Extended Standby Mode feature detailed for Xperia P

by XB on 28th August 2012

in Xperia P

One of the unique features that was bestowed on the Sony Xperia P with its Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update was the ‘Extended Standby Mode’. This was something we missed when the update started to roll out around ten days ago, but Sony Mobile claims that with this feature enabled, standby time can be increased by up to four times (depending on user-profile and data consumption).

It is activated by going to Settings > Power Management > Activate Extended Standby Mode on your Sony Xperia P. Once the display is turned off, processes on the smartphone continue as normal for 15 minutes before the feature kicks in. The Extended Standby Mode will then close apps and the data connection is turned off. The sync feature is disabled and notifications will not pop up. The LED will only flash to highlight a low battery (SMS, missed call, calendar and alarm alerts will continue as normal).

Once the handset is reactivated by hitting the power button the Extended Standby Mode is disabled – all of the notifications will work once again and apps will re-sync. Sounds like a great feature, if the battery savings are anywhere near what Sony is quoting (4x). We do wonder why this seems to be an Xperia P exclusive feature right now? There’s no reason why this feature shouldn’t be across all Xperia lines.

Via Sony Mobile.

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