Xperia XZ2 flagship launched with new design, narrow 2:1 display and no headphone jack

by XB on 26th February 2018

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Sony Mobile has formally unveiled its latest flagship, the Xperia XZ2, at the MWC 2018 press conference taking place in Barcelona. We have already seen and heard a lot about Sony’s new Xperia flagship over the last week. If you were one of those people hoping that some of the news over the last week was a bad dream, then you’ll be disappointed to hear it’s all true.

Yes, Sony is adopting a new design with a 2:1 (18:9) display, which means that the handset will be taller and ‘skinnier’ than previous handsets with traditional 16:9 displays. Ergonomically, it should mean the handsets will be easier to get a grip of, aided by curved 3D glass on the rear. The Xperia XZ2 display has a FHD+ resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels (PPI TBC), and uses Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for extra protection.

The use of a 2:1 display also means that the bezel has been significantly reduced, although not eliminated completely. While side bezels are very thin, there is still a top bezel that houses the front-facing camera and proximity sensor, while the bottom bezel has the SONY logo.

One of the biggest disappointments is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, which Sony has eschewed in favour of this new narrow-body design. We are surprised that Sony took this anti-consumer decision, particularly given Sony’s strong audio heritage. Instead of the headphone jack, you will find the nano SIM card slot, which now sits on the top of the handset. Sony is bundling a USB Type-C to 3.5mm audio jack adapter in the box, although this is likely to be a small consolation for many.

Less of a surprise is seeing the fingerprint sensor move from the power button on the side, and now sits centrally on the rear. We had already seen Sony make this move on its mid-range Xperia XA2 models announced at CES, so it was pretty much a given that the same would happen with its new flagships. The upshot of this, is that US Sony Xperia owners will get working fingerprint sensors for the first time in a flagship.

It’s great to see Sony add wireless charging to the Xperia XZ2 – although unfortunately it will be absent on the Xperia XZ2 Compact. Sony is using the Qi wireless charging standard, which means you should be able to use any Qi-based wireless pad to charge the handset. Another piece of good news is on the battery front, where Sony has included a 3180mAh battery, an upgrade versus the 2700mAh battery found in the Xperia XZ1.

Rear camera duties are taken care of by the same 1/2.3-inch 19MP Exmor RS sensor found in the Xperia XZ Premium/XZ1, which allows users to shoot 960 frames per second super slow motion video, although this time 1080P is supported (previously only 720p was supported). Sony is also the first to offer 4K HDR video recording, limited to 30 frames per second. Sony is using the same 25 mm wide G Lens F2.0, as in the Xperia XZ Premium and XZ1. Front camera duties are looked after by a 5MP 1/5-inch Exmor RS sensor with 23mm wide angle lens F2.2

Sony is introducing a new haptic vibration feature called Dynamic Vibration System which analyses audio data, and lets you feel the action in your hands. We imagine this is similar to what you find on games console controllers, which Sony says will bring games and videos to life. Sony also says that the S-Force Front Surround stereo speakers are its loudest ever.

The Xperia XZ2 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, 4GB RAM, and feature 64GB UFS internal storage with microSD memory card support. Other features include IP68 dust and water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC.

The Xperia XZ2 has dimensions of 153 x 72 x 11.1 mm, and weighs 198 grams. It will launch with Android 8.0.0 Oreo out of the box, across four colours (Liquid Black, Liquid Silver, Deep Green and Ash Pink). Sony says that the handset will be available globally in shops from March 2018, which is something we really commend Sony for. Having a three month wait between announcement and release, like last year for the Xperia XZ Premium, would have been really painful.

So now that the Sony Xperia XZ2’s new design is official, what are your impressions? We’ve heard a lot of complaints over the last week, but now that you’ve had a chance to reflect, do you like the handset better? Are you planning to pick one up, and if so, what do you like about the handset? We’ve love to hear your views in the comments below.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • Koh Yuan Chen

    Bring the feature of 1080p 960fps to XZ1!

  • Impossible due to processor power.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I am having mix feelings about the phone.
    Why not 4K60fps? 4K HDR is good, as I suspected it’s HLG.
    and why not 1080p 240fps phone is much capable of recording.
    and why NOT OIS??
    Then again 5MP front shooter?? and it’s f2.2? why the downgrade?
    Design doesn’t look bad yes it does look like an HTC.
    FP is bit low could’ve placed it little bit higher bit closer to the camera, I guess qi wireless is lying that area?
    Anyways let’s see how it does. But I am bit disappointed with specs than the design, specially camera department. Initial rumours were f1.8 on main camera but it’s still f2.0 :/

  • I actually like it and I’m watching a lot of hands on a overall, everyone is happy with the new Sony strategy and I can’t wait to see what they going to do with that dual lense teaser.

    About this phone, I think it upgraded in every area, event the camera that have a slightly different ui with new options. And the 3D creator that now works on the front camera. About the screen there’s finally and night light!!!

    Let’s hope to see the price and the real world use. But for me, the design feels comfortable, with my only complaint be the fingerprint reader that’s to low. People want change, and if that’s really true (besides the jack), I thing it could be a strong seller to Sony. Specially if it’s going to be released next month.
    That’s a lot that could be better, but let’s wait for that XZ Premium 2

  • Ther9reatSkull

    Do you know what makes this company fall over and over? The massive hate from people, the stupid commercial promotion and their stupid DECISIONS, I swear to God if there are hidden enemies running this company they will not do these stupid moves!

    The first stupid move is the screen, for God sake WTF! we re in 2018 and they still use IPS?!!!! Where is that Oled panels we hared of last year..

    The second dumb move is the lack of headphone jack for me I don’t need it I am OK with that but for most of people? Hell no specially when there is no good reason to remove it and don’t say “to keep pace with technical progress” removing it is removing a good reason for a lot of people to buy you products specially when you are dumb enough to not make your products good.

    But do you know even with all these stupid/unreasonable moves I still can’t write a story where I hold another device from another company, even when they rapped of my device (XZ5) And kept it with Nougat running with black statues bar like in JB days and of course didn’t gave it anything new.. I still can’t leave this company.. I feel like there is a magic touch with their products that I never feel in other companies, so please Sony can you stop disappointing me? make me proud of you for one time! Please… The last time I felt proud of this company when they released the Xperia Z2 I was like OMG what a peace of art! So isn’t it too late to release another peace of art?

  • adibuyono

    Still get disappointed with 4GB, no jack, and no dual camera. It’s seems to be no match for s9+ this years. Sony’s conference show tease a future dual camera with high ISO. Hope we will see it on upcoming Xperia XZ2 Premium, of course, with upgraded RAM (6 GB at least) and hopefully a jack :(

  • Bulitz

    It looks good XZ 2 and the XZ2 compact is a cutie. Despite without the jack.

  • Bukenya Charles Lusansa

    Sony Lost me on this one

  • KzX
  • Bennder

    There is more dram memory on xz2 stacks sensor so you can’t have that bigger resolution on xz1

  • DonRox

    The more i see it, the more i like it. Good job Sony!

  • Walter Rezende

    great… now all Android phones look like a Samsung, thankfully my xz premium will last 3 around years, let’s see if I can find something different by then, cause xz2 not in my wishlist. Just to be clear. the front is “okay”, it’s the back and the fingerprint position on it

  • Moisés

    What’s worse?

    Design or front camera?

  • jonathan

    looks better than i expected but still nothing for me

    uneven bezels
    uneven speaker design
    back is different fron the front no more symmetry
    the curved back not a fan of
    lcd not ole (oled would have redeemed it)
    camera seems to be potruding still

    i do LOVE the new wallpapers though i knew they would be beautiful based on the leaks, and why doesn’t the compact have stereo speakers?

  • KarFar

    5 MP front cam is disappointing…
    BTW anyone noticed how Furumi accidently said XZ2 Premium when showing XZ2??? The phone exists!!

  • Moisés

    Number of Xperia sold

    #1 Japan
    # 2 Taiwan

    S8 had 6GB ram in China/South Korea

  • Moisés

    Their most important TV is Z9D that has LCD.
    Same for phones..

  • Moisés

    There is not… It is because of new cpu.

