Should Sony move to a one flagship per year cycle?

by XB on 24th October 2014

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Xperia Z3There has been recent murmurings that Sony may be moving away from its 6-month flagship cycle from 2015. Sony’s Calum MacDougall, Director of Xperia Marketing, recently said that this “is not a sustainable strategy over the long term,” whilst speaking to TrustedReviews.

Now a report from Digitimes says that Sony Mobile will be amending this policy and plans to launch only one flagship Sony Xperia model each year. Its sources claim that a maturing premium segment has led the company to modify its flagship roadmap.

One of the many comments we see on this blog is how Sony should only be supporting one new flagship Xperia device per year. Not only does this mean a focus on software refinements but it also means devices don’t get devalued so quickly. However, the flip side is that there is a risk that if Sony doesn’t nail the hardware at launch, it could be left behind by the competition.

What is your view? Would you like Sony to continue its six-month flagship cycle or do you see value in focusing efforts on a yearly model? We’d love to hear your views in the comments below.

Thanks Hendra!

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