French Police make huge order for Sony Xperia devices

by XB on 26th January 2018

in Xperia X series, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

France has two national police forces, the National Police (Police Nationale), and the National Gendarmerie. Both organisations put out a tender to supply their forces with smartphones and tablets, to make them more effective in the field. The great news is that Sony Mobile won the hardware tender, with Orange providing SIM cards, in a combined deal that is worth €56 million over the next four years.

As part of the deal, Sony Mobile will be supplying the French force with 67,000 Xperia X smartphones and 18,300 Xperia Z4 Tablets. The devices will be running a stock version of Android, with the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) adding their own security protocols on top.

Some of the key criteria assess during the tender included the robustness of the devices, picture quality and battery life. The police teams will be using these devices for various tasks, including using the cameras on the smartphones to instantaneously identify the validity of driving licences, as well as accessing documents stored in a secure private cloud. It will also officers to flesh out traffic accident reports, enabling them to add notes and incorporate photographs.

It is great to see Sony Mobile picking up an enterprise contract of this size, it is something the company has been trying to focus on more of in recent years. Let’s hope we’ll be reporting on more big wins in the future.

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Thanks Moisés!

  • Antero Masonen

    This is great news hope Sony gets courage to make a tablet again!

  • Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN

    I always love Sony’s products because of their built quality, sexy designs and of course their performances. I am so happy to hear this news.

  • Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN

    Xperia blog thanks for bringing these news for us..I appreciate your work

  • Jon_C

    Wow, does that mean that Sony *might* just give us Z4 tablet owners a newer security update than September 2017?

  • Geralt

    Apparently Someone did notice that Sony Xperia is the best

  • Good news for Sony, and the French Force knows their shit :)

  • Eshrak Kader

    well done Sony
    thanks to xperia blog for conveying the news
    i wish Sony would start making VAIO laptops again.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    That is marketing and promotion done right!
    Thats how Apple and Samsung sell millions of devices, through contracts like these all over the world…with goverments, institutions and private sector companies. Not by sales to ordinary Joe and Jane.
    That is how you gain more market share, presence, and attention.
    Not by just releasing yt and instagram commercials, so you could sit and wait in your office for someone to tick that buy button on amazon….
    For marketshare you need to get your ass up, go to the market playground, search and negotiate constantly for contracts through retailers like these.

    Maybe there is a finally some new head of Sony Mobile marketing in Europe, who actually knows what marketing and promotion is about.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Or release a new tablet ;D

  • theskig

    Where do they find 18300 Z4 tablets??

  • It’s a sad state of affairs that quite possibly the best Android tablets available are getting on for 3 years old. I’m still using my Z3 compact tablet as there’s little out there to upgrade to.

    Come on Sony. Give us some XZ class tablets.

  • AsadMulla

    Exactly what I was thinking

  • Moisés

    They should buy X Performance because IP68.

  • Moisés

    Probably they could not sell all units made.

  • Barricade

    Stock Android on an Xperia X sounds so incredibly good.

    Sony should make a competitively priced SD650/670 Android One phone tot gain marketshare in the US. Show the people how good Sony phones are, I bet their flagships would actually sell better then as well.

  • Paul M

    I suspect it’s because the Z4 is water resistant, and it’s probably almost unique in this regard. All you then need is a case to protect it against impact damage.
    The alternative is Panasonic Toughbooks which tend to be bulky heavy things.

  • The One

    Can someone please explain to me why the Police force would want devices that are 2+ years old in a world technology advances so rapidly?

  • theskig

    Ok but one year ago I was looking to buy one and I found very few (at least white+wifi as I wanted) and at day-one prices. Ended up buying a Z3 Tablet Compact.
    I wonder if they really have such a big stock since a long time (but they aren’t doing anything to sell them) or they start to produce it again :)

  • M L

    Cost and reliability I guess.
    But yeah would make more sensee for them to have a caterpillar or equivalent phone (though that was not your point)

  • comme des garcons
  • theskig

    Yes but the battery performance is poor compared to X.
    I think the tender technical requests were about battery life and not including IP certification.

  • theskig

    Because in a tender matter only the details decided by who prepares it: price, battery life, weight, size, cam’s megapixels for exemple and not if it’s a fancy-new CPU’s or the ability to show-off at the pub with friends

  • theskig

    But “X” isn’t waterproof.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Isn’t declared as*

    Xperia X has waterproof characteristics. There were several tests proving it.

  • theskig

    I know my girlfriend has one.
    But surviving flooding tests on Youtube videos is not a certification. The tender didn’t have that specification required.

  • kaostheory

    Wow with the current price of the Z4 tablet Sony will surpass Apple in profits! ;-) I wanted a Z4 tab but was waiting for the price to come down, it never did.