  • LTEstyles

    Still no details suggesting the XperiaXZ 2 will be certified for TMO VoLTE and WiFi calling, however, this article ( ) brought up an interesting piece of information- Verizon support…BUT only for the compact. What the hell is it about the compact variant that makes US carriers favor that over the higher-end model?! Seriously, I’m confused. I guess all we can do is wait for further details.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Most boring presentation I ever watched. It was so boring. Then again I pardon them with FP but they should’ve kept the 3.5mm jack. Also they should’ve brought some camera features like 1080p 240fps, 4K 60fps, OIS

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yea I saw that dual camera too. Confused with what I saw. I thought it’s that new additional sensors.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Nope it’s the same, probably due to SD845 and in 1080p recording time is half than 720p. I wish they had 1080p 120fps, 240fps, 4K 60fps and OIS

  • Manuel Picos Otero

    I’m still disappointed.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I am hoping that Sony won’t screw up XZP2 cause they did a good job with XZP.
    I honestly want 1080p 240fps and 4K 60fps. Hopefully next year, But I know they can simply add them with a firmware upgrade but they won’t do it.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Design okay. It looks like a pixel more than a Samsung.
    Yes front camera is a downgrade and I feel like they have still very closed up camera software. Then again they don’t support 4K 60fps(at least SDR) and 1080p 120fps and 240fps. I hope they add minor things like this in XZP2. I really wanna see these features coming. Oh yea and OIS, I know you don’t like but at least it should be there so peeps want it can enable or disable.

    Edit: It’s 5MP f/2.2 1/5″. Really bad :(

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    I noticed that too.
    Also there’s hint dual camera on XZ2 Premium but it was teaser.

  • Daemon

    So, this is simple.

    Front face: beautiful
    Colors: stunning
    Rear: horrible
    No headphone jack: stupid
    Hardware: great
    Camera: meh

    Make the balance and take a decision. For me, it’s a no. Anyways, thank you Sony Mobile and see you on September for your new flagships… Hopefully, if Sony doesn’t end disappearing this section to avoid lose more money. Hopefully no, best scenario the division is sold to Google or some other company.

  • Tann

    They have just lost a long, long time fan here.
    And Im suspecting I am certainly not alone in that stance.
    In fact I believe us dissapointed fans outnumber by far those that are willing to stay with this.
    How will they survive this?
    I ll be keeping an eye on Sony Mobile for a year or so, but if they dont come to their senses. They ll loose many of us for good.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    +1 i agree
    The camera same but upgraded software, it’s better than nothing

  • jonathan

    i honestly don’t see why anyone would get this over a much cheaper xz1

    snapdragon 845 against 835 ok
    same screen
    slightly better speakers with uneven speaker design
    some vibration thing
    wireless charging over no wireless charging
    worse or better design depending on preference

    what does the xz2 have over the xz1? apart from cpu,vibration,wireless charging? if it had a much better design then it would have that over the xz1 but in my eyes it doesn’t so why buy it over the xz1?

  • Daemon

    Look for an interview made to an ex-HTC worker where he reveals all the truth. They practically didn’t care about the future of the company, seems like they knew it was going to end being sold sooner or later. I’m afraid something like that is happening inside Sony Mobile.

  • lolop

    One word: underwhelming.

  • shenoy

    U never commented on FP scanner

  • Daemon

    Yeah, lemme edit that.

  • shenoy

    Let me wait for September ….

  • Koh Yuan Chen

    Thank you for the comments! Thanks for explaining, but it’s a shame though, 1080p 240? that’s not much to ask… Right?

  • Bulitz

    If there is a S9 killer, this is not it. Looking 4ward to IFA. Perhaps a cool flagship over the horizon.

  • Brian

    This feels like a rushed product. Like why does XZ2 have wireless charging, but not the XZ2 Compact? Also really poor decision in my opinion, to not include the headphone jack. Earphones/headphones have to be one of Sony’s best products. Going to parties and plugging in your phones into a HiFi won’t be possible anymore (Without a mandatory dongle to carry around everywhere, zzz.)

    I guess the only revolutionary thing about these two models is the 960 fps recording at full HD. Hope the XZ Premium gets it too, since it’s the same sensor. I don’t think the vibration thing is thaaaat great.

  • saif

    I’ll skip, Hope they learn from design mistake and make something Sony way in H2

  • Probably the use of the Dual- Camera and the 4K OLED HDR painel

  • Suhail

    153 x 72 x 11.1
    198 grams really.

  • Anibal Evora

    4k@60p should be present due to the processor which is capable of doing so. Now it can record in 4k@30p with HDR. That’s the new thing..
    But I also wished they would finally implement OIS as well..
    Maybe with the XZ2premium they accidentally teased that’ll have dual cameras and a custom ISP which they showed, and finally take the camera game seriously this time.. But only in September..
    Sick of waiting for this company to make a move on the established brands! Just do something already which is not stupid like removing the f*g headphone jack (worst decision ever for me)!

  • PSN: KGHorns

    Is Sony not the same company that said they won’t be removing the headphone jack anytime soon, and if I’m not mistaken, this is something that was said in September when the Xperia XZ1 was launched!! Anyways, it seems that my next Xperia phone will be the XZ Premium, I’ll pass on this one, although the rear reminds me of my first experience with a Xperia phone, shout out to the Xperia X10i!

  • Moisés

    I knew this bezel thing would downgrade front cam.
    Htc did the same for u11+.

    L2 has 8MP and bigger sensor.

  • DanielGearSolid

    I hate the gloss back. Why would they go back to that??

  • Moisés

    And dual cam little explanation.
    I doubt they will wait september.

  • Bloobat

    Yeh life long Xperia buyer here, these new phones are just a massive disappointment imo and I certainly won’t be buying in the future if they continue this design. Just hope they update the xz premium to offer the 960fps in 1080p as hardware seems the same?

  • Andys42

    The video says “looks unique” in fact it now looks like everything else.

  • Andys42

    camera where you keep putting your hand on it and make it dirty
    fingerprint reader where its hard to get to with the thumb and useless on a doc
    no headphone or microphone jack, means you cannot use Jabra headset for conference calls or use the Sony mic
    C’est la vie.

  • KarFar

    Yes possibly a dedicated event and launch in summer.
    But what would they leave for IFA?

  • Jacen23

    Ok, still prefer the previous design, yet it looks better than the renders. Too bad for the lack of audio jack and fingerprint sensor/camera position.

  • dapaintrain

    I still think the bezels need to go even more i was hoping for a curved or edge to edge screen. I also don’t like the rounded back or the fact that it’s missing dual front Cameras that are present in midrange midels.

    Honestly I hope it’s a stop gap measure I’m not looking to upgrade as I’m currently very happy with the xz premium but I would like to upgrade to a more modern looking device next go around and stick with Sony after owning quite a few xperia phones over the years starting including a Z2, Z3 (my favourite next to the xz premium) , z5 (the horribly hot and underclocked one) and xz premium ( personally it’s near perfect )

    Also after being able to watch YouTube and Netflix in 4k HDR I really don’t want to go back to 1080 disappointing res in the xz2

    But if I had to make a choice tomorrow the xz2 or s9+ I’d probably pick the s9+ and I hate Samsung with their stupid software overlay but more ram Android a higher resolution screen plus a nicer design than the xz2 still think xz premium looks better

  • Bilbo Baggins

    My Z3 is 7.3mm, This is 11.1.
    Maybe with an interesting price…

  • TimmY

    “One of the biggest disappointments is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, which Sony has eschewed in favour of this new narrow-body design. ”
    WTF!?! The phone is heavier and thicker than XZ1. Bullshit reason.

  • Yeah. I heard it as well. Then he covered by saying he is so excited. Lol

  • Barricade

    I feel the same way. At first I was like meh. But the more I see it, the more it grows on me. So much even I think they glass back on the XZ2 looks amazing.

    I don’t really care about the 3.5mm headphone jack, but I know a lot of people do. But it’s not something that would keep me from buying the device (only thing that’s keeping me from that is the the XZ2P).

    Only thing I don’t really like is the bottom bezel being larger than the top one. I would’ve prefered them to be symmetrical.

    Not really sure how I feel about the thickness of the device either, but I don’t think it’ll be that bad.

  • Akand

    How can Sony be so dumd!!!!
    You’re going to put your index finger always on the camera lens, and you have swim to reach to the fingerprint scanner.

    And look at the thickness, it’s 12 mm!!!! INSANE !!!!

  • Jacen23

    So the reason behind the fingerprint sensor position is the US market problems? Make a version for them and leave the rest of the world with a better design :I

  • Ivan

    Now that the design is the same as all other generic Chinese/Samsung phones,
    and they actually have better specs per price, what is left for us Sony fans here, except the brand name ?

  • Andys42

    The way I hold the phone it will be the ball of my hand on the camera lens. Dirty hand = scratched lens.
    Designed by the cast of Sesame Street.

  • Talos the Robot

    “If we’re talking about improving the audio quality of music coming out of smartphones there are newer balanced jacks that we have developed in Japan.

    “It’s a different form factor jack but it provides for a better sound quality in Hi-Res Audio.

    “So, if we want to continue to improve the sound quality maybe saying goodbye to the headphone jack is not such a great idea – especially on the premium smartphones that will be coming on to the market soon.”

    Kazuo Hirai

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    The failure one.

  • SopNaw

    If the sales of the XZ2 series will be less than the lasts previous Xperia series phones, then it looks like someone is in the Xperia phone division to destroy it. Who know, to take such bad decisions?

