Sony SmartWatch 3 not on the Android Wear 2.0 list

by XB on 8th February 2017

in Accessories, Android, Firmware

Google has officially announced Android Wear 2.0 today, which includes a redesigned user interface, modular watch faces, smart reply functionality, better Google Fit/Assistant integration and Google Play support.

However, for Sony SmartWatch 3 owners, all of this is a moot point. Google officially announced which watches will get the update and, unfortunately, the SW3 is not on the list. The SmartWatch 3 was announced back in September 2014, so it is one of the older Android Wear smartwatches in the market. Despite this, there was some hope that the SW3 may receive this next big Android Wear update.

Sony uses a Broadcom processor in the SmartWatch 3, so maybe this was a reason which hindered Sony in updating the SW3. Or, given the age of the smart watch, maybe Sony did not feel it made economic sense to update it. Either way, if you’re still rocking the SW3 how do you feel about this news? We’d love to hear your comments below.

Watches that will receive Android Wear 2.0

ASUS ZenWatch 2 & 3
Casio Smart Outdoor Watch
Casio PRO TREK Smart
Fossil Q Founder
Fossil Q Marshal
Fossil Q Wander
Huawei Watch
LG Watch R
LG Watch Urbane & 2nd Edition LTE
Michael Kors Access Smartwatches
Moto 360 2nd Gen
Moto 360 for Women
Moto 360 Sport
New Balance RunIQ
Nixon Mission
Polar M600
TAG Heuer Connected

Thanks Diogo!

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    It simply sucks!

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    SW3 is my fourth smartwatch from Sony, but my next smartwatch will probably be a Garmin.

  • Liam Hethershaw

    ‘Current watches getting wear 2.0 include:’, this is not a complete list of the watches that will get 2.0 nor is it a list of the watches that won’t. Nowhere does it say ‘Sony Smartwatch 3 will not recieve android wear 2.0’.

  • XperiaBlog

    Let’s be hopeful that we may see it officially arrive at some point in the future. However, in our view if it was on the horizon we think it would have been listed today.

  • SB13X

    Really peeved off to put it bluntly, the whole point in buying the Smartwatch 3 was to future proof. (As much as could be reasonably expected.) I bought the SW3 and even suffered with its non crowd pleasing square face simply because it seemed to be the “smart” choice with all of its connectivity. NFC, GPS, WiFi, Transflective Display. Turns out Sony dropped the ball again with its support. This shouldn’t have surprised me especially with the abysmal support offered when it came to releasing all the bands (especially the standalone stainless steel which I was lucky enough to get one of the limited stock released) and the watch strap adapter never appearing in the UK.

    As the real true innovator and Smartwatch trailblazer (yes it was Sony not Pebble) from Liveview to SW3. I am utterly disappointed at the disaffection for the platform from Sony.

  • I’d love to see a SmartWatch 4. Let’s hope with this new version Sony do something

  • mUSICA
  • Jaissal S

    Hmm..Maybe Sony have a new watch planned for unveiling around the event in Barcelona soon. Suprised that SW3 isn’t going to be updated. Maybe I’ll consider a new Sony watch if they release one.

  • Zayed Kotayba

    I bought the SmartWatch 3 for the same exact reason and I was actually waiting for the SmartWatch 4 since the beginning of 2016 but the SWR3 seemed so compelling and the prices dropped so heavily that I couldn’t resist buying one now I’m a bit disappointed but hopefully that SONY will release android wear 2.0 to it because to this moment SONY never said anything about the update!?

  • mountain

    I have moved to a Moto360 2nd gen after losing my sw3, because i did not expect to update to android wear 2.0. Well, i have ever since regret it. Yes, 360 has a better display, and have a heart rate sensor, but it is also so unstable, that it took motorola half a year before it is usable. I never bring 360 on my travel because i cannot be bothered to bring a charging dock, plus sw3’s battery last much much longer.

    360 might be future proof, but sw3 is current proof. I wish you will bring out sw4 soon, and show other manufacturers how to make a proper smart watch.

  • Cezary Raczyński

    Let’s wait for Sony official statement. There is still hope :/

  • Liam Hethershaw

    Fair enough, I suppose it is an older watch and its better not to promise something and not deliver. *cough* kitkat sp *cough*

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    As SmartWatch3 owner, I will be lying if I said that I am not disappointed.

    But then again, this is my first smartwatch, and my thought process when I decided to buy one was simply out of curiosity on what it can add to my daily routine, more than a “must have” gadget.

    I only use it maybe about 3 or 4 times a week, mostly on the weekends. Honestly, it just felt a regular digital watch. The notifications of incoming calls, SMS or WhatsApp messages is truly handy, especially when you’re in a loud or busy place where you won’t normally hear your phone.

