Xperia X Concept update adds April 2017 Android security patch

by XB on 6th April 2017

in Firmware, Xperia X series

Sony Mobile’s Concept for Android team has pushed a new update for the Xperia X (38.3.1.A.0.96). This is a small firmware update, with the Android security patches updated to 1 April 2017. The update is rolling to the Experimental track of the Xperia X Concept. If you own the handset and are eager to try it for yourself then head over here.

Thanks Hein, Josef and najodleglejszy!

  • Moisés

    I am still curious why the 7.1 concempt is this time for X and not X Perf again nor XZ..

  • LocalPatriot

    Wow, that was fast.

  • maleck johnson
  • twm

    Most likely device price had an effect in the decision.

  • vijay R.A

    Why F5122 is not getting such updates? I’m having that and it’s a dual sim handset.

  • adibuyono

    Is apps shortcut (3D touch in apple) is available in this concept rom?

  • Squirtle 1

    its not the rom fault. its the launcher. Nova launcher support it i think.

  • dragonsneeze

    They are hooking midrange users to their experience so they can never leave :P

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Damn it shows that you’re about to get an update? Wow my Z3 feels old now :D

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Please whose Xperia z5 nfc stopped working after nougat?

  • LazAndKor

    Mine doesn’t work as well , but i think its due to it falling from a height and bending while popping half of the back glass… I Have the Z5 E6653 on 32.3.A.2.33

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  • pyae_phyo (Ryan Lin)

    Still can’t fix these errors ” too fast battery consumption and camera is not working when the device get hot”

  • Bashar Shehab

    You’re on Concept? Pretty sure no one reported this in tge community, and the developers would be grateful if you actually take the time to report the problem yourself instead of nagging on unofficial Xperia Blog.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Because Concept is a different thing than the original software that comes with the device.

  • Nice feature for security.

  • Saeed

    And 7.1.2 !?

  • Bashar Shehab

    No, not yet, but maybe soon

  • Julius Koroll

    I don’t get the idea of the Beta anymore. It’s the next update that goes into the Beta channel. Sony even brags about how fast they get the update of 7.1.1 in there but it’s a Beta! They didn’t even got it into the main channel. It would be nice to see all of that happening in live releases not just Beta.

  • vijay R.A

    Xperia x dual battery is draining quickly and device heats up quickly, so camera is closing due to temperature. Will be nice if this got fixed!

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  • AG12

    It has allowed more users to have the chance to join the program it makes sense to me.

  • Moisés

    I believe XZ must be X family best seller

  • AG12

    Have you sales figures to back that up?
    From my understanding offering the program on a mid level device and a discount at the time when the program changed from the Z3 series. Was to ensure it was open to more people to switch over or even get as a second phone, as it was that bit cheaper.

  • AG12

    Anyone with an Xperia X can download, it’s an alternative version of the o/s.
    It’s bloat free and precisely for that reason it’s getting more updates.

    The software seems much smoother than the default Xperia bloated o/s.
    Sony getting so many features in to Android 0 looks like it’s due at least partly to work in the concept program.

    Which if more features Sony uses for its devices, are in the Android O code already means quicker updates in the future.

  • 0808

    more people have the xperia X, they want a lot of feedback

  • Moisés

    So… Could to then for XZ, X and XA..

  • AG12

    Could what, run four concept programs?
    I guess they could have, but it looks like they went with the one program. Most likely due to not having the resources to quadruple the work load.

    Also much of the work done is generic Sony android software improvments, the hardware doesn’t matter as much.


    New update for Xperia X Dual with number 34.2.A.2.47 is availabe now:
    Installing it….

  • pyae_phyo (Ryan Lin)

    Just say what we faced. But sorry if it made you any disturb.

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  • Bashar Shehab

    No problem my friend. If you’re using Concept you should report that in inTouch.

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