  • Talos the Robot

    It’s simple physics. If you remove something from bezels you add it to the width.

  • Talos the Robot

    No headphone jack, and no side mounted fingerprint scanner.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake
  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake
  • Talos the Robot

    It’s only 0.1 seconds. They need to upgrade the memory buffer and make it last longer.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I don’t expect them to bring dual cameras on XZP2 but they could’ve given 4K60fps and HDR 4K30fps. Still they can do it since it’s all software because hardware is already there.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake
  • hansip

    To be honest i’m still dissapointed with the design.. I know Boxy design might be too old now for majority, but for Sony die hard, boxy rectangle just screams Sony, but now? So standard soapbox all over.. :( damn you market forces! Maybe XZ Premium will be my next purchase just to remind me how the old design was way better..

  • Todd

    Wtf is this????? It’s nothing but disappointing. Just take a look at rumors before today’s announcement: 4k OLED screen, dual camera, 6gb of ram, 128 gb of storage, a totally new design…they were about xz pro? So where the hell is that? They’re just keeping it for next year??? Now what is this? 5mp front camera?????? This is the edgeless design??? 4gb of ram for a flagship in 2018???? Why it’s that thick???idk what kinda people r in charge of Sony mobile but they all must be insane. My last 3 smartphone were only Sony and before that I had Sonyericsson but by now I think I gotta go and find another brand.

  • Fefe

    Ok I’m just gonna sit quietly and wait for the XZ Pro or whatever they name it hoping it won’t be a disappointment like this and have the specs that we wanted such as OIS and dual camera with f1.8 or better. This f2.0 camera is such as embarrassment.

  • shehabskull

    And don’t forget Oled screen.

  • Talos the Robot

    If it has some video and photo capabilities of the a7sii then it is a promising technology but even if Sony makes it first then Samsung will copy it in less than a year just like the memory stacked sensor of the XZ Premium.

  • Adri

    – thick design – 11 mm
    – no headphone jack
    – still no OIS for main camera
    – poor front camera from 2014/5
    + louder stereo speakers with dynamic vibrations seem great,

    but for me this is a NO GO. Sorry Sony :-(

  • dragonsneeze

    Wrong compromises for the wrong reasons. Trend is 2:1? Fine, then remove one speaker, camera button, give a huge camera hump. DVS? That useless thing takes up more space than a headphone jack. 11-12 mm thickness for 3k-ish battery? The presentation was a borefest until the dual cam tease. This was their big chance imo and they blew it. All this made the XZ1 more attractive.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Now we see why he stepped down due to issues in the executives

  • jonathan

    how does it feel that it has a fully plastic frame? thats something that i was never able to accept

  • Wow, awesome design, but headphone jack is necessary for the phone.

  • AllanKafka

    Unfortunately I think it looks more like a Huawei or LG phone than like a recent Samsung flagship, and that’s even worse.

  • Vincentius Phang

    I’m planning to change my phone early next year. my thoughts remains the same as yesterday. The exclusion of 3.5mm jack and moving finger print to the back is a huuuge let down for me. I’ve always stick to Sony ever since W550 no matter what people say. Arc S is a single processor while S2 starts using dual core, during Z1 nothing to complaint, people calling XZ design is dated and horrendous bezel and camera is not as good as competition, I still stick to Sony. But these two changes kills it, it makes Sony on par with other phone. Now I started to consider whatever Pixel 3 is going to offer later this year or hopefully Sony’s second flagship in IFA will amend this two blasphemy, or at least put finger print in the screen then I’ll forgive the 3.5 mm jack.

  • Vincentius Phang

    XZ2 with headphone jack and screen mounted finger print sensor. yes I’m so salty about these.

  • AllanKafka

    If they show the new camera technology without bringing it to the XZP2 it means they really want to do everything they can in order to disappoint potential buyers.

  • AllanKafka

    Now I’d love to know what was the last minute design change they made. I can bet it was a change for the worse.

  • Khillo81

    I was one of those people who were fine with the design of the phones up to this point and I considered the power button/fingerprint scanner combo a great selling point. Now the phones just look like all the other phones out there, and the annoying thing is, everyone (well, OK the American news outlets, and we know what bad taste they have) are heaping praise on it while last year they were bashing the XZ1! Well, I bought the XZ1 Compact when it first launched and looks like it will be my phone for a looooong time (maybe it will be my new Nokia N80 which lasted me for 5 years). After that, I’ll see.

  • çoban

    i had a little hope but again huge dissapointing. decided to buy mate 10 after this shit .
    no 3.5 mm jack
    back fingerprint.
    2:1 screen
    still shit camera without ois.
    2.0 aperture from 2011.
    and really 1/5 inc 5 mp front camera? i am shocked in all way.
    bigger and thicker than xperia xa2 but smaller battery. xa2 look much way better than this.
    this is first time i got so much negativities from sony. really sorry. i was exited .

  • Kenneth F

    Darned, 11 mm thick???? Fingerprint sensor on the back??? No headphone plug, that might be acceptable, but why with such a thick phone? What is going on? Have they completely lost it?

  • Sridu

    This is flagshit. Not in my list.

  • Ken

    Can anyone confirm that HK version comes with 6GB RAM?

    According to sony HK website

  • hansip

    front cam is the least used feature of any phone that i have used so doesn’t matter. The Design is just a huge letdown..

  • Daniel Alejandro Garcia Rondon

    one think i really really like about XZ2/Compact its that the screen is not rounded in the corners like all other fullview smartphones, it makes me fell i “miss” part of the image when i see those screens, something that will not happen with this XZ2/XZ2 compact, and i really apreciatte that, another thing for all that people complaint about XZ2/Compact does not have the same screen ratio than other Fullview smartphones, tell me just of those phones that have the front speakers

  • Geralt

    Samsung? Huawei? Have you ever heard about Xperia before Z series?
    The front looks exactly like Xperia X 2016 and back is Neo V design from 2011.

    On the Compact the Back looks exactly like Xperia SP

  • MikeU

    I will wait until September at IFA to see what Sony Mobile introduces. In the meantime, I will keep my Xperia XZ Premium.

  • Erik Muñoz

    I will buy a new battery to my old XZ5 and just keep it till somethig good comes.
    Samsung just beat them on the camera and by taking back the audio jack.

  • Onil

    I was really excited about the new Xperia phone but after seeing this, I’ll stick to my G6 for now.

  • tazcubed

    Among the best rear cameras on the market and yet can’t figure out how to balance that with the front. I’m not a big selfie fan, but geez, I’d prefer not to have a grainy picture if I elect to do so. I hope the “Pro/Premium” version does something to rectify it.

  • akhilesh gupta

    It does not have plastic
    where you heard it is plastic
    its aluminium frame with glass back

    Talking about XZ2

  • paul_cus

    I love the Deep Green XZ2. I was one that wanted a complete design change, and I’m happy with this. I’ve never had a fingerprint scanner on the back of a phone, so I’ll give it a whirl. This phone still looks very Sony and reminds me of my first Sony phone, the Xperia ion. Personally, I like the logo at the bottom this time. And the ergonomics are going to be fantastic. Really looking forward to getting the XZ2.

  • kaostheory

    Obviously they brought these out so when the premium is released, it will actually be premium!

  • tazcubed

    Pieces that are good: larger battery, Qi charging, overall specs (minus the front camera), hopefully better speakers, a working fingerprint reader (finally) and especially the quick release. Middling/on the fence: 4GB RAM (hoped for 6), design – hoping it actually makes more comfortable in the hands, headphone jack (better water resistance?). Bad: Color choices, 5MP front camera – why go cheap on this if this is the flagship?

  • kaostheory

    Fingers crossed for the Hydrogen One, or the new Razer.

  • AlexL

    Sorely disappointed, I’m afraid.

  • Farsiris

    I Smell another Sony Press Conference. Remember the Tweet from Sony Mobile SA . They Said 3 New Phones and a Surprise Launch.

  • AlexL

    They deleted that information afterwards..

  • I don’t care what other people think about this phone and how it looks like Huawei, Samsung, LG or whatever, this is ‘Sony’ taking a new step with their phone using this kind of design with a Sony logo on it. It’s good news and it looks great. However… the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, now ‘that’ is a real bummer. People should stop comparing it with other brands, and appreciate that Sony, is actually taking a new direction with their design. No matter how generic you think it is, this is a huge step compared to the previous incarnations,. We should be happy about it and hope they will give us more with this new direction of theirs. Looks like I can consider retiring my XZ5P.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Yeah and even he said XZ2 Premium by mistake then he stopped and said I’m excited and when talking about the new sensor and the higher ISO he said stay tuned

    I’m afraid they don’t show anything but i will stay positive

  • QBerto

    Sad, I really was thinking on come back to Sony after bad experiences with Samsung and Huawei devices, but the lack of audio jack really was a BIG mistake and now I have to look for another brand lol, maybe I’ll get back to Samsung that actually solved the problem to take the correct moment on ultra slow motion that Sony bring to the smartphone market

  • Farsiris

    He said XZ2 Premium by mistake because the Phone Exists. And a Tweet from Sony Mobile SA and a “Surprise” Launch.

