Xperia XA1 Ultra update rolling with Jan 2018 security patch (42.0.A.4.167)

by XB on 15th January 2018

in Firmware, Xperia XA series

Sony Mobile is pushing a firmware update to the Xperia XA1 Ultra today that moves the build number from 42.0.A.4.153 to version 42.0.A.4.167. The new update adds the 5 January 2018 Android security patches, but little else has changed. The Android version remains Android 7.0 Nougat. If you have updated please post your impressions in the comments below, along with any screenshots of the new firmware.

Thanks walaspancha!

  • Moisés

    40.0.A.6.189 for XA1
    48.0.A.1.131 for XA1+
    41.3.A.2.58 for XZ

    All seem to be new too …

  • Sami Sawani

    Could you please tell me how you knew about the XZ new build number?

  • Vaibhav Tanwar

    When the oreo version is coming for Xperia X??

  • Sami Sawani

    I believe this build number is for the single sim variant. What about the duel sim?

  • mjst12
  • ReddFreedom


  • Thierry

    Considering that this still 7.0, and there is a 7.1 to go through, I am not holding my breath for Oreo…

  • Emilio Martinez

    I’m not sure we will get 7.1 we will probably go directly to 8.0 from 7.0

  • Thierry

    Possibly. Still, not holding my breath. Already thinking of upgrading to the XA4 Ultra when my contract is done though (assuming that model is born)

  • Anurag jain

    not true.

  • Anurag jain

    Sony never goes to in between numbers in their mid range devices. From 7.0 it will directly go to 8.0

  • Anurag jain

    Xa2 Ultra launched with dual front camera but no bokeh mode. Disappointing. Hopefully they will bring it in Xa3 Ultra

  • Thierry

    Well, that’s good to know then. So we may expect Oreo about any time.

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