Sony Mobile launches Flash Tool for Xperia smartphones; currently in beta [Video]

by XB on 6th December 2012

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Most people who own Sony Xperia handsets and like to install custom ROMs will be very familiar with Flashtool, a piece of software created by the wizards over at xda-developers to flash Xperia devices. It is invaluable to those who have unlocked their bootloader, as it is the only way you can update your handset once the bootloader is unlocked. Trying to update your phone through PC Companion, the Sony Mobile Update Service or OTA can run the risk of bricking your phone.

Well it looks like, Sony Mobile is continuing on its quest to be developer friendly. It has today launched a beta version of its own flash tool. The software will allow you to stick standard Sony Mobile software on an Xperia phone that has its bootloader unlocked. The beta can be downloaded today (see the link below), but will only support a small number of phones initially.


Three phones are currently supported (Xperia S, Xperia arc and Xperia arc S), but we expect more phones to be added as the beta progresses. In addition, only one software version is available for each supported phone right now, but this will expand over time. Sounds like a great move by Sony and we look forward to testing this new software shortly.

Download Flash tool for Xperia devices
Instructions for Flash tool for Xperia devices

Via Sony Developer World.

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