  • F Michael

    Well I’m on a z5 premium and I’m waiting for the xz pro. Let’s not panick guys, the xz pro will most likely have the fingerprint sensor built into the screen and a flat back. Anyone on a premium phone can ignore this disaster.

  • Tann

    1080p super slo mo is halfed to 0.7 sec capture, half the 720p one, which catches about 1.4 sec.
    Whats better about that?

  • Alessio Torres

    This phones is a failure out of the gate poor design outdated camera hardware unwanted consumer decisions honestly it’s a sad attempt there really getting old in the Xperia department and the company really needs some new life and a good kick in the ass this phone is so underwhelming!

  • jonathan

    i am referring to the xz premium

  • Pardeep Singh

    Sony should immediately fire entire design team for this. Its not even bezel-less. It is a disgrace to the name of Xperia. My Z5 looks far more better than this shit. Being loyal to Sony for last 6 years but today I lost all hope in this company.
    Its time to move on and pick some better phone. I can’t believe I am writing this today, but yes, there are better phones than Xperia out there.
    RIP Sony.

  • SeVeMaS

    I will keep my xz1, same thint if I still had the z5. The missing jack connection (even if you have an adapter) is a big deal for me

  • SonyXZP_user

    What’s the difference between the camera of XZ2 and XZ Premium? I think they are both the same. So, will Sony update the software of the latter? Or keep it the way it is so the former may look superior?

  • Mohammed Alaskar

    +11 mm thickness ?! no comment
    even huge fucken bezels , what’s the point of 2:1 then
    does Sony Mobile try to find a way to quit the Market or displeased the new CEO ?
    never been disappointed like this one

  • Talos the Robot

    I like these phones too. They copy the good things from Sony and not the bad things from Apple & Samsung. I wish they will have a 16:9 LCD 4K HDR display and they will be for sure the real successors of the XZ Premium.

  • monoke

    Still using a Z3 here but I gotta say these 2 are the ugliest design ever made by Sony! Lol .
    It’s sad how much they’ve fallen. : (

  • Insane014

    XZP/XZ2 are same devices with different packages for marketing purposes. XZP carries genuine Sony design while XZ2 is just an answer to all of those who asked for me-too design. The only logic I can come up with it is that Sony want’s to spread and cover all areas.

  • washinma2424

    Awh the good ole X10i good times, good time. (LOL)

  • washinma2424

    I could careless about the Jack I have been using Blu-tooth for awhile now sometimes I forget I even have the damn Jack on my XZ, also my daughters have the original XA’s and both of their headphone jacks have malfunction at one time or another.

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    R.I.P omnibalance. Rest in Peace.

  • Khalid Abdi

    YEAH but its when ???

  • skrug

    Too excited to announce the premium… Lol

  • Khalid Abdi

    Because 2:1 or 18:9 is not about bezel less, they’re a display ratio. The bezel less is about the design which the company uses how to fit it.
    I want to know why no company wants to make a 16:9 apect ratio with bezel less design? 16:9 bezel less is much compact than the 18:9 bezel less and would feel more comfortable and small

  • betatesterz

    As someone who has owned an Xperia S, Z3 & XZ, Sony has lost me with the design choice for the XZ2. My main gripes are the Headphone Jack and the fingerprint sensor that sits far too low IMHO. Wished they’d have kept the design with the fingerprint sensor on the power button.

    My contract’s due for renewal Fall 2018. Sony’s got till then to win me back with their next incremental lineup.

  • FÖ2

    People complain over everything. Sony didn’t change design, complain. Now they changed it. Complain. Sony used 16:9, complain, now they use 18:9, complain. Removing 3.5mm headphone Jack was bound to happen at some point.

  • Richard Brutski

    I’ve been using them since before they were called Xperia, before smartphones. I still use my VAIO laptop, and they really lost me here.

  • theskig

    Same for me. I have a Z5P

  • Andys42

    Nokia followed the crowd – where are they now
    Blackberry followed the crowd – where are they now
    Sony are now following the crowd…..

  • jonathan

    i only complained about the plastic on the xz series, the big bezels on most phones which were acceptable to me still, lack of oled panel, changing between edgespeakers and speakers in the glass, camerabump.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Sorry Nokia didn’t follow the crowd.
    You know what made Nokia fall down?? Their stubbornness of not adopting the android.
    If they had, Apple wouldn’t have existed

    Blackberry fell because their OS was bad and they couldn’t innovate in terms of software when compare with the iOS and the Android.

    Sony is not following and their only problem is removing the 3.5 mm jack because they’re a music company

  • Andys42

    Nokia did follow the crowd. I had the 6310i, they had most of the business market and made a phone business people wanted. They followed the crowd by trying to do a graphical interface, but Nokia tried using the Psion OS which they screwed up badly. Lots of business people including me moved away from them, at the time to Motorola as the other problem at that time was many businesses would not let you have a phone with a camera.
    I had one of the first blackberries and stuck with Blackberry right to the release of OS10. Again they had exactly what business people wanted, but they decided to follow the crowd and wanted to support social media etc. OS 10 was a disaster (so I do agree they would have done better with Android) but by moving away from what made Blackberry Blackberry they killed themselves.
    Sony have always been unique and provided what a certain sector wanted. The XZ2 is the same as the samsung, apple, htc, etc. They ARE following the crowd with the design. We will see but they are no longer unique, they are just one of the sheep.

  • Diego

    I’m not impressed with the design or the removal of the headphone jack. I wonder if the camera has portrait mode. As a long time Sony mobile user and as much as I want to believe it does, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

  • Khalid Abdi

    OK but what made Nokia lose is not adopting Android.
    Sony is not following because this design theirs, yes it might look like others but its theirs. This phone looks like xperia vivaz, sp, x10 , x and x performance. I know they did wrong with the 3.5 mm jack but they’re not following. Besides lets wait and see the XZ2 Premium and where they go with it.

  • Battal

    Dual camera & Oled 4K …

  • singh

    I will hold judgement until i see the xz2 in flesh, i will stick to my xz for now, but i dont blame Sony for changing there design , they are a business and have to go with market trends hopefully they will produce more sales. Sony kept to there z series for 6 years but there sales dwindled, now they changed design your still moaning. I will still buy there new phones because it still going to better then a s8 or apple.

  • singh

    True you can never satisfy everyone, i think its the right direction for sony, i love the xz and xz premium but the design had to change. Those moaning about the thickness , need to consider this due to the fitting of the stereo speakers and hap-tic vibration motor. S8 only has a single mono speaker.

  • Ryan

    I watched the whole livestream…. I was most interested in the end bit with the dual lens …. i wonder when that is coming to an Xperia ? All in all I buy my Xperia for its camera … but disappointed to see no new sensor put in … will stick to my XZ till IFA i guess….

  • Ryan

    Huawei mate 10 16:9
    Huawei mate 10 pro 18:9

  • Tann

    Yeah, well me too, back since Sony CMD J5. But the headphone jack did it.

  • Ryan

    go for the mate 10 pro….. its oled… the mate 10 is lcd

  • Carney3

    The bad (unique to XZ2):

    The Sony logo should be on top, not at the bottom.
    The vibration is a useless gimmick.
    The headphone jack deletion is an outrage.

    The bad (common across the X line):

    4K. Totally unnecessary. Invisible on the display, adds to cost, eats bandwidth and storage. MAYBE okay to have the ability to FILM in 4K, or to display 4K content down-converted to just HD, but a 4K screen is just stupid marketing.

    The Sony logo is too dim, almost impossible to read or even notice from any distance. The Z generation Sony logos were bright, shiny and clear. This change is harmful to morale, suggesting Sony believes its own brand is low-prestige and that users won’t want others to know they’re carrying a Sony. A prominent visible logo conveys the opposite: confidence that you are selling a status symbol that buyers will be proud to show off. Both are self-fulfilling prophecies; Sony going from the positive to the negative insanely self-destructive.

    Boring sides. The sides on the Z2 were shiny silver, a much more attractive and high-tech look.

    Boring power button. Plastic instead of metal. Looks and feels cheap.

    The bad: (common across nearly all modern smartphones):
    Micro SD is annoying. Too small, forcing users to use an awkward adapter to move the card into other devices like printers, PCs, TVs, etc to view media and exchange data. My old Audiovox Thera from way back in 2002 had a full size SD card. There’s no excuse, with the advent of miniaturization of electronic technology freeing up space, to shrink the card slot.