    So, I like the SmartWatch3 for the little convenience it gives, but will I buy another one when this one has fully worn out? Not sure, maybe not, I did not see any other compelling reason for me to get another smartwatch — Android Wear 2.0 or otherwise.

  • Curtis Humphreys

    All is not lost! On several different forums Sony has post that the SM3 will be getting the update. Just because it’s not on the list doesn’t mean it’s not coming.

    That list is only for the watches that the Android Team have tested.

    Check out this link for a previous comment from SONY:

  • QBerto

    Hope is hope, but remember is not the first time sony says something and later just pretend that didn’t happen, and sometimes it doesn’t depend on sony completly, the processor thing is legit

  • D’Sar Darkstar

    I’m appalled a well. Owners bought this watch due to what appeared to be superior hardware expecting Sony to have a future forward device…but this is as disappointing as PS4 not being able to play 4K discs.

    I’ve lost faith in Sony as an electronics leader.

  • T.W. Cook

    Frankly, SW3 has been pretty disappointing anyway. They never fixed the random battery drain bug, the promised steel band took so long that it’s not worth bothering with now (and the price is absurd). Sony is clearly not serious about this market and there’s no way I’d buy SW4 from them (as much as I have loved my Sony phones and tablets).

  • Jenny Shore

    I agree – that about sums it up! There are a few things that need fixing and an update would be a golden opportunity to do so eg. why provide Wifi connection capability when stand-alone Wifi doesn’t seem to function? And it has NFC capability…….but we won’t be able to use Android Pay? Totally dumb! A golden opportunity missed by someone – don’t know whose fault it is, but I hope they sort it out! Besides, I appear to have Android Wear v 2.00000something on my smartphone – is that supposed to function with the aforementioned firmware update? No wonder my phone has started playing up a bit lately – please somebody fix this mess!

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Last time I heard smart watch updates are pushed by Google and not Sony. Maybe scream at Google.

  • Vasilis Prantzos

    SW3 is still one of the best if not the best smartwatch since even though it is old it had such good hardware that it is on par with the brand new ones.. It should be updated!!

  • Evelynastephenson

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  • Khillo81

    Yeah, I’ve read those. There was also an article last week (can’t remember where) that put the SW3 on the list of devices getting Android Wear 2.0. However, Sony hasn’t officially provided a statement on whether the SW3 would be updated and given its age and the fact that other older watches aren’t being updated I remain skeptical. We can only wait and see…

  • Khillo81

    Android Wear 2.x has been out for some time now on the phones and mine has not caused any problems with my SW3. Perhaps try to clear the app cache, force stop and relaunch.

  • Olaf Duits

    Oh men, what a whiners if it is about updates. All the whiners that think that their 3 year old smartwatch should get the latest technology!? I also have a SW3 and more than happy with it and I was hoping I should get the Wear 2.0 update as well. But now I am not: more than normal and life goes on. I can understand Sony and I will look at the watch market for a while and pick myself a new watch. Maybe a SW4 or otherwise the LG Sport. Who knows. But now it should have heartrate sensor so I am all complete.

  • Julian

    Really it would not be smart for Sony to not release the first upgrade of Android wear to any of their devices. It would send a clear message that if you buy a Sony Smart Watch you can forget about upgrading it. So I expect they are planning an upgrade, but probably need to iron out some issues first.

  • Mac

    I got a sw3 bur don’t actually use it more than like 4-8 days a month so I don’t really care too much. But it would’ve been cool if it was updated as well. But hey, where is the sw4?

  • BarKohba

    I wasn’t really expecting it to get updated. Rather, I’m expecting Sony to come up with a new smartwatch, since SW3 is almost 2 years old or more, I believe. And it’s about time, regardless of the design, if you’re a fan or not of the square face, the most prevalent element of any type of watch is its face, and the SW3 had a horrendous screen. I remember wanting to get one, going to a shop, and as soon as i turned it on and just lightly tilted the screen. The image was completely gone, and even straight-on, the blacks were milky grey and the colors were just horrible, worst in class. There’s no excuse for that, Sony. I thought you learned your lesson with the Xperia Z1, when you came up with a really good smartphone with a shitty screen, blow anything at that price range (non IPS).

    Sony should really, finally up their game SIGNIFICANTLY if they want to compete in the smartwatch business, and they should really come up with a gorgeous looking screen and design, preferably round. No more shitty 2000s technology TFT screens with washed out colors and 0 viewing angles.

