Sony Xperia XZ: Further details on the technology behind the phone

by XB on 15th September 2016

in Imaging, Xperia X series, Xperia XZ series

sony-xperia-xz-technology_4The Sony Xperia XZ packs in a lot of technology and some exciting new features, never before seen on an Xperia device, such as the triple image camera sensors and 5-axis stabilisation. Sony Mobile has detailed a deeper look at some of the new tech inside the Xperia XZ as it showcased the handset to the Asian media. We have included some of the key slides below from ePrice, which mainly concentrate on the Xperia XZ’s camera.

It is interesting that the development of the phone tried to address what consumers deemed most important in a smartphone camera, from a survey that Sony conducted earlier in the year. The results appeared to show that consumers mostly cared about being able to take pictures in low-light conditions, the camera lens quality and the image processor.

The Xperia XZ rear camera utilises a six-component G Lens configuration, a F2.0 aperture and the 1/2.3-inch 23MP IMX300 Exmor RS sensor. The front camera includes a 13MP 1/3-inch sensor, which is 2.6x larger than the sensor used in the Xperia Z5. The slides give further details on the triple-image sensing technology including how the laser autofocus and RGBC-IR (RGB colour ? infrared) sensors work. It also shows details on the 5-axis electronic steadyshot, where it has added X/Y displacement through an additional processor.

Sony has also included some slides on the display, showing that the 2016 models have a sRBG ratio of 1.4, versus 1.3x in the 2015 Xperia models. It says that the displays used hold few disadvantages when compared to OLED displays. Lastly, a slide on audio shows how the audio feature-set has increased from the Xperia Z1 to the Xperia XZ.

Xperia XZ: Camera technology












Xperia XZ: Display technology



Xperia XZ: Audio technology


Via ePrice.

  • ramuk

    I saw the XZ review on eprice. I can tell you that judging the photos of the XZ I can safely say that Sony improved a lot in the camera department with their XZ. Dynamic range is much better than Z5, even lens corner sharpness looks much better than Z5 ( although still need some improvement, in my humble opinion, then again its a really wide angle lens so its really hard to do so ). And the color looks fantastic. Much much better than iPhone 6s plus camera in terms of color. Yes, there is still plenty of noise but also plenty of detail as well. I just hope the will choose a new sensor for their next flagship. XZ is One of the top three camera now IMO.

    The screen/display of the XZ looks phenomenal. I don’t think anyone will complain about sony not choosing OLED for their mobile screen if their screen looks this good.

  • DBS

    “I don’t think anyone will complain about sony not choosing OLED”

    I would. For two reasons:
    – Blacks are never as deep on IPS because on AMOLED screens the pixel is simply turned off. On IPS, it’s turned on and the blacks are “faked”.

    – Because IPS never turns off pixels, you don’t get any battery savings with such a screen. On an AMOLED screen, by using black backgrounds on various places (for example, a black notification tray and black wallpaper), you’re actually allowing for better battery. Because the screen won’t be turning on all the pixels, it will consume less energy.

  • ramuk

    First part of your comment is right but second part is wrong. Other than showing dark scene video OLED screen is still lags behind LCD display in overall power consumption. What Samsung display their “fake” QHD resolution appears to be power efficient because they have 1 less subpixel in every pixel. Less subpixel means less power consumption that leads to lower power uses. If Samsung use Real subpixel arrangment (RGB) instead of pentile subpixel arragement you will see that their OLED display’s power consumption will rise significantly.

    Most reviewers simply ignore the fact Samsung QHD oled panels have 60% less subpixel than other QHD LCD panels. 60% is a huge number. If you count Samsung’s display pixel with real subpixel account their display will be FHD+ display not a QHD display. For better understanding the display argument you need to turn to anandtech. You explained it in their LG flagship phone ( G4 probably ) and recent One plus three review.

    I need to go to sleep. Bye for now.

  • Yasir Fawad

    been a Sony user since K810i, my daughter (2 years old) broke my Z5 into pieces. Used a borrowed Galaxy S5 for a month, and you know the worst UI experience i ever faced in this modern age. returned it and now using Nokia 1200. (hehehe).
    I’m impressed with Xperia XZ. Style (forest blue), screen, camera, everything perfect, and the UI experience second to none. come October come XZ.

  • DBS

    You’re limiting your analysis to Samsung. Most other OEMs use AMOLED displays too and those don’t use less subpixels. That’s also the analysis that anandtech made. They focused on Samsung ignoring the rest of the major OEMs that use AMOLED.

