimised to high level, the m5 just got upgraded to marshmallow couple days ago. THE software roll outs are slow but there stable and they still support older phones, unlike Samsung who seem to update recent phones only. I have been so happy with the z3 it’s still fast and performance is still the same, waiting to get a z5 or a x performance.

  • Alvin

    Yup, my Z3’s non-third party apps never crashed as far as I’ve experienced, performance is fast and smooth. Only have one problem on 5.0 that is fatal, but not related to this kind of issue.

    The same thing can’t be said for my samsung phones/tablets, Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Tab A 8.0, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy J3 (2016). Especially J3, the crucial software update app always force close so I can’t uodate that phone.

  • Lajos Márk Kovács

    Correct results.
    My Sony’s is stable…
    Thanks Sony!

  • hmmm

    I use 30-40 apps on z5…no crash!

  • jag

    Really? Then that’s good for X Performance! I got the infamous Z3+ so the phone heats up like hell when using the function. But without the AR, it just works fine. A bit hot but it does not hang up or need to restart the game.

  • Talos the Robot

    Kudos to the software engineers in Sweden! My Z3 Compact is still rocking!

  • Talos the Robot

    I really don’t care about the slow updates as long as I am not a beta tester.

  • Talos the Robot

    I use 133 apps (not games) on Z3 Compact and no crash either :)

  • Arcest

    Sony should offer android updates for older smartphones, even it they are paid updates. For example, Xperia Z1 and later should get all android 7.x versions.

  • mixedfish

    This is probably why everyone else is so desperate to upgrade to the latest Android whilst I’m still cruising on 4.4 Kit Kat on the Z2, my experience has been very stable but others may not have been.

    Anyway I just upgrade to Z3+, I can’t believe I trusted all those ‘overheating’ news from last year. It doesn’t overheat, I tried with recording 10minutes of 4K. But because of the bad stigma the price is very low at $300, very cheap for unmatched build quality.

  • Biancoceleste

    Precisely. The more crap piled on top of Android means way less performance and more crashes.

    It’s the reason the older Xperia phones have aged so well and still absolutely hum on marshmallow. Solid 800 series snapdragons that have stood the test of time with excellently optimised software.

  • Biancoceleste

    In honesty, the Z2 was really a groundbreaker in 2014. Outside of the HTC M8, nothing came close.
    It perfected an already excellent handset that was the Z1.
    Beautiful design, huge battery, large ram, gorgeous screen, light years ahead camera (except for the lumia 1020), waterproofing and excellent software upgrade life.

    The Xperia devices since have been solid (no experience with the X series yet myself) but not really standing out like the Z2 did in its time.
    It’s why I haven’t yet upgraded from it. Only the nexus 6P has interested me in the last 2.5 years and it’s not waterproof nor does it have sd card support which are 2 things I really need.

  • Manu

    Sorry, but we’ll talk in a few days about the overheating thing. It gets warm, the processor will throttle, display will decrease brightness… and battery life isn’t great due to the processor either.

    It’s not a bad phone, but under certain circumstances like long usage, you won’t be happy.

    Sent from my Z3+.

  • djfapples

    Sony is the best z2 user

  • The One

    This makes for a nice headline, but we’re really splitting hairs at this point. None of the top 5 OEMs on that list experience even 0.5% crash rates. In 100 uses, an app would crash zero times on all these phones. Sony’s zero is a little smaller than everyone else, but it’s still negligible. Hardware and software have matured enough in both Android and iOS where we should expect to see crash numbers this low.

  • roeshak

    crashes aren’t something I ever had much problem with using xperias for many years. the software is light so not surprising. they just now need to get it out quicker because in the grand scheme of things delays in software updates do more harm to reputation than stability does to enhance plus we’re really talking about very marginal differences here between all of them.

  • roeshak

    it’s 0.31% separating the 1st 4 devices on the list. that’s hardly marketing worthy.

  • EQ

    GTFO! Give them some creed even if it is small. GTFO!

  • But, following your logic, then would´t advertisse the DxOMark rankings

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    An Olympic sprinter who is ahead by 0.31 seconds still gets the gold medal…and the bragging rights!

  • EQ

    You rekt him real good!

  • Darni187

    My GF still has a Z2 for over 2 years, and its running very good with no issues. She still wants to use it for another year that’s how much she likes it. The SD 801 still very snappy and the 3gb ram was also future proof.

