Mysterious Maintenance Update (1.1.A.0.1) rolling to numerous Xperia devices

by XB on 17th October 2016

in Firmware

maintenance-update-1-1-a-0-1-thumbSony Mobile has been rolling out a maintenance update to various Sony Xperia devices, with build number 1.1.A.0.1. Unhelpfully, Sony has not detailed what this update actually adds. There are no visible changes following the update. However, a few readers have got in touch, reporting that they are experiencing higher battery drain. If you have downloaded the update let us know you’ve noticed any changes in the comments below.


Thanks Aman, Craig, Dejan, Diogo, Ernst and KILLI47!

  • Vinicius Araujo

    More battery drain, exactly what we needed!

  • asgaro
  • 紅蓮

    I got that but I didn’t experience higher battery drain, still going 100% in the morning and 20-30% by 7-8 PM with my normal daily use (GPS, couple of games, browsing and social media)

    using Z3 compact with latest firmware

  • Rolf Martin Schmidt

    I can confirm higher battery drain, especially between 50%-20% of battery charge. For me that means less 6-8 hours usage in normal day in my life.
    I got last week twice the Maintenance Update before I got (32.2.A.0.305) for my Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.
    More info with version numbers of my two Maintenance Updates might follow tomorrow. It’s getting late in Germany.
    “Gute Nacht” and good luck! ;-)

  • Everything ok on my Z2

  • Got this update on my Z5 , and yes the battery is dying…

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Z2 updated this morning, it was 100 charged at 7:30, updated at 11 it was 85%
    but by 1pm the phone was at 35%!!! horrible!!! this sucks

  • Muchakis

    The battery drain is due to GPS running in the background even if it is turned off in settings. I noticed Snapchat using the GPS for 5 hours even though locations were turned off. Today I used the app no more than 5 minutes. This didn’t happen before. Probably there are other apps that behave in a similar way so that’s where the drain is.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Updated last week automatically. First thing I noticed was a while battery drain. However it was caused by a game that was left running in the background even though it does not use locations. Now, day to day usage is slightly less, about half hour less SOT but that could just be me using my phone more often. Still, the new software made battery life better and then this maintenance update came and push it back

  • raju

    For Z1 compact update

  • Yuri Sc.

    I downloaded the update over the weekend on my x performance. No changes here, batery has stayed the same too.

  • Baka Bobi

    I definitely feel the battery drain on my Z3 Compact, this update killed my sunday mood…

  • MikeU

    I believe the update is related to memory. Touch “Settings” > “Apps” and then scroll down and you should see an app entitled “Memory”. When you touch the memory app, you should see “Memory” then underneath “version 1.1.A.0.1”
    So far, I have not seen any affect on memory usage.

  • Jacky

    Battery drained more after update, the phone didn’t go into doze mode for some reason. But it was fixed after I restarted the phone. I have a z5

  • George Dearman

    Z2 user here 100% to 60 % in 5 hours with very little use. Sony please fix.

  • jumbo3220

    it’s true. my Z2 is draining fast now. even in the idle mode.

  • illstplaya .

    I got the update on my z5 but I don’t notice any strange battery drain issues. But I never got the update that came out like a week ago, which moved the android security update to august and I’m using the e6653 model in the United States on t-mobile.

  • Ben

    I got this update on my Z3+(Z4), and the battery drained more and more after update. This update is suck.

  • Anibal Evora

    For anyone who is experiencing this battery drain issue, here is a tip that might help with the issue:
    Go to -> Settings>About Phone>Status>Charging Optimization, and disable this feature if enabled..
    The last update I received to my Z2 was one that brought this feature, and I did notice that the phone does not last that much anymore. Although the feature was added so the battery itself could run longer

  • markusenka

    I have this update too, but the battery is very good live. Better then before this update! Thanks SONY, my Z5C in now two day phone on one charge, great!
    Second change is settings Storage, now here is new graphic.

  • TBH, the reports of battery drain with this update are GROSSLY exaggerated, at least in my use csse. I still get, 4.5 to 5 hours of screen on time when I use the phone STRAIGHT, say from unplug I check skcials, play games, so Internet stuff.

    Standby time has NOT been significantly affected by this, if I leave the phone at 100% I’d still have 96 or 97 after 9 hours sleep, not 60 percent or even 35 percent.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Got the update a couple of days ago to my z4 tablet and x performance and haven’t experienced any battery issue nor any differences after the update. It is a mysterious update that’s all I have to say about it for now xD

  • joe

    on my Z5 C nothing has change after the update



  • robert antonius marpaung

    problems in the display after the update. suddenly the screen is dimmed half and half light. after I check on the setting-display-brightness level, I raise and lower it again at the level of brightness, the problem goes away. but every time this problem arises, the only solution to fix it.

  • Arun George

    i got this updates on my z3+, Guys after this updates battery drain , so fast, please do not update this..