    Still, there’s also the difference of the brightness you use. At 100% brightness (something barely anyone does) AMOLED are less efficient. However, anything below that shows AMOLED more power efficient than LCD.

  • Yasir Fawad

    In general it may have those little positives. But what user experiences is a specific unit with nothing to compare witth IPS or OLED. No one sees/experiences/note those blacks while watching movies , playing games etc. These arguments we do are just to please our inner self.

  • DBS

    “No one sees/experiences/note those blacks while watching movies , playing games etc.”

    Actually, you do. A LOT. In movies for example, you don’t see blacks, you see dark greys. You SEE that those aren’t natural colours.

  • Yasir Fawad

    I have used iphones, galaxies, and xperias. Never experienced what you said. Just experienced the artificially saturated colors of oled. All are same. In the long run it doesn’t matter. It will matter when you at the same time use an iphone, a galaxy, and an xperia. Which is not the case with a common user.

  • Marinko Agic

    They are say this here.Only black colour is better in OLED,and nothing else.via e price

  • DBS

    If black is worse on LCD’s, that affects the rest of the image quality. And that is an argument against Sony. They charge the same for a phone with a screen with overall worse colours.

  • Xperia XZ <3

  • They should have shown this at IFA press- conference …

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    You’re wrong. Most of the AMOLED displays (be it from Samsung or not) do use Pentile subpixel arrangement (which should have never been released, in my opinion). In fact, I probably can count with the fingers on my hand the number of devices which uses OLED with a proper RGB subpixel arrangement and not this Pentile joke…

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Impressive stuff!

  • Vuyo Ncube

    You do realise that typical OLED displays suffer in power efficiency at higher APLs (reserved for web browsing, note reading)? Samsung probably spent billions to mitigate that problem and there still not quite there yet.

  • Nick Paschalidis

    Seriously,it’s been two weeks and I still can’t decide between the Platinum and the Forest Blue.My head is gonna blow.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Really hope they nailed the colour accuracy (colour temp and gamma at least) (an sRGB accurate mode would be appreciated :P).

  • EQ

    As can be seen they show the same clip for the 5-axis EIS system as for their Alpha camera series. It works both for video and still images. And to think Samsung and Nokia trolls where saying it only was for video trying to downplay it. Who’s your daddy now!

    Sony continuing to set the bar with the best cameras in the business. Still the Z1 can challenge the best the competition has and surpass them in most areas with flying colors. Then we have state of the art components and robust quality aswell as fresh design. It might cost more than the competition but it wont explode in your hands!

  • EQ

    Game, set, match! Perfectly explained why overall LCD is better than OLED. It’s good that people are informed by those with knowledge instead of armchair experts hyping OLED despite a multitude of disadvantages.

  • David Hvatov

    Z2 has DSEE HX too. Stupid marketing.

  • DBS

    I’ve provided evidence otherwise. Your move.

  • DBS

    Put an AMOLED device side-to-side with an IPS display. If you still don’t see the difference, you should have your eyes checked, mate.

  • DBS

    Again, efficiency on AMOLED panels is only a problem if you use the screen at 100% brightness. Which NO ONE does.

  • EQ
  • DBS

    At least I have them. Unlike you, eunuch.
    (Yeah, email notifications kinda suck don’t they? I can still know what you coward little boy wrote)

  • barom

    If you have to put it side by side to see it, it doesn’t make a difference in the daily life does it?

    It really is just hype. OLED is overrated. I prefer Sony focuses on where it really matters (like Camera).

  • DBS

    Well it does. I speak from personal experience. I’ve used both. Nokia, LG, Sony, Samsung. I’ve used LCD in the 2012 Nokia 920. Then moved to AMOLED with the 1020 and 930. Then back to IPS with the Z3C and the G4 and then back to AMOLED again with the S7.
    Having used both, I do notice the difference. IPS offers a worse colour reproduction, specially in what photography is concerned. Because it can’t reproduce blacks properly, it’s harder to understand for example if the shades in a picture still have recoverable information or not. Because everything is represented in dark dark greys, it makes it harder.

    Sony focuses on other things that matter. True. Not disputing that. Audio for example. I can’t agree with camera though. It took them 4 years to bring things phones have had since 2012 like OIS, manual controls etc. I’m glad they did, but I’d say Sony has put more emphasis on design and audio than anything else.

  • EQ
  • DBS

    Upvoting your own pathetic posts. Yup. The right meme for you. How pathetic can you be?

  • EQ
  • Vuyo Ncube

    It seems the term “APLs” flew over your head so I’ll anthropomorphise it for you.

