Sony SmartEyeglass passes through FCC; official social apps hit Google Play

by XB on 10th February 2015

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SmartEyeglass Facebook_1_resultThe Sony SmartEyeglass (SED-E1) is Sony’s answer to Google Glass. The accessory is due to launch within the year and it recently passed through the FCC, leaving with it a few schematics as detailed below.

Sony Mobile also recently launched a couple of dedicated apps for the SmartEyeglass, one each for Facebook and Twitter. These apps will allow you to view notifications in the Sony smart accessory display. We’re not entirely sure why this has been released publicly so early, but it is likely for those testing the units.

SmartEyeglass passes through FCC

SmartEyeglass FCC_1

SmartEyeglass FCC_2

SmartEyeglass Facebook

SmartEyeglass Facebook_2_result SmartEyeglass Facebook_3_result

SmartEyeglass Twitter

SmartEyeglass Twitter_2_result SmartEyeglass Twitter_3_result

Thanks Ethan, Rox and Sasa!

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