Android M: All of the key features

by XB on 28th May 2015

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cropped_M_Preview_NexusGroupGoogle announced Android M earlier today along with a whole raft of new features baked into this next major Android update. Whilst we’ll have to wait until later in the year for the public release, the Android M Developer Preview is live right now. If you wanted a quick roundup of the key new features in Android M then head past the break.

Google will now give greater control of app permissions. Requests for permissions will now occur in the right context of when a user will activate that function in the app. Users will also have easier access to manage all their app permissions in settings.

Doze (Battery)
Android will use significant motion detection to learn if a device has been left unattended for a while. If so, Android will reduce background activity for a longer battery life. Google claims this can increase battery by up to 100%.

USB-C support
Android M brings support to the reversible USB connector. Google says the use of USB-C will accelerate charging as much as 3-4x.

App links
Developers can now add an autoVerify attribute to their apps manifest so that users can be linked deep into the native app without any disambiguation prompt. This will make it easier for users to discover and re-engage with the developers app.

Now on tap
This integrates Google Now whenever they need it within an app. Google can find menus, reviews, help you book a table, navigate there, and deep link you into relevant apps.

Simple volume controls
The volume controls are now neater and include the ability to individually monitor audio for different streams, such music or alarms.

Android Pay & Fingerprint
Native fingerprint support enhances Android Pay by allowing users to confirm a purchase with their fingerprint. This fingerprint can also be used to unlock devices and make purchases on Google Play.

Via Google Blog and Android Developer Blog.

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