    Mr. OLED hates the colour white. Regardless of the brightness level, it hates the colour white. RGB sub pixels work very hard to produce the colour white. Web browsing loves the colour white. Journals, novels and ebooks love the colour white. Comedy series use high key lighting which means a lot of white-leaning colours. Xperia Blog loves the colour white. All this make Mr. OLED sad.

    I hope you pick up on the definition of “APLs” very soon.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    While I agree that Sony has always set the bar (and continues to raise it) when it comes to Camera technology, I cannot fathom how you think the Xperia Z1 can challenge the best, and even surpass the competition. That’s just silly – yes the Z1 and compact were some of the best camera phones of their time, but technology has really stepped forward and even the Chinese have made impressive camera phones.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Agreed man, both look so striking!

  • DBS
  • Ailan Hidaz

    Don’t forget AMOLED also have nasty burn-ins with prolonged viewing of the same image…but let’s not talk using common sense on a site filled with raging fanboys (and basement dwelling “experts”).

  • DBS

    I don’t need your lectures on average picture level, specially when there are tests disproving your claims

    Also, the examples you point out of browsers, comedy series etc, also depend on the site, the app, etc. And there are many apps (journals, eBook readers…) that include Dark Themes exactly for AMOLED screens to make use of them. And comedy series might have brighter colours, the most popular series aren’t comedies but dramas and now fantasy. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, House of Cards, American Horror Story, etc they all use darker palettes. Which once again renders your argument mute.

  • EQ
  • EQ

    Cause I compared it to S5, S6, S/, Iphone 6, 6s. Hell even in some aspects it outdoes the Z5c which I also have. Now with mods (Camera v2.0, Z5 Camera Framework and 4k/Timeshift) it really shines. It lacks though in focus department but otherwise it just still showing the competition how it’s done!

  • DBS
  • EQ
  • dragonsneeze

    Dark tones are more immersive and hides sensors better, they are more business like (maybe more masculine). Light ones grab more attention and hides sctartches and fingerprints better.

  • dragonsneeze

    There’s almost no true blacks in nature (no light at all) even the space is filled with stars. So 0 light black is the one which is not natural or namely “fake”.

  • (NinJer)

    Exactly the same, but i’m leaning towards the platinum, if they had gold, i would get that to match the GFs sharp aquos phone XD

  • Vuyo Ncube

    *moot. Fair enough about TV series however your source doesn’t go into detail about how often TV series are watched on smartphones.

    Your source didn’t directly compare OLED to LCD in APL performance. Anywhere. And the tests it referenced had this to say or show.

    Displaymate on the GS6’s APL performance:
    “The Galaxy S6 is in fact 23 percent more power efficient than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for mixed image content (that includes
    text together with photos, videos, and movies, for example) with a typical 50 percent Average Picture Level, APL. OLEDs have been
    rapidly improving in their power efficiency. The balance point has now moved all the way up to 65 percent APL: the OLED Galaxy S6
    is more power efficient for all APLs from zero up through 65 percent, and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus LCDs are more power
    efficient for APLs above 65 percent.”

    Alright, how often are high APLs encountered, Senk9?

    “The jump from Android 4.4’s mostly-dark Holo theme (around 40%) to Android 5.X’s (80%) mostly-white Material theme also affects APL significantly. More detailed analysis of APL can be found at Anandtech.”

    So Anandtech says:

    “In practice, it turns out that with Lollipop and almost all web pages, the average picture level is quite high. It’s increasingly rare to see cases where displayed content is below 50% APL. According to Motorola, 80% APL represents an average APL for light UIs and in light of this, it seems appropriate to test at similarly real-world APLs. Taking a look at some commonly used applications in Lollipop, we see that the APL is regularly at or above even Motorola’s 80% figure. I opened some of the applications on my Nexus 6’s homescreen to take screenshots of whatever they had open when they came up, and I’ve tabulated the results below.”

    Oh and what did Anandtech find out about 100% APL performance at a mere 200 nits for the Galaxy Note 5? Not “100% brightness” as you try to twist my words.

    Whoops, IPS displays at the top, OLED towards the bottom. At 200 nits .

  • Борис Михаилов

    I really think that whites are worse on AMOLED. Or is that racist now?

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    Evidence otherwise? The article you linked confirms that AMOLED screens are more power efficient than LCD only when showing predominantly black screens. What most web pages and even the Material Design which is standard in current Android versions and used in most Android apps have in common? Yes, a lot of white. And I don’t even started talking about the burn-in issues.