  • MrTTTT

    Could not find a Z4 tablet, so I bought the updated Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813. Very good alternative.

  • Quentin Grs

    I’m afraid the badmouthing of the Xperia X and X compact makes Sony reluctant to use near flagship chips. With XA2+, it would put the price to >500€ which is near XZ1’s price.

    I bought my X compact 2 mounths after its release at 350€ and for me it was a great deal.
    The market lacks a real premium midrange phone 350-450€ with S660/670 and last year camera’s flagship. There would always be S835/845 at the same price but not all people seeks the most powerful cpu at all cost.

  • Violet

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  • Yes!

  • I’m still using my Z2 Tablet, and it’s four years old this year!

  • dimz

    Because the hardware is old enough to have been tested thoroughly, and Sony is one of the manufacturers that make it easy to create custom software for their devices, as in the hardened custom version of Android the French police will be using. Other than that, both the phone and the tablet have pretty good specs for their intended use, and since they’re older models, it’s cheaper to manufacture them, especially for an order of that magnitude.

  • dimz

    Since they’re supplying a state organization, they will probably manufacture them. It’s probably cheaper anyway, older specs and all.

  • dimz

    They’d still have to either move the fingerprint sensor to the back of the device or disable it due to legislation preventing them to have it on the power button, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Barricade

    They’re doing just that with their new devices, moving the fingerprint scanner to the back.

    More preferably, they could also just figure out how they could get the side-mounted fingerprint scanner working, like Razer did.
    It probably comes down to paying for using a patented technology, but seeing how much the devices cost compared, they should just do that and give us a working fingerprint scanner in the best possible place (for me personally).

  • kappa

    I hope they make a new one like the tablet z3 compact, love it.

  • I’ll just let this video sum it up:

  • rzero21

    if there is something I want Sony to focus on, is offering a robust and stable device for aviation with manufacturer support for certain apps. I would love Sony to work together with Garmin and Jeppesen for both General Aviation and Airline services development or adaptation.

    Sony has to stick to a certain body size, and work on peripherals and accesories to make it a good standard for aviation, pretty much like how Apple with their iPads are now.

  • Moisés

    I believe only ebay has Z4t

  • Moisés

    X Performance should have better battery life than X.

    Both have same screen, X Perf has a bit bigger battery and SD820 is 14nm against 28nm of 650.

  • Olivier G

    Yeah very safe handling a tablet on a identity/roadside check…

  • Deads

    I think its the combination between price and quality. In some countrys they go with phones that cost twice as much but are rather fragile.

  • Phil Gym

    I hope they won’t be disappointed by Xperia phones lol

  • Phil Gym

    any leak pics?

  • AlexL

    Definitely hope so! Long overdue, but with the tablet market shrinking, it’s hard to see. Wouldnt mind a near bezel-less one either!

  • iia3ezu

    Looks like the French police is implementing austerity measures now.

  • dimz

    I am aware of the XA2/L2 series, but on first read I understood it as an updated Xperia X.

    Other than that, they’re reluctant to paying for parents, the PS3 controller being a prime example. It took some time until force feedback stopped being “uncool” and Sixaxis turned into Dualshock 3.

  • azzido

    I wonder why thwy did not come out with brand new tablet instead. They could offer it to us as well…

  • Svnjay

    It will also **allow** officers to flesh out traffic accident reports, enabling them to add notes and incorporate photographs.

  • S6isBoss

    the best at failing to sell?

  • Here Galaxy Note would be better I think. With it’s pen.

    Stil I’m glad they choose Sony :)

  • fried_egg

    You can be sure their version of Android doesn’t have Lifelog installed ;) As seen with fitness apps exposing where American army bases are & the patterns of people going in and out no authority want 3rd parties able to track their activities!

  • That depends on what you want. The physical buttons and lack of waterproofing would be an instant ‘no’ for me. The waterproofing might be an issue for the French police as well as being able to run their own version of Android on it.

  • 2sfhim

    There is a thing which is called “call for bids” and it takes time 1) to define the specifications of the call 2) wait for submissions by interested companies 3) select the winner

  • Afnan Acchan

    Some Xperia model is very good. Sony just need better marketing (like their PS team) and eliminate some bad phone.

  • The One

    So the lengthy process of selecting a phone supplier is what caused the technology to become outdated before it was ever shipped? That just seems so foolish to me. I hope they got a good discount for these obsolete devices.

  • Greg Blackshaw

    It would be really good if they want high quality shockproof cases to protect their tablets with.
    Its been the biggest missing accessory for the Z4

  • Geralt

    THE best at, simply producing the best devices. No matter what crowd thinks about them

  • S6isBoss

    do pigs fly in your head too?

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