LG first out of the gates with Marshmallow – how long will it take Sony?

by XB on 15th October 2015

in Android

LG-G4-M-UpgradeLG announced earlier today that it will become the first manufacturer to release Android 6.0 Marshmallow for its smartphones. The LG G4 will be the first non-Nexus handset to receive Marshmallow, when it is released next week with the rollout beginning in Poland.

LG are rightly proud of being so quick with the Android 6.0 update for their flagship: “By working closely with Google, LG has been able to bring Android 6.0 to the G4 ahead of any of our competitors. While speed alone isn’t an indicator of great service, it does go a long way toward giving consumers the confidence that LG is committed to its existing customers first,” said Chris Yie, LG Mobile’s Head of Marketing Communications.

Sony Mobile has confirmed which smartphones will land the upgrade to Marshmallow, which includes the recent Xperia Z series apart from the Z1, Z1 Compact, Z Ultra and the older Z series models. The 2015 mid-range offering will also see the update. However, what remains a mystery for now is timing.

Sony has given no indication on when we can expect to see Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, now that the first manufacturer is about to commence the Marshmallow update with others like Samsung, HTC and Motorola likely to follow suit, hopefully we’ll hear about Marshmallow timing soon.

Given Sony’s past performance on firmware updates, when do you think it will get round to the Marshmallow update? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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