    Anyway, back to Pentile vs RGB Matrix, there’s not a complete list but you can take a look at the article on Wikipedia ( ), there’s barely 10 devices using AMOLED screens with standard RGB matrix and some of them are in tablets, which reduces the list even more, not to mention those are all from old devices.

    So yes, most (if not all) phones using AMOLED screens nowadays do have around 60% less subpixels than a LCD screen of the same resolution, and instead of using a proper RGB matrix to fix the underlying problem, all those OEMs do is bumping the display resolution even higher just to make the problem less apparent. There’s no reason to go higher than 1080p on a 5″ screen other than to increase processing requirements and battery consumption.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    But you know those 4K camera app and Timeshift app haven’t been updated for years now, AFAIK. Other companies record 720p at 240fps and 1080p at 120fps.
    I honestly hate 60fps cause it hurts my eyes but I think recording at fps gives you nice and smooth slow-mo videos.
    Regarding camera software Sony is bit behind.

    Hands down I love their OS and I can say it’s bloody stable, no complaints whatsoever.

  • Hieu Nguyen

    OLED displays has shorter life span compared to LCD, especially the color blue. Since OLED display consists of many light-emiting diodes (different light sources), this problem will be magnified. The areas on the screen that doesn’t change alot, like the navigation bar or notification bar, will have longer life span so after some time it still shows the colors like new while other areas will show color degradation.

    OLED displays have screen burning problems.

    These problems are still common even with new Samsung phones. Just Google “OLED phone” + screen burn for example and there are lots of people talking about it. Samsung doesn’t release any AMOLED phone with on screen navigation for a reason.

    OLED displays consume more power when displaying white, which is common for web pages, documents, ect.

    –> Both display technology have their pros and cons. The consumers can decide based on the aspects they like best.
    –> I like the vibrant color, black level and ultimate contrast of OLED displays alot. But using an IPS display makes me less worried about these problems. I won’t uses alot of white-theme wallpapers. I will avoid buying phones with on-screen navigations. I will constantly change my themes and wallpapers to reduce screen burning ect. I’m also happier when Sony can utilize new LCD technologies that make it’s new Xperia screens comparable to OLED displays.

  • DBS

    “AMOLED screens at 100% APL (pure white screens) are more inefficient than LCD screens. For every other situation, they are more efficient, as they can be selectively lit.”

    Material Design is filled with whites, indeed. However, very few OEMs use stock Android. Most of them prefer to offer customisation and the most relevant Android OEM of all – Samsung whether we like it or not – casts out Material Design completely.
    Sony too offered it once. However, web pages aren’t predominantly white. I don’t know what web pages you’re visiting but none of the ones I access regularly use a pure white screen. Even the ones with lighter tones don’t offer pure white.
    LG if the only major OEM who offers a completely light design in their current offerings and you could argue that they do it because they use LCDs. At which point I’d then tell you that LG’s screens are absolute garbage at accurately reproducing any colour at all.

    As for the apps, once again, most of them offer a Dark Theme. That’s not even a point. On Windows Phone where screens have been AMOLED for quite a while, you have the option for light and dark themes. On Android, you have that option on Samsung (through the Theme engine). On OnePlus (backed into the OS). And so did you on Sony pre-Lollipop.

    Burn-in issues? Yes, let’s not talk about them because this isn’t 2010 and you’d just look silly.

    “There’s no reason to go higher than 1080p on a 5″ screen other than to increase processing requirements and battery consumption.”

    Actually there are several reasons. But there’s one pretty obvious one and in which LCD’s completely fail to deliver a good experience. One that Sony is apparently skipping because “they know best”. VR.

    So basically what you have is a superior screen technology – AMOLED – which is more power efficient than a crappy LCD, unless you use it in a way that no one else does which is at 100% brightness. Even at 80% almost no one uses it. The majority of consumers don’t put their screens over 50% brightness unless they’re outdoors. And there, guess which screen again performs better under direct sunlight? Oh yeah, AMOLED.
    You can claim that Samsung panels have less subpixels all you want mate.
    At the end of the day, the facts and the user experience come to bite you in the arse: AMOLED screens offer superior image, offer better battery consumption – even if you have a 2K screen instead of a 1080p – and offer a better VR experience.
    And I’m pretty sure the day Sony puts an AMOLED screen on their phones, the fanboys around here will suddenly be singing the praises of AMOLED screens.

  • Battel

    I’ll wait for a full review on retail unit even though i’m disappointed about the battery :

  • DBS

    “OLED displays has shorter life span compared to LCD” -> Yes they do. However, current OLED displays last a LOT longer than the lifespan of ANY mobile phone. So this isn’t even an issue anymore.