  • I’m just telling the truth and a truth that takes into account the presentations of Apple and Samsung I see. Or even Microsoft.
    They make little things and stupid sometimes be seen as fantastic things.
    When was the Z5 Premium, I waited for something at the press conference, but no. They made the first 4K smartphone and haven´t been able to present it as it should be. First, neither was the CEO of Sony Mobile to present it. Hirai was! And the conference was something like:

    This is Z5, so lets tlak about the camera! (10 minutes talking about the camera). Oh, and now we had a finger print sensor. Oh, I almost forgot. We also did a 4K screen. Let me show you a picture on this giant screen for you to see. Already? Let’s continue with more important things.

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    The slightly lower crash rates also probably reflect how smooth the software performs even as the handset gets older, a major reason IMO why iPhone is like by so many.

  • Mars

    Same average crash rate as the market share. Great job Sony !

  • joe

    Yes indeed

  • Kwstakhs

    Stock Android FTW man…love my Z3 compact…

  • scoupdogg

    Totally agree, I bought second hand Xperia z3 back in 2015, coz it’s so much overpriced.
    But damn was I impressed with just overall smoothness and finish of the software. Later realized, one of the annoying things you miss is app crashes, force closes , lags and stutter. None. Just beautiful.

  • Fadi Obaya

    Yep, that’s the real beauty of how Android should be. Good for Sony for making it smoothy as fuck.

  • The One

    LMAO!!!! Nice!

  • EQ
  • EQ
  • EQ

    Yeah they are seriously lacking in the marketing department both for consumers and for reviewers. I mean what they do with Playstation brand they should do with the the Xperia brand.

  • 98kuroneko

    I have a Z5 Premium and I agree they were least prone to crashes… I can check Twitter and Pokemon Go at the same time…

  • Hunkdad32

    Good Phones but WORST AFTERSALES!!!

  • Billy de Fretes

    I still using my old xperia z…
    And guess what, still fast just like when i got it 3 years ago. Crash? Nope… Slow? What is slow?

  • mixedfish

    Nope I’ve had Z3+ for 2 weeks now, no problems, I have two SIMs enabled too. I’ve never had a day where I had less than 50% battery left.

    All reports I think, come from when Z3+ was on 5.0 Lollipop. Which was absolutely terrible. Good thing I skipped it on Z2.

  • Kathan Gandhi

    Sony is crap. It has so many problems in their flagship phones ( everybody knows that). I am using Sony Xperia Z3 dual and after last software update 23.5.A.1.291 my notification bar and touch keys are not responding. I have tried all possible solutions but it didn’t helped. I have also done many times factory reset and software repair from Xperia companion but nothing worked. I think this is no hardware problem because those keys and notification bar is working good on lock screen. Sony service centre could not help in this issue. So I think Sony is worst in both software and hardware.

  • nexus2077

    im using X and Z5, a lot better than my z5.. ram usage is always lower than my z5.. and it doesn’t heatup like the previous Z series.. SD650 but faster than my z5 on SD810.. battery is also better with the Qnovo battery.. :) camera is also better both front and rear.. LDAC doesn’t stutter anymore due to BT4.2 while Z5 had BT4.1.. but downside is you lose waterproofing and 4k stuff

  • Zakaria Sfenjeh

    It’s nice to hear it oultoud. This what I truly believe. My z3 is far more stable than any samsung handset out there.

  • Madaliso

    I totally agree with this .Sony devices is stable , they fully optimize the Android OS with their hardware ,

  • Geese Howard

    I love my Z5 P. And speaking of crashes, I rarely get any even up to now.

  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    I am inclined to agree but with one small correction – the name of the article should be “Sony Xperia Z series devices are most stable smartphones around [Report]”. My experience with Xperia P and especially Xperia L (horrible software and divided internal flash) was not a happy one while Z3 Compact, Z2 Tablet and Z3 Tablet runs like charm.

  • hansip

    Never uses other brand though but i do agree that Sonys ROM is stable. It’s sometime too stock compared to other brands but all these additions ends up just as a gimmick.

    On the hardware side though, i do wish they keep on pushing for maximum battery life though. Xperia X is good but low numbers pretty clearly limits the optimization done on the battery. Now i hope Xperia XR is better in that regard, seeing Samsung comes with big battery..

