Playstation Store coming to Xperia S in mid-March

by XB on 2nd March 2012

in Games, Xperia S

One of the less-touted features of the Xperia S is that it is a PlayStation Certified device, in fact it is the only device to receive certification out of the current Xperia NXT line up. In our curiosity we thought we’d see if the PlayStation Store was any different to that on the Xperia PLAY. However, it looks like Sony Mobile isn’t quite ready to go live with the Xperia S version just yet.

When trying to open the “Let’s start PS Store” app we were greeted with a message saying that it won’t officially open until the middle of the month. Oh well, in all likelihood there probably will not be any difference until the PlayStation Suite is launched (hopefully at some point soon).

Playstation Store coming to Xperia S

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