    “OLED displays have screen burning problems.” -> I’ve been using several AMOLED phones since 2012 and never had ONE burning problem. I did have to replace an LCDs on a phone though as its pixels burned until the screen no longer functioned. I’m not vouching for Samsung, but I can vouch for the AMOLED screens used in Nokia phones (the 1020, for example, has an AMOLED screen. Still as new, despite it only being used as a mobile camera with little to no interaction with the OS)
    Again, burning problems are majorly things of the past. It’s 2016.

    “OLED displays consume more power when displaying white, which is common for web pages, documents, ect.”
    Only when at 100% brightness which no one uses. And again, already argued against this claim. Most of those either aren’t pure whites – which is when the AMOLED actually consumes more – or have dark themes available.

    “Both display technology have their pros and cons. The consumers can decide based on the aspects they like best.”

    Completely agree.
    Which is why my original comment contested the affirmation “I don’t think anyone will complain about sony not choosing OLED”.
    I will never choose an LCD over an AMOLED display. Never.

    As for the market, it seems to agree with me since the number of OEMs using LCD is decreasing and the numbers using AMOLED increasing. And the phones that sell more on Android are all AMOLED screens which means that consumers aren’t being faced with burn in problems or displeased with the screens on their devices.
    On the other hand, manufacturers like Sony and LG who remain offering consumers LCD have seen their sales fall and fall as consumers don’t like their phones. Mind you, I’m not claiming the screen is the main reason for that. But it sure as hell isn’t helping. After all, when consumers go to a store, the first thing they see are the screens.

  • sammyl

    Sony, please make a ZX ultra!

  • (NinJer)

    Don’t want to sacrifice all the accurate sRGB colours for better blacks.

  • (NinJer)

    Yea, amoled is shit compared to an IPS display, colour accuracy is better than having a teeny weeny bit of battery save and blacks.

  • Vincentius Phang

    I should be on that poll and I’m gonna bot that poll and said BATTERY LIFE is what we need the most! I mean Z5 camera is still above average, just because they’re below Samsung and iPhone does not mean its shit. But battery life…..

  • Hieu Nguyen

    Thanks for sharing. What makes me worry is I can still find thread about screen burning issues in note 5, S6 xda threads. It’s almost 2017 and I hope they find a way to iron it out. I also want to try out the OLED tech Sony and JDI are cooking in their lab. :)

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    The point is that the disadvantages of an AMOLED screen, associated with the majority of the OEMs using the crappy Pentile matrix (which alone bothers me more than any advantages it might offer over a good IPS LCD Screen) is a no go for me, and I will stick to devices with IPS LCD screens until they can deliver something better with AMOLED. Regarding burn-in, we’re in 2016 and AMOLED panels still suffer burn-in, to a much less extent given the improvements made all those years, but yes, it’s still present. You’re the one looking silly by simply pretending burn-in simply does not exist anymore on AMOLED.

    Regarding VR, it’s nothing but a niche market right now (and probably will stay like that, years ago people were all hyped about 3D on home TVs and it’s nothing more than a niche nowadays). And no, VR still does not justify going higher than 1080p on a 5″ screen, the screens can get more power efficient but the processing strain of driving more pixels will still drain the battery faster (like it or not). Also, a Z5 Premium with its 4k IPS LCD display currently offers the most suited screen for VR on Android at the moment than any QHD AMOLED of other OEMs, and Sony was smart enough to run it at 1080p unless displaying 4k content to avoid the unnecessary processing strain. And that’s OK for me, a niche device (Z5 Premium) for a niche audience (VR).

    “And I’m pretty sure the day Sony puts an AMOLED screen on their phones, the fanboys around here will suddenly be singing the praises of AMOLED screens.” — As long as it doesn’t use Pentile matrix, I’m in. But since we’re talking about Sony, I still have doubts they would go with AMOLED route, especially after the recent improvements they made in BRAVIA line with Backlight Master Drive recently, that tech will probably appear to some extent on its Xperia devices some day.

    For me it’s not a matter of a brand, it’s all about the technology involved. Pentile is a no go, and I would simply switch to another OEM without thinking twice if Sony starts exclusively using Pentile AMOLED Screens on their next Xperia devices.

  • ramuk

    Thank you. I was going to replying to him. But reply pretty much said all the things I wanted to say.

  • ramuk

    Excellent comment. If he still don’t shut up after this I don’t know what will. I bet he didn’t even read the article carefully or probably couldn’t comprehend what the article said.