    The unclear:
    Is there glass on the back face, meaning another surface that can crack for no good reason (like the Z2, Z5 Premium, etc.)?

    The good:

    Upped specs. Faster chip, more battery, better camera, etc. Expected. Small yay and golf clap.

    That said, the fingerprint sensor is a welcome, long-overdue change. While the power button based one is more impressive, I’m glad Sony abandoned it for the sake of the long-suffering US market that for whatever legal or contractual reason had been denied access to this capability.

    It’s good they’re using an industry standard wireless charging system, instead of the usual Sony attempt to lock users in to a proprietary ecosystem (MemoryStick, Betamax, ATRAC3, etc).

  • jonoave

    Agree with you on mostly everything except microSD. I think it’s a matter of space contstrain and can understand that a full SD card can be too big.

  • jonoave

    Nope, the removal of the headphone jack was not something inevitable. It was only after Apple did it and now lots of Android bands jumping on the bandwagon. I still like my headphone jack very much, thank you very much.

  • jonoave

    Also a Z3 user. the removal of the headphone jack is a big damper , but not absolute dealbreaker. But I hope they will launch another model with headphone jack like XZ2 Premium or something.

  • Khalid Abdi

    but the mate10 isn’t bezel less from the front

  • Khalid Abdi

    no apple even did the trend from the moto Z

  • Carney3

    Except that physical space constraints were even more serious in the past, when electronics were bigger and bulkier. If the phone makers could find room for a full size SD card then, they can do so much more easily now.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Look the 4K is not a gimmick and there is nothing such a thing called gimmick. This is technology and business and the 4K is much better and crispier and it doesn’t comsume batter and it happening. Have you heard of JOLED 4K RGB OLED

  • C Liu

    Z3 User also. I am not sure how I would be able to cope with a phone that is thicker than my Z3 even with a case on. I am sure it will fit nicely in the hand due to the curve though. I will have to see the device in person before I make a decision to buy it or not.

  • hamboy

    Ugly + no headphone jack = no sale.

    Even the Nokia banana phone is more impressive

  • azzido

    OMG, same old camera and again F2.0 and not even poor rumored F1.8??? Front facing camera degraded to 5MPx and worse F2.2??? 4k videos only in 30fps while other 2018 ohones comes with 60fps???

    Nail to the coffin definitely.

    This specs is a mid range and definitely not high-end /flagship. It should cost 450 euros max.

  • azzido

    Laughable 5MPx now in F2.2.

    Instead of progrrss sony is making regress.

    Phone is completely disappointing on design, specs and then price sides.


  • azzido

    Who cares? High iso produces a lot of noise, then sony agressive alghoritms to reduce it makes details mediocre and introduce artifacts. The final soap result is HORRIBLE.

    They must deliver F1.4-F1.5 apertureto have great results in low light and not increase the iso…

    They are so dumb.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    I have been a sony fan for long
    Putting fanatic aside
    This is the ugliest looking sony phone ever
    Who ever designed that back

  • azzido

    They lost me for the moment too. XZ1 was a regres to XZ Premium in terms of resolution and battery life, rest was same with just bad decision to come with metal ibstead of glass.

    But XZ2 is a complete disappointment.

    They cut of additional features functions and willing to increase the price?


  • Fryderyk AugustIV

    Just noticed something very weird, basically on official sony website when you go to the bottom on xperia xz2 page there is xz premium to compare, and you might think that everything is normal, until you notice that it says that the xz premium records super slow motion in only 480p even though it does it in 720p.

  • azzido

    XZ2 cones with a regres ib front facing camera and removal of headphone jack, ugly design and worst position for fingerprint scanner. Apart from cpu it comes with 2017 specs.

    For me is just a 2018 mid ranger.

  • azzido

    It is so fat and still comes with camera hump, lol!

    I wonder why they are releasing it at all?

    What for??

  • Emcho Koremcho

    Asian design? Rest in peace, Ericsson …. 11 mm thick vs 7.9 of Z5 and nothing got better since 2 years … unfortunately the Z5 will die some day …

  • roeshak

    Camera hardware is disappointing. Hoped to see OIS finally on a Sony device. It’s 4yrs now since Samsung launched a device with OIS and are now developing the next big advancement being variable aperture. This above all else is the most lamentable thing. Device unfortunately ends up in the meh category. A head scratcher indeed. This insistence on using a very dated hardware config.

  • azzido

    Same here, I am with XZ Prrmium but this year sony has nothing interesting, only regress called XZ2.

    Guys Nokia 9 seems promining, keep an eye on it. Also Shamesung 9 is WAYYY better than sony offering.

  • azzido

    I think sony mobile is led by monkey? Who the hell is this guy? Why he was not fired yet???

    I think thry are doung it with purpose. They aim to close this division. I wonder why they simply not close mobile… If they are goibg to continue the nonsenses like xz2 this does not makes sense. Really I wonder what is their plan.

    And what they are counting for by releasing this “thing”.

  • azzido

    S9 also comes with superior F1.5 camera when comparing to stupid. xz2.

    Xz2 is another mid ranger, even worst! Mid rangers has dual cameras, OIS (only front) and much bigger batteries!

    :) :) :)

  • azzido

    And without stereo speakers, just another step back.

    Other brands are improving.
    Soby is making worse.

  • azzido

    Yes, ut looks like 2011 camera module. It should be included in Xoeria L or E, but XZ2???

    What the Fuck?!?! :/

  • Bennder

    Anyone noticed that there is no longer What’s New app

  • çoban

    pro has 18:9 screen and back fingerprint andno 3.5 mm jack. mate 10 much more better

  • Tuni

    i like this camera placement on here i dont like the corner camera… my hands tends to get on the way with my xz1

  • SopNaw

    Yes but I’m not sure about it! I did not say that it is the case, just maybe. I know Sony have the capacity! The capacity to make a perfect phone with spectacular design if they want. I really hope the best for them by hope that their mobile division will always be alive with the “SONY” branded in them. As I said, sure the design is changing and is less classy than the previous one with Omnibalance style made by Sony but for this new one, I personally not complain like many others people (including you for sure). But if you loved the old one with jack 3.5 and fingerprints sensor in the power button all that with omnibalance design, then I understood why you hate.

  • Jacen23

    it actually has double stereo speaker (with the surround features of the old ones), they’re just different looking from each other in another ugly design choice.

  • nfs2010

    Hey XB, Please provide some clarification on the thickness – it’s 11mm at the thickest point & 6 mm at the thinnest (The market number is the other way around this time compared to Arc days – lol)

  • azzido

    True bro, 100% TRUE!

    Since they faired great european designers and stick to japanese only with this ugly ideas I doubt they will be able to create a great design we are all asking for.

    Meanwhile, will be switching the brand :)

  • nfs2010
  • Tann

    I liked XZ1, really good looking and powerful phone.
    Ah, anyways, to each its own dissapointment over XZ2. Mine is just the headphone jack, others the overal design, camera and fp placement, back fp placement, 5 mp front shooter.
    But there is no way around the fact, they dissapointed even the biggest of fans like me.

  • azzido

    11mm + ugly camera hump!

  • Andys42

    give it a couple of weeks holding the phone while talking on it or using google maps and you will soon see why its a bad place to put the camera, especially as it has a large lens and sits proud of the surface. I used to have a phone many years ago with the camera here and it was always dirty.

  • Andys42

    Galaxy S9 Note, looks like it will be fantastic plus you can write on the screen. Even the Lenovo is better than the XZ2

  • azzido

    Rather xz premium. Remember about crappy 2700mAh battery in xz1, same as compact, lol!

  • CasperTFG

    Glad this XZ2 isn’t the Pro. Something still to look forward to from Sony.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah dual cam will be cool.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah summer would be awesome! But I still don’t get why the XZ2 is coming out in March when the XZ1 came out like 4-5 mos after XZ Premium did. The XZ2 Premium/Pro should be the one coming out next month IMO.

  • azzido

    Finally removed the crappy bloat!

  • RockStar2005

    Wow, and that was only a year ago too!

  • azzido

    Yes, this shows how many years sony is lacking the competition in terms of camera.

    My next phone this year will be S9 or Nokia9, checking the market as sony has nothing to offer.

  • roeshak

    There will probably be an xz2 premium but I suspect it’ll just come with the customary 4k hdr display and a more premium finish. Camera will still be there or there abouts to what’s on the xz2. Looks like I’ll be sticking to my s8+. Haven’t used Sony since 2016 and that’s set to continue by the looks of things.

  • ZoubIWah

    yup.. am just getting an S9 though. maybe in a year or two sony will go back to sanity and i’ll switch back. Really wanted this one to be a sony phone, but this just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Talos the Robot

    This actually has f1.8 rear camera which seems nice but the disappointments are elsewhere….

