Android Wear adds LTE cellular support

by XB on 12th November 2015

in Android

Android Wear LTE CellularGoogle has announced that the latest version of Android Wear will add additional connectivity in terms of cellular support. Some Android Wear devices already support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but the addition of cellular support means that you will be able to stay connected even when you’re not tethered to your phone.

As soon as you are out of range of your phone, Android Wear will automatically connect you to a cellular connection. This means even being able to take calls on a watch, via speaker or Bluetooth headset. Obviously, no Sony SmartWear devices support this functionality at present, but we could see this in an upcoming SmartWatch 4 or other Sony device.

These type of LTE smartwatches will share phone numbers with your phone, although a flip side of this technology is likely to be higher battery drain. The first Android Wear watch to support cellular is the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, which will be available to US customers through AT&T and Verizon. Google says it will be available internationally in the coming months.

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