  • Wolf0491

    This comment section was entertaining.

  • ZicmA Holy

    DSEE HX on Z2 is poor quality than Z5

    i have Z2 and Z5 Premium.

  • Sadman Khan


  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah I should have waited for this one instead of going with the x performance, but on the other hand I’m really happy with my x performance so :) And I don’t know if I could have used my Xperia z until October this year it was really time for a new phone for me hehe. Still that 5 axis image stabilisation and the new sensors looks really promising!!

  • Yasir Fawad

    i will quote again a part of my comment, ” It will matter when you at the same time use an iphone, a galaxy, and an xperia. Which is not the case with a common user.”

  • Yasir Fawad

    In addition, once again i will tell these arguments are just to please your inner self. because you are using amoled. Thats it. For me Screen of Xperia’s is best in class, camera best in class, Software best in class, Style best in class.

  • Yasir Fawad

    And yes let me tell you, When Sony will go with OLED, i will praise it because it will be true OLED QHD, not your samsung’s pentilised, artificially saturated colored AAAMMMoooleeed.

  • Yasir Fawad

    who is taking ur personal experiences here into account? And atleast whatever an xperia is, it will not explode “7” times a day.

  • I’m leaning towards blue.

  • Patriciajbarbee4

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  • fried_egg

    “What consumers want” seems to be from the surveys they sent people with xperias registered to the sony mobile site… it was a flawed survey as it only gave people with a sony flagship the option to say which 3 or so features they thought should be in a flagship… that was far too few to choose and the results are sony only build 3 (camera, battery, looks) into the phone… a flag ship is “5 must haves, 5 nice to have” not “3” — having saif that, i replaced my X10 with a S, the S with a z1 and the z1 with a z5…. i would have happily had a xz (not x) if the 2 year contract was up this autumn… looking forward to the autumn 2017 phone as the xz has restored faith after the luke warm x

  • kj marway

    So, having used Xperia XZ for a while now, I can safely say that the battery life is actually rather good. Our office is a signal deadspot, so it’s always showing no signal, however, I still get home in the evening with 70%+ battery life (including over an hour of Spotify and talktime).

    Overall, a fantastic handset, and a great follow up to the Xperia X.

  • r41nier

    Majority of professional photographers still use Adobe RGB calibrated LCDs. You think recovering shadows is a problem for them? There is also what is called HISTOGRAM to tell you if you are clipping the shadows. HISTOGRAMS are not only in PCs. You have Snapseed and Adobe apps in mobile OS.

  • EQ

    They are still good though. 4k is recorded with 55mbit/s and allows for EV and WB tweaking. Timeshift does 720p with 120fps and 45mbit/s. It produces really good results due to fantastic sensor and lens. Also the Z1 with mods have SteadyShot for 4k and TimeShift. Heck you cant even turn of the EIS (it does have it) since disabling SteadyShot it still compensates for vibrations, just not as good.

  • Flythe

    I think it’s interesting how you can call a rather unknown single source providing an almost one-and-a-half year old article about few devices we already consider as outdated as well as your individual experiences and assumptions as “evidence”, anyways.
    That said, I do think OLED displays evntually will succeed LCDs and Sony would do better switching over rather sooner than later, but I don’t expect this to happen, being Sony one of the larger and more advanced LCD manufacturers, so there’s probably no point in arguing over that, either.

  • hansip

    at last they’ve done it, image EIS! Now bring it to a6xxx camera Sony.

  • razorg

    So from what I see, XZ still uses the IMX300 sensor, same as my Z5C, and this 5-axis stabilization thing does not depend on any capabilities of the camera module itself, instead the Gyroscope and the Accelerometer, which our Z5 Series phones already have. So there are no issues here preventing Z5 Series getting this stabilization feature (?). Knowing that the newer features such as Predictive Hybrid Autofocus (introduced with X series) was later implemented on the M5, which is a previous mid-range device, can we expect this stabilization to come for our Z5 series phones? It seems it is a way of utilizing already-built-in sensors in a different way by the software and our phones already have these sensors, so this software wizardry CAN work on our Z5s… Correct me if I’m wrong..

  • Talos the Robot

    Poor marketing strategy as always…

  • EQ

    Excellent post! Thanks to everyone for contributing with hard facts and putting the AMOLED armchair experts out of business. Facts are facts and we should strive to remove such kind of emotional noise that for example DBS provides in his teary rants which has no relation with reality nor facts.

