First update for Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact lands (47.1.A.2.374)

by XB on 15th October 2017

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Sony Mobile has started to roll the first firmware update for the Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact. The update moves the build number from 47.1.A.2.324 to version 47.1.A.2.374, a small change which includes the latest 1 October 2017 Android security patches. If you’ve updated to the latest version, let us know what other changes you have noticed in the comments below.

Thanks ch3mn3y, Johan and wim!

  • The_Newtype

    Looks like the XZ Premium is being left out of the first round of updates, and it arguably needs one the most:

    Touch screen issues
    Camera needs the algorithms from XZ1/Compact
    No group SMS in certain markets

  • T.B.D F

    2700mAh SHAME

  • ravdo
  • Gahead

    Lol! Own an XZ1 first before bashing the battery, everyone was bashing XZ1’s battery last month (I’m guilty of that too) until some people owned and and GSMArena tested the battery, guess what!? It’s more efficient than SD835 Galaxy Note 8 and S8, the XZ1 compact meanwhile is the king of battery efficiency now than any Xperia’s including the Z3 Compact, now what happened? Haters gone nowhere.

  • T.B.D F

    Idiots gonna buy. Njoy !

  • Gahead

    Ha! After stating some facts you replied and calling us “idiots”!? Hahaha typical troller gtfo you just got burned! And why? Because bezels? Lol not all people are bezelless sheeps and also tell that to XZ1 owners who are typically happy about their device when they bought it.

  • T.B.D F

    ça ne sert visiblement pas à grand chose de parler à des cons comme toi, si t’es pas foutu de faire aller ton cerveau atrophié par le fanatisme de bas étage, bah va te faire :)

    Plus le temps passe plus la capacité des batteries est réduite et il en va de même de l’autonomie ( 5.2″ only ). L’économie induite par la réduction de consommation des composants ne surpasse pas la réduction drastique de capacité des batteries.

    Sony se fou de vos gueules depuis la fin du Z2
    et vous ne bronchez même pas … bah va s’y, achètes ducon :) achètes !
    et branle toi bien de ton acquisition si parfaite !!

    Putin, même pas foutu d’être critique parce que MONsieur est client
    et ne souhaite surtout pas avouer qu’il se l’est fait mettre bien au
    fond par Sony …

    Pour les curieux qui doutent, qui ne savent pas encore, comparez donc les derniers fleurons de la firme ( ceux de 5.2″ ), surtout sur la
    capacité des batteries ! ( vous pouvez même prendre en
    compte l’épaisseur des appareils !! allez y ! )

    Ce site supprime ce qui dérange, mes insultes passent pas mes relevés … ni ceux des autres … mais pourquoi ^^ ?

    Franchement, cassez vous d’ici, vu la population de kéké pro Sony, on mérite mieux ..

  • Conan

    hi. i definitely recommend checking out gsmarena’s xz1 compact review:

    “The Xperia XZ1 Compact scored an excellent 108-hour Endurance rating in our set of proprietary tests. It bested all other Sony smartphones we have tested so far, and this is one of the best ratings in our all-time chart!”

    the xz1 also fared quite well, outdoing both the xz premium and xzs. the xz1 series has plenty of shortcomings but battery life is not one of them.

  • Kenny


  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah I want a fix for the touch issues aswell, sometimes I can use the phone for weeks without any issues, sometimes it happens all the time… Camera distortion is something I see sometimes not all the time how weird is that? XD

  • Gahead

    Indeed! That guy’s spouting non sense, XZ1 is definitely efficient now , though not as efficient as the Z2 but the XZ1 compact is much more efficient than any Xperias , lol judging from the people who owned one, they’re all happy on the battery life and performance.

    P.s. Good thing the troller got deleted.

  • Conan

    i mean, i can sympathise, i was definitely gutted when i saw those battery specs. i’m as surprised as anyone that it turned out to be a non-issue.

  • Gahead

    My photographer friend told me that Camera distortion is part of having a wide angle lens, even the wide angle lens of the Alpha cameras have a much worst distortion unless using a Zeiss lens w/c is prettt expensive, the LG G6 even suffers distortion issues way much worst than the XZ Premium but users can simplu solve that using the mobile Adobe photoshop Lightroom by enabling “Lens correction” :)

  • Gahead

    Me too as I replied earlier to that troller, I too was guilty of bashing the XZ1’s battery compared to XZ1 compact until GSMArena’s test and owners feedback, the XZ1 Compact is way overkill didn’t expect to beat the Z3C like that, I even imagine if Samsung,LG,Asus can do the same using a low capacity battery,flagship SOC with an efficient battery life

  • Svnjay

    Yeah, this is well known.


    Until now, I wonder why all these haters still complain about small batteries. Does small batteries have less battery life in current generation? No! Q: Why? Ans: Because chipsets are getting more and more efficient, which means that there isn’t a need to put some 5000mAh inside a current generation smartphone compared to older generation smartphones. Really still can’t figure out if they have the brains to think or they are just salty about the excellent battery life that the compact got I wonder HAHAHA!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Hmm Okey yeah I’ve heard about that before but thanks for the tip about the mobile Adobe Photoshop :)

  • Didnt see any change at all in my XZ1C after the update.

    Noob question: Can security updates be bigger than 200MB? i think this update had 200-300MB. cant remember now..

  • LazAndKor

    It might also included some bugfixes.

  • p2s

    256MB on my ZX1C ;)

  • tuxen

    Indeed.. Just Google 25mm lens distortion. It’s all about perspective. It’s normal, you can correct it with a post processing tool, or find guides on learn how to use it for portraits and other stuff. Photography is something you learn.

  • ->First update for Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact lands (47.1.A.2.374)

  • Not exactly first as first firmware was 47.1.A.2.281, than was update for Vodafone – .287, than .324, which was available worldwide, and now this one.

  • abvc

    I haven’t received the update. HK version

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    My X Performance is 8 months old now….batteylife went up for about 30%, with updates. Im quite certain no phone gets such prolonged batterylife after 8 months of usage. I can confidently confirm that qnovo actually works, and Sonys updates actually work.

  • NinJy

    XZP is considered as oldgen model by Sony marketing. But it have a way more stable OS for now.

  • sheunghko

    anyone experiencing wifi problem? i could get it to connect to my wifi , a netgear R7000P, even my mum xperia XA can connect without any problem as well as all my other device PS4, Samsung note 8, even my Wii for god sake !!

  • fried_egg

    Got the update today. Have the options on the screen changed when plugging the phone into a PC… there seem to be 4 not 3 now.

  • John Smith

    Anyone tried flashing XZ1 using Flashtool? I can’t seem to get it to work? There’s no list in the firmware after downloading it. I could get it to work if I create the FTF bundle myself, but only if I use Xperia XZs as a device. I’m afraid using the wrong device when making it will brick my device. Any ideas?

  • Abl Rahman

    Developer options not working the screen light sensor is very sensitive and annoying

  • Julien Hagens

    yeah my wifi range is terrible compared to my z3c, and it drops often even with 2 bars…

  • indianmeister

    When will xz1 be available in México, Anyone knows??

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