  • Giannis Doutsirelis

    Yeah, the same Day i didn’t the update, the same night my battery run out of battery when i was sleeping. Before i sleep battery was at 65%

  • amd

    is this update for the xperia z1?

  • Mārcis Buhholcs

    Got it on all my Sony devices – Z3c, Z3 Tablet Compact and Z2 Tablet. No visible changes, can not report battery drain either.

  • yopo

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES that update drain very fast the battey! on xperia z5

  • Vlado

    No problem with drain battery in my Xperia X, Z3compact, Z3Tablet compact after this update. And finally I can move apps to the memory card without reports of lack of space.

  • Olsun

    Did not notice any battery drain it runs well. I got this both for my Z2 and X Performance

  • Kim

    Z3 compact is loosing battery like crazy overnight. Around 5-8%/hour without any usage. Seems to be caused by Google play services keeping the phone awake. Just did clean repair on MM 6.01 but it didn’t help. Miss the old Sony Stamina instead of Google Doze which doesn’t work at all. On Lollipop the phone would only loose 1-2% in total overnight – now it’s close to 50%. Please fix Sony…

  • David Horvath

    This update cured my Z3+ of heat issues completely. Very happy.

  • Statherian

    Z2 user here, and the battery drain is crazy after this update.

    Before I updated (yesterday before lunch) my battery would last for at about a day and a half of normal use, before I had to charge. Now it drops at a rate of about 10% per hour, even when just in idle/standby. I did a small test and put on a podcast on full volume (in headphones), and that didn’t really affect the battery drain at all, so there’s something else going on even when the phone is idle.

    I checked the battery stats, and the top apps are Android System and Photos with 8% each, and the rest trailing behind with just a few %. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, except the battery discharing at an alarming rate. Restarted the phone a few times and recharged it overnight, but the issue persists.

    At the moment the phone is almost useless for me, unless I have access to a charger or keep a power bank with me. To me it clearly seems like the maintenance update is the culprit, since the issue started immediately after updating.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I got this update as soon as I powered up my XZ from the box. I had no idea what it was for, but I thought an update is an update. Can’t tell if anything changed since I never used the phone before updating

  • El_Carnicero

    Z5p and XZ user, no impact on my battery so far.

  • Yeah, i confirm the huge battery drain. Now from 100% to 10% it takes about 5-6 hours on my Z3C. Shame.

  • Dannique

    A few days ago I did the update and my battery life changed enormously. From around 1.5 day battery life it changed into barely half a day. Couldn’t find a fix anywhere so yesterday I did a backup and factory reset. It seems to help, only now Sony wants to update it again (hell no)..

  • Velexas

    Is the Smart Cleaner in the new update?

  • Peter Francis Rudin

    Got the update 2 days ago, so far no difference observered from my Z5.

  • Vitali

    Guys, I think I have figured out the changes of this Maintenance Update.
    Go to Settings > Apps and you will notice an updated system app named “Memory” after I uninstall its updates I get the Maintenance Update showing up again.

  • Jaissal S

    Installed the update and no issues at the moment.

  • Hyung-Woo Jung

    My Z5 Compact has not experienced any sort of serious issues before or after the update. I do wonder what it’s supposed to be, though.

  • Arim Karim

    On Z5 got update anf definitely higher battery drain. I was going to make format for all device. Hope new update will come soon.

  • Samar Vaishampayan

    My z3+ mob got a maintenance update on 13th Oct 2016. Battery is draining faster. One big reason is auto brightness of screen doesn’t seem to work and screen consumes power faster. Almost 34% of power.

  • Samar Vaishampayan

    Memory app which wasn’t transfering audio,video and photo files from internal memory to sd card when internal memory is getting full, works faultlessly now.

  • Ricardo Morini

    Z2 user here: updated about 2 days ago – nothing changed. Battery seems OK. Don’t know if the fact that my device is only 3 months old has any effect on the subject…

  • markusenka

    Smart Cleaner is not in new update, but update realy change RAM settings. Now i have 280 MB free RAM with many running apps, before new update i have only 150 MB free RAM with the same running apps.

  • Velexas

    Thank you!

  • Tore

    This updated fixed cell network for Norwegian users.

    Last update made my mobile unable to connect to 4G. Now it works again! :)

  • Adrian

    Soon after I update, I got twice incidents that my Z3 Compact goes power off suddenly and couldn’t boot up for an hour, no LED charging, tried reset button, tried hard reset, no responds, twice.
    After that, my device goes on normally until I post this comment (already running for 36 hours since the last incident).
    I’m not noticing any significant drain post-update since Z3 series were the most long lasting battery between xperia family.

  • Just right when I flashed my Z5 on the russian firmware .305, i got this small update. I don´t have any battery drain.

    But fingerprint sensor works kinda better for me now, i don´t know is it because of .305 update or because this little one.
    or it might be placebo, but i am sure because before fingerprint was not this fast, i mean, not a huge speed, but i can notice it.

    also i have to add when i flashed firmware, a immediately repair software trough Xperia Companion. I like it when it is fresh and clean.

  • raju

    It’s Xperia home update

  • LancerEX

    A few days ago I noticed that Spotify doesn’t get killed when I close it in the multitasking page, then just last week I drained my Z5 Dual to reset the battery meter. When I turned on the phone next morning it says the latest software has been installed (not the .305 firmware though), battery gets drained fast, as far as 10% overnight. At least Spotify stops when I remove it in the multitasking page though.

  • Err0r

    In my Z3 without updating after work and return home he had at least 50% to 45% of battery. With the update now back home is at 20% or 15% of battery.

  • Derek Wright
  • Derek Wright

    I do agree I do seem to have a shorter battery life now. Not sure what they have done but I did like things before when my battery lasted longer.

  • Deepak S

    Phone not working normal after the update.. Ear phones does not work most of the its a software issue..using FM is a issue now…Screen does not swift off automatically..instead keeps on until i manually off it…

  • diacriticu’

    This doesn’t seem to work on my Z3. I set it up yesterday and I still see the battery drain. 5-10% per hour. This sucks… I’m rooting it.

  • karam abi karam

    Xperia xz after this update is laggy, and battery drain fast. Uninstall update resolve some laggs

  • Piteris

    Xperia z3. Noticed huge battery drain. Usually end of working day I have 40% left after update 3% left. Usually screen on time is on top of battery usage, now android system.

  • hadi

    For anyone who is experiencing this battery drain issue, here is a tip that might help with the issue:
    Go to -> Settings>About Phone>Status>Charging Optimization, and disable this feature if enabled.. its worked for me, try it.

  • hadi

    For anyone who is experiencing this battery drain issue, here is a tip that might help with the issue:
    Go to -> Settings>About Phone>Status>Charging Optimization, and disable this feature if enabled.. its worked for me,

  • Louy Kabbani

    M5,,, i’ve updated my m5 to latest update,,
    Byt the battery got down,,, i hope sony send. A new update to fix tge battery Problems,,,

  • Piteris
  • mmceorange

    The other day my Z5c went from 100% to 22% in Four hours of being in my pocket, and it was very warm.. whereas it would normally be around 85-90% at that time. Battery usage stats showed the Calendar app using more battery than anything else. I restarted the phone and it seemed to act more normal, but difficult to tell because it was down below 15% at that point.

  • Parag Sant

    This is what we have received through this mysterious update…not sure what is this exactly.
    Battery drain issue is started since I updated my Z2(D6502) to MM 6.0.1.

  • Marco Rosati

    yes, okay, but now i can’t update more.. the upgrade has been gone away.

  • Marco Rosati

    yes, okay, but now i can’t update more.. the upgrade has been gone away..

  • Vitali

    Check in Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Refresh

  • Marco Rosati

    i have tried yet… for one second appeared, after no more avalaible.

  • Vitali

    I have tried it several times and it worked. Try to restart your device. I’m not sure what exactly is the cause of it..

  • Viktar

    Also this update may be a reason of serious issue with sensors (Accelerometer stops working). you can find details here

  • Marco Rosati

    me too, it results “last update installed”. i don’t know the reason. i hope only new updates will arrive

  • hussain sabun

    Is anyone facing speaker issue. i speaker volume goes very low after using it for a while and if restart all good for next some hrs.

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    Could this be the QuadRooter fix?

  • Tulasi Ram G

    This update is battery sucker, could anyone say how can I revet to before normal position, For 2 minutes 1 % of battery consumption. what the fuck….

  • Chris

    Not sure what it is for but I got this maintenance update on October 13th on my Z3 D6603. Also ever since then my phone has been doing random reboots at least once a day sometimes more. Certainly not impressed when I’m in the middle of doing something important and my phone restarts by itself.

  • krishna

    This update is draining battery like a hell….

  • Christian Carlo de Jesus

    Seriously Sony? Did you guys just released an update without testing it first? I did not install the update due to complaints, and the notification to update stayed on, but for some reason it installed. I don’t know whether it installed by itself or I accidentally installed it due to crappy screen (too sensitive screen. Using Z2). I swear I’ll never buy Sony phones. I’m very disappointed by this stupid mistake. It wasn’t the first time I was disappointed with Sony software update, not to mention that they are making these mistakes on Z series, which are flagships.

  • Mathias

    Did anyone notice that yoi can unlock your Xperia now with fingerprint AND pattern?

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    ***No battery drain but better signal strength for sure. I had problems earlier connecting to my carrier network in some places like parking and some parts of my house. Now the signal strength is considerably better. ***

  • John Walker

    Sacrafacing daily usage for longetivity and health of battery. Good thing but its not for me. Never had phone for 2 years and thats why i dont care for its battery

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