  • TimmY

    Ok. So for example how is Samsung doing it? Slimmer phone, less bezels, not almost 200 grams and has a headphone jack. The other specs are pretty much the same.
    This is just bad design from Sony.
    What’s the actual incentive to buy this phone if you have let’s say XZ1?
    The only upgrade, for me, it’s the battery increase. They even knocked the front camera, only 5MP now. The fingerprint scanner is a bit awkardly placed.
    Wait to see the NEW wireless headphones, almost $300 and with 4h battery life.
    Go Sony! :)

  • Tochi Nwodu

    The switch is inevitable at this point
    Ugly shit

  • azzido

    Not only you, I doubt they will be able to release XZ Premium2 without all these issues before we switch the brand. Some new phones like Nokia 9 are not yet available too.

    Premium2 can be 18:9 but cannot be so ugly. Must have jack, fps on a side, 4K screen, dual cameras WITH OIS, 4K 60fps (I do not care hdr, it does nothing or looks worse), F1.5, the tonal pitch, stereo speakers with same looking holes, 4000mAh battery, ideally Arc design, 6GB of Ram and 128GB internal storage, definitely improved front camera and not downgrade!

    + improved software look at current is boring, more widgets and animations and I am sold!

  • John Woot

    My impression is that they’ve released cheaper phones at the same price. We are talking of 600 euros for the compact and 800 euros for the ZX2. €800 without OIS, with only 5 MP in the selfie camera lower than before, without audio jack. Despite the materials the appearance is like plastic, and perhaps include some plastic in the formula. The back of the ZX2 is rare, the fingerprint sensor seems too low. I don’t see any reason to buy these phones above any of the other brands at that range of prices and even lower ones around 350-500 euros.

    I doubt that these phones will sell well. I can’t think why they did this, perhaps due to low sales in the previous models? In that case, improve the phones or low the price no this. Bad move and we’ll see which are results in the upcoming months.

  • azzido

    High iso is a bullshit that produces noise. Aperture matters. And OIS.

  • azzido

    I said release the Kraken sony. And not this fart…

    Where is the surprise? Where is Premium2???

  • Talos the Robot

    Samsung puts smaller sized batteries than Sony and that’s the main reason they degrade faster, while Sony’s batteries last for almost 3 years and even more. But if you put a bigger sized battery like Sony does you will end up with bigger bezels or a thicker device. Personally i don’t mind if the device becomes thicker if i know that i will have a more durable battery.
    And i was expecting that the front facing camera will have a lower resolution because now they reduced the upper bezel in order to fit a smaller sized sensor than this one placed inside the XZ1/XZP. The fps position should have remained but this maybe changed in order to make the device more appealing to the american market.

  • azzido

    Good decision, I am considering S9 too but I want to see what other brands can offer before I purchase one :)

    I will just cover ugly touchwiz (sorry, the ugliest icons I ever saw) with a launcher on day1 and I can use it. Camera is so much upgrade when comparing to sony! About 4 years ahead.

    I hoped they willfinally assess it but no. They continue disappointment while adding new ones and removing what we liked (jack and fps).

  • NinJy

    They probably put 2x more ram on the camera on XZ2.

  • iia3ezu

    That’s just false info from blind fanboyism.

    The extra thickness of the XZ2 is most certainly due to the addition of wireless charging, to the point its thickness now exceeds 10mm. You might not mind the extra 2 to 3mm in thickness… but many more do.

    Case in point: the HTC U11 Plus has a 3930mAh battery but is only 8.5mm thick. 6 inch screen, 18:9 screen ratio.

    Samsung puts smaller sized batteries than Sony and that’s the main reason they degrade faster

    Also the size of the battery has no relation to how quickly it degrades.

    No matter, let’s see what happens in the next Sony financial report for its mobile division. (Spoiler alert: it won’t be good.)

  • NinJy

    I would loved so much a compact with same design as XZP haha.. :(

  • Talos the Robot

    Great ISO performance with minimal noise like the a7sii camera could be the best solution for smartphone photography/videography. That’s what i was hoping for a long time and the sooner Sony is releasing it the better.

  • Rafal

    Copy and paste the worst idea from iPhone – removing headphone jack, and skip the best feature – bezelless screen. What other to screw up to sell phones less than before?

  • azzido

    Keep dreaming, high iso will not help for that small sensor, it will make it only worse.

    That is why everyone recommend to keep iso as low as possible + increase shutter speed for Xperias BECAUSE OF lack of OIS.

    Still, if you are taking it from hand most of the time it will be mediocre and comparablr to low/mid rangers from competition.

  • Talos the Robot

    If the sensor is bigger than the other smartphones everything is possible. I will wait to see.

  • Jaissal S

    I find it pretty exciting overall. I don’t like the finger print scanner being on the back and not being able to use my Sony MDR-1000X Headphones with the cable. I’ll have to use the adapter which will be tacky. I hope it’s not too expensive…please be reasonably affordable. Going to order one asap! Long live Sony Xperia!

  • jonoave

    Yes, they did. But Moto is only a small manufacturer and in 1 model. In Android world, no one cared. But since Apple did it, now lots of Android manufacturers start to follow as well, and sadly now including Sony.

  • jonoave

    That’s not a fair comparison, phones have also been getting smaller, and more complex as well. There are a lot more sensors and components in the phone, which has to fit in a smaller sized device.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    Dual camera is confirmed, but still prototype the higher ISO.
    About the Oled 4K still no and remain IPS.

  • azzido

    Redmi 4X – thickness 8.7mm, 5″ screen and 4100mAh battery.

    Compact 12.1mm thickness, 5″ screen, 2800mAh pffff…

  • monoke

    What u hoped for: Vivo Apex like futuristic design

    What u really get: chubby round XZ2

  • DigitalBenny

    Waiting for confirmation on whether XZ2 will work on Band 12/VoLTE/E911/Wifi call on T-Mobile!
    Not having VoLTE on my Z5 Premium is getting a little frustrating…

  • monoke

    All they had to do was take the body of the Z3 or Xz premium, and spread the screen across the entire front… Simple… and they couldn’t do it.
    They’re gonna lose more customers I think . These chubby phones don’t even look like Sony phones to me.

  • Eric

    Well, this is hilarious. I have yet to seen anyone compliment the ALL SO IMPORTANT SMALL BEZELS and 18:9. You also got your beloved fingerprint scanner! Seriously, all the trolls got their wish. Where are they? They made a phone just for you and they are waiting for you to buy it! Don’t be shy! In all seriousness, they just lost me. I cannot support an anti-consumer product that removes the headphone jack, nor will I support trendy 18:9 displays and shitty bezels. Unfortunately, it looks like they cost themselves a lot of loyal customers.

  • Khalid Abdi


  • monoke

    Yep. I use the hp jack all the time especially when charging at the same time. Very useful! Xz pro is their last chance to show something but I get the feeling this it will be a let down again like these… I hope not.

  • dragonsneeze

    Gives good endurance though, but maybe you’re right. I just don’t care much about battery size. :)

  • azzido

    fm radio?

  • AudioAw

    They were so close to perfecting the loop/omnibalance design, but then they scrapped it and went backwards with this terrible design language. Even the XA1 look better than this thing. All that just to satisfy those who kept complaining about a stale design and wouldn’t even consider a Sony phone in the first place.

  • MikeU

    I believe it is inevitable Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers remove the headphone jack from their devices. USB-C sound is the future.

  • mixedfish

    You can’t compare Plus sized phones to this, they are all thin because they all have large foot prints to fit the battery.

  • H. Daniel Cruz

    Except that the Samsung Galaxy S9 still have 3.5mm headphone jack so I don’t think its still inevitable.

  • MikeU

    I meant in the future…perhaps S10 onwards.

  • MikeU

    The year 2018 is Sony Xperia’s 10th anniversary, so I would be surprised if they do not release a phone that corresponds to the occasion. In fact, September 2018 would be one month short of 10 years since they released the first Xperia phone.

  • The back looks ugly AF. And it’s so thick. Oh and no headphone jack! They’re really going backwards with this new lineup.

  • These look more like HTC U11s than Samsung phones.

  • MikeU

    I agree with you 100% on the design. Sony Mobile is losing money (the only division of Sony Corp. that lost money in 2017). They must change “something” to begin to be more relevant in the mobile phone business. The design is the most visible and easiest to change. Let us hope the changes reflect improved sales.

  • MikeU

    The fingerprint position is aimed to grow their American market share.

  • Aiden Pearce

    Front is OK.
    UGLY back with stupid FP sensor location.
    NO 3.5mm Jack still that thick.
    Sony your phones just might bite dust in the shelve.
    Good luck selling those.

