Sony Ericsson France CEO talks 2012 strategy; convergence a big theme

by XB on 25th November 2011

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David Mignot, CEO of Sony Ericsson France, Belgium and Luxembourg attended a round table event with the French media and talked about strategy in 2012. He talked about convergence of screens being a big theme in 2012, especially now that Sony has acquired Ericsson’s stake in the joint venture.

Transferring content from one screen to another (smartphone, tablet, TV, PC) thanks to wireless technology was talked about and demonstrated. The ideal scenario is one where, for example, you could start watching video content on your TV at home and then continue where you left off on your Xperia smartphone or Sony tablet. We imagine that the Sony Entertainment Network and PlayStation Network will play a big part in this content convergence.

Mignot confirmed that Sony Ericsson has pushed back its target by one year to attain 15 percent market share in the French smartphone market. It had originally expected to hit this target in 2011 (it currently stands at 10 percent). It plans to achieve this in part by doubling the ad spend in 2012. Sony Ericsson’s Xperia handsets are the fourth highest sellers collectively in France.


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