  • Jaissal S

    I was using Z1 and now Z5! Have loved both devices and they crash very rarely. Always Sony Xperia for me :)

  • haxona

    As someone who has had a launch maunfactured model and a late 2015 model I can confirm that the phones have two very different overheating problems. I had to swap my phone out cuz it got lost in the river and I got a new manufactured version 15w48 compared to my launch model that was 15w23(release models).

    The differences are very big and thats why someone like you who only got a newly manufactured one – which I am guessing or that you were lucky and got a good old one- feels no overheating.

    The situation is roughly like the release models of Xbox 360 compared to later models that had almost zero problems

  • Battel

    The only advantage that Sony mobiles has over other competitors !

  • Darni187

    Both my brothers got Z5 P and they really like them too. I got them into Sony phones :)

  • Geese Howard

    Damn i want a brother like you :) Getting me into something like that :D

  • Darni187

    lol thanks

  • Captain Henry Morgan

    Exactly! Look at the Samsung Note 7 from Verizon. They loaded that will full of their own bloatwares which will eventually slow down the phone after a year. Most people don’t know that so they’ll blame Samsung instead of Verizon for adding more crap to the phone.

  • Captain Henry Morgan

    I am still using my Xperia Z2 and it is still very, very fast.

  • ZoubIWah

    If you translate million of ppl it is. Ppl don’t realize how much this means

  • Edo Winsyah

    late reply but i agree with you,my xperia m runs smooth and rare to force close eventhough it’s an old device but still can run hd games well especially pokemon go even it’s modded apk,but the lens camera is easily scratched,and the flash memory is weak too (encrypted bootloader problem) and it takes my phone to service centre :/

  • Bashar Shehab

    It’s because the P and L are fucking 4 years old MIDRANGE devices..

  • Mac

    Wow the others must really suck then..

  • dbjungle

    I can see it. I’ve been impressed by all of my Sony devices.

  • Thats a good point! :-)

  • Manu

    All I can say is that the way I am using the Z3+ it does get hot & I barely make a day with the battery :-/
    It always depends on apps, usage pattern, etc. … a flagship should work for everyone, anyways!

    But glad it works for you! :)

  • Manu

    Interesting point, I got mine in Germany around February. Where can I look up the version of manufacturing?

  • haxona

    You can check it out by dragging out a small sticker thingy opposite to the Sim card compartment that you can also pull out. Its fairly hard to see but when you see it its easy to pull out with your nail.

  • EQ

    Show daddy where Sony hurt you.

  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    My point exactly. If you provide stable and good-quality software for your phones, you should do it for all models not just for flagship ones. Midrange is not an excuse. And not only 4 years old ones. Recently Xperiablog wrote about Aqua M4 if i recall correctly, who also has software problems – phone memory was divided in two partitions with system one being so small you are basically prevented from installing anything on your phone.

  • Captain Henry Morgan

    I like this logic!

  • Treb Amurao

    I run the beta version of sony on a Z3 compact, it is still stable compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 I had…

  • Battel

    On my Penis, Sony doesn’t suck too good, Do you ?

  • Bashar Shehab

    It’s not a problem with tge SW in the M4a, it’s the hardware. There is 2 versions of the M4, one is 8gb the other is 16. The 8gb ver only has about 3gb available for user which sucks but that is hardware issue. The 16gb is good with 12 gb available.

  • Not for you

    My Z5 Compact seems to have more issues with Android Auto than it’s predecessors. The phone app will crash after ending a call over AA, and Pocket Casts randomly resumes playback at an earlier point for no apparent reason. The FM radio will occasionally continue playing audio even after it’s been cleared from recent apps.

  • Malih

    yes, you’re right, Sony’s Camera app is very light, without any Pro Manual feature unlike any other major Android phones

  • Malih

    yeah, I imagine they must have decent after sales service on some countries/regions, but in my country, it’s one of the worst compared to any phone overall, but the worst among well-known brands

  • EQ

    Well how could Sony do that with your 1 incher Baghdad Bob?

  • a.mubher

    Now where are those who keep complaining about having “only” 3GB of ram on Sony devices? How very outdated, right?

  • EQ
  • marcyff2

    so Motorola should beat Sony considering it is stock android

  • marcyff2

    well unless my couch was on fire i don’t see how my G4 overheated. Yet it bricked itself due to the motherboard failure (bootloop) overall was the experience that moved me away from LG for good. For me now is only HTC, Sony and OPO

  • Darni187

    They about the same as you can see.

