Is this the back panel of a future Sony Xperia?

by XB on 17th January 2014

in Rumours

Future XperiaThe picture you see below is purporting to show the back panel of an upcoming Sony Xperia device, according to Digi-wo. The panel shows the camera configuration sits differently to the current Xperia Z1, with the LED flash adjacent to the camera lens rather than below it. You can also see a small hole which would be the secondary mic. The ‘Xperia’ logo can be seen in the middle with the letters “XX-XXX” at the bottom, which could indicate that this is a carrier device.

It is difficult to make out what material this purple panel is made out of. It’s obviously not glass, but it could be a type of plastic or anodised metal. Other reports suggest carbon fibre may be used, which seems unlikely to us. The leaksters say this device may have a 23MP camera sensor with G Lens and sport a 5.3-inch display. What do you think – real or fake?

Future Xperia

Via Digi-wo.

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