  • aseuss

    Tweet “Two words: CARRIER SUPPORT” @sonyxperia

  • DigitalBenny

    I use my phone for business, and I’m always on the road. When a customer calls me, I like to have the ability to go online and look things up while I’m on the phone. At 2 (or even 3)G it can’t be done efficiently…
    This is one example.

  • Lucas Henrique

    I am terribly disappointed. That finger print sensor needs to be on the side, it’s the most comfortable position, and one of the main reasons that I buy sony. The back is very ugly. This is what happens when you try to fix what’s not broken. You only needed to reduce the bezels. You don’t need to scrap the design at the back.
    The last XPERIA beautiful will be the XZ PREMIUM. Sony is dead

  • Ichsan Rismunandar

    This. Most of these people who’s been complaining about the battery size obviously had no idea about the overall shape of the phone.

  • Dali Lama

    Such BS, for Xperia XZ Premium users Sony better release an update to allow 1080p 960fps shooting. There is no reason this is missing from the XZPremium . They will continue to loose loyal customers as the S9 is looking better and better with its window box to capture movement at 960 using Sony image sensor no doubt. Also the fact it cant shoot 4k at 60fps is a joke also
    Do you fans a favor and put out for them of get out. You are about to loose me.

  • Heeyeon Ahn

    The phone looks so much better in videos than it does in these renders.

  • Yasir Fawad

    I have once used Galaxy S5, and it was a nightmare to use. So Samsung is a big big no, i’ll wait for xz premium successor and would get whatever it brings. I am obsessed with Sony. I have a feeling that Sony treated XZ2 as X performance. And then came with a bang with xz premium. So I hope and just hope that the wait will be fruitful.

  • vctrdnl

    With each iteration of the XZ line their flagships are getting less and less desirable and out of touch with consumer preferences. This new most terrible flagship up to date offers assymmetrical front (speakers and top and bottom bezel size), way too thick sides (someone should tell them it isn’t 2012), and straight-up ugly back (it’s actually hideous); removed headphone jack and nothing truly new about its hardware. Oh, there is the dynamic vibration gimmick, I apologize. Sony are going down the HTC way, I am now sure of it.

  • Sonyfan

    Looks awesome, the black version is what I’m interested in, take my money!
    I was on the fence initially, but I am also wondering if a xz2 premium is on the way, as I usually buy the premium versions…..

  • Ziggy

    As horrible looking phone as the leaks where showing.

    Sony has to up their game in gigantic leaps next autumn and next year for me to change my XZs to another Sony phone ever again.

    Removal of the headphone jack, ruining the fingerprint sensor position because of dumb American patent laws, curved backside, raising of prices by 200€ per phone. ughh…

  • Husam

    For all those idiots who wanted bezel-less Sony phone…


    because of you, the new phone is an ugly, fat thing, with shitty front camera, horrible backside fingerprint sensor, and no 3.5 mm jack…

    and guess what?…. BEZELS are still there!

    Top and bottom bezels are still big if you compared them with other 18:9 phones, and side bezels are still the same as the XZ1 (the phone is slightly narrower because of the screen, not the reduction of side bezels)

    ~(Interestingly enough, even though the XZ2 is a bit narrower than its predecessor at 72mm, that reduction seems to come from the narrower display, rather than the side bezels. Those appear mostly unchanged.)~ GSMArena.

    Plus, a curved glass back is an unbelievably stupid decision! the phone will be significantly prone to scratches and any drop will break it.

    honestly, the only good thing in the XZ2 over the XZ1 is the bigger battery, wireless charging, and the slightly better 845 CPU, which won’t make much of a difference since the 835 in the XZ1 is so good.

    RIP Sony… you will be missed

  • Ali Mir

    Will there be an omni-balance design XZP2… with headphone jack and FPS on the side?

    *fingers crossed*

    I don’t even know how FPS works with two buttons. One power button and one scanner.. That is something I never want to learn!

    And give us the surprise… Will you! :/

  • Ali Mir

    They only come in midrange phones :S
    I don’t really get that logic anyway, if there’s any…

  • Wiching

    Not worry, thi phone XZ2 market demand will be very low, Sony kill sony mobile phone it self. maybe Sony can consider outsourcing Xperia design to china company which have better design and meet market expected, Sony just provide hardware will be enough.

  • Tann

    At least they kept a decent amount of bezels, but which in no way are the reasons for ommiting things you mentioned in this design, they could have easily been implemented along these smaller bezels too. Sony just made stupid design decisions
    And yah, we agree on bezeless insisting crowd terming. They are irritating.

  • Wiching

    The bad for this phone
    1) Design – will kill 50% market
    2) Camera – will kill 50% market
    4) 3.5mm Jack – Will kill 30% market
    5) overall Spec – will kill 30% market
    at the end only 1% possible people will possible buy it bcos Sony name.
    maybe Sony should sell XZ2 at USD400-450 will have good market.
    Seriously buying S8/S8+ also better than this.

  • Tann

    I dont see the difference in sound quality between digital to analog coversion inside the phone, or wired outside the phone, except saving some space on DAC placement in the phone itself. But then again, phone speakers need the DAC inside too.
    People interested in using specialised DAC usb phones already had USB headphone capability. But those are expensive, and 3.5 mm ones are much cheaper.
    So removing 3.5 mm isnt a move forward, just a move in ommiting feature and users options.

  • Jacky

    I keep reading that Hong Kong and Taiwan will have 6gb ram. It’s stated in Sony mobile hk. Can someone confirm if this is true..?

  • Koi
  • Chris Anderson

    just playing devil’s advocate, but if only one percent of the potential user base will buy the phone, do the other percentages really matter…… I don’t like it either, but amateur dramatics don’t really help.

  • Husam

    i agree… to be completely honest, gigantic bezels looks bad… but they could’ve designed the XZ2 with a “decent amount of bezels” as you mentioned, that looks nice yet functional (think accidental touches), as they did with the Xperia ZL in 2013.
    that phone had the best balance between form and function…

    and i couldn’t stress this enough… always on rear-mounted fingerprint sensors is soooo annoying!

    Plus, a company like Sony, with amazing Audio heritage, shouldn’t follow stupid trends such as omitting the 3.5 mm jack.

    almost every decision they did in making this phone was undeniably wrong!

  • AllanKafka

    Re Nokia, it was not abstract stubbornness. It was, for the most part, Stephen Elop. And he had a very specific agenda. Closing down in house development efforts and burning talent and know how (Symbian, Meego/Harmattan). Not adopting the mobile OS by Microsoft’s competitor (Android). Adopting Microsoft’s own OS. We all know how it went.
    Blackberry had a great OS (BB10), but it came too late, they got the pricing wrong and failed to attract developers.
    Sony is just following some trends. Tall display = OK; no 3.5mm jack = bad; swapping signature design language with generic design = bad. And there are some trends that Sony is not following (no minimal side bezels and no OIS).

  • Florent

    Fully agree with you!
    Let’s hope for something much better in September (even tough this rear might be the new Sony “signature”)

  • DenisXD

    Way to kill your top of line phones Sony! Kudos!!

  • Talos the Robot
  • Talos the Robot

    In an ultra-dark situation, the new ISP, called Sony Fusion, fires off simultaneously two cameras to maximize the light intake and to process the signal into an image.

  • AllanKafka

    Side bezels were what I liked the least about the previous designs and they’re about the only thing that has stayed the same :( I am so friggin disappointed.

  • Peter

    The S9 is not using a Sony sensor. They use an own Samsung sensor.

  • Alvin

    1. It actually starts from 6 mm all the way up to 11 mm, so 11 mm is its thickest point.
    2. they included the USB-C to 3.5 mm and USB-C dongle inside the box.
    3 and 4. Agreed. that bugs me too.

  • Alvin

    Yup, I need a new phone but can’t decide because there’s no capable one out there. Let’s wait for IFA then. Still rocking a Z3 here!

  • kido

    why not 4kin 60fps like the s9? 960fps in full hd for a split sec is totally useless gimmick imo..

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Wonder why Sony decided that it is necessary to piss off its fan base to appeal to the rest of the world..

  • adibuyono

    O.m.g..its typo.. I mean OIS instead of ISO.

  • adibuyono

    I understand what you are going to point..
    But, the fact, those tech is not even implemented in the XZ2..
    It’s quite sad to learn Sony has those tech, yet always late to implemented in their greatest..
    Here is some example :
    – OIS :
    – OLED :
    – 6 GB of RAM :
    None of those even available in their greatest.
    Actually, S9 and S9+ is not a huge improvement over its predecessor, and it’s greatest opportunity for Sony to shine (since no other flagship phone announced in such a big show)..
    But sadly, Sony again, spoilt it.

  • AllanKafka

    I believe that the point of the dual sensor and some processing magic is that [they are hoping to/they are reasonably convinced that they’ll manage to/they managed to] achieve lower noise levels at high ISO than with single optics and no OIS.