  • Battel

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  • Battel

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  • EQ
  • EQ
  • Michal Fox,Blacha

    guys we z3 owner dont need 7.0 for what? we expect mm repair an security updates. android 7 is not revolution

  • Cryio

    While Sony’s skin seems pretty awesome nowadays, I can’t see how it’s better than HTC. Previously, Moto was pretty good, but apparently their phones went down the drain under Lenovo.

  • Omar

    3gb ram was future proof in 2014, not really for 2016 devices with sd820, which is what they have to offer as the x performance.

  • EQ

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  • EQ

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  • Cesta Sol4

    very good mobile

  • cesta solution 8

    best mobile xperia

  • Cesta Sol4

    Very Good Features

  • Battel

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  • Battel

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    Bend over let’s find out :D

  • EQ
  • EQ
  • Alan Crouch

    Sony is not a good company, they are unethical and would rather endanger people than fix an issue they were even told about before they used the 810 processor.

    I know this is a bit late and all, but well done on the choice not to get a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, not only is the device flaw filled, but the Sony Support will blame anyone but themselves, what happened to me is i got a new Z5c which was to replace my Z1c which was an amazing phone, and i noticed from the start the phone was hotter when running, with each new OS / FW update the problem seemed to get worse and worse, after 2 weeks there was the first big update, i think its the next android version as the file was 1GB, less than a week later, after leaving my Z5c on my bed not even charging while i went to the shops, i returned to find the rear glass cracked, just above where the CPU is situated, i contacted Sony Support, and they said that since there was not only 1 crack (there is a whole shatter patern inline with the NFC but on the opposite side of the camera, it is what looks like from the side cover, but there is not even a mark / scratch / piece of dust on it so how, especially when its a flat side part, you cant crack glass say 1/3 down hitting the side panel.) it was not their issue. They also said that phones do get hot and that i must not use it while it charges. then the next issue, the heat, after about a month since the glass cracked the phone was getting so hot i could not keep it in my pocket, which i am sure is too hot, and since all this has happened the battery life seems to be getting less and less very quickly no matter how i charge or if i even run a battery calibration, i googled the issues and saw so many others with the issues, and so i have now gone the legal route, since my 3 month old phone Sony has informed me must go into a Repair Center and they cant give me a phone to use while it is in.

    Another scary issue, is when the glass is cracked, people think it is still waterproof, IT IS NOT, THE CRACK MAKES YOUR PHONE NOT WATERPROOF, so be careful with it if the glass is cracked.

    I think Sony needs to do the right thing and recall this model, the heat issue they “solved” by throttling the CPU, throttling the CPU means i am not getting the CPU speed as advertised which means false advertising as well. They say it was just a FW fix for now, but i cant see with the damage this has caused already, the FW throttling being taken away, MEANING THE PHONE IS NOT THE SPEC AS ADVERTISED, which is false advertising and means i am not getting what i paid for. So its wrong and also ILLEGAL.

    Just my review, it seems like a very nice phone, if you are not worried about shattered glass in your ear or waking up an your house is on fire cause the phone got too hot.


    Also, every update i got until the last 2 updates, made my phone even hotter, i cant keep it in my pocket anymore and i have read up on the health risks this can cause already, and its very scary this is allowed still.

    One point in Sony’s favour, which i think is wrong on the above review is that the camera is great, and maybe it is only from updating the firmware but i have compared it on the newest FW for my country (that i could go up to before SONY SOFTWARE stopped updating and just downloaded nothing for 2 days, 8GB of nothing and no phone for 2 days????) and i think the photos are awesome, but the difference in the phone if you record in 4K or normal, is another problem.

  • Ben

    My xperia z3 never EVER crashed on me once, and the UI is very intuitive and elegant, i cannot say that on my previous devices samsung s4 and lg g4, only disappointment i have with sony is unreasonable prices and low volume during calls on loudspeaker, other than that, sony does a good job in my opinion…

  • LevsMAN

    I have been a long term user of the Xperia series now, as I’ve upgraded I’ve seen less and less bugs and better stability. Like someone else has said, Sony’s approach to the OS is light, and very fluent. I have just upgraded from a Z2 to an X,M and I had a great 2 years with the Z2 no problems at all, as with the X so far no problems at all. Great quality phones with a simple but sleek interface, lovely premium build quality too. I just think the look of modern Xperia devices look so eye catching and sleek.

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