  • DBS

    I don’t need to please my inner self. I’m not some poor dude from a third world country who can’t afford phones. I’ve a bunch of LCD powered devices in from of me and all of them are inferior to AMOLED devices. From Xperias to LG phones, all with inferior screens to those of Nokia and Samsung.
    For you Sony may have everything “best in class”. Great. It’s your opinion. I can’t force you to be neither smart nor right.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    sony will using CLEDIS in a future. passive OLED. it fix all OLED problems. u guys know today sony are not rich compare samsung

  • plekenut

    hahaha… you’re not alone
    i have the same problem

  • Yasir Fawad

    So why are you saying it here. OK u want appreciation. ok lets do some of it.
    DBS, u have some excellent devices, that are no where to be seen in the whole world. U and ur devices are so unique. Those amoleds are strengthening ur eye sight, those alot of LCDs and devices make u dude of first world country and a human of third class.

  • kin p

    Sony intentionally do NOT want to succeed and do NOT want consumers to buy their product. We all know this. Also there are phones in Japan that’s bazeless but they do want to make a sound out of it. Strange. A very strange decision. I remember during the 80’s and 90’s Benz never really “advertise” but now it’s like Mercedes Benz cars are so premium because it’s “hard to get”.

  • kin p

    They do it intentionally! Just like they removed the finger print scanner for the US market.

  • kin p

    wait, you can’t have everything in life or Sony will go bankrupt.

  • Abrar Zahin Shahriar

    That comparison with OLED is such BS. OLED is superior in every meaningful way.

  • Abrar Zahin Shahriar

    These are old issues long solved.

  • Nick Paschalidis

    Ah,if there was a gold option I would go for it too.A bit reflective and shiny just like Z5 Premium’s.It would be ultra luxurious!

  • Gahead

    The Z5 can’t get the 5 axis image stabilization, the 5 axis is a hardware one not software , the 5 axis is borrowed from Sony’s A7ii camera

  • razorg

    Dude, look at the presentations! They say it depends on Gyro and Accelerometer, and they don’t mention anything else, got it? You didn’t even read what I wrote initially right? If you did, you wouldn’t barge in with such a comment? What hardware are you talking about other than Gyro and Accelerometer? Please tell me that first…

  • RockStar2005


  • Gahead

    duhh I read,the hardware I mean,the 5 axis image stabilization which the Z5 series,X and X-perf couldn’t get, the predictive autofocus is a possibility for those 3 but the 5 axis nope

    here, you’ll see the 5 axis image stabilization,watch it, it also came from SONY!

  • razorg

    Don’t “duhh” me bro! You are the one who insists on ignoring the obvious. I had watched that video MONTHS ago, and it’s irrelevant here because on Sony’s DSLRs, it’s implemented by means of hardware, whereas in Xperia phones, it’s implemented using SOFTWARE! Open your eyes and read this presentation screen CAREFULLY! It ONLY depends on TWO sensors: Gyroscope and Accelerometer! Rest is done by the software. With the values obtained from these sensors, it’s compensated by the software code! All the phones (except those really entry level ones) have had Gyro and Accelerometers for donkey’s years now, WHICH MEANS: There is no technical problem here preventing this feature to be implemented on X Series and Z5 Series! (There is no other hardware or sensor or anything involved in the implementation of 5-axis Stabilization on Xperia phones. That is the obvious fact! Just read, please…)

  • Gahead

    bro, did you see “X and Y shift detection” its the same concept as what the A7ii does, what’s in Sony DSLR’s doesn’t mean, it can’t be implemented on phones, and goodness I’ve read it! I know how to read!!! and I have a Z5 compact too, the Z5 series doesn’t have that and look again at the video on the a7ii, the X and Y! gawd

  • azzido

    I have the same feeling, since there is no real black I cannot decide if take Forest Blue or Brown! :P
    I wanted to preorder it, but after seeing all these details I will be definitely preordering it!

    What we also need is software update to the camera as everything mentioned here are changes to the hardware only :/ I hope they will polish the camera (add ISO adjustment and HDR, update layout and finally steadyshot to 4K video as well).

  • azzido

    I only would like the back to be like Z5, the glass without fingerprints was perfect to me. And there was nice Xperia graving on the side :)

  • azzido

    Need to agree 100% with ramuk.
    The reason why Shamesung and other OLED brands switched to 2K screens is that when they’ve been using 1080p screens teir real clarity of screen was not so good as LCD 1080p. Simply LCD was more crisp.