    If you think about it, this might be great, because AFAICT it should allow for larger sensors than those usually coupled to OIS.

    So Sony might be able to keep the high MP count on their phone cameras, so we might be able to take very detailed photos in good light and at the same time have good low light shots. If this really worked it would be great. Still don’t know how it differs from Huawei’s implementation of a dual camera, but eventually they’ll spill the beans and we’ll be able to tell.

    (Let’s hope they get algorithms right this time, knowing that they have
    been the Achille’s heel of their phone cameras these last years (: )

  • MrCMTS

    After All these years of using Sony, I’ll now be switching to the Google Pixel with my next upgrade.
    I’ve been using Sony from the Ericsson days and currently using the Xperia XZ Premium. I’m completely disappointed, they say when something isn’t broken, don’t fix it, what Sony has done now is just followed the trend. I didn’t ask for change, the XZP is a perfect device, when something is that perfect you just improve minor details.

    My issues

    Design – Move the thin speaker you have at the bottom with the logo to the top and have the normal sized one at the bottom.
    Design – The back of this device looks boring to look at, its like they just placed things where ever. eg Fingerprint is in the middle
    Design – You make a THICKER phone and remove the headphone jack :/ Confused.
    Specs – 4GB Ram, really now? But okay that’s acceptable keep it for the Premium
    Specs – 1080p screen, really now? But okay that’s acceptable keep it for the Premium
    Specs 5Mp Front facing cam. really now? But okay that’s acceptable ………………………………………………………….????????????????????????NO!

    The only real specs is HDR video and maybe 1080 at 960fps, everything else is complete rubbish!

    What I would have liked is spec bump in the body of the XA2 Ultra DONE!

    Team #Pixel. here I come!

  • roeshak

    Bezel less design didn’t stop Samsung adding a headphone jack did it? I think your anger is misdirected.

  • roeshak

    Mate that ship set sail years ago. In the early days. 2010 2011 2012 xperia blog had so much more activity. It wasn’t uncommon to see posts with 1000s of comments. Fast forward to present day and activity is just a fraction of what it was. The point being most of Sony’s users have already moved on hence the succession of poor sales reports. They’ve been left with the loyal core of fans for some time now. Maybe we see some peeling away leaving on the most hard core left. But in truth what you describe has already happened.

  • Husam

    You’re right, Samsung did manage to find a space for the headphone jack, which is awesome… Sony couldn’t.

    But when you had to make a decision were you either put everything the users need, or implement a useless trendy design (which was done horribly btw) and omitting the jack, downgrading the front camera, and throw the fingerprint sensor to the back … I find it crazy that they went this way!

    My anger is directed to Sony for following useless trends without having the ability to pull them off.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Guys see this and stop blaming Sony

    The OnePlus 6 will have a notch

  • azzido

    Isn’t easirr to FINALLY provide OIS and F1.4? Without all these issues of high iso value in dark conditions? Why they are so stubborn to make it right???

    Since they do not want to give us what we want and messed up completely with ugly, degraded (jack, fps and battery in comparison to mid rangers), 2017 specs (ram, storage, old F2.0 camera from last year) XZ2 my eyes turned into ShameSung S9 which produces best pictures in the smartphone thanks to F1.5, OIS, dual camera and good camera software.

    I am waiting to see what Nokia 9 will show as well.

    Sony again lacking behind and trying to compete wuth last year flagships.

    Forgot to mension massive downgrade in front facing camera.
    XZ2 is a complete flop and their nail to the coffin…

  • azzido

    Didn’t we hear this bullshit about finally good camera in sony smartphone? Each time they deliver mediocre results, very often affected by blurry edges, abnormal distortion or other issues which shows they quality control sucks or does not exists…

    Not to mention the fact that no matter they would include good hardware there is 99% chances it will be destroyed by crapoy software. Their app is version 2.0 since when? Years, is old and looks bad. Manual mode is very limited, auto works bad and still keeps too high iso at dark conditions uncovering extreme noise…

  • azzido

    Same as bigger batteries, I wonder what is their logic to provide more features and better batteries in cheaper phones…

  • AllanKafka

    Perhaps they want to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing superior detail in good light pictures by the means of a large, high-MP sensor, which I believe makes it hard/impossible to add OIS while retaining a sensible thickness.

    I don’t know what’s preventing them from adopting a larger aperture – sure if it’s a choice rather than a technical limitation they are so clueless.

    I know that there are several limits to this theory and downsides to their approach. And I know the thickness of the phone has increased anyway.
    I am quite disappointed with the new Xperias indeed. :(
    They didn’t upgrade the rear camera, downgraded the front camera, misplaced the fingerprint sensor but retained those large side bezels many people were complaining about, they removed the 3.5mm jack. Really the new XZ2 should come with a free punch in the gut to make the package really complete.

  • Raj Singh

    I’m surprised it’s 11.1 millimetres. That’s way too big.
    The speaker slits should be the same on top and bottom.
    Fingerprint scanner should be on the side.

    The XZ Premium and Z Ultra are the best phones they’ve ever made.

  • F Michael

    Just wait for the xz pro with its fingerprint sensor in the screen and flat back.

  • Husam

    lest’s hope so.
    but to me, fingerprint sensor on the side is the best location…

  • YukanaNekoゆかな猫

    It’s the best time to jump over brands

    They changed my impression of them with their service standards today.

  • F Michael

    I’m currently using a z5 premium with it on the side and it’s great but I wouldn’t be opposed to having it built into the screen mainly because it’s really cool. The reason it was never put onto the xz2 is because it’s still being tested and wouldn’t be done until xz pro.

  • azzido

    Yes xz2 is disaster that should never happen. They behave like they do not know which direction they are going… Crappy mix of everything.

    And no, larger MPx in such small sensor will not help, bigger pixel size would help. That is why shamesung outperforms sony in camera department by years now.

    Then agan sony brought downgrade to front camera. Such steps back are unacceptable.

  • Warren Chang

    i wonder how the Dynamic Vibration system comparable to a subwoofer. nevertheless, great innovation but at the cost of 3.5mm, probably wait until 2020 when my XZs dies and hopefully, there will be a successor xperia phone which retains the 3.5mm ( after the backlash/poor sales) and if possible a xperia walkman with audiophile features such as 4.4mm and 3.5mm, os con capacitors aluminium milled chassis, isolated and shielded power supply

  • Tobias Hedlund

    Dude, even the Galaxy S8/S9 has those side bezels if you look. But bashing Sony is a trend all on it´s own!

  • SonyXZP_user

    Therefore, XZP can have all of the camera software upgrades that XZ2 has. But Sony might not give those to XZP users because of $$$.

  • stpr

    …and headphone jacks :/

  • AllanKafka

    Ok, so this totally looks as good as the S8/S9.

    And surely a company that revolutionised their design managing to put out an HTC lookalike and to drop the 3.5 mm jack when they still sell lots of headphones using the 3.5 mm connector doesn’t deserve to be bashed, right?

    And what about the asymmetrical speaker slits? That on the top is really generic and ugly.

    They deserve praise, right?

    This as a Z5 owner who would like to upgrade to a new Xperia without feeling screwed by Sony.

  • AllanKafka

    But it looks as if they already outsourced their design to China o Taiwan lol :/

  • AllanKafka

    So they decided to make bezels smaller in order to catch up with the competition on that front. So they didn’t know how to fit both the display and the main camera in a reasonably slim flat body. So they came up with that bulging back and they had to massively downgrade the front camera. The headphone jack was dropped somewhere in the process. Not satisfied with the flustercuck they had come up with, they managed to screw up the top bezel by the means of double asimmetry.
    Then they salvaged everything with nice materials and decent specs. And a good display, I hope. Not sure if that’s enough.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    omni balance design is dead

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    its jap design

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    sony said if u got the money to buy this phones, that mean ucan afford to pay spotify monthly subscription

  • Ali Mir

    I wish I could say ‘Not really’ but you’re right!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yea I was hoping Sony to implement more software features like 4K 60fps, 1080p 120fps and 240fps including 960fps. Then again like you mentioned OIS and 6GB ram. If they didn’t have oled displays it’s okay to bring them next year. I don’t want to see pixel xl 2 p-oleds. It was horrible.

  • Biancoceleste

    Don’t get too upset with em, they’re just pre pubescent teens regurgitating marketing buzz words that have been drummed into them thru advertising and paid review sites/channels. They wouldn’t even know why they dislike bezels, just so long as the iPhone or galaxy has them omitted.

  • Biancoceleste

    Calling this thing a let down would be a huge understatement. The silly aspect ratio and missing headphone jack deserve crucifixion alone. Much less the other shite.

  • Emcho Koremcho

    sure, jap-corean, who cares … what happened to the omnibalance? they will lose plenty of europeans just because of that

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