Some SmartWatch 2 owners reporting problems with lifting displays

by XB on 16th October 2013

in Accessories, Problems

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_2Some owners of the Sony SmartWatch 2 are reporting a problem in which the display is lifting/detaching from the frame of the watch. It appears that the glue holding the watch is not strong enough or perhaps not enough has been applied, causing the display to be displaced. The problem only probably affects a small number of users, so if you have had a similar issue it is best to contact your local Sony support centre. It is worth noting that our resident SmartWatch 2 has had no such problems.

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_1

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_2

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_3

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_4

SmartWatch 2 Screen Displacement_5

Via xda-developers (1 & 2).

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