    Shamesung is using the cheapest pentile matrix to produce their OLED screens which are having only 2 subpixels for each pixel instead of 3 like in Sony Xperia LCDs. This is something Sony should advertise as well as not everyone understands this :P

  • azzido

    The one and only aspect OLEDs shine over LCD is black :D
    And this is why Shame is advertising their black levels and contrasts + fake resolution only ;)

  • azzido

    The question is if we still be seeing this digitizer on the screen in sunny days! :D
    + the issue when you are wearling polatized glasses and keeping your phone horizontally = you do not see anything :P

  • Flythe

    CLEDIS indeed seems promising, but is predestined for large scale professional installations, so it’s not gonna be on Xperia smartphones anytime soon.

  • azzido

    Can you imagine a day when Sony starts to use OLED and advertise it as being better than Shamesung because it is using full RGB or RGBs matrix instead os pentile? :D That would be a hit :P

  • azzido

    The only thing they need now is to advertise it!

    Otherwise it will be lost as only fans will buy it and this number is decreasing in time as we already know (sales). They need to attract new cutomers. Without advertising it will not happen.

    But I mean a good advert like it was for first Z (new opening) or Z3, not like very bad Z5 Bond adverts..

  • azzido

    White papers says X Compact will have Radio and XZ will not :(
    Sony if it is software only please enable this feature!

    I wonder how the sales of X compact will be impacter after rather huge disappointment of cutting the costs too much and deciding to be rather a smaller X variant with few XZ features than a proper small flagship XZ as we know from the past compacts. Comments I saw over Internet are rather not optimistic for compact. The time will show.

  • azzido

    They need to work on soft now as they have a hardware (except RAM).
    The look is too stock for me, like this double notification bar which I do not like, need to tap it twice to see the options + sometimes it is populating apps insead of settings now!

    They should provide us with some changes here and there, new animations etc.

    Do you remember how great was “blinds” animation in first Z when unlocking the screen?
    Missing it a lot. Also hope to somehow copy Z5 wallpapers as I do not like the ones from XZ :/

  • EQ

    Exactly. OLED does have potential but the “el-cheapo” version Samsung uses is a watered down one. Sonys OLED tech is far better but quite costly so far. Samsungs pentile matrix is a big turn off. Then you have bad viewing angles a la non IPS LCD, high cost whites, oversaturated explosive colors, fake resolution (minus about 80-100 PPI vs LCD) with distortion around contrast edges (black text on white background), uneven blue pixel component life length and lousy QA which means the white balance point variates wildly amongst same phone samples and part of the screen has differently colored hue (pinkgate).

  • EQ

    Triluminos even adds one extra subpixel.

  • EQ

    They dont have SteadyShot for 4k? I mean I have it on my Z1 with 4k/Timeshift mod. Hell I even have EIS becouse if I disable SteadyShot I still get movement compensation but not as good as with SteadyShot enabled.

  • EQ
  • Alvin

    Btw, RGBC-IR stands for RGB Clear – Infrared, not RGB Colour – Infrared..

    Sony uses amazing tech for this phone, but what’s the point of an amzing all-round phone without a good marketing strategy to sell it? I hope they learned something this year

  • Alvin

    Forest Blue!

  • ryq24

    Did the survey mention anything about price and bloatware?

  • SkyMeow

    I’m not upgrading my Z5P yet. Most likely when both Sony and Samsung announce their 2017 flagship. I really hope Sony would go really aggressive with their next flagship like they had with Z5P. I don’t mind higher price. Just give us crazy spec phone.

  • theskig

    Very intresting. Thanks.

  • jag

    i love that blinds effects too. dont know why they removed it

  • r41nier

    Color Accuracy does not actually depend on the display technology used. Most high end Galaxy actually cover 100% of SRGB at basic mode which is one of the most accurate display. Sony Xperia XZ based on the presentation above is 1.4x which is pretty over saturated for SRGB though there are new emerging color spaces like DCI-P3 (100% Coverage for iPhone 7) which is much suited for XZ.

  • Pat Bell

    I find the Xperia XZ to be beautiful and unique. The colors really give it a classy and elegant look and I think Sony made a step forward (performance and design wise) with the XZ. I’m really satisfied with my Z5 compact, although there always is room for minor improvements. I hope they’ll launch a compact Xperia next year with better specs than the X compact. Although I’ve heard good stories about the X compact too. Hooray Sony :)

  • azzido

    Basic steady ahot is available for 4K, unfortunately not new 5 axis support :(

  • Jer

    I’m sad that you were wrong, because sony rep confirmed it was digital :(

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Platinum is bae.

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