Smart Connect app allows you to create events when connecting devices

by XB on 30th August 2012

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Sony announced a new Xperia app yesterday at IFA 2012 called Smart Connect. This app replaces the ‘LiveWare manager’ found in current Xperia smartphones. Much like LiveWare it lets you decide what happens when you connect your phone to an accessory. However, it moves beyond LiveWare by being able to set a number of different functions for each event. Think of it as a lite version of Tasker.

For example, plugging your headphones will start the Walkman app, play tracks with a certain sound mode. Or you could start a sports app by touching an Xperia SmartTag, which would turn on GPS with a certain volume setting. Plugging your phone into a dock could start the TV launcher, show pictures and start your Wi-Fi. Another example is plugging your charger at night to set your alarm and switching your handset to silent.

Our man on the ground at IFA (@AmbroosV) tells us that you can even set events that occur at certain times of the day. So for example, you could create an event by touching a green Xperia SmartTag during the morning and create a different sequence of events by touching the same SmartTag during the evening. This only works for hours during the day though, you won’t be able to select events that only work on set days during the week for example. Sounds like a very useful app and we can’t wait to see it released.

Update: Sony Mobile has confirmed that the app will be available to download on all phones through the Google Play Store from mid-September. Your handset will need to run at least Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandiwich for the app to work.


Smart Connect

Smart Connect

Smart Connect

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