Sony G84XX model number unearthed – looks like two Xperia flagships headed for IFA 2017

by XB on 5th July 2017

in Rumours, Xperia XZ series

Sony Mobile plans to hold a press conference at the IFA 2017 tradeshow at the end of August. There is little doubt it will launch new smartphones, after all it has a track record of doing so over the last few years. Also, we already know of two Xperia model numbers that are being tested in the wild – the mid-range Sony G34XX and flagship Sony G83XX, which we have reported on previously.

However, we can now add another flagship device to that list – the Sony G84XX. In particular, the Sony G8441 model number has been found through a UAProf (user-agent profile), confirming a few specs including the fact it will run on an undisclosed ARM chipset, with Android 8.0 and sport Bluetooth 5.0.

The display size is a bit tricky to determine, as the ‘screen size’ parameter in the UAProf points to a FHD (1080 x 1920) display, however further down the list, the ‘rendering screen size’ points to only a HD (720 x 1280) resolution. Therefore, this could very well be a compact version of the H2 flagship.

You shouldn’t assume that just because this particular device has a higher model number (G84XX) versus the previous 1080p device (G83XX), that this will be the higher-end device. Sony doesn’t always position its model numbers in order, much like how the Xperia XZ Premium (G81XX) has a lower number compared to the Xperia XZs (G82XX).

Sony G8441 model number caught in UAProf

Thanks KF!

  • razorg

    OH YEAH THIS IS THE COMPACT! Give me 4GB RAM, 64GB UFS storage, Snapdragon 835 (or Snapdragon 660, don’t mind) and 4.6″ 1080p screen, and I’ll BUY!!!

  • Moisés

    Hi .. Just sent you guys a tweet to tell this. Did not know it was posted here already. Notification always arrives here minutes after new article is posted.

    This may be XZ1 Compact. It seems to work HD/FHD same way Premium do FHD/4K.
    So you will be able to watch full hd content on your compact.

  • Moisés

    If it is chrome glass like the premium, it will be a jewel.
    Small diamond…

  • razorg

    Exactly! I want a chrome Compact!! <3

  • iia3ezu

    I assume these new phones won’t have TrackID preinstalled… that would be silly.

    Also, I hope Shazam is not preinstalled like File Commander (i.e. you can’t remove it without rooting the phone).

  • razorg

    Rendering 720p and upscaling to 1080p on a 4.6″ display is most probably less noticeable than rendering 1080p and upscaling to 4K on a 5.5″ display. Doing this way may help this Compact device become a beast when it comes to battery life, if it comes with the efficient 10nm S835 chipset, and as you said, also we’ll finally be able to watch 1080p videos on YouTube etc!!! :))

  • iia3ezu

    720p is enough for a compact phone. The lower battery capacity has to be considered.

  • razorg

    If it still renders 720p and upscales to 1080p on a 4.6″ display, it’ll still have the same energy consumption as before, but this time, we’ll be able to watch full resolution 1080p videos. I’d say Sony’s made a great decision here.

  • Moisés


    “I just told you about the existence of Sony’s next flagship, Xperia XZ1 Compact, but I have also leaked information about the price and color variation of this XZ1 Compact (G8441) and Xperia XZ1 (G8341 / G8342) It was done.Things that were published in major online shops in Poland.

    As you can see, although the price is Polish, the price of Xperia XZ1 is about 9.7 thousand yen in Japanese yen and Xperia XZ 1 Compact is 83 thousand yen, is considerably higher? Is it? Of course this may be temporary price.

    On the other hand, the price of Xperia XZ Premium on the site is 103,000 yen. In other words, it is higher than in Japan and other countries, so it is highly likely that XZ1 and XZ1 Compact will be similar as well.
    However, the price difference rate between XZ Premium and XZ 1 is quite small, so the price in Japan is likely to be around 90,000 yen.

    By the way, the color variation is Xperia XZ1 is black, moon light blue, venus pink, warm silver 4 colors, Xperia XZ1 Compact is black, Horizon Blue, Snow Silver, Twilight Pink.
    Both XZ 1 and XZ 1C basically have the same color development as black, blue, pink and silver, but they seem to be slightly different in shades.

    Even so, it is quite a rare example that the prices and color variations of models that have not yet been officially announced are leaked.
    It seems that this particular feeling is already pretty specific information about this XZ1 and XZ1 Compact is spread to major shops.
    Unexpected announcement of August 31 → Immediate release, there may be things like that.”

  • Moisés

    If I am not wrong, warm silver is the one of XZs.
    I believe they are plastic”/metal.
    Seems like Premium is the only glass now.

    Too sad Compact is not dual sim again.

  • Moisés

    Talking about color…

    XZ Premium black is more popular than chrome.

  • Moisés

    From too

    ” The next Xperia flagship released by Sony Mobile at September IFA (strictly August 31).
    1 model is almost fixed with Xperia XZ1, but it is confirmed “officially” that Xperia XZ1 Compact will be released separately.
    Previously, I mentioned about the fact that XZ 1, G 8341 / G 8342 were found in the code of the official site, but this time it was also found from the same user agent profile page.

    It is certain that it is a high end / flagship model from model number G8441, according to ESATO contributor who found this page, CPU is “Snapdragon 835 or more”. Also, Bluetooth 5.0, and dual SIM specifications.
    Also, since the screen resolution is 1280 × 720 (HD), it is a compact model of Xperia.

    Therefore, although the model name is not sure, it is sure to be regarded as Xperia XZ1 Compact or its equivalent flagship model.
    However, there are three descriptions about screen resolution in this code, one of which is 1280 × 720, the other two are FHD (1920 × 1080).
    (Three of XZ1 are 1920 × 1080 in all three)

    I am not convinced that I am completely code tone.
    However, this XZ1 Compact may be switching type between FHD and HD just as Xperia XZ Premium and Z5 switch 4K / FHD display.
    (Someone else, please tell me!)

    Sony Mobile has professed to release at least two model flagships this year, but it is now confirmed that these “at least two models” are Xperia XZ 1 and Xperia XZ 1 Compact, or equivalent models.

    Moreover, at least domestically, at least Doccomo will release Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact as fall and winter model.”

    So, both will run android 8.0. CPU can be sd835 or s836.

  • Lunkz

    I hope, this time without camera distortion…

  • Moisés

    Bigger distortion is about wider angle.
    If you pay attention, all phones do it.
    Usually doors and walls. Easier to see if you shoot indoor pics.
    Since Z phones we can see it

  • Moisés

    Gossips say compact would have 2800mAh.
    A 835/836 cpu + HD..
    Will last much more than z3c

  • Moisés

    Is it physically possible to fit the 13MP selfie inside the Compact.?
    I read it might have it..

  • AllanKafka

    I’d be satisfied with no corner softness.

  • Rajiv Bedi


  • Phil Gym

    I’m just hoping for some design change.

  • Zangetsu

    Here’s hoping for an XZ1 Compact to replace my aging Z3 Compact :)

  • Shehab Skull


  • John Yuan

    I wait you so loooooooooong

  • S.H.U.R.O.

    design change, and camera software

  • Ana Helušić

    Spot on Ichigo :D

  • Maryareid

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  • Ryuzaki Raiga

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