Sticker creator app lets you create personalised stickers and decorate photos

by XB on 24th September 2014

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Sticker creator_0_resultSony has released another new camera app today called Sticker creator. As the name suggests, the app allows users to create their own personalised stickers, which can then be used to decorate pictures taken with the camera.

To create a sticker you first need to highlight what you would like to use as your subject from an existing photo or viewfinder. This image can then be edited by removing or showing the clipped portions. Once you are happy you can add a border from a variety of choices. These saved stickers can then be imported into pictures taken. The Sticker creator (1.0.4) app is available to download through the Google Play Store.

Sticker creator app_1

Sticker creator app_2

Sticker creator app_3

Sticker creator app_4

Sticker creator_1_result

Sticker creator app_5

Thanks Ben!

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