Sony confirms new update (14.5.A.0.270) rolling for Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra

by XB on 20th May 2015

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2015-05-20 12.22.06A new Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware update for the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z1 Compact and Xperia Z Ultra will start to roll today according to Sony. The new update will move the build number from 14.5.A.0.242 to version 14.5.A.0.270.

The update is currently only live on Telus Canada for the C6906 variant only, but it should start seeding for the other Xperia Z1 variants shortly (along with the Z1 Compact and Z Ultra). A number of people have received emails from Sony regarding this update over the last 12 hours or so, so it should be too long before it rolls.

The changelog should echo what was seen with the other bug-fixing Lollipop updates that were released for the Xperia Z2/Z3 recently. See below for details. Once you get the update, please don’t hesitate to post some pictures and impressions in the comments below.

FTF firmware downloads for Android 5.0.2 Lollipop (14.5.A.0.270)

Xperia Z1: Xperia Z1 (C6902) India Generic – 14.5.A.0.270
Xperia Z1: Xperia Z1 (C6903) Nordic Generic – 14.5.A.0.270
Xperia Z1: Xperia Z1 (C6906) US Generic – 14.5.A.0.270

Xperia Z Ultra: Xperia Z Ultra (C6802) India Generic – 14.5.A.0.270
Xperia Z Ultra: Xperia Z Ultra (C6833) Hong Kong Generic – 14.5.A.0.270

Xperia Z1 Compact: Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503) UK Generic – 14.5.A.0.270

Xperia Z1 update (14.5.A.0.270) changelog

– Ensured the lock screen / notification bar doesn’t indicate “no service” when the device has coverage
– Added a Sony feature; bringing back the “close-all-button” in the activity menu, so you can easily close all apps at once
– Unblocked devices with server policies (such as Exchange Active Sync for e-mail), to enable the new Lollipop lock-screen notifications
– Ensured the LED light is lit across all sound modes – and no longer offset by “silent”
– Made the necessary fixes to enable the easy movement of content from internal memory to external microSD card (something we saw affecting a few devices)
– Improved messaging functionality in Ultra stamina mode – some conversations could not be opened before in Ultra stamina mode

2015-05-20 12.22.06 Xperia Z1_14.5.A.0.270

Thanks to all that sent this in!

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