  • Okazuma

    Everytime the same shit.
    Sony use cheap processor and now the support is over.
    Same thing with old Xperia S, Xperia P, Xperia Go and all Sony mediatek Smartphone

  • theskig

    I also owned the first three :)

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    I am disappointed but I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting it. Even if it is as capable as most of the others, it’s 3 years old now.
    It’s been a good run and I will stick with it until it dies

  • Calypso

    Maybe Sony stops support to sell more of SW4. I think SW3 could handle the update.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Sony LiveView was my first, but it was unstable and unusable even after updates.
    SW, SW2 and SW3 matured into good smartwatches, but all required a couple of updates to remove bugs and add necessary features.

  • krishkat

    Don’t cry, there is hope that people will port AW2.0 to SW3

  • Kingsley George

    Having the Z3, no Nougat. Smartwatch 3, no Android Wear 2. Will there be anymore suprises for my RX100m4? As a Sony distributor, how do i deal with this?

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    If SW3 had a battery draining IPS screen I would not have bought it.
    Transfective screen may not be fancy enough for you, but I like sunlight viewable display and always-on watchface in smartwatches.

  • BarKohba

    That statement is completely bankrupt. Having an IPS vs TFT display doesnt drain battery, its quite the other way around. Compare the battery life of the z1 vs z2 for instance (tft vs ips), and the z2 had a bigger screen. Also, they could have made an IPS transflective display and retain sunlight legibility. They decided to go with tft in order to save costs. And it bit them in the ass. Horrible screen to look at.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Just like I thought, you have little knowledge of display technology.
    Just like myself, 13 years ago.

  • Talos the Robot

    People are moaning for a 3 year old smartwatch and not if there will be a new one. Crazy times…


    Has Sony stopped manufacturing SW3? What about who purchased it in last 6 months? And hardware is pretty much good that can handle the upgrade then why not to mourn?

  • Khillo81

    Hi! I meant on the phone, not the watch. Go to Settings>Apps>Android Wear>Storage and click on ‘Clear Cache’ and then ‘Force Stop’. Restart your watch and see if that solves your problem. If not, maybe try to clear data (same procedure, except click on ‘Clear Data’ and then ‘Force Stop’). You’ll then have to go through the whole procedure of pairing your watch again. Good luck!

  • Jenny Shore

    Thanks, I’ll try that.

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  • Talos the Robot

    I never owned the sw3 because its lack of heart rate sensor was a big deal for me. And now that all OEMS include that feature and a much improved hardware this watch looks outdated to most consumers.

  • Jim

    It’s just over two years old. And it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.


    You can’t wear the watch all time or not at least while sleeping; that’s why smart bands are manufactured to wear all day long.If you want heartbeat sensor go for smart band then. And AFAIK some Watches which are getting Android Wear 2.0 lagging in NFC and stuff compared to what our SW3 have it since last 2.5 years. It’s not yet outdated.

  • Nick Brouhard

    There is a petition on to get Sony/Google to update the SWR50 as well:

    The more signatures, the better!

  • Flythe

    No device running Android gets major updates after more than two years, I don’t know why you would believe smartwatches get special treatment. The SWR3 is as old as the original LG G Watch and the Moto 360 and they won’t get the update, either.
    I myself had the SmartBand Talk, which was fantastic until Lollipop f*cked everything up. I always wanted to upgrade to Sony’s next generation smartwatch, which never came, unfortunately. I’m still hoping for an SWR4 as well as a new tablet for this year, though.

  • Nawashi

    google builds the update and then releases betas then the final product to the manufacturers (like sony) they in turn customize it and push out the ota update
    (much like android 7.0 was released to samsung, samsun released it on the 27th of last month, but at&t,tmobile.. ect have not pushed ota to phones yet)

  • fjordstrøm

    Exactly the same happened with me!! Bought the Xperia Z3compact in December 2015, didn’t get the next version of Android. Then the SW3 in April, didn’t get the update.
    I’m done with Sony, sadly.

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  • Jack Bunney

    I bought this watch 2 months ago because pebble died and this was the best value for money and closest features to my pebble. How can they still sell it and not update it when it has specs which will handle it…

  • betatesterz

    In the world of tech, NOTHING is future proof. ‘Future resistant’ at best maybe (if that’s even a thing..). Go read up Moore’s law.

    In other words, as a rule of thumb for tech purchases, It’s a good advise to buy something that covers your NEEDS that’s within your budget.

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  • Jim

    Not forgetting you can pair or sync the swr12 Smartband2 for heart rate sensing and sleep sensing with the SW3/Lifelog.
    It is still very up to date as you say. And it will serve us well going forward as it is. I will miss not being able to utilise the NFC for Android Pay in Wear 2.0 however.


    How you can pair/sync SW3 with SWR12? :S

  • Pavol Šimiček
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