Xperia T2 Ultra not landing in the UK [Update]

by XB on 19th March 2014

in Xperia T2 Ultra

Xperia T2 Ultra sim free ukUK retailer Handtec is reporting that Sony has changed its mind about selling the SIM free version of the Xperia T2 Ultra. At this stage, we don’t know whether this also applies to planned carrier versions of the device.

We know on the date of the Xperia T2 Ultra announcement that Sony was indeed planning to sell the Xperia T2 Ultra in the UK, but perhaps the company wanted to focus on a select number of handsets in the market.

Update: Another UK retailer, Clove, has removed the Xperia T2 Ultra for sale, which pretty much confirms that it won’t be coming to the UK.

Handtec statement on Xperia T2 Ultra UK availability

Sony have decided not to release the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra SIM free in the UK. We have been informed by Sony Distribution to remove the product from our online store. It was intended to be released around end of April 2014. The device was going to be on sale for around £310.00 inc vat. Handtec only sell the SIM